She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 43

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 43

Chapter 43: This Drink is Called Margarita 

It was precisely the age of youthful ignorance, during that time, the female classmates in Cheyer’s class all started reading romance novels 

The male classmates were secretly watching adult movies

Cheyenne disliked those boring words or vulgar bodies

She liked the manga style with delicate lines and good drawing

Kate was truly the person who understood her the most, without a doubt

I don’t know »ere she found a vintagestyle BL manga

The art style was beautiful, and the plot was also engaging

When the comic fell out, it happened to be the part where the two were intimately intertwined

Two pretty boys were exploring each other’s secrets in a shy posture

The teachers and students standing on the playground were shocked at first, but then they burst into laughter

And the cost was that she was punished to do a frogleap an extra lap

After returning home, her legs were so sore that they didn’t feel like her own

Cheyenne set a small goal in her mind that day, she must get into the high school department of this school, then find that guy and give him a lesson. Who knew, just as she entered high school, Omari had received a scholarship to a prestigious foreign university

The matter of revenge had come to a standstill

Cheyenne couldn’t help but want to punch him again as he brought up the past

What are you thinking about, Cheyenne?He asked

She snapped out of her thoughts and looked around. The bar they were in was owned by one of Omari’s friends and wasn’t open during the day, so it was just the two of them there

Omari, do you have some free time? I need two people to help me investigate Adrian and Master Iker.Her voice was soft, but Omari heard her clear

Master Iker of the Todd family?Omari asked. He didn’t know Iker, but knew of Iker’s ruthlessness

Suddenly, Omari remembered the old man he and Cheyenne had seen at the auction and their conversation. He had a hunch about what Cheyenne wanted to do

You rejected that old man’s request that day. What happened later? Did he come to you again?Omari asked cautiously

Cheyenne nodded truthfully. Well, Adrian went to my grandpa’s place in Shedale after I refused him. Then my grandpa agreed to treat Master Iker’s illness.” 

After listening, Omari fell into deep thought and whispered, Are you worried that there might be fraud involved?” 

It’s possible. After my grandpa announced his retirement as the family head, he stopped seeing patients, but made an exception this time.” 

She knew it wasn’t because of the half medical secrets book

So it must be the Todd family

Grandfather is interested in the Todd family

But the Edwards family is in Shedale while the Todd family made their fortune in Metshire before returning home and living in Onistead

They have no connection with the Edwards family. Grandfather couldn’t possibly know Kai Todd

I understand. I’ll investigate thoroughly for you,” Omari said as he walked straight to behind the bar and took two highball glasses from a shelf

Would you like some?” 

No thanks, it’s daytime and I have to drive later. Better not drink and drive,she replied with a smile on her lips

Cocktails with low alcohol content. I just learned how to make them. Try it, Cheyenne.” 

Then his slender hand with distinct knuckles removed his green gemstone cufflink from his shirt sleeves and casually tossed it onto the table, making a crisp sound

The faint green light of the emerald shone brightly under the lamp, reflecting on the black marble, lowkey yet luxurious

This exquisite emerald green cufflink was encrusted with a circle of crystals on the outside

At least it was worth 400 to 500 thousand, and he just casually threw it around like this. He really wasn’t thrifty or good at managing a household

Cheyenne picked up the cufflink and put it in her pocket

Behind the bar, Omari started making cocktails

The stainless steel cup, polished to a shine, was as agile in his fair and broad palm as a small ball

As it shook, the ice inside made a clattering sound as it collided

His every move was extremely elegant, highlighting his handsome face that looked like it came straight out of a comic book, with a gentle and warm 


Cheyenne couldn’t help but secretly take a photo of this scene

Under the light, the cup floated in midair, with ice cubes and sparkling liquid leaving a trail of water marks

The moment he raised his head, his long and sexy neck was exposed, and his Adam’s apple was even more sexy

His jawline was smooth and perfect. Even though his face could not be seen clearly, it was enough to amaze her

The cup landed steadily in his hand, while the other hand quickly caught the glass and filled it with cocktail


Chapter 43. Thus Drink to Called Margarita 


The blue liquid looked like the color of the deep sea, and the white ice cubes were accompanied by a misty water vapor, decorated with a slice of lemon. Cool and mysterious

Try it Omari said

Impressed that he knew how to make drink, Cheyenne clapped her hands in approval

Not bad. If you ever get tired of lawyering, you could be a bartender, she joked

Omari chuckled at her joke

Cheyenne sipped the cocktail and savored it for nearly fifteen seconds before speaking again

*45 milliliters of equila, 25 milliliters of Cointreau, 15 milliliters of lemon juice…” she recited the ingredients with precision

Omari’s eyes widened in surprise and admiration. Your palate is incredible! You didn’t miss a single ingredient!” 

Cheyenne shrugged off the compliment; she enjoyed drinking and experimenting with different cocktails

This one’s called Margarita, symbolizing the world’s most tragic love story,Omari said wistfully

He had first tried this drink because of its name

If you like drinking so much, I’ll give you two bottles from my collection next time we meet.” 


Omari wasn’t after those two bottles of wine, he just wanted to be with Cheyenne

Now that everything had been discussed, Cheyenne finished her drink and said goodbye before leaving

As Omari watched her coldly walk away, he picked up the remaining half cup of wine on the table and brought it to his lips. Cheyenne, you haven’t told me how this cocktail tastes yet.” 

A few days later, Cheyenne received a call from her grandfather

Granduncle invited them both to attend the Todd family’s banquet and meet Kai Todd, the head of the Todd family. They could also learn more about Iker’s illness

I understand, Grandpa. I’ll definitely be there tomorrow night,she replied before hanging up

Not long after she ended the call, Omari sent some information to her email

Cheyenne, the Todd family is far more complicated than you have imagine. Unless necessary, you should not participate in this matter,” Omari warned with concern

What do you mean?” 

Look at this information. Iker’s father has four wives and Davon, Madam Thalia’s son, is a cruel man.” 

He ran several KTVs and bars as well as having some shady income sources. He held great power within the Todd family and was one of the strongest competitors for the heir after Iker broke his leg

He was one of the people who wished Iker dead the most

If Cheyenne helped Iker, she would inevitably offend Davon and Madam Thalia

It was a thankless task

Iker had been sick for three years, during which there had been no good news. Davon and Madam Thalia must be involved in it

The more he thought about it, the less he wanted Cheyenne to take risks

“I know, but I still have to go see him. That’s it, Omari. Thank you for your information.” 

Cheyenne smiled and hung up the phone

She got up to prepare her clothes for tomorrow night

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

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The Foley Villa in Akloit. In front of the mirror stood a woman wearing a white cotton camisole nightgown that reached her knees, revealing fair arms and slender legs. Her chestnut hair contrasted against her pale face; the once bright eyes were devoid of their youthful radiance on this day marking 1162nd day since she married Kelvin Foley. For over three years, Cheyenne Lawrence was nominally "Mrs. Foley", confined to this cold mansion, waiting for his occasional return. At the thought of this, she suddenly laughed at herself.

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