She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 50

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Unexpected Guest 

No one expected that Cheyenne, a woman who seemed to have no power of influence could convince iker to treat his leg

In the past three years, Kai had found countless doctors for her’s less 

But all were diven out of the villa by him without exception

Only Miss Lawrence succeeded, which made everyone look at her with new eyes

Thalia exchanged a glance with her son and there was a hint of killing intent in her beautiful eyes that disappeared in an instant

it was already after eight o’clock in the evening when Cheyenne and Layne finished dinner. During this time, Layne would stay at Lawrence Villa temporarily 

Nora felt disgusted when she found out. She didn’t like living with this old man. But Cheyenne was the villa’s owner, so technically, Nora didn’t have the right to live here instead

On Layne’s first day living here, George respectfully called Layne and chatted with him. However, the next day, he used work as an excuse to leave early and come home late. Malaya didn’t notice anything unusual about her husband and continued with her plans

The following day, unexpected guests arrived at the villa! Nora was wearing a school uniform and sitting next to an old man with a proud smile on her face. The old man looked slightly older than Cheyenne’s grandfather with gray hair, dressed in an expensive brownblack suit, and had narrow eyes that resembled those of a sly fox when he smiled

This was Nora’s grandfather, Zack Mitchell, who would soon be celebrating his 70th birthday

The Mitchell family used to be just an ordinary workingclass family in Akloit. Zack worked as an accountant in a factory while his wife was a nurse. They had one son and one daughter together

Their son, Xander Mitchell, dropped out of middle school and became known as a troublemaker in the community who spent his days idling around instead of working hard like everyone else

Malaya, on the other hand, was a determined young woman who successfully gained admission to college. She studied textile engineering and after graduation, she landed a job as a technician at the Edwards family factory

As fate would have it, Malaya met Selah and became friends with her. The factory’s leader promoted Malaya to be a manager given that Malaya’s education background and friendship with Selah

At that time, George had become engaged to Selah

Malaya earned enough money in the city to bring her entire family from their rural home in Akloit to live with her. Knowing that the Edwards family had money, she stole some things from Selah to help support her own family

Soon enough, Xander, Malaya’s older brother, transformed into a wealthy man whom everyone wanted as their soninlaw

With Malaya’s introduction and recommendation, Xander married Daisy Riley, the lady of the Riley family

The Riley family agreed to marry off their daughter because they saw how well connected Malaya was within the Edwards family circles

After the Edwards family went bankrupt, George took over its factories

Tensions between him and Selah grew because Malaya kept sowing discords

Furthermore, he spent most of his days at work

With the convenience of their work, Malaya was promoted from workshop manager to George’s secretary. They ended up together and she became pregnant without his baby. When George found out about the pregnancy, he became even more determined to have a son

Selah was beautiful but unfortunately a retard. She also refused to let George touch her at night and would cry and kick him out of the room. Despite being married for years, George only had memories of their wedding night when they slept in the same room but not the same bed

It wasn’t until Selah became pregnant that George realized why the Edwards family had arranged for them to marry. However, Selah’s health was poor and toxins from her body could potentially be passed down to her child

Cheyenne’s healthy development was already a miracle in itself. Old Mr. Edwards hinted that Selah should not have any more children

Thus, George kept Malaya as a mistress while promising her that he would divorce Selah so they could start anew with their child once it was born

As time passed by, Malaya grew increasingly worried about what would happen if she gave birth to a daughter instead of a son, fearing that George might abandon them

So, she must let George marry her as soon as possible

After much thought, she decided to take the initiative

After dressing up, she went to find Selah with her big belly and showed off that she was carrying George’s son in front of Selah

She also attributed the decline of the Edwards family to Selah and urged Selah to leave George

Selah was a retard. When she heard Malaya say that her husband and father had abandoned her, she immediately fainted on the spot

After waking up, she was in a worse condition

Her baby was born prematurely, and she died due to excessive bleeding

On the same day Selah passed away, Malaya used medication to induce labor and give birth to the baby early

Because George wished Malaya to give birth to a son, George went directly from the company to Malaya after finishing his work

He didn’t know that the day he became a father, Selah died

Malaya was in pain for a day and a night, and she did not expect to give birth to a daughter

Although she was very disappointed, she was not so anxious anymore because Selah had died and she gave birth to Nora. George would finally marry her

Three days later, George hastily handled the funeral arrangements for Selah, but did not marry Malaya at the first opportunity


Chapter 50: Unexpected Guest 

Because at that time, he had an affair with another woman

During Malaya’s postpartum period, he got involved with another woman on the advice of his sisterinlaw Daisy

Malaya didn’t make a scene when she found out, but instead stayed in his villa with their child

She waited for George to break up with the other woman and come back to her side

She soon became pregnant again, this time finally having a son

That year, Cheyenne was four years old, Nora was only one day younger than her; and oneyearold Sean began learning how to walk

After mourning his wife for four years, George finally remarried

He brought his mistress and illegitimate child into the public eye under the pretext of needing a woman to help take care of Cheyenne


The Mitchell family prospered greatly from this point on. Many of Selah’s possessions ended up in their hands due to Malaya. They sold these items and turned them into assets while starting their own business

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane

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The Novel She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane is an interesgting novel story about Cheyenne, Foley and Kelvin Story. Before their divorce, he abandoned her like a pair of worn-out shoes. "This is the divorce agreement, you can leave now!" After the divorce, he suddenly discovered that his former wife who was uneducated and flirtatious had become beautiful and confident! Top actress, international chief jewelry designer, mysterious mastermind behind a powerful enterprise, a globally renowned hacker... Her suitors are endless. Major-General Todd: "Cheyenne will be my future wife. Whoever dares to touch her will face my wrath!" Top lawyer: "Cheyenne is my law!" Top idol: "As long as Cheyenne gives the order, I'll do anything for her without question!" Her ex-husband who wants to reconcile: "Honey, I was wrong. I'll work hard to support you from now on." Cheyenne laughed in disbelief: "Just get away from me, you jerk." Her ex-husband woke up in fear again. Today is another day of begging for forgiveness from his wife!
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The Foley Villa in Akloit. In front of the mirror stood a woman wearing a white cotton camisole nightgown that reached her knees, revealing fair arms and slender legs. Her chestnut hair contrasted against her pale face; the once bright eyes were devoid of their youthful radiance on this day marking 1162nd day since she married Kelvin Foley. For over three years, Cheyenne Lawrence was nominally "Mrs. Foley", confined to this cold mansion, waiting for his occasional return. At the thought of this, she suddenly laughed at herself.

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She Became Rich After Divorce by Georgina Lane


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