Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson Chapter 367.2

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson Chapter 367.2


Chapter 367.2 Not Allowed II 

Imogen understood what he meant and shook her head while pressing her lips. Forget it.” 

From the beginning, she just wanted to donate money, but due to the huge sum, she could only establish her own foundation. She never thought of using the foundation to make money

Troy knew that subconsciously, she still thought of herself as an ordinary person who would go to the police if anything happened

Although Troy needed to worry about her occasionally, he was willing to protect Imogen, who was simpleminded


you said so, let’s forget it. I’ll protect you. You don’t have to feel like you owe me anything unless you still want to leave.” 

Troy looked at her meaningfully. I’m not right, am I?” 

Imogen didn’t know how to answer him

She was quite touched at first, but hearing his last sentence, Imogen rolled her eyes and said seriously, No. You are being suspicious.” 

Yet, she was thinking secretly in her heart, Should I believe Troy for once about my father’s death? Do I have to leave?” 

After all, you are a liar. I still remember how you tricked me in Jubilian City,Troy smiled jokingly

Feeling speechless, Imogen recalled another thing. She glanced at Troy and changed the subject. By the way, why do you have the key to my apartment?” 

Troy paused, took out the key from his pocket, and put it on the table

Imogen immediately picked it up and took a look. Isn’t this my key?” 


When did 


take it?” 

Just this morning.” 

Why didn’t I know?” 

You were busy eating bananas.” 

In the morning, after learning that the police had arrested Murphy, Ivette booked the nearest flight and hurried back to Jubilian City

The matter was more serious than she thought. She was at a loss. Seeing Irene, she threw herself into her arms and cried, Irene, what should I do? You must save me!” 

Irene held Ivette back on her feet, patted her back to comfort her, and asked in confusion, Ivette, what’s wrong?” 

Ivette said, It is Imogen! She tried every means to seduce my cousin, and he was fascinated by her clumsy methods. Murphy discovered Imogen’s true face, so he tried to teach Imogen a lesson. UnexpectedlyHe has been arrested by the police nowIrene, I don’t want to go to jail.Stop crying, sit down and tell me the details,Irene helped Ivette sit on the sofa and asked, Have you met Imogen before?” 

Ivette wiped away her tears and nodded. I met her once back in New York City. Later,

Chapter 367.2 Not Allowed II 

discovered she knew my cousin and was his student. During Christmas, she and my cousin went 

on a tour” 

Irene’s expression changed slightly. Is what you told the truth? Did they go on a tour together?All the assets of the Harrington family would belong to Yohan in the future. She knew that her background was limited and Mike was in poor health, so she could not compete with Yohan under any circumstances. She never disobeyed him and tried every means to befriend him, letting Mike get closer to Yohan

However, it was not enough

She made friends with noble ladies from various families in Jubilian City, even though those people secretly looked down on her. She knew that Yohan’s future wife would most likely be chosen from them

However, Yohan had no intention of marrying after reaching his thirties. He had a cold attitude towards the few noble ladies of similar age, and there was no woman he liked around him, which confused Irene

If Yohan did go on a tour with Imogen, it at least meant that he treated Imogen differently from other women

Of course, it’s true!” 

To find reasons for what she and Murphy had done, Ivette naturally blamed everything on Imogen. Imogen came to Jubilian City in the middle of the month, and Yohan decided to introduce her to Roderick and the others. Otherwise, Murphy wouldn’t know her. Later, Murphy discovered what she really was and tried to persuade my cousin. Not only did my cousin not listen, he even scolded Murphy. Finally, Murphy had no choice but to” 

Irene shifted her sight away, pondering in silence

She didn’t expect Imogen to be so lucky to be liked by Troy first and then Yohan

If Imogen became Yohan’s wife… 

No! Irene would not allow it to happen

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Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 12, 2023 Native Language: English
The Novel Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson is an wonderful billionaire novel about Imogen and Troy. All she ever wanted was a happy life. "Imogen," he said. "Let's get divorced." Imogen felt as if her heart stopped beating. She looked up at her husband in bewilderment. Her mind went blank for a while, and thought that she might have heard him wrong. "We've been getting along really well in the past three years, Troy. What is this? Divorce? What made you decide that? Do you really want to end our marriage?" She couldn't hide the pain in her voice. "This is my decision, Imogen." Imogen Forbes loved Troy Marshall for nine years. She loved him for years-from when she came to the Marshall family when she was sixteen until she had her successful career by the moment she turned twenty-five.

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

Her love for him grew deeper and deeper, especially after they got married. It might be a fixed marriage, but Imogen knew the only man she wanted to marry was Troy. She thought her life couldn't have gotten any better until she found out she was having a baby. However, her future plans were shattered when her husband showed her the divorce papers. She wanted a complete family. He wanted an end. Imogen didn't see this coming until she found out the reason why. Sarah Page is back. Troy's first love has returned. Josie Johnson is the author of Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience.

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