Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson Chapter 368.1

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson Chapter 368.1


Chapter 368.1 Chase Her Back

Seeing Irene fall silent, Ivette said anxiously, You must save me.” 

Irene returned to her senses and said softly, Didn’t you say Murphy did it? If the police didn’t arrest you, then the matter has nothing to do with you. Relax.” 

Ivette felt her heart pounding. But I’m afraid. What if he wants to reduce his guilt and sell me out at the police station? And there is the Dodd family. What if they think that I’m also involved in this? Will Uncle take the blame on me to maintain the relationship between the two families?Ivette was not worried about Murphy

He was just a simp. If Ivette pointed her fingers and told him to go east, he would dare not to go 


What she feared most was the Dodd family

After all, they were a wealthy family, and all of them were so clever. It would be easy for them to see that she instigated Murphy and came to the Harrington family for an explanation

Irene was 

about to speak when there was a commotion downstairs

Ivette ran to the window to take a look and saw a black car parked at the gate of the Harrington Villa before a man got out of the back seat of the car. It was Murphy’s uncle, Jackson Dodd. 

Jackson glanced at the second floor inadvertently. Ivette retracted her head with a pale face and hugged Irene’s arm, crying, Auntie, someone from the Dodd family is here! You must save me! My parents died early. You are the only relative I have.” 

Ivette’s parents died in a car accident

They had just come to Jubilian City at that time, taking the car Irene used for traveling usually. Originally, Irene would get in the car with them that time, but something unexpected happened. Irene asked Ivette’s parents to go first

Who would have thought that a car accident happened to the car? It was completely flattened, and the driver died as well

As for Ivette, her parents told her when she came to Jubilian City that she must curry favor with her aunt, so Ivette made a fuss about staying with Irene and escaped the accident

Since then, Irene kept Ivette by her side. They had been together for many years and had a deep relationship. They were almost the same as mother and daughter. How could she watch Ivette fall into the hands of the Dodd family

Walter treated Irene well but was alienated from Ivette. Irene believed that if the Dodd family really asked, Walter would hand Ivette over

She murmured, Ivette, don’t be anxious.” 

While saying that, she walked aside, opened the cabinet, and took out a dozen cash, stuffing it into Ivette’s hand. Take it. Go to another city to relieve your boredom. I will deal with this. You can come back after this matter is settled. Leave now, through the back door.” 

Thank you, Auntie. You are so kind.” 

Ivette took the money and looked at Irene, feeling moved



Ivette glanced at Irene reluctantly, took the money, and came out of the room, leaving the 


hapter 368.1 Chase Her Back

Harrington Villa through the back door

The housekeeper led Jackson to the living room and went upstairs to inform Walter to come downstairs

Jackson, what brought you here?Walter walked down the stairs and sat down opposite Jackson with a smile

The nanny brought coffee

Jackson sighed and smiled, It’s because of that bastard Murphy. He made trouble again this time, which worried Jacob and Eleanor very much.” 

Jackson got straight to the point with Walter. After mentioning what Murphy had done, he then explained why Murphy did it and made it clear that Ivette instigated Murphy

Walter, you have watched Murphy grow up. You know what kind of person he is. If no one instigates him, Murphy will never do such a thing. I asked Roderick, and he said Murphy was very hostile to Ms. Forbes when she came to Jubilian City the last time. I checked the surveillance footage and found Murphy happened to have met Ms. Rover before entering the box. They were also together when this incident occurred

I was curious about why Ms. Rover was targeting Imogen. After investigation, I found out that Ms. Rover was found to have embezzled Ms. Forbesphotography not long ago and made a public apology online. She was probably holding a grudge.” 

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hase Her Back

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 12, 2023 Native Language: English
The Novel Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson is an wonderful billionaire novel about Imogen and Troy. All she ever wanted was a happy life. "Imogen," he said. "Let's get divorced." Imogen felt as if her heart stopped beating. She looked up at her husband in bewilderment. Her mind went blank for a while, and thought that she might have heard him wrong. "We've been getting along really well in the past three years, Troy. What is this? Divorce? What made you decide that? Do you really want to end our marriage?" She couldn't hide the pain in her voice. "This is my decision, Imogen." Imogen Forbes loved Troy Marshall for nine years. She loved him for years-from when she came to the Marshall family when she was sixteen until she had her successful career by the moment she turned twenty-five.

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

Her love for him grew deeper and deeper, especially after they got married. It might be a fixed marriage, but Imogen knew the only man she wanted to marry was Troy. She thought her life couldn't have gotten any better until she found out she was having a baby. However, her future plans were shattered when her husband showed her the divorce papers. She wanted a complete family. He wanted an end. Imogen didn't see this coming until she found out the reason why. Sarah Page is back. Troy's first love has returned. Josie Johnson is the author of Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience.

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