Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson Chapter 368.2

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson Chapter 368.2


Chapter 368.2 Chase Her Back II 

Walter, it’s not that I’m slandering your wife, but Ivette is not one of your family. She has evil intentions and is difficult to discipline. If she stays in the Harrington family, she will cause trouble sooner or later

Walter, our two families have been friends for several lifetimes. Do you still remember that when our fathers were still alive, my father took me to the Harrington Villa, and I ended up going back naked? My mother still makes jokes on me about it. Murphy and Yohan also grew up together. I am delighted to see that the juniorsrelationship is still as good as what we had before. Walter, you also know how much my brother and his wife cherish Murphy. Don’t let an outsider ruin our harmony.” 

Jackson clearly mentioned that the two families were old family friends and hinted that if Walter handed over Ivette. If Murphy did end up in jail, the harmony between the two families would be damaged

Walter said, I have always regarded Murphy as my nephew. I surely don’t want him to go to jail. Well, how about I call Ivette out and ask her about this? If it really has anything to do with her, I won’t tolerate it.” 

Hey, I know Walter is righteous,Jackson said

Walter sent a nanny to call Ivette upstairs

Within two minutes, the nanny came down and replied tremblingly, Mr. Harrington, Ms. Rover is not home.” 

Walter was surprised. Didn’t she just return?” 

The nanny said, Mrs. Forbes said that Ms. Rover wanted to visit another city. She came back to pack up her things and left immediately.” 

Jackson glanced at Walter with a meaningful expression

Only a fool would believe that she was traveling to another city and left immediately after packing up things

Didn’t she sense that something was wrong and go out to escape responsibility

Learning that Ivette had left, Walter immediately knew that she was involved

Facing Jackson’s penetrating gaze, Walter felt embarrassed, and an anger rose within his heart. Go and ask Irene where has Ivette gone.” 

Mrs. Forbes said she doesn’t know either.” 

She doesn’t know?Walter laughed inexplicably, called the housekeeper, and ordered, Ivette must not have gone far yet. You, bring someone and chase her back.Yes, sir.” 

The housekeeper responded and was about to leave when a scolding sound came from upstairs. Wait a minute!” 

Irene walked down the stairs slowly and glanced at Jackson, Walter, what happened? Why do you have to chase Ivette back?” 

Seeing Irene’s pretentiousness, Jackson sneered inwardly and briefly explained the matter

Irene said, In other words, this is all your speculation. There is no actual evidence to prove that Murphy did this because of Ivette, and Murphy didn’t admit it either, right?” 



Jackson looked down on Irene in the first place and didn’t want to say much to her. He stood directly and nodded at Walter. Walter, I think you have already made up your mind about right and wrong. There’s nothing more I can say. If you think that the Dodd family is worthy as a friend, give us justice. If you think that the Dodd family is weak and does not want to be a family friend with us anymore, then I will leave the Harrington Villa now, and we will go our own ways.” 

Hey, Jackson, what are you talking about?Walter stood up and patted Jackson on the shoulder. Don’t worry, I will definitely help with Murphy’s matter. You can go back first, and I will inform you as soon as I have any news.” 

Jackson smiled, Walter, you are still reasonable. After all, the Harrington family is prospering because of you.” 

The word reasonableseemed to imply something

After Jackson left, Irene approached Walter and said worriedly, Walter, do you really want to chase Ivette back? As far as I’m concerned, this matter might not have anything to do with her. It might be Murphy’s own decision.” 

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Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 12, 2023 Native Language: English
The Novel Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson is an wonderful billionaire novel about Imogen and Troy. All she ever wanted was a happy life. "Imogen," he said. "Let's get divorced." Imogen felt as if her heart stopped beating. She looked up at her husband in bewilderment. Her mind went blank for a while, and thought that she might have heard him wrong. "We've been getting along really well in the past three years, Troy. What is this? Divorce? What made you decide that? Do you really want to end our marriage?" She couldn't hide the pain in her voice. "This is my decision, Imogen." Imogen Forbes loved Troy Marshall for nine years. She loved him for years-from when she came to the Marshall family when she was sixteen until she had her successful career by the moment she turned twenty-five.

Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper by Josie Johnson

Her love for him grew deeper and deeper, especially after they got married. It might be a fixed marriage, but Imogen knew the only man she wanted to marry was Troy. She thought her life couldn't have gotten any better until she found out she was having a baby. However, her future plans were shattered when her husband showed her the divorce papers. She wanted a complete family. He wanted an end. Imogen didn't see this coming until she found out the reason why. Sarah Page is back. Troy's first love has returned. Josie Johnson is the author of Sir Your Wife Already Signed the Divorce Paper Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience.

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