The Alpha King’s Virgin by Charmeleon Chapter 113

The Alpha King’s Virgin by Charmeleon Chapter 113

Chapter 113 


I woke up to an enipty bed, but I smiled because he’d left a bloodred rose on my pillow. Bringing the fragrant flower to my lips, I sighed and lay back contentedly against the satin pillows. My body was exhausted from the battle. But even more so from the night of passion we shared

Where are you, my love?I missed him already

Helping with the bodies. They deserve a fitting sendoff,came the quick reply, and I immediately felt guilty for lying in when there was so much to do

You should have woken me. The survivors need both our support.I swung my legs off the bed, wincing. What I needed was a hot bath with some of Sarah’s special salts and oils. Amaris was true to his word. He didn’t take it easy on me. He dominated me like the Alpha he was. I couldn’t help but smile, and just thinking about what he’d done had the heat pool between my thighs

As if he read my thoughts, I heard him smirk over our link. Are you able to walk, my queen?‘ 

Of course,I answered, my face flaming like a furnace. Thank you for the flower.It was a lie. My thighs were shaky

You’re most welcome,he purred over the link. But it seems I haven’t performed as well as I thought. I believe I will remedy that. I could hear his chuckle. He knew I was lying

HmmLooking forward to it, my Lord.’ 

I wrapped myself in the sheet and opened the door for Rhona and the other girls

Your MajestyInstinctively, she wrapped her arms around me, but realizing her forwardness, she pulled back

I opened my arms for the three of them, inviting Sarah and Lily into a group hug. We laughed, relieved at having survived the onslaught

I’m so relieved to see you all safe.I told them. But firstRhona, where are your mother and the rest of my coven?I had been so distracted by Amaris that I had completely put them out of my mind

Sarah excused herself to run my bath, and Lily began tidying up, muttering to herself about the sorry state of the room

My mother and the others are safe, Your Majesty. She and that girl, Pippa, I believe? They’re resting in my room.Rhona took my hands in hers. When you are ready, I will bring them to you.” 

Thank you, Rhona.Would they still want me as their High Magus? The feeling that I’ve let them down was hard to shake

Chapter 113 

Your bath is ready, milady.” 

Rhona brought Joanna and Pippa to my private dining room. I was having a feast of roast meat and vegetables and devouring it like a ravenous beast

I’m glad your appetite has improved, Rhona laughed as she watched me pigging out on the delicious food

This is delicious.” I waved at Joanna and Pippa to join me. There was enough to feed a small army. I wouldn’t fit in my clothes if I carry on like this.Finally, sated, I sat back. You have fought so bravely, I want to thank the others as well. Where are they?” 

“Queen Magus, they are recovering at the fortress. Some of us suffered some serious injuries when the Shadow Dragons showed up.Joanna bowed her head. I am so sorry. We have failed you.” 

Pippa burst into tears. Stunned, I jumped up. What? No, no! I should be sorry. I have yet to learn the extent of my powers.” My eyes welled up, seeing hercryFrubbed her upper arms to console her. It was foolish of me to think I have it all under control. I am not worthy to be the High Magus.” 

Joanna’s eyes widened in shock. Don’t you dare say that! It is your birthright.” 

She’s right, Raine. It isn’t your fault. We shouldn’t have left you at the mercy of the vampire.Pippa sniffed loudly. But that is why Joyce went to get the Elf King. We needed their sprites to fight the Shadow Dragons.” 

I took her arm and led her to the couches where we sat down. Joanna joined us

I’ll brew us some tea,Rhona offered and left us

I hardly remember what happened after Athan appeared. Everything is a blur. But if you say Joyce went to get the Elf King; she saved our lives.” 

The Shadow Dragons are immune to our elemental magic.” Joanna said. They nearly killed me the previous time, drained my life force. If it wasn’t for the covenJoanna couldn’t repress the shudder that went through her

Rhona brought the green herbal tea and poured us each a glass. That vampire is a sneaky bastard. He will try again.” 

I sipped the tea, pondering over her words. She was probably right. Athan gave up too easily. But what about Sorin? Where was he?” 

Probably got scared off because His Majesty had recovered,” Rhona scoffed. He thought he could just step in and take over, coward that he is.” 

He still has a lot of supporters.Joanna mused. Especially those opposed to the decree Amaris enforced. There is plenty of prejudice against our kind and too many who cling to the old ways


Chapter 113 

They are going to be difficult to sway.” 

Let me worry about that,Amarisdeep voice startled us

Pippa and Joanna immediately stood up and bowed to him. Rhona did the same. I remained seated

I came to fetch you, Raine. The wolves are asking for their queen.” 

Of course, my Lord.” I gave him my hand, and he pulled me up to kiss me, not caring who was 


*Are you sure you can walk?he whispered into my ear. I could carry you.He nipped my earlobe, sending delicious shivers down to my core

I giggled. I’m fine.” 

Witnessing the burial of the fallen and dealing with their loved ones was infinitely difficult. I felt drained. Although most of the packs cheered and hailed me as their queen and savior, it made me feel guilty, because my coven deserved their adoration much more than I did. I was no savior

Later in our bedroom, I told Amaris I needed to go back to the fortress

You’re not leaving. I won’t have it!Amaris flung his coat onto the loveseat. He turned a furious face at me. I just got you back, for  sake!” 

With head lowered, I said in a low voice. I have to assure myself that they are alright Amaris. I have an obligation to my coven.” 

He grabbed me roughly by the shoulders. Shook me. The only obligation you have is to me! Your mate and your king!His eyes shone with the red blaze that was his wolf

It wasn’t as if I wanted to leave him. The responsibility lay heavy on my shoulders, and I was torn between being queen and High Magus. How on earth could I uphold both positions

Amaris, I” 

No, and that is final. You can move the coven here.” 

As if it were that simple. Maybe it could be


The Alpha King’s Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

The Alpha King’s Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: March 30, 2024 Native Language: English

The Alpha King's Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

When Raine Grey's soulmate rejected her because of her low rank, she thought she would die mate-less and alone. But the Moon Goddess had other plans for her. Her second-change mate turns out to be none other than the notoriously cruel Alpha King Amaris Black. She has a choice to make; accept the King or be sold by her stepfather who abused her for years.Amaris Black, the King of the werewolves was not an easy man. Despite being constantly harassed by the Elders to take a chosen mate, because at 25 he still hasn't found her, he refused pointblank. But now that his twin brother, Sorin's mate is pregnant, his throne is under threat, and he has a decision to make.

The Alpha King's Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

Not only that, rumors have it that because he is unmated without an heir, he is getting weaker and some of the packs are planning to overthrow him.Taking a stroll in the forest, he happens to find her, the one he has been searching for. He rescues her from being assaulted by three young wolves, but she runs away. He decides to throw a ball in which he invites most of the unmated she-wolves to choose a mate from. He sends Raine an outfit to wear at the ball. She turns up at the ball, but when he approaches her in his direct manner, she gets frightened and runs away.

The Alpha King's Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

Amaris soon learns that Raine is not willing to be his mate and that sends him into a frenzy. She doesn't feel the mate pull because of her broken heart and low self-esteem. It's the mating moon and the need to be with her is overpowering. Raine feels she has just escaped one abuser for another. But now it's worse, because she is like a prisoner.Sorin jumps to the opportunity to come between the two of them. He doesn't want Amaris to father a child. He devises plans to keep them apart. As soon as his mate Helen births their pup, he plans to get rid of Raine altogether, knowing Amaris would break.


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