The Alpha King’s Virgin by Charmeleon Chapter 118

The Alpha King’s Virgin by Charmeleon Chapter 118

Chapter 118 


Both my wolf and I smirked with satisfaction as all the Alphas stepped to their right. They knew what was good for them. Those we stood against me wouldn’t leave the castle alive

We will stand with you, Your Majesty. We are wolves and we are not anyone’s slaves.Alpha Mark, an Alpha I regarded as my friend, bowed his head in submission. The others soon followed, pledging their allegiance. There were a few of them I didn’t trust, but I would keep them close

Good. Together, we are stronger.” I squeezed Raine’s hand gently, meeting her smiling gaze. She was right. I needed her with me. But she still disobeyed my direct order. I would have to think of a fitting punishment for her

My queen, please see to the Lunas while we discuss our strategy.I smiled inwardly, seeing the small flicker of defiance in her eyes. She wanted to be a part of the discussion, and I was denying her as part of her punishment. But also, I wanted her to connect with the Lunas as was part of her role as queen. She needed to form her own alliances and, judging by the envious looks she received from the shewolves, she had her work cut out for her

What I planned to do to her in the bedroom as part of her punishment for disobeying me, wellthat was something else entirely

As my lord wishes,she said, but her shoulders went rigid and she pulled her hand from my grasp. Ladies” 

I watched her swing her lovely hips seductively as she walked away, and I wasn’t the only one who followed her with lustful eyes

They can look, but she would never belong to them.’ Rage growled in my mind. He strutted around, his chest puffed out with pride. He was right. She was ours

Well, let’s get down to business.” 

After lengthy negotiations and an equally taxing dinner, I finally escaped, only to be summoned by Ross. Raine was meticulously tending to the Alphas and their Lunas, doing everything in her power to ensure their overnight stay was as comfortable as possible, considering the circumstances. The servants couldn’t work fast enough to please her. It made me proud to see her fulfilling her role as queen. She had grown into a confident woman, so far removed from the obedient, scared little Omega. But she was still submissive in the bedroom, which I liked very much

I’ve received word from the Elf King, Your Majesty. He is on board with our attack plan. But there is still the matter of compensation for the battle dwarves. Her Majesty promised them a reward for helping her escape.Ross filled me in when I joined him in my office. Thank the Gods my technical team had worked diligently to restore our communications. Although the rest of the repairs to the castle would take a much longer time

Chapter 118 

Give them what they want. You have my authority. With my sincere thanks, of course.” 

Fortunately, my office remained mostly unscathed in the attack. The mere thought of my books and documents being destroyed would have infuriated me

Of course.Ross grinned. They want a substantial amount of copper and metal. I will see to it at 


Any word from the convoy?I had left strict orders for them to report back frequently and I found it concerning that they hadn’t

I’m afraid not, Your Majesty. I haven’t been able to reach the coven as well.Ross frowned slightly. Maybe Joanna could help us communicate with them.” 

As if on cue, Raine burst into my office without knocking. She had a wild look in her eye. I’ve never seen her so upset

Amaris, something’s wrong!” 

Ross stood up to acknowledge her. She barely spared him a glance

What is it, my love?She ran straight into my arms, and I tried to calm her down, stroking her back. I felt a shiver run down her spine

I think my coven is under attack! I need to leave.She grasped the lapels of my coat in a white- knuckled grip

Leave? No, you cannot!I held her tighter against me. No way in hell I’m letting you run into 


How do you know they’re under attack, Your Majesty?Ross asked. His frown deepened severely

I had a vision. It’s hard to explain. There was fire and I heard screaming. It was horrible! Oh, Goddess! Amaris, you can’t stop me. I must help them!She pulled away, but I held on

Raine, let me help. I’ll get warriors and” 

There’s no time.” She pushed me away and ran out of the office

Raine! Wait!I bolted after her, with Ross on my heels. Wait! I will come with you.” 

Amaris, you can’t leave now!Ross shouted and grabbed my arm. I pushed him away forcefully, and he collided with the wall. Get Lord Greyson and the warriors!I snapped at him

When I looked back, she was gone. I followed her scent downstairs to the garden, shouting like a madman

Raine! Don’t you dare do this!My heart was about to explode in my chest. If she opened a portal, I wouldn’t be able to catch up with her

And sure enough, I saw her standing near the fountain with Joanna and the Pippa girl. How the  

Chapter 118 

did she get to run this fast in her condition

Raine! Wait! Let me come with you.” I sprinted the rest of the way, but it felt like I was running through concrete. What the hell was happening to me

She turned towards me, her eyes bright with tears. I’m sorry, Amaris. You must stay for the sake of the kingdora.The portal opened and the three of them walked through it. It snapped shut behind them, leaving me roaring in outrage and disbelief. She’d put a spell on me

The second they vanished, the spell shattered, and I took out my anger on the fountain, mercilessly pounding it until my hands were raw and bleeding

Ross’s hand on my shoulder brought me to my senses. They will be ready to leave within the hour.” 

By then, it will be too late, Ross.I sank to the ground next to the rubble, feeling as if my life was in ruins, like everything around me


The Alpha King’s Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

The Alpha King’s Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: March 30, 2024 Native Language: English

The Alpha King's Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

When Raine Grey's soulmate rejected her because of her low rank, she thought she would die mate-less and alone. But the Moon Goddess had other plans for her. Her second-change mate turns out to be none other than the notoriously cruel Alpha King Amaris Black. She has a choice to make; accept the King or be sold by her stepfather who abused her for years.Amaris Black, the King of the werewolves was not an easy man. Despite being constantly harassed by the Elders to take a chosen mate, because at 25 he still hasn't found her, he refused pointblank. But now that his twin brother, Sorin's mate is pregnant, his throne is under threat, and he has a decision to make.

The Alpha King's Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

Not only that, rumors have it that because he is unmated without an heir, he is getting weaker and some of the packs are planning to overthrow him.Taking a stroll in the forest, he happens to find her, the one he has been searching for. He rescues her from being assaulted by three young wolves, but she runs away. He decides to throw a ball in which he invites most of the unmated she-wolves to choose a mate from. He sends Raine an outfit to wear at the ball. She turns up at the ball, but when he approaches her in his direct manner, she gets frightened and runs away.

The Alpha King's Virgin by Charmeleon (Raine & Amari)

Amaris soon learns that Raine is not willing to be his mate and that sends him into a frenzy. She doesn't feel the mate pull because of her broken heart and low self-esteem. It's the mating moon and the need to be with her is overpowering. Raine feels she has just escaped one abuser for another. But now it's worse, because she is like a prisoner.Sorin jumps to the opportunity to come between the two of them. He doesn't want Amaris to father a child. He devises plans to keep them apart. As soon as his mate Helen births their pup, he plans to get rid of Raine altogether, knowing Amaris would break.


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