The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 14

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 14

Chapter 14
I stood in the garden that once belonged to the love of my life and I fought to calm my breathing. If Emilia could see what I had become without her, she would have been so disappointed. I wouldn’t have blamed her though, I had become the monster that people feared I was. It was only fitting since I was responsible for killing her. I had fought so hard for a child when she didn’t want one and she got pregnant just to oblige me.
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my hands through my hair forgetting that they were streaked with blood. The blood wasn’t mine, it belonged to one of the many rogues and traitors in my dungeons who became the object of my rage. It happened like that some days, I suddenly remembered Emilia and I was overcome with so much anger myself for allowing her die and for getting Megan pregnant. I wanted an heir, I wanted to fulfill the one wish that Emilia so badly wanted to fulfill for me but couldn’t and yet it brought me so much pain.
I had never expected to be given anther mate again. In fact, I thought the goddess hated me which was why she cursed me. I wasn’t sure if the curse was real but I believed it. It had to be a curse because there was no way that someone who was completely healthy and had no complications during the pregnancy would suddenly die during childbirth. It was one of the reasons why I wanted to get someone else pregnant. I wanted to know if the curse was real. It was cruel but I didn’t care.
I had never found anyone worthy of carrying mine and Emilia’s child until that day. I had gone to the pack to discuss peace treaties and the simple mention of Emilia’s name was enough to pi ss me off. I would have burned the pack to the ground if it wasn’t for Megan walking out. I was blinded by her for a second because I truly believed that she was Emilia. By the time the effects wore off and I realized who she was, I had already agreed to claim her. Her stu pid Alpha was piss ed and tried to refuse me but the moment I had him by his throat, he soon learned that I always got my way.
Megan had surprised me in a lot of ways because where Emilia was calm and collected, Megan was rash and sassy. Emilia never spoke out of turn and was like a gentle stream while Megan was a fiery inferno and although tried to keep her attitude locked tight, I could see through her façade and it turned me on much to my annoyance. I wasn’t supposed to be attracted to any other woman. The sight of her in Emilia’s garden was enough to undo me because she looked so perfect. I could not stop myself from snapping at her.
“If you stay like this then you are guaranteed to give people nightmares,” I heard Landon drawl from behind me. “I am sure that kids could use with more scary tales to make them behave. Imagine this ‘the man dripping blood. I think it is a very catchy title, what do you think?”
“I am not in the mood,” I muttered but in typical Landon fashion, he came closer instead of leaving me alone
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Chapter 14
like I wanted. I turned to him with narrowed eyes. “Didn’t you hear me?’
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“I did,” he began slowly then paused for dramatic effect. “I didn’t listen because I figured that the least! deserved was your gratitude for placating your mate. I don’t think yelling at a woman is the right way to win her
I should have known that it was about Megan. I finally looked at Landon and I hated the accusing look in his eyes. I had heard about their friendship, There was nothing in the palace that went on that I was unaware about. It annoyed me that they were getting along but there was nothing I could do about it. I had guards trailing them bth at all times and the moment I got a hint that their relationship was anything but platonic, I was going to pull the plug on it.
When he saw that I didn’t respond, Landon sighed. “Is this how it is going to be? Are you going to treat her like sh it and make her live in Emilia’s shadow?”
“I don’t see how it concerns you,” I made my tone as bored and disinterested as possible. This is between my mate and I. You can treat your mate however you wish and leave me to take care of mine.”
“You refer to her as your breeder. Zade, you treat your ser vants better than you treat her,” he sighed. “Listen, I know you loved Emilia. She was the love of your life but if you cannot get over her then leave Megan out of it. She is a good person and she deserves better than this.”
I took a menacing step towards him. “You do not get to tell me what to do. I am Alpha here, not you. You might be my friend but remember that I am also your ruler. You do not get to question my motives.”
“Or what?” he asked. “What will you do, Alpha? Will you strip me of my title? When you made me Beta, you said that it was because I always called you out on your bu llsh it, well here it is. Megan is carrying your child and it is about time that you start treating her like the mother of your child and not some hire surrogate.”
“Emilia is the mother of my child.”
“Emilia is dead,” I growled at him and he sighed. “Megan is the one carrying your child. Megan is not Emilia. You cannot treat her
as a substitute.”
“That is what she was destined to be. She is meant to be my second chamce with Emilia.”
“She is meant to be your second chance at love and life.” I ignored him and Landon shook his head. “Goodnight Zade. I cannot deal with you while you are like this. This is not just sad, it is also embarrasing for you and for me.”
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Chapter 14
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I watched him disappear from the garden but I made no move to follow him. I didn’t care about Landon or his st upid temper tantrums. Emilia was my one and only mate and her untimely death was not going to stop me from having the family I deserved to have with her. I didn’t care who I had to step on in order to get it.
I left the garden soon after because my memories there with Emilia were too strong. I washed off the traces of blood in the shower and watched as the water turned pink. I put on one of my faded shirts that Emilia loved. It was the only thing that didn’t look like it was made by a professional and I wanted to throw it out a long time ago but she found it and fell in love with it. It always helped me feel closer to her. I tossed and turned in bed but sleep couldn’t come and it was all because of one person-Megan.
I pulled myself out of bed and stormed over to her room in frustration. The guards steered clear of me as they saw me. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that I was infuriated and everyone knew that my anger was like a fuse ready to blow at every moment. I walked over to Emilia’s room and banged on the door loudly. It was loud enough to wake everyone in the entire castle but it still took her five minutes to open the door.
As soon as the door was open, I grabbed her arm and began to drag her with me. I could hear her protesting but I didn’t care. I didn’t want her in Emilia’s room anymore. Landon was right about one thing- she was not Emilia. She wished she was half the woman that Emilia was. I could hear footsteps behind me and I knew they belonged to Kaya but I didn’t care about her. I was going to take Kaya of her guard duty soon because I knew her priorities were shifting.
Once I got to the guest room, I pulled it open and threw Megan inside. She struggled to regain her balance and when she did, she turned to me with anger in her eyes. Her look would have made lesser men pee their pants but I had seen the worst of the worst and there was nothing Megan could do to scare me especially when I knew I had the upper hand.
“What the f uck is wrong with you?” she spat. “I know you hate me but at least have a little dignity. I left your stu pid garden when you asked me to. I don’t want anything to do with you, Zade. You brought me here so why are you acting like I am a burden?”
“You are a burden,” I spat and I saw my words land like a blow. “Bringing you here was the worst mistake I had ever made. I had you treated like royalty. You have been fed and clothed but it seems that wasn’t enough because you still had to complain.”
Her brows scrunched in confusion and when understanding settled on her features, she scoffed. “I don’t have the time or energy to tell on you, Zade. Everyone can clearly see how you treat me. I just want to go back and sleep.”
She tried to side step me but I stopped her. “You will not be staying in my mate’s room any longer. You should be. grateful that I am not putting you with the other sla ves. Your things will be brought here tomorrow and you will
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Chapter 14
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be joining the maids to do chores around the palace. The least I can do is give you something real to complain about
“Maybe if you are busy with work then you will spend less time gossiping about me to my pack members,” I turned to Kaya who had been standing in a corner with an impassive expression but listening in. “If you ever hesitate before complying with an order of mine or act out of character then you will lose this job and I promise that you will never work in this pack again. Am I clear?!
“Yes, Alpha,” her response was sharp and curt.
I turned back to Megan and she was in utter shock. I could see it clearly on her face. She didn’t say anything and I turned to leave but when I got to the door, I heard her voice and it was tinged with hurt. “What did I ever do to you?”
“it’s simple, you existed.”

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

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The Alpha's Hated Breeder by didi adeyemi is a wonderful story about megan and zade. "I own you, Megan Armstrong," Zade's voice was a deadly whisper. "You are mine to use as I see fit.""I will never be yours in any way that matters. My heart remains my own.""I've already taken your body and I have taken your freedom, I have no use for your heart."Megan is the pack omega and life for her takes a turn when she is mated to her Alpha but he has no need for someone of her caliber and so he gives her to the notorious Alpha Zade Blackwood. Zade's name is feared wherever it is mentioned for his ferocity and his cruelty. Innocent and kind Megan is given to him but as luck would have it, they are each other's second chance mates.

The Alpha's Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi

Zade's first mate died in childbirth and he has no use for a second except to secure his line so he takes Megan as a breeder. Megan is forced to live in the shadow of the dead woman who was the love of Zade's life.If only her life could remain so simple, but the past comes to haunt them both and they have no one to turn to but each other. Can they look past their own hatred and realize that maybe what they need is right in front of them?

The Alpha's Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi


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