The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 17

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 17

Chapter 17
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As far as I knew, Zade stayed away from Anna much to my relief. Was I really going to act out if he touched her? I wasn’t sure and I was glad that I didn’t need to find out. Him not touching her didn’t mean I didn’t go unpunished though. Zade found creative ways of making my life miserable, one of which involved me having to scrub down all the training equipment. It was tasking and exhausting but I did it anyway.
It wasn’t until high noon before I was done with all my chores and I wanted nothing more than to lie in bed and sleep but Zade had other plans for me because he barged into my room and started throwing clothes at me. I stared at him in confusion wondering what was happening but he paid me no heed. Once he was done tossing clothes my way, he turned and leaned against the wall.
“Get up, we don’t have all the time in the world,” his voice was dripping with disdain but I refused to move. “Are you deaf as well as stu pid?”
“I’m not leaving until I know exactly where we are going and I don’t want to wear the clothes you picked out. I have my own.”
Over the past few days, I had promptly refused to wear any clothes that Zade had bought. It was my own little way of regaining freedom. If my suspicions were correct and he wanted to take me out of the palace then it made sense that he didn’t want me wearing my clothes because they were practically rags.
Zade was pi ssed by my response. The vein at his temple bulged and for a second, I feared it would burst. He pushed off the wall and bent down until he was at eye level with me. “You can either wear what I asked or your can go around naked. The choice is yours.”
“I choose the latter.”
I could tell my answer shocked him because he took a step back. He was expecting me to cower but I was done doing that. I was not going to let Zade walk all over me. I knew I couldn’t stand up to him in every way but on the subject of what I wore on my body, I was not willing to budge and I made that perfectly clear when I looked him dead in the eye and crossed my arms over my chest.
“Get dressed, NOW!”
“No,” I snapped back and he let out a small growl before grabbing me by my upper arm and pulling me straight out of bed. I was still in the clothes I wore around the house- loose sweats and a tank top.
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Chapter 17
That seemed to be good enough for him because he started to drag me away. I saw Kaya begin to rise but I shook
head at her. The last thing we needed was to give him anu ammunition against me. I allowed him lead me
out until he got to his car and he practically threw me into the passenger side. I had a feeling he would have done worse if I was not pregnant with his child.
“Where are we going?” I asked but he ignored me and started driving.
I contemplated pitching myself out of the moving car. I would have done it too if he didn’t turn to me with dark eyes. “If you touch the handle, I will strap you into a straitjacket. Am I clear?”
I rolled my eyes but didn’t respond.
The drive was t
thirty minutes long and we ended up in front of a large hospital. It was easily twice the size of the one in Ryan’s pack. People were walking in and out and Zade came to my side of the door to open it for me. I was shocked by the change in attitude because the Zade I had come to know was anything but a gentleman.
“You will behave while we are here,” he warned and I raised a brow.
“Is it so that your pack members don’t realize how much of an abusive a ss hole you are?” I asked and his jaw ticked. He held out his hand to me but I ignored it. “I’mnot playing your stu pid game. You can either treat me well inside and out or you let everyone know the kind of man that you truly are.”
I could tell he wanted to say a lot but he held himself back. He walked ahead of me and all I could do was try to keep up
with his large strides. People were staring at us and I wondered if it was a rare occurrence to see him walking around with a woman. He ignored the looks and led us towards a room at the back. It was large and I knew without asking that it was a private room. There was a kind looking woman standing there and she gave me a warm smile when she saw me..
Instead of returning her smile, I was trying my best to calm the anger in me. If we were alone, I would have snapped at Zade but as much as he was an as shole, I wasn’t going to disrespect him in front of his pack members so I carefully climbed onto the bed and raised my top.
Everything happened in a sort of daze. My mind was anywhere but the hospital until I heard the heartbeat. It was a whooshing sound and it felt like everything stopped. I had tried to remove myself from the pregnancy as much as possible but in that moment, it just hit me that I was having a child. I risked a glance at the ultrasound on the screen and I felt something twist in my heart. If it were under different circumstances, I would have held Zad e’s hand, he would have kissed my hair and we would have been happy.
“If it were Landon, you would be happy,” a voice nagged and I blinked rapidly to get that thought out of my head.
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Chapter 17
Landon was a friend and nothing more. I was determined to keep it that way.
The doctor stepped out to print a copy of the ultrasound and when she handed it to me, Zade sn atched it before. I could even touch it. She looked between the both of us with suspicion until Zade thanked her and she was forced to walk away.
I stayed silent until we had gotten back to the car then I turned to Zade and dropped my voice to a whisper. “You could have just told me
you were taking me for an ultrasound.”
“I don’t have to tell you anything.”
“Newsflash, I am carrying this child. That means I am entitled to a certain level of information especially when it concerns me. I am not your surrogate or a placeholder womb for you. If I am going to do this then you have to make an effort too.”
“If?” he asked with a humorless laugh. “You don’t have a choice.”
I stared at him incredulously. “It is my body, of course I have a choice. If I didn’t want this baby, you wouldn’t be having it. Besides, what was the deal with the ultrasound anyway? I would like to have a copy of my child.”
“My child!” his voice was harsh and unforgiving. “It is MY child.”
I scoffed. “Stop the car.”
“You have got to be f u cking with me.”
“Stop it or I will jump out.”
He must have heard the sincerity in my voice because he pulled up to the side of the road and turned off the engine. As soon as it was safe, I got out of the car. “What the hell are you doing, Megan? I don’t have time for this bul ls hit.”
“Neither do 1,” I all but yelled. “Until you are carrying a baby in your belly then it is my child too. I refuse to stay in that car with you.”
“Are you going to walk back to the palace?” he asked but I ignored him and kept walking. My lack of an answer pis sed him off because I heard him start the car. “I’m not dealing with this. Sort yourself out.”
To my utter shock, he drove past me and I watched as his car disappeared down the road. It hit me in that
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Chapter 17
moment that I had no idea where I was going and I was alone. It also hit me that if I planned to run away then this was probably the only chance I was going to get. I started my journey on foot hoping I would find my way to a busy road. I didn’t have any money but I was sure I could hitch a ride out of the pack.
I walked for what felt like hours before I found a shop. The lady in there was not helpful at all. She glared at me. like I had come to steal from her and I could tell she was five seconds away from calling the guards so I left. I was hungry and tired but I was determined to find my way out. I couldn’t help but wonder if Zade had gone back to search for me but I knew what the answer was- he didn’t care and even if he did, it was because of the baby.
I didn’t know how long had passed but I felt like I was going to pass out because I hadn’t eaten all day and my legs hurt from walking. I found a fountain and took a seat in front of it. Although I knew it wasn’t healthy, I drank from it too. I had just rested my head against it when I heard a voice.
“You can’t sleep there,” it was familiar but I was too tired to analyze it. It wasn’t until the person got closer and called my name that I recognized them. “Are you alright? I nodded but Landon didn’t believe me. He helped me to my feet but I almost fell back. “What happened?”
He lifted me bridal style as I explained how I had gotten out of the car and Zade left me there. “I was hoping! Could find a way out of the pack.”
He shook his head sand muttered a curse under his breath. “It would take you days to walk to the border and even then, you wouldn’t have been allowed to leave. Have you eaten?” I shook my head and he cursed under my breath. “Stay here while I get you something.”
It wasn’t like I had any energy to move anyways. I just lay in his car until he came back with some greasy smelling food and my stomach rumbled. I wasted no time in digging in. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn’t
“Please don’t take me back,” I begged and he sighed.
“I have to, but I will be having some words with Zade first.”
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Chapter 18

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

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The Alpha's Hated Breeder by didi adeyemi is a wonderful story about megan and zade. "I own you, Megan Armstrong," Zade's voice was a deadly whisper. "You are mine to use as I see fit.""I will never be yours in any way that matters. My heart remains my own.""I've already taken your body and I have taken your freedom, I have no use for your heart."Megan is the pack omega and life for her takes a turn when she is mated to her Alpha but he has no need for someone of her caliber and so he gives her to the notorious Alpha Zade Blackwood. Zade's name is feared wherever it is mentioned for his ferocity and his cruelty. Innocent and kind Megan is given to him but as luck would have it, they are each other's second chance mates.

The Alpha's Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi

Zade's first mate died in childbirth and he has no use for a second except to secure his line so he takes Megan as a breeder. Megan is forced to live in the shadow of the dead woman who was the love of Zade's life.If only her life could remain so simple, but the past comes to haunt them both and they have no one to turn to but each other. Can they look past their own hatred and realize that maybe what they need is right in front of them?

The Alpha's Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi


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