The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 18

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 18

Chapter 18
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As soon as
as I drove away, I wanted to go back but my pride wouldn’t let me. I forced myself to drive away from her knowing fully well that she had no idea where she was or where she was going. A part of me also knew that she could have decided to run away and although that bothered me, I didn’t seem to care as much as I should have. considering she was carrying my child.
I got to the palace in under ten minutes and I already wanted to turn around and get her but I couldn’t have her thinking that she could throw tantrums and I would be at her beck and call. I forced myself to get out of the car and called on one of my trusted guards- Simon. I would have tasked Landon with it but I knew it would come with an earful and I feared Landon had conflicting interests when it came to her.
I led Simon over to a quiet part of the palace. “Go to the forest road that leads to the hospital and find Megan. Bring her back to the palace and do not let her know that I was the one who sent you.”
He was shocked by my request but he knew better than to question it. My word was law in this palace and that was what I loved most about it. I wanted to stay out and make sure I was there when she returned but I couldn’t because it would have bred the misconception that I cared about her which I didn’t. She was here to carry my child and that was all there was to it- at least that was what I told myself.
I forced myself back inside to get some work done. It was hard to concentrate and I convinced myself that it was because I was worried about my child and not her. Every other second, I found myself thinking about where she could be. Forty-five minutes passed before I got a call from Simon and I picked up on the second ring.
“Where is she?” I asked as a way of greeting and he hesitated. “I don’t appreciate silence when I have asked a question, Simon.”
“I don’t know,” he said finally and I had to clean out my ears to be sure I had heard right.
“Excuse me?” my voice was deathly cold. “How hard is it to find a young woman? How hard is it to find my mate on an otherwise deserted strip of land? Can you not do anything right?”
I knew he wasn’t the real object of my rage but that didn’t stop me from lashing out at him. How could he not find her? Where could she have gone? She was pregnant and clueless; it should have been a walk in the park.
“I have driven down the road twice, Alpha,” Simon spoke in a soft voice as if terrified of offending me. “Either
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Chapter 18
someone else picked her up or she found her own way out but she isn’t hero,”
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“You’re f ucking useless,” I spat. “Get your best guards and find her. Do not return to this palace unless she is within your
grasp. So help me, if you do not call me back in two hours to say that you have found her then do
bother returning
Thung up before he could respond and threw my phone against the wall where it shattered. I knew Simon deserve that, he wasn’t responsible for losing her. It was her fault for refring to shut up. If she had just k quiet then I wouldn’t have stopped the car like she asked. I ran my hands through my hair suddenly feeling claustrophobic in my office.
I walked out and began to pace in the hallway when I saw Kaya, She bowed but made a point of ignoring me in favor of looking around, Lassumed she was looking for Megan. It was still a shock to me that my pack members were taking her side over mine. It irritated me because it wasn’t just one person. It was Gladys and Landon, it was kaya and guards who had never spoken to her before. They claimed she was kind but I was adamant that they just didn’t see what I saw.
After a few seconds of looking around to no avail, Kaya turned to me. “My apologies, Alpha, but have you seen Megan? She isn’t in the room?”
“Am I supposed to track her movements?” I spat trying to shove down the guilt I felt for losing her. “It was your job to keep an eye on her, not mine.”
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She smiled coldly. “The last time I when she was out with you and the guards said that she didn’t return with you. I just wanted to know if you took her somewhere or-”
“Leave, Kaya,” the harshness in my voice had her jumping back slightly but she quickly recovered herself and
“I just hope she comes back soon,” she spoke in a voice so soft that I wasn’t even sure if I was supposed to hear her. “Goddess knows that if I were here, I would grip my freedom with two hands and hightail it out of here.”
On another day, I would have punished her for her insubordination but the truth was that I had already thought about it too. What if she found her way into the woods? What if she was leaving? I wouldn’t exactly blame her for it but that didn’t mean I had to be happy about it. I ran my hands down my face in frustration. Emilia never gave me this much trouble. She loved the palace life and she loved me.
I heard a gasp followed by a squeal and I was about to berate Kaya for being loud when I saw the reason for her noise-Landon had walked in with Megan by his side. He was practically holding her up and she looked like s hit.
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Chapter 18
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Kaya pulled her into a hug and I saw them whispering to each other. Megan acted like she didn’t see me and walked away without another word. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her retreating figure until Landon came to stand in front of me.
“We need to talk,” his tone didn’t leave any room for explanation and I could have pulled rank to make him leave but that wasn’t something I did very often with Landon. Before he was my Beta, he was my friend and I had to respect that.
“You need to tell Simon that he can return first.”
“I already did. I saw the men in his squadron leaving and I told them he could return. Now, do you want to have this out here in the hallway or inside your office?”
Instead of responding, I just walked back into the office. I had barely shut the door when Landon turned on me. “Are you f ucking with me right now, Zade? What the hell were you thinking when you left her out there all alone?”
“It was her request for me to leave her. I did as she asked.”
“Since when did you start listening to her?” he shot back but I stayed silent. “Look, I don’t know what is going on with you lately but even if you don’t respect her as your mate then respect her as the woman carrying your child. What if something had happened to her?”
“Nothing would have happened. I had men looking for her.”
“She was about to pass out when I found her,” he yelled and I felt something foreign rise up in my chest. It was a replica of what I heard creeping into Landon’s voice as he spoke- fear. “She hadn’t eaten all day and she was weak. What if she passed out and someone hurt her? What if she lost the baby?”
I flinched at the words and as soon as I said my next words, I regretted them. “We would have tried for another one.”
I couldn’t take them back once they were out but I had to own up to them. Landon was staring at me as if I were a stranger. He opened his mouth to speak but the words wouldn’t come out. If I were a better man, I would have apologized but I couldn’t bring myself to.
“I don’t even recognize you anymore,” he sounded disappointed. “Ever since Emilia died you have turned yourself into this monster. This is your chance to redeem yourself. This is your chance to right your wrongs and you are throwing it all in the trash.”
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Chapter 18
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“I don’t need a lecture from you, Landon. The only reason I am entertaining this conversation is because you are
my friend. I have never said anything about your feelin or before now make no mistake about it- I am not
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he couldn’t even meet my eye when he lied. “This conversation is not
about me.”
“Isn’t it?” I challenged. “How did you manage to find her? Were you following us? Did you hope you could get her alone?”
He took a step back and the look of pure betrayal on his face hit me square in my chest and I knew I had gone tool far. I opened my mouth to apologize but he held up a hand to stop me.
“I don’t even want to hear it,” he cut me off. “I would never do that to you and the fact that you would even think that is astounding. I was in the market buying some things when I saw her. I only brought her back for you.
“That does not change the fact that you may have feelings for her.”
He looked exasperated. “That doesn’t matter. Stop trying to change the subject in a twisted attempt to put guilt on anyone else but yourself. I wasn’t the one who left her→ you were.”
He was right and my guilt was eating me up and like the ba stard that I was, instead of apologizing, I turned away from him and crossed my hands over my chest. “This conversation is over.””
He looked like he wanted to protest but at the last minute, he changed his mind and stood up straighter. “At least I know one thing.”
“What is that?”
“You cared enough to send people searching for her. Let’s find out if you can care enough to actually treat her like your mate,” he turned on his heels and made his way to the door. He froze at the door kn ob and spoke over his shoulder. “She has faith in you, that is the only reason she is still here. You better man up soon or you will lose her and I promise you that it will sting more than when you lost Emillia.”

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

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The Alpha's Hated Breeder by didi adeyemi is a wonderful story about megan and zade. "I own you, Megan Armstrong," Zade's voice was a deadly whisper. "You are mine to use as I see fit.""I will never be yours in any way that matters. My heart remains my own.""I've already taken your body and I have taken your freedom, I have no use for your heart."Megan is the pack omega and life for her takes a turn when she is mated to her Alpha but he has no need for someone of her caliber and so he gives her to the notorious Alpha Zade Blackwood. Zade's name is feared wherever it is mentioned for his ferocity and his cruelty. Innocent and kind Megan is given to him but as luck would have it, they are each other's second chance mates.

The Alpha's Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi

Zade's first mate died in childbirth and he has no use for a second except to secure his line so he takes Megan as a breeder. Megan is forced to live in the shadow of the dead woman who was the love of Zade's life.If only her life could remain so simple, but the past comes to haunt them both and they have no one to turn to but each other. Can they look past their own hatred and realize that maybe what they need is right in front of them?

The Alpha's Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi


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