The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 19

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 19

Chapter 19
Kaya fussed over me as she led me back to the room. I was sure that if she could carry me then she would have. I always knew she cared about me in her own way but this just showed that she loved me and I felt pathetic at how much I lapped it up. I was so starved of attention that I could feel myself going fuzzy at the first sight of it.
She pestered me for questions on what happened but I couldn’t bring myself to answer any of them. The food that Landon gave me was enough to abate my hunger for a while but I was still starving and I was exhausted. As soon as we got into the room, I collapsed on the bed.
Kaya rushed over to me in a panic. “Is there anything you need?”
“Unless you can find a way for me to get out of here,” I mumbled and she gasped and took a step back. “I was joking.” Not really.
“You can’t say stuff like that. If anyone hears you then we will both be in trouble. That is treason,” she warned. but I was too exhausted to pay her any heed. “Is there anything practical that I can help you with?” At that moment my stomach rumbled. “I’ll get you something to eat.”
She disappeared from the room and I closed my eyes and imagined that I was anywhere else. I was terrified when I was alone but the prospect of dying didn’t seem as bad compared to the life I was living here. I tried to Imagine a better life, one where I was wanted and cherished by Zade instead of treated like a thorn in his side. One where I didn’t have to live in the shadows of the first woman that he loved.
Kaya returned too quickly and I had to bring myself back to the reality that I wasn’t loved by my mate- he didn’t want me. I hated how much that hurt me. I felt weak and helpless and I disguised it by stuffing my face with food while Kaya watched me as if I were a second away from exploding into a fit of tears. I loved her concern but at times like this, I wished I didn’t have it. It would be easier for me to wallow in a pit of self pity if I didn’t have people concerned about me.
While I was eating, there was a knock on my door and Kaya opened it to reveal Landon. He looked annoyed but he tried to hide it with a smile. If I were in a better place, I would have pushed to figure out what was wrong but I couldn’t bring myself to muster up the energy needed.
“I wanted to make sure that you were okay,” he said softly and I managed a smile. “I am really sorry about what happened.”
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Chapter 19
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I waved him off. “It wasn’t your fault. Thank you for the food and the drive back even though I would have preferred to be dropped outside the border.”
“Megan,” he began but I cut him off.
“I asked to be let out of the car. I should have known that the a ss hole would leave me there,” Landon grimaced
slightly and I knew. “You spoke to him, didn’t you? What did he say?”
This time, he gave me a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Nothing worth repeating. You should rest, Megan. Everything will get better. Zade is just going through some sh it.”
“Don’t defend him,” I couldn’t keep the bitterness out of my tone. “I don’t care how he treats me and I know that it is wrong but don’t dismiss it by saying he is going through s hit. He knows what he is doing and he is doing it on purpose. He didn’t have to claim me as his mate, he didn’t have to bring me back. It was his choice, don’t dismiss
“You’re right, I’m sorry.”
“Thank you for your help, Landon, but you can leave now. I have had a long day and I need to rest.”
He looked like he wanted to say more but at the last minute, he sighed and walked out of the room. It wasn’t until he left that I allowed myself to release the ragged breath I was holding and the first tear dripped down my face. Kaya reached out for me but I shook my head. I didn’t want to be touched, I wanted to be alone and if she risked touching me then I was going to break down.
“Goodnight, Kaya,” I muttered through my tears and it was a clear dismissal. She didn’t agree, that much was certain but she pursed her lips and walked away.
By the next morning, I was relatively better. I was more pi ssed than sad because it occurred to me during the night that Zade didn’t just put me in danger, he put the child. I knew he didn’t care about me but if he desperately wanted this child then he should have shown more concern for its wellbeing. Leaving me on the side of the road wasn’t a wise choice.
I went for my chores trying to clamp down on my anger. Almost everyone noticed I was in a sh itty mood and stayed away from me but Anna didn’t get the memo. She made it her life’s mission to frustrate me. I wasn’t sure if it was anger from Zade shutting her down or if it was because she was just a terrible person but I didn’t want to find out. I tried ignoring her at first but it only seemed to egg her on. Fifteen minutes into doing chores, I wanted to throw her out of the window just to make her shut up.
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Chapter 19
“You could at least put more effort in how you dressed,” she sneered in her annoying nasal tone. “We know you’re practically a maid but you are the Alpha’s breeder and you should at least look like that. Right now, there is no difference between you and a gutter rat.”
“At least a gutter rat has more personality than you,” I muttered under my breath and I heard her sharp intake of
I had not meant to say that out loud but I was fed up of her. I was dressed in my old clothes and yes, I knew they were old but I was doing chores. Was I meant to dress up like I was going for a fashion show?
“What did you say to me?” she crossed her arms over her chest and turned to me but I ignored her. “If you had the balls to say it behind my back then you should at least be able to say it to my face?”
“I didn’t say it behind your back and I don’t care about you enough to repeat it. I don’t have the energy for a cat fight, Anna, look for another victim. You are the least of my worries.”
“How dare you? Do you even know who I am? I would have-” she trailed off because we heard the same thing-
I knew they belonged to Zade. I had come to recognize a pattern in how he walked. He took calculated steps that were sometimes too quiet for the average person to hear. In a few seconds, he was standing in the doorway of his room and when he took one look at me, his eyes narrowed. I knew he was upset about the clothes but I couldn’t bring myself to care so I turned back to my work.
“Out, now!” he ordered and Anna rushed out as if someone lit a fire up her a ss. Once we were alone, he whirled on me. “When I get you clothes, I expect you to wear them. I thought we had this conversation yesterday. I do not like to repeat myself.”
“We didn’t have a conversation, you spoke but I didn’t agree,” I didn’t look up at him as I spoke because I knew it would annoy him.
“Change, now!”
I turned to him and crossed my arms over my chest. “I don’t think I will. You have no right to boss me around like that.”
He was furious. His chest rose snd fell with each ragged breath and I expected that he would drag me and force me to change but to my shock, he just walked out of the room. I knew he was planning something so I rushed out after him. When I saw him heading in the direction of my room, I knew that he was going to do something
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Chapter 19
insane. He got there before me and I watched in horror as he grabbed all my old clothes.
“What are you doing?” I rushed forward to stop him but he turned to Kaya.
“Hold her back.”
It was a clear order and Kaya had to oblige. She held me back while whispering apologies in my ears the entire time but I couldn’t focus on her. I was forced to watch as he picked everything up and made his way out. She released me when he was out and I managed to catch up with him just in time to see him throw everything into
the incinerator.
“Let’s see you wear rags this time,” he said and I just stood there with my eyes wide unable to speak. The sick pride in his eyes almost made me throw up.
“I would rather walk naked than wear those things,” I spat. They were exactly like the clothes his first mate owned and I was not going to be anyone’s replacement.
“I would like to see you try,” he laughed humorlessly. “You couldn’t even do that if you wanted.”
“You either replace my clothes or watch me.”
“Do v
you know what I like about you, Megan?” he asked as he closed the gap between us. “You talk a big game but you can never back it up. There are clothes in your closet, use them. Goddess knows that it would help make you a little more appealing to the eyes.”
The rage burning in my chest wouldn’t let me respond. Instead, I lifted my hand and slapped him across the cheek. The action stunned him because for a second, he was frozen then it was replaced with anger. He growled and took a step forward but stopped himself at the last moment.
“The only reason I am not doing anything is because you are carrying my child.”
“Ask me if I give a s hit.”
A low rumble came from his chest and I saw the vein in his forehead bulge. “You will respect me, Megan.”
“Respect is earned and you haven’t earned mine. Especially not after what you did yesterday.”
He scoffed and walked past me. I didn’t even look at him as he moved, I just stayed staring at my entire life burning away in the flames.

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

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The Alpha's Hated Breeder by didi adeyemi is a wonderful story about megan and zade. "I own you, Megan Armstrong," Zade's voice was a deadly whisper. "You are mine to use as I see fit.""I will never be yours in any way that matters. My heart remains my own.""I've already taken your body and I have taken your freedom, I have no use for your heart."Megan is the pack omega and life for her takes a turn when she is mated to her Alpha but he has no need for someone of her caliber and so he gives her to the notorious Alpha Zade Blackwood. Zade's name is feared wherever it is mentioned for his ferocity and his cruelty. Innocent and kind Megan is given to him but as luck would have it, they are each other's second chance mates.

The Alpha's Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi

Zade's first mate died in childbirth and he has no use for a second except to secure his line so he takes Megan as a breeder. Megan is forced to live in the shadow of the dead woman who was the love of Zade's life.If only her life could remain so simple, but the past comes to haunt them both and they have no one to turn to but each other. Can they look past their own hatred and realize that maybe what they need is right in front of them?

The Alpha's Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi


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