The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 20

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi Chapter 20

Chapter 20
I was determined not to let Zade get away with what he had done. The logical part of my brain told me not to push him because he had the unfair advantage but the more immature side of me wasn’t willing to let it slide. It wasn’t about the clothes- they were old and worn. It was the fact that he was willing to throw my entire life away without batting an eyelash.
I felt Kaya’s presence behind me and when she placed a hand on my shoulder, I shook it off. I loved her comfort but now, I didn’t need comfort, I needed retribution. I could feel her watching me almost as if she knew I was planning something. As I turned on my heels to return to the room, she grabbed my upper arm.
“Whatever you are thinking of- don’t,” she warned and I shot her the most innocent and confused look I could muster. “When does this end, Megan? You push him then he pushes back and you are the one who ends up getting hurt.”
“What do you want me to do?” I whispered harshly. “Am I to just sit there and let him treat me like garbage? I took it all my life but I will not be taking it from him too. I refuse to let this slide.”
“What are you going to do?” she asked and I shrugged. “If you are going to get into trouble then you might as well let me know so that I can help. Goddess knows that you need as much help as you can get.”
“The less you know, the better.”
“That does not help calm my nerves.”
“It wasn’t supposed to.”
She finally allowed me walk away and I returned to the room to take a long-needed shower. Once I was done, I dried myself off with a towel and grabbed the smallest robe I could find. I was bluffing when I said I was going to walk around naked but that didn’t mean I was going to wear proper clothes. The robe I found was paper thin and barely covered my thighs. I tied it very Issely and made my way out of the closet.
Kaya raised a brow at me as I twirled. “How do I look?”
“You look like you’re about to get me fired from my job,” she muttered. “Is this really worth a
back at him?”
I didn’t hesitate before saying yes. “Whatever, just tell him I was in the bathroom when you left. I can’t be roped
Chapter 20
into this.”
She kept muttering words to herself as I left the room. The cold air hit my skin and I felt anxious. There was a part of me that kept screaming for me to go inside the room and forget all about the plan but my pride was bigger and I forced my feet to move. The first person I saw was a
his eyes run over my features in appreciation and I made and who did a double take when he saw me. I saw
a show of curtseying to him.
Within a few minutes, I was sure the entire palace had been alerted to my stint. I knew it was only a matter of time before Zade would find me so while I waited for him, I made my way out of the palace and sat on the nearest bench while soaking up the sun. I had barely two minutes of peace before I felt a figure looming over me. I knew it was Zade but I still kept my eyes closed.
“Excuse me but you’re blocking the sun,” 1 murmured but he didn’t move. He let out a small growl from his chest and I finally opened my eyes. “I’m trying to sun tan here.”
Zade looked downright furious. If I had any sense at all, I would have called off the prank but I wanted to see it to the end. I sat up straight and crossed my arms over my chest revealing more crea my skin on my chest. I saw. Za de’s eyes follow the movement before quickly snapping back to my face.
“Get up and get dressed, now!”
I pretended like I was debating it before shaking my head. “I think I’m fine where I am thank you. You look like
you could use a sun
tan as well, join me.”
“I’m not joking, Megan. Get up before I drag you.”
“The problem with that logic is that if you drag me, this robe is going to fall off and we are going to have a much bigger problem on our hands,” he eyed the robe as if trying to see if I was telling the truth. I expected him to call me on my bluff but at the last moment, he sighed deeply and took a step back.
“What did I do in my past life to be cursed with you,” he spat and I felt his words land like a physical blow but I had to pretend like I was unaffected and shrugged. “You’re out here parading yourself like a . Who do you think that reflects poorly on?”
“I’m your breeder,” I spat the word out like a curse. “I’m not being held to any standards. You on the other hand are the Alpha, and I can imagine how it looks to your guards knowing that you cannot even control a lowly breeder. The way I see it, you have a lot more to lose.”
I expected him to throw a fit or get upset but to my shock, he smirked in amusement. “I see you’ve learned to
Chapter 20
play games, it’s about time. It was getting boring playing with someone who didn’t fight back.”
I was shocked and I knew it was obvious on my expression. It grew even more when I saw him slip out his black card from his pocket and place it directly in the opening of my robe. It was cool on my bare chest and I hesitated to take it because it felt like some sort of trap.
“Get some f uck ing clothes,” he turned on his heels and walked away I was so in shock that I just sat there and then I heard his voice again. “If you ever pull this kind of stunt again, I will make sure that you regret it. There will be guards waiting outside to take you.”
It was those words that had me rushing to my feet. I didn’t want to give him the chance to change his mind. When I got back to the room, Kaya was seated at the edge of the bed waiting for me.
“What happened?” she asked and I dumbly raised the card. “He gave that to you?”
“He asked me to get clothes.”
Her mouth fell open in shock. “I think you just won against the Alpha.”
“I think so too.”
I reluctantly got dressed in one of the outfits but I didn’t mind as much because I knew it was going to be the last time I ever wore it. Kaya led me out to where the guards were waiting in a black SUV. Neither of them spoke to me or Kaya, they just kept their gazes on the road and it was kaya who explained that Zade had most likely ordered them not to speak to me.
The store I was driven to was massive. I knew the clothes in there would cost a fortune and I couldn’t help but feel guilty that I was going to be using Z ade’s money. I didn’t want to further indebt myself to him but I had dug this hole and I needed to deal with it. Kaya held my hand and navigated the confusing building until we got to the first store.
I saw the price tag on a dress and blanched. “Are you sure we came to the right place? We could go somewhere cheaper. I can’t afford these.”
She laughed. “The Alpha can, he has more money than
you would think.”
“I can’t spend this much on a shirt even if he can afford it,” I mumbled trying to leave but she kept a firm grip on my hand and pulled me further into the store.
Emergency calls only
Chapter 20
“Listen, the Alpha asked us to bring you here so you can either ignore the price tags and shop or you can go back and wear the clothes you already have that you fought so hard not to wear,” she made sure her voice was firm and unshaken as she spoke. “My guess is that he brought you here because he knew you would have an issue with the price. I’m fine with whatever you choose but it is you who will deal with the consequences.”
“Fine,” I mumbled after a second. “Just try to cover the tags.”
Kaya did as I asked and once I couldn’t see the prices, it was easier for me to get whatever I wanted. I tried to convince myself that spending money on my clothes was the least Zade could do after everything he had done to me since we met. Kaya seemed amused as we walked round the store picking up shoes, clothes and toiletries. By the time we were done and it was time to check the total, I froze when the cashier spoke.
I could not believe that I had spent five figures on shopping alone. I had half a mind to return everything I had taken but Kaya swiped then card out of my grip and handed it to the cashier. The loud beeping sound felt so and I couldn’t help but ment ally prepare myself for the way Zade was going to kill me once I returned to the palace. I was in a daze as Kaya and the guards loaded the clothes into the SUV.
“Everything will be fine,” Kaya assured me when she saw my panicked expression. “He sent you here, he had to know that you were going to spend that much.”
“He will kill me.”
“You’re carrying his child, he can’t.”
I was about to retort when I smelled something funny. It was sharp and tangy and just as I was about to ask what it was, Kaya cursed and pulled me down. Not up to five seconds after she did that, a loud explosion burst through the air. It was close enough that I felt the heat from the blast on my skin but far enough that I wasn’t directly hurt.
“We have to leave, now!” Kaya all but dragged me into the car just as the sound of gunshots filled the air.
Fear clamped around my heart as the panicked screams of people filled the air. Just as the second guard was about to get into the driver’s seat, a bullet hit him right in the throat and I screamed as his blood splattered on my face. Kaya cursed then to my shock, pushed his body onto the floor and slammed the door shut.
“Drive now!” she instructed the driver and he did as she asked.

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

The Alpha’s Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 2, 2024 Native Language: English

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The Alpha's Hated Breeder by didi adeyemi is a wonderful story about megan and zade. "I own you, Megan Armstrong," Zade's voice was a deadly whisper. "You are mine to use as I see fit.""I will never be yours in any way that matters. My heart remains my own.""I've already taken your body and I have taken your freedom, I have no use for your heart."Megan is the pack omega and life for her takes a turn when she is mated to her Alpha but he has no need for someone of her caliber and so he gives her to the notorious Alpha Zade Blackwood. Zade's name is feared wherever it is mentioned for his ferocity and his cruelty. Innocent and kind Megan is given to him but as luck would have it, they are each other's second chance mates.

The Alpha's Hated Breeder by Didi Adeyemi

Zade's first mate died in childbirth and he has no use for a second except to secure his line so he takes Megan as a breeder. Megan is forced to live in the shadow of the dead woman who was the love of Zade's life.If only her life could remain so simple, but the past comes to haunt them both and they have no one to turn to but each other. Can they look past their own hatred and realize that maybe what they need is right in front of them?

The Alpha's Hated Breeder (megan and zade) by didi adeyemi


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