The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 363

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 363


Chapter 363: What Are You Sighing About

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Ship magnate, huh?Julia’s excitement was palpable as she darted over to Frederick’s side, winking 

repeatedly at Claire

Claire chuckled softly, her touch on Sean’s arm turning even more tender, her voice dripping with 

sweetness, So, Sean, you would probably get a discount on the yacht, right?” 

Sean slightly furrowed his brow, somewhat noncommittally nodding. Possibly.” 

Claire didn’t say anything more, just kept smiling at Sean, her laughter infectious

Frederick chuckled and shook his head, amused by Claire’s barely hidden excitement and Sean’s earnest 


Seeing Claire’s radiant smile, Sean was silent for a moment, then his eyes widened in realization

You want a yacht?” 

Her laughter continued, though now she coyly nestled her head against Sean’s shoulder, her gestures 


Sean chuckled and pulled her closer, giving Frederick a knowing look, then caressed Claire’s hair gently, Alright, we’ll buy it. Even without a discount, I’ll get it for you.” 

Julia, ……” 

Though happy about the yacht, seeing Sean’s adoration for Claire soured her mood a bit. Why did a lovely sea outing have to include dog food

She pouted, turning her gaze towards Frederick, whose calm demeanor amidst this display of affection was impressive. Wasn’t he, a perennial bachelor, bothered by it

Sighing heavily. Julia stood up, walking back to the bow of the yacht. Why did it feel like she and Frederick were mere extras in Claire and Sean’s romantic outing


rich, masculine voice behind her signaled Freds 

ach Without turning around

12:05 Mon, 4 Dec 


Chapter 363: What Are You Sighing About

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She moved aside, allowing him to stand beside her at the bow, the sea breeze accompanying their 


After a few minutes, Frederick spoke, a light laugh in his voice, Actually. Sean mentioned before 

that he noticed how much Claire loves the sea. He knew her biggest wish was to own an island to live 

on with her loved one. He had already decided to buy her a yacht.” 

Ah?Julia’s eyes sparkled with admiration, not for Sean’s wealth but for his attentiveness to 

Claire’s preferences. That level of care and thoughtfulness was something to be envious of 

Touching her nose, she gave an awkward smile. Mr. Sean is really good to Claire.” 

Yes,Frederick agreed, nodding. I never imagined Sean would care so much for someone. He remember 

every word Claire says, and without her asking, he tries to fulfill her every like. It is indeed 


Hearing the mention of a ship magnate, Julia’s excitement was evident as she hurried over and sat 

next to Frederick, playfully winking at Claire

Claire chuckled lightly, her fingers softly caressing Sean Vanderbilt’s arm, her voice as smooth as 

silk. Then, buying a yacht from him should come with a discount, right?” 

Sean slightly furrowed his brows, nodding in a noncommittal manner, It should, I suppose.” 

Claire didn’t speak further, merely gazing at Sean with a teasing smile

Frederick couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head at Claire’s obvious excitement and Sean’s 

earnest attitude

Realizing Claire’s wish, Sean’s eyes widened in sudden understanding. You want a yacht?” 

Her laughter was soft and flirty, as she coyly rested her head on Sean’s shoulder

Sean chuckled and drew her closer into his embrace, giving Frederick a knowing glance. He then gently 

caressed Claire’s hair, saying tenderly, Alright, we’ll buy it. Discount or not, it’s yours.” 

Julia, …… 

12:05 Mon, 4 Dec 

Chapter 363; What Are You Sighing About

gestures towards Claire

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Sighing, she looked away, only to catch Frederick’s calm and composed demeanor. Did he not feel

twinge of jealousy seeing them so affectionate

Frederick noticed her sigh and asked softly. What are you sighing about?” 

Me?Julia quickly shook her head, laughing it off, Oh, nothing. I’m just a bit envious of Claire. Don’t you ever feel a hint of jealousy seeing them so in love, Mr. Frederick?” 

Frederick’s gaze lingered on Julia’s face, her forced smile tugging at his heart. Such a wonderful 

girl at the prime of her life should be enjoying love, not feeling out of place

Feeling a bit selfconscious under his gaze. Julia laughed nervously, pretending as if nothing had 

happened, and returned to Claire’s side

Wow, the organizers have been so generous. This red wine is perfect with the sea breeze. Claire

let’s make the most of this free vacation and have a drink!” 

Claire looked surprised as Julia filled two wine glasses to the brim, the red liquid teetering on the 


Claire, without saying anything, sipped the wine to prevent it from spilling, then raised her glass

to clink with Julia’s, laughing heartily before taking a gulp

Sean usually wouldn’t allow Claire to drink so freely, but seeing this as a vacation, he relaxed his 

usual vigilance. At most, he thought, he’d just have to carry her to bed if she got drunk

That evening, after Claire fell asleep, Sean stepped out of the cabin and found Frederick standing 

there. Sean lit a cigarette, puffing out rings of smoke that quickly filled the space between them

Cough, coughFrederick coughed lightly, extending his hand towards Sean, Mind if I have one?” 

Sean gave him a sidelong glance, shaking his head, Fred, I’ve noticed you’ve been easily affected by 

things lately.” 

Frederick retracted his hand, tucking it into his pockets, staring at the starry sky with selfmocking smile, Perhaps you’re right.” 

Could it be just a possibility

12:05 Mon, 4 Dec 

Chapter 364: Stand Alone in the Cold Breeze!

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

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