The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 364

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 364


Chapter 364: Stand Alone in the Cold Breeze


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Sean unable to bring himself to shatter his illusions, inwardly conceded that his friend was, in 

fact, quite admirable. After several minutes of silence, Sean let out a soft sigh, Fred, I really don‘ 

t know what you’re being so coy about. If you were a woman, I might understand, but as a manand my own brother at that, I find itwellHe paused, shaking his head with a low chuckle, You’re 

really not living life to the fullest, are you?” 

Frederick remained silent, tacitly agreeing

Sean tossed his cigarette onto the deck and snuffed it out with the tip of his shoe before turning to lean against the railing. Looking at Frederick’s restrained face, he sighed meaningfully. If only you had half the impulsiveness you had for Winona Summers twenty years ago, you wouldn’t be in su 


Frederick smiled, lowering his head and shrugging noncommittally. Can’t help it, I’ve aged.” 

But giving in so easily wasn’t Frederick’s style. Sean knew it was because Julia was so young that made Frederick feel his age. Ah, Fred,Sean said, patting Frederick on the shoulder with a weighty. tone. If you really were old and had lost your charm, Julia wouldn’t count, but what about Cassie Palmer? That young lady is quite smitten with you. If it weren’t for Claire taking her to the supermarket the other day to have a hearttoheart, that girl would still be wrapped around your 


The mention of Cassie Palmer made Frederick’s brow twitch. Julia’s forthrightness was endearing to him, but Cassie’s openness was a bit much for his taste. He really did feel old

With that thought, he turned to Sean with a wry smile, Tell Claire thanks for me.” 

Sean was left speechless, feeling as though his forceful punch had landed on cotton. Fred, why are 

you so impervious?” 

Enough,Sean dropped his hand and waved at Frederick, I’m going back to Claire. You stay here and enjoy the cold breeze alone.” 

With that, Sean left the deck without hesitation. Frederick stood alone, gazing up at the starry sky

fine a sense of solitude amidst the beautiful scenery

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Chapter 364: Stand Alone in the Cold Breeze


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After a night’s rest, the next day. Claire and Julia, reenergized, sat on the deck, their faces lit up with excitement as they looked at the scenery. Wow! We must be far away now. This must be the 

undeveloped area of MONDALIA, right?” 

Julia, far from being frightened by such a strange and deserted place, was thrilled. Claire looked

around, realizing they were indeed far from the island they had left. Hm?she exclaimed in 

surprise, pointing to an island not far away. That island over there seems bigger, much more so than those small mounds we saw yesterday.” 

Small mounds? Sean grimaced. Those were hardly small mounds. He chuckled resignedly. This area ha 

many such islands. They’re not developed due to their size, but they’re certainly much larger than 

mere mounds.” 

Certainly!Claire nodded enthusiastically, about to stand up when the young man steering the yacht 

approached. The view here is quite splendid. Let’s enjoy it for a while.” 

Claire and Julia had no objections to this idea. Such scenery was a rare treat for them, and 

lingering a bit longer seemed appealing

The young man casually sat down on the deck, surveying the vast stretch of sea before him. Claire

gazing at the island she had mentioned earlier, mused, Perhaps one day we should buy an island like 

that. Not too big, not too small. Develop it, build a grand villa, and maybe cultivate a bit of land

There ought to be fruit trees on it, right?” 

At her words, a spark lit up in the young man’s eyes. He smiled, seemingly intrigued. If there are 

indeed fruit trees on that island, they would be wild. I bet they’d taste even better than the fruits

we buy.” 

Julia, imagining the fruits hanging from the trees, couldn’t help but swallow, nodding eagerly. Wild 

fruits should have a more authentic flavor, right? And there might be wild rabbits and such on the 

island too” 

Claire’s eyes lit up at the mention of wild rabbits. Exactly! There would be plenty of game. It must 

be quite an adventure.” 

Seeing his opportunity, the young man laughed, Since you’re so curious, why don’t we go ashore and 

have a look?” 

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Chapter 164 Stand Alone in the Cold Breeze


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Go ashore?Claire and the others looked at the young man in surprise. While they were indeed 

curious about the myriad islands, the idea of venturing onto an uninhabited one, unaware of the 

potential dangers, was daunting

Noticing the mix of surprise and concern on their faces, the young man scratched his head and offered 

generously, Yes, since you’re all so intrigued, let’s check it out. I’ll steer the yacht close to 

the shore. You can go have a look, and if there’s any danger, we can quickly retreat back to the 


Julia’s eyes sparkled even brighter, turning her hopeful gaze towards Claire. She knew that ultimately

the decision rested with Claire. If Claire agreed, neither Sean nor Frederick would object. But if 

Claire declined, even if Sean and Frederick were keen, they would respect her decision

Seeing Claire frown in hesitation, Julia turned to the young man, asking excitedly. Has anyone ever 

visited these islands before?” 

Oh, yes!The young man nodded with a smile. When I’ve steered yachts for others in the past, many guests have wanted to explore the islands. These uninhabited islands are serene, free from outside disturbances. The shallow waters near the coast are perfect for swimming and picnics. They’ve always 

had a great time.” 

Julia licked her lips and looked again at Claire, her eyes filled with anticipation

Claire paused, feeling the pressure of Julia’s eager gaze. She asked cautiously, Is there mobile phone signal on these islands?Claire wasn’t doubting the current communication technology, but in case of emergencies, no signal meant no way to call for help

The young man didn’t answer immediately. He pondered for a moment before responding. I can’t be certain about the signal on the islands, but we do have a signal here.” 

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Chapter 365. Nothing at All

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

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