The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 365

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 365


Chapter 365: Nothing at All 

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After he spoke, Claire checked her phone, finding only a single bar of signal on the screen a clear indication that in this area, the mobile reception was minimal. Though weak, the presence of a signal 

was somewhat reassuring

Claire pursed her delicate red lips and turned to Sean with an inquiring look. Sean chuckled softly. gently rubbing her head, If you wish to go, let’s go.” 

A smile instantly brightened Claire’s face; she knew he would not object. Pointing towards the largest nearby island, she declared with a spirited laugh, Let’s set sail for the island!” 

Julia, overjoyed by the decision, leapt up, exclaiming, Haha, off to the island!” 

The young man, observing their excitement, curled his lips into a subtle, cold smirk before standing up. Then I’ll steer the yacht there,he said, leaving them to their enthusiasm

Claire and Julia, unable to contain their excitement, ran to the bow, spreading their arms towards the island, their smiles radiant in the sunlight. Sean chuckled and casually pulled out his phone

scrolling through it thoughtfully

Soon, the yacht reached the shores of the island. Claire, considering a picnic on an uninhabited island a rare delight, joined Julia in packing a storage box with food and a couple of bottles of 


Let’s go!Claire said with a smile to Julia, handing the storage box to Sean, then happily 

descended from the yacht

From afar, the island seemed sizable, but only upon setting foot did they realize its vastness. It took them a good twenty minutes just to cover a fifth of its coastline

They didn’t rush to unpack their food, instead, surveying the island from a distance. Finally, Claire suggested, Let’s explore the interior.” 

Sean and Frederick naturally had no objections. Claire, to be cautious, took her bag with her having her ninesection whip handy meant she could handle any potential danger

Unfortunately, the jungle reveal 

or a wild chicken. It seemed

Chapter 365. Nothing at All 


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Unfortunately, the jungle revealed no large animals, not even a rabbit or a wild chicken. It seemed

for now, the island was devoid of any animals, only plants

AhJulia pouted in disappointment, I thought we might find some game, but there’s nothing at 


There is something.Claire said, smiling and pointing upwards. There are birds in the trees. Go 


Julia grimaced, giving Claire a speechless look. It was clear that no birds were visible in the low 

trees, and while there were bird calls from high above, climbing was not an option for her

Slightly defeated, she huffed, No game, then let’s look for wild fruits.” 

While the forest did have a variety of wild fruits, they were unfamiliar, hanging quaintly from the 

trees. Claire and the others looked up at them but hesitated to pick and eat

Julia let out a frustrated sigh, her face falling in disappointment, Never mind. It’s better not to 

eat something we don’t recognize.” 

Claire chuckled, covering her mouth, Indeed. The most vexing thing in the wilderness is not knowing 

plants. They recognize us, but we don’t recognize them, so we dare not partake.” 

Julia nodded, pouting slightly, then sighed, Let’s head back then. After our picnic, we can play in 

the water before returning to the yacht.” 

Everyone agreed without objection, as their adventurous spirit had been somewhat satisfied. With unknown food and no small animals like rabbits in sight, there really wasn’t much reason to stay 

after their picnic

The group turned and started back along the path they had come from. Although their outing hadn’t gone as planned, Julia still seemed happy, and Claire, holding Sean’s hand, had a joyful smile on her 

face. It wasn’t a wasted trip after all

About half an hour later, as they were about to reach the beach, Julia suddenly cried out in terror


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Claire spun around in alarm Julia, what’s wrong? Were you bitten by a snake? In these woods, the greatest fear was the venomous snakes hiding in the shadows, ready to strike unsuspectively 

Julia frantically shook her head, pointing towards the shore with a voice sharpened by fear and anger. Our yacht The yacht is gone!” 

What?Claire turned abruptly, staring in disbelief at the empty shore where the yacht had been moored just an hour ago. Even the usually composed Frederick showed a flicker of panic

With the yacht gone, how would they return

Sean’s face darkened as he gazed at the desolate shoreline. Let’s go check it outhe said quietly

The four quickened their pace towards the shore, holding onto a slim hope that the young man had 

merely moved the yacht elsewhere. But after a thorough search, they found no sign of it

Regrouping on the beach, they all sat down, their faces etched with grave expressions. Julia grew 

increasingly angry. What the heck! Wasn’t he supposed to wait for us at the shore?” 

Claire was also furious, but a troubling thought crossed her mind they might have been duped. It 

seemed likely that the young man had been bribed

Frederick, displaying a man’s composure in such times, didn’t complain. Instead, he pulled out his phone, scrolling through the screen only to find not a single signal bar He frowned deeply, still 

not giving up. He attempted a phone call, but without a signal, it wouldn’t go through

He also tried sending several messages but failed. He looked up at the increasingly panicked faces of the girls and silently showed his phone to Sean, whispering. Can’t contact anyone.” 

Sean nodded, his demeanor calm. He pulled Claire close, patting her back gently, reassuring. It’s 

alright. Fortunately, we still have some food. It should last us a few days.” 

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

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The Billionaire's Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

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