The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 369

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 369


Chapter 369: He Will Pay the Price

To Claire’s delight, Sean admitted the truth with little persuasion, making her jump around him like 

a joyous kangaroo. “Go on, tell me.” 

Sean smirked mysteriously, sighing deeply. “Actually, when Nolan Hayes suggested we go to the island 

I had my suspicions. It’s not so much doubt, but more that I always like to have a backup plan. I’m 

not one to fully trust others with my safety.” 

Claire nodded, her eyes sparkling as she tilted her head to gaze into Sean’s

When Nolan stood up. I discreetly snapped a photo of him with my phone. As soon as he left, I texted 

Logan, sending our location and instructing him to contact me at 10 PM. If he couldn’t reach me, he 

was to follow the coordinates to find us, potentially on the island, and to apprehend Nolan. That’s 

all there was to it.” 

So, Nolan Hayes was the name of the young man

Claire let out a knowing oh,her fair hand gently grasping Sean’s. Ah, the wisdom of experience 

prevails. If it weren’t for you, I might have been sold without even realizing it.” 

Sean raised an eyebrow, pulling her into his embrace. His cool lips pressed a kiss on her smooth 

forehead, his eyes flashing a cold, dark light. Claire, anyone who dares to harm you will pay the 


Meanwhile, the event organizers were panicking like ants in a hot pan, sweating profusely. “What! The yacht hasn’t returned yet? Contact Nolan Hayes!” 

No contact? What is going on?!” 

I don’t care how you do it, but find Nolan and locate Claire and Sean!” 

Claire was the star of the event. If anything happened to her under their watch, the organizers would be held responsible. Not to mention Frederick’s status as the president of Vanderbilt Group. The thought of an incident involving a topthree international conglomerate’s head on their turf was terrifying. They couldn’t bear the wrath of the entire conglomerate and the Vanderbilts

Chapter 369: He Will Pay the Price


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Joseph Felix walked in, frowning at the manager’s anxious expression. Approaching, he asked gravely

Where are Claire and the others? Why haven’t they returned yet?” 


After the exhausting conversation with Claire on the yacht, Joseph had taken a couple of days to recover. He intended to talk with Claire again after all, she was his and Winona Summersdaughter

Even if Claire stabbed him, he couldn’t stay angry at her. Such was the bond of blood

He had searched for her to no avail and had only just learned of the yacht party’s disappearance

prompting him to rush to the organizers for answers

Hearing his question, the manager’s headache doubled. He took a deep breath, sweat dripping down his 

face. I don’t know where Claire and the others are. The yacht is missing, and I can’t reach any of 


Missing?A cold shiver ran down Joseph Felix’s spine, a foreboding sense of doom quickly taking root in his heart. Not known for his patience, the word missingtore through his usual composed facade, unleashing the ferocity within him. He grabbed the manager’s collar with a predatory grip. his icy aura causing the temperature around them to plummet

Missing? What have you done? Wasn’t one of your people on that yacht?” 

IIIThe manager stammered, swallowing hard under the fiery wrath of Joseph Felix. His body shook uncontrollably, even his shoulders quivering in fear

The yacht’s captainwewe can’t reach him either” 

Joseph looked down, a cool breath escaping his lips as his eyes suddenly blazed with a crimson fury. Gripping the manager’s collar, he lunged forward, slamming the manager against the desk behind him. The sharp edge of the desk nearly broke his back

Panting in pain, the manager’s face was covered in sweat, his eyes reddening with distress and fear. I truly don’t know what happened. But rest assured, I’ve sent people out to search. Killing me won’t bring them back faster. Instead, why don’t you also send people to search?” 

Joseph’s grip tightened, but he slowly regained his composure. He understood that the organizers had no motive to harm Claire and the others. This was either an accident or someone else’s malicious doing. Releasing the manager without a word, he turned and left in haste

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Chapter 369: He Will Pay the Price

doing. Releasing the manager without a word, he turned and left in haste

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The manager coughed violently, finally calming himself down. He had never felt such intense

malevolence before and had no doubt that Joseph would have killed him had he not distracted him in 


Watching Joseph storm out, Isaac hurriedly followed. Master, what’s happened?” 

Without wasting words, Joseph issued a command, Hire several boats and search the sea for the yacht Don’t miss any islands; search every inch within a hundredmile radius and bring Claire back


Even though Joseph didn’t elaborate, Isaac understood the urgency. He nodded firmly, Master, rest assured. Miss Su and Mr. Sean are blessed; they will be fine. I will mobilize all our resources immediately.” 

As the jewelry exhibition attendees gradually left the hotel after the celebratory banquet, the previously bustling venue started emptying. Joseph walked indifferently past the departing guests, heading straight for the elevator to ascend to his floor

Meanwhile, Sasha Felix sat in her room, not packing to leave like the others. She lounged on the sofa, casually twirling a wine glass in one hand while holding her phone in the other

Chapter 370: 1 Must Find Her

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

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How To Read Novel The Billionaire's Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage Full Episode The formidable Sean Venderbilt in Ascalon was slept by a strange woman! He tried everything, including high-tech tools, but he couldn't track down the missing woman. After four years of searching, he finally met her again. He confronted her angrily and demanded that she never do such a thing. She apologized and promised not to vanish again. Still knelt, he raised an eyebrow and said, "May I stand up now, my dear wife?"

The Billionaire's Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

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