The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 371

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins Chapter 371


Chapter 371: How Dare You

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Her breath hitched, all arrogance suppressed in an instant. Sasha’s face turned red, her eyes widened 

in shock and anger as she glared at her father. Sasha, how dare you!” 

Iwhat wouldn’t I dare?Sasha struggled to swallow, her face betraying a twisted sense of 

triumph despite the fear in her eyes. Not only do I dare, but I’ve also done it. Joseph, you drove 

me to this. It’s all because you only care about Claire! I wanted her dead!” 

Joseph was unaware of Claire’s current situation, and Sasha’s claim that Claire had been thrown into 

the sea sent a surge of intense pain through him. His heart constricted painfully, his eyes flashing

a murderous red. “Sasha, if Claire is dead, you’ll join her in the afterlife!” 

The grip on her neck tightened suddenly. Sasha desperately stretching her neck, trying to lessen the 

pressure. Realizing the fury in Joseph’s eyes, she knew he was intent on killing her. Struggling to 

speak, she gasped. Joseph, even if you kill me, you can’t escape the law” 

Joseph let out a cold laugh, increasing his grip. If Claire is dead, what purpose is there for me to 

live? Sasha, you deserve death!” 

Sasha hadn’t anticipated Joseph would go to such lengths for Claire. In that moment, she realized his 

earlier words were just a ruse to provoke her into confessing the truth

But now, understanding Joseph’s tactics was irrelevant. His fingers tightened mercilessly around her neck, and she couldn’t even manage to swallow. Her eyes widened in terror and disbelief at the 

increasing ferocity in his expression

Just as she thought he would strangle her, the door burst open with a loud bang. Men in black suits stormed in. Sasha, recognizing no one, waved desperately at them, her hoarse voice screaming for 

help. “Savesave me…” 

The leader immediately stepped forward, his hand clamping down on Joseph’s wrist with force, causing 

him to release his grip due to the sudden pain

Sasha collapsed on the sofa, greedily gasping for air. Had these men not arrived, she wouldn’t have 

lasted another minute

Chapter 171 

Joseph’s expression darkened his lips pressed tightly He glanced at the men, then sat down 


nearby sofa rubbing his sore wrist. The pain kept his brows furrowed as he surveyed the men with

hostile gaze Who are you?he demanded coldly 

The man who had intervened stepped back glancing at Sasha The others immediately surrounded 


Only after securing Sasha did Carter Vanderbilt turn to address Joseph with an icy tone. I’m Carter 

Vanderbilt representing the Vanderbilts in Mondalia. We suspect Sasha is involved in Mr 

disappearance, so we’ve come to apprehend her” 

The Vanderbilts…. 

In the past. Joseph would have scoffed at the mention of the Vanderbilt name but now in this 

moment it brought a sense of urgency and even comfort. His previously grim expression quickly 

shifted to one of anxious hope. Sitting upright on the sofa, he asked with fervor. Have you found 

Mr Sean?” 

Not yetCarter replied, noting the deflation in Joseph’s demeanor after his response. He quickly 

added. But we should have no trouble locating him.” 

Really?Joseph’s spirits lifted instantly, his gaze on Carter becoming intense. Do you have 

news of Mr. Sean?” 

Carter nodded but chose not to elaborate on the matter Instead, he turned to Sasha. Arrest her 

wart for Mr Sean’s return to decide her fate” 

Arrest me?Sasha seeing the men approach, swung her arms wildly, screaming in a frenzy. By what 

right do you arrest me?” 

She had thought they were her saviors. only to find they were more formidable than Joseph Now she almost wished Joseph had strangled her for falling into the hands of the Vanderbilts would mean 

enduring far worse torment 

With a blank expression, Carter watched as the men restrained Sasha. Once she was secured he sneered. By what right? By the audacity you had to harm Mr. Sean, your life isn’t even enough to pay 

for it once!” 

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Chuter 371 How Dare You

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sneered. By what right? By the audacity you had to harm Mr. Sean, your life isn’t even enough to pay 

for it once!” 

At this point, admitting her guilt would mean a fate worse than death, so Sasha had no choice but to deny everything. I didn’t! I have no idea about this, you can’t arrest me without evidence! I’ll sue you when I get out!” 

Joseph, frowning deeply, stood and pointed accusingly at Sasha. I can testify against her, she just confessed!” 

Sasha, kneeling disheveled on the floor, her hands bound behind her, spat at Joseph and yelled furiously. Joseph, Claire is your biological daughter, and you want to give the Felix fortune to her. You’re using this opportunity to get rid of me, how cruel can you be!” 

As she struggled against the men’s grip, she took a deep breath and continued her tirade. You all want to use such despicable tactics against me. I tell you, without evidence you can’t wrongfully 


accuse me” 


Before she could finish, Carter interrupted with a scornful tone. Evidence?He twisted his neck, as if warming up for a confrontation, his eyes colder as he looked at Sasha. Bring him in!” 

At his command, the door opened and several people entered, one of them being pushed in. The man wa thin and slouched, his eyes flickering with panic and fear

Carter walked up to him. grabbed his hair, and forcefully lifted his head to face Sasha. He then turned to her with a cold sneer. Is this the evidence you thought we couldn’t find?” 


The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

The Billionaire’s Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

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The Billionaire's Surprise Twins by A Young Cabbage

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