The Devil’s Fire by Mariam El-Hafi Chapter 19

The Devil’s Fire by Mariam El-Hafi Chapter 19


I stepped further into the room and his golden-brown eyes followed my every move as I slowly walked toward him.

“You’re okay.” I breathed out in relief. I didn’t want to admit it to Cara, but I was worried about Damiano getting hurt. He had acted as a human shield to protect me from the shots fired at us. I couldn’t understand it. He risked his life for someone like me.

He didn’t say anything and held his hand out for me to take. Without giving it a single thought, I went to him and placed my hand in his, my eyes never leaving him. I let out a small gasp when he suddenly took a hold of my hips and pulled me down to him, making me straddle him. I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself.

“How are you?” His deep voice sent a slight shiver through my body. His hands started to caress my body as he kept looking at me, and I couldn’t help but chuckle a little at him in an attempt to suppress the things I was feeling.

“I should be the one asking. You’re the one who acted like a bulletproof vest.” I said with a smile, and he gave a small smile back. My breath got caught in my throat at his smile. I had ever only seen him smirking or completely expressionless. It was a rare, beautiful sight. My body acted on its own and placed my hand on his cheek, my thumb caressing him. A man, who was so deadly, yet so gentle with me.

Damiano looked around my face and frowned when he saw


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the cut on my cheek. He placed his hand on my cheek, his thumb going over the cut as he stared intently at it.

“I’m okay. It doesn’t hurt much anymore.” I reassured him

“I should have put a bullet in his head.” His eyes hardened and his hands tightened on my hips a little. I chuckled and wrapped my arms loosely around his neck.

“Hmm, I did wish for him to get shot.”

“Do you want me to?”

“Sure, why not.” I shrugged. He moved to get up, and my eyes widened in realization.

“Wait, no!” I quickly pushed him back in the chair.

“I was just joking! Calm down, Mafia Boss.” He raised his brow at me when I said the last part, and I blushed slightly at the intensity of his stare.

“You can’t shoot him.”

“Why not?” I blinked at him a few times, trying to see if he was joking. But he wasn’t.

“Because it’s not… appropriate?” I asked, lacking a better word to use in this context. He looked at me with a slightly amused expression, his hands went to my waist and pulled me closer to him, leaving no space between our bodies. My body was reacting to how close we were to each other, and I could already feel the excitement building up in the pit of my stomach.

My heart was starting to beat faster at the way his hands were touching my body. He didn’t say anything, but he did look a

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little amused by the comment. He continued to look at me, as if trying to memorize my face.

“It’s late. You should sleep.” He said after a while but didn’t make any attempt to leave.

“I don’t want to.” I told him. For some reason, I wasn’t ready to let him go, and I wanted him to stay with me. His hands started to trail down from my waist and to my thighs. They slowly went under my nightgown and were placed on my bare hip. I could already feel a throbbing sensation as one hand made its way between my legs. And I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

A small gasp escaped me when his fingers stroked me, and I was now desperate for his touch when the memories from the bathroom came rushing to me.

I breathed out a moan as his finger slid inside of me, feeling how wet I was already. He slowly pumped while his thumb was teasing my clit. Damiano buried his face into my neck, his lips trailing around before he plastered soft kisses.

“Oh…” I breathed out a soft moan when I felt him suck my neck. I put my arms around his neck, giving him better access to my neck while playing with the back of his hair. I bit my lip to prevent myself from making much noise when he continued to hit all the right spots, at a slow, torturous, pace. Damiano leaned back to look at me and pulled my lip from between my teeth.

“Let me hear you.” His voice was husky and started to pump faster inside of me and rub his thumb faster against my clit. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and moaned out loud as I felt the familiar tightening sensation building up


“Ah… Damiane…” I moaned as I felt my climax building faster

than ever.

“Fuck!” He suddenly stood up, holding his hands under my ass. I wrapped my legs around him. He laid me down on the bed with him above me, resting his weight on his arms on either side of my head. He took a moment just looking at me, his eyes showing lust.

He grunted and wasted no time in pressing his soft lips against mine, biting my lip in the process to gain access. I complied and kissed him back just as hungrily as he did, feeling like I couldn’t get enough of him.

Damiano pulled down the straps of my nightgown and exposed my breasts. His lips trailed down from my lips, and his tongue worked its magic on my nipple while his hand went to my other breast, kneading and pinching my nipple which sent an electric feeling through my body. It all made my back arch in pleasure and my breathing got heavy as I enjoyed the


His hand went back down between my legs and resumed his work, going even faster in and out. My hands fisted the silk sheets, my breathing coming out loud, and I kept moaning for him to not stop at the incredible feeling. He then hit a spot that made my eyes roll back, my legs started to tremble, and I cried out in pleasure as the climax rippled through my body. I closed my eyes while he softly continued to kiss my neck as I tried to calm down my breathing.

Damiano helped me get my dress back in place, got up, and pulled the blanket over my body as I struggled to keep my eyes open. He leaned down one more time, giving me a long, soft kiss before pulling away.


“Goodnight, Althaia.” He turned around and walked out of my room and I drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

“My God, how much can you sleep? Wake up! We have stuff to do.” Cara barged into my room. Every single morning, she would barge into my room to wake me up. And every single morning I would imagine crushing her skull against the wall.

“Fuck off, Cara.” I groaned in annoyance. I was not, and would never be, a morning person. This bed did not help one bit. It was too soft to leave. A stream of bright lights hit my closed eyes, and I opened one eye to see Cara had opened the curtains. I rolled over in my bed, groaning for not leaving me alone.

“You’re such a child. Get up!” She yelled and pulled the

blanket from my body. Another thing Cara liked to do to me.

“Give me a damn minute!” I huffed and I sat up on the bed, yawning and rubbing my tired eyes. Cara suddenly went silent, and I opened my eyes to see if she had magically died. She stood at the end of the bed, her eyes fixated on my


“What a fucking creep you are.” | scoffed and her eyes snapped to mine.

“What the hell is that on your neck and chest?” She pointed and I just looked at her confused.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re covered in hickeys!” My hand went up to my neck and my eyes widened. I quickly got up from my bed and made my


way to the bathroom with Cara hot on my trail. I looked in the mirror and I gaped in horror.

Red marks were covering my neck and breasts!

“Oh, how I wonder who gave you these marks.” Cara started to tease with a mischievous smirk.

“How am I supposed to cover all this!” I stared at her in shock.

“You’re not.”

“What?! What do you mean I’m not? This is embarrassing.” I was already dying at the thought of walking around like this.

“He’s an Alpha male, Thaia. It’s his way of showing you are off- limits.” I gaped at her.

What the hell? Was that even a thing?

“Yeah, no thank you. I’m covering this up.” I went back to my room and grabbed my makeup bag. I used a great amount of makeup to cover the marks on my neck and some on my chest. Wearing a turtleneck would be easier to hide the marks, but it was so freaking hot, and I would die from the heat if I did.

“So, tell me, did you fuck this time?” Cara was being nosey as always, and I rolled my eyes at her.


“Then what? ‘Cause damn! He obviously knew what he was doing.” She laughed, and I just shook my head at her, not finding it funny at the moment.

“C’mon, don’t be such a prude and tell me.” I sighed as I knew


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she wouldn’t drop it.

“He just came to check on me after what happened at the church, and then…. Things started to… get heated.” It sounded more like a question.

“Oh, he checked up on you good.” She snickered.

I scowled and threw my makeup brush after her when she didn’t stop teasing me.


The Devil’s Fire by Mariam El-Hafi Full Episode

The Devil’s Fire by Mariam El-Hafi Full Episode

Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Feb 12, 2024 Native Language: English
The Devil’s Fire by Mariam El-Hafi is a steamy Mafia novel with a rating of five stars. Althia is the beloved daughter of a Mafia boss who lives a sheltered …🔥🔥The Devil’s Fire🔥🔥 A mafia love story. A dark world with so many secrets and questions … Althaia grew up sheltered and not knowing about the mafia world despite her father being a mafia boss. Her mother took her away when she was younger to protect her from the dark, mafia world. However, Althaia had no idea what awaited her when she attended her cousin’s engagement party. Her eyes landed on the tall and handsome man with incredible golden-brown eyes. She met The Devil. Damiano Bellavia The ruthless and powerful mafia boss. The one who tames and everyone fears. The one her father had desperately tried to hide her away from. But fate brought them together as he got drawn to her big innocent green eyes, and she was fascinated and curious about the dark, unknown world he was from. Gunfire and murder, family and profit. Could their love just be a conspiracy?

The Devil’s Fire by Mariam El-Hafi Full Episode


The Devil’s Fire by Mariam El-Hafi is an interesting novel about althaia and damiano. Here is the ‘The Devil’s Fire‘ book by Mariam ElHafi. Enjoy the interesting story, ‘The Devil’s Fire‘ at your fingertips!
Romance, Age Gap, Billionaire, Mafia, Innocent, Possessive, Opposite Attract, Humor Althaia   I looked in the mirror, giving a nod to myself as I was pleased with how I looked. I was wearing a long black backless silk dress with thin straps, the front was a deep v-plunge neckline that showed quite a bit of my cleavage. The dress was tight from the top and got a little loose from the hips as there was a long split on the right side, stopping mid-thigh. I finished the look with a pair of open-toe black stilettos with straps around the ankle. I did a simple brown smokey eye which complimented my green eyes and had them look a bit cat-like. I decided to let my long curly and heavy brown hair be as it was, but with a rhinestone leaf design clip to lift some of the hair away from my face on the right side.
I kept fiddling with my hands before I forced them to keep still as I took a deep breath. Nervousness was filling my body. ”Get it together. What’s the worst that can happen?” I asked myself, building up the courage to leave my hotel room. The worst that could happen was my father being angry at me for showing up and throwing me out…. My eyes widened and my face paled. I hadn’t actually thought that was a possibility until now.


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