The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 77

The Double ( or More ?) Life of The Fake Heiress Chapter 77

Chapter 77

As Leo stepped into the living room, Delilah, his mother, pointed towards Mirabella, who had just risen from the couch, and said, “Leo, this is your little sister, Mira.”

Leo followed his mother’s gaze. The girl was totally gorgeous, with a cute yet striking look about her, her pale cheeks shimmering with a luminescent glow under the lights. She was dressed down in an oversized tee paired with comly shorts, perfect for lounging at home. Her legs were long, slender, and perfectly straight–surpassing the beauty of any model or celebrity he had ever encountered.

Aside from her looks, there was an air about her that seemed casual, yet inexplicably, she exuded a cool, edgy vibe. She wasn’t coy, nor did she exhibit any sign of timidity, and she certainly didn’t possess the fragility often associated with other girls,

Initially, Leo felt indifferent about the sister he had never met. Even when Collins had spoken highly of her, Leo remained unimpressed. After all, they had grown up in different worlds, and he had little patience for overly delicate girls.

However, the girl in front of him was unexpectedly intriguing, and the first impression was far from objectionable. The aloofness that usually guarded Leo’s expression eased somewhat.


While he appraised Mirabella, she boldly returned his scrutiny. Frankly, Leo didn’t quite match the image she had conjured in her mind, His appearance was unmistakably a testament to the Davis family’s renowned good looks, but judging by the way his agent had delivered gifts that afternoon, she had pegged him as exceedingly arrogant.

Now, observing him, she recognized the arrogance, but it seemed innate rather than directed at anyone in particular. Someone with such a demeanor, she mused, must be genuinely strong, with no need to curry favor with anyone.

Mirabella found herself surprised, questioning her own earlier assessments. With such an imposing presence and being in showbiz, why hadn’t she seen him featured in commercials before? Could it be that he wasn’t actually that famous?

As she pondered this, Mirabella withdrew her inquisitive gaze and calmlyyet politely, greeted, “Hi, Leo.”

“Yeah, good to have you back,” Leo saidnodding slightly. His tone was casual. He paused for a moment as if realizing something, then added with a hint of regret. “Sorry, things were rushed, and I forgot to bring you a present.”

Mirabella’s eyes wandered to a cabinet not far awaywhere items from Collins’s delivery rested.

Before she could respond, Delilah chimed in from beside her, “Didn’t your agent bring over a bunch of gifts this afternoon?” Delilah had already moved to the cabinet and began to sift through the items.

At this, Leo’s gaze flickered briefly, and he replied. “Those were Collins’s choices. When I get the chance, I’ll personally pick out something for my little sis.

Delilah was visibly surprised. Leo’s personality was quite peculiar, arrogant, aloof, and seemingly indifferent. Even with Summer, who had grown up with him since childhoodhe tended to ignore her. Emmitt had harbored biases against Mira earlierwhich made Delilah worry about how her other sons, especially Leowould handle it. However, from the looks of it now, Leo seemed to have had a favorable impression of Mira.

“It’s okayyou don’t have to go out of your way to get me anything.” Mirabella said with a sweetly polite tone.

Leo’s brow furrowed, seemingly unwilling to accept the refusal. After pondering for few seconds, he reached into his pocket, pulled out his phoneand said, “don’t know what you like. How about thisyou take some money and buy something you want.”

The Double (or more?) Life of the Fake Heiress by Jessica Haze

The Double (or more?) Life of the Fake Heiress by Jessica Haze

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: March 10, 2024 Native Language: English
The Double (or more?) Life of the Fake Heiress (Mirabella and Mr. Thompson) by Jessica Haze The prestigious Gilbert family found themselves in the middle of a public farce, they had been raising an impostor as their daughter for a decade! As anticipation built for the embarrassment of the fake heiress, Mirabella seemed rather pleased with her impending supposedly 'poor' life.

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However, her new existence was far from deprived. Her biological parents presented her with limitless riches and undying affection. Her brothers, the influential CEO Emmitt, renowned lawyer Zach, elite medic Nick, and international superstar Leo, showered her with their protective instincts. And just when you thought the plot couldn't get any juicier, in walks the mysterious boy next door. Filled with secrets and a growing love for Mirabella, he jumps headfirst into this wild romance. Hold on to your seats! A thrilling romantic adventure is about to begin!


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