The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Chapter 1746

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Chapter 1746

Chapter 1746 

After sipping some water, the makeup artist touched up Chloe’s makeup. A short break was given in between

Queen Julia was out there reverifying every detail of the process to make sure everything was ready to go, which showed just how much importance she placed on this coronation

Meanwhile, Yasmine and Chloe were resting together in the lounge. Sitting at the dressing table, Chloe gazed at herself in the mirror, her expression as calm as still water. To her, the coronation seemed just a formal procedure, something that she had to go through. After the mission was completed, she would still be the same person, and nothing would have changed

What are you planning to do after the coronation?Yasmine asked, her brows furrowed slightly

Go back home, handle some company stuff, then stay at home and wait for the birth.Chloe replied nonchalantly, her eyes meeting Yasmine’s reflection in the mirror.c2 

Aren’t you forgetting that you are a princess?Yasmine countered, her expression souring

“What does a princess do? Chloe chuckled softly, If you’re too overwhelmed, I can help share some of your duties.” 

Yasmine’s expression hardened further

Chloe observed her for a moment before breaking the silence, If you don’t want to do it, I think Grandma won’t force you. In my opinion, the reason she wants to pass on the throne to you is probably just to make up for you. The throne may be burdensome, but Ava and her daughter have been longing for it for a reason. After all, it comes with supreme power.” 

Yasmine’s expression softened a bit, but her brows remained furrowed

After a long pause, Chloe gently curved her lips into a smile. IfShe started to speak but stopped, her eyes sparkled, leaving her words hanging in the 


What were you going to say?Yasmine asked, her eyes narrowing

After a moment of silence, Chloe finally said, The reason Grandma wants to compensate you with the throne is based on the premise that she knows you have the capability. You’re not busy with anything else, right? Rather than sitting idle, taking up this position won’t be too difficult for you. I know you’re not someone who can stay idle. Unless” 

Unless you have a special reason.Chloe quickly finished her sentence, smiling at Yasmine

Yasmine stared at her for a moment before scoffing, What reason could I possibly have?” 

Chloe arched an eyebrow, stood up, and began adjusting her gown in the mirror. She held the dropshaped diamond pendant hanging from her neck and said casually, Grandma has dedicated her life to this position. Being a ruler comes with many constraints; you won’t be able to have the kind of love that most people desire. The harsh reality is, once you ascend to the throne, it’s almost like severing all ties with love. Can a Queen really afford to have a husband?” 

Chloe’s words, spoken with a smile, made Yasmine’s expression darken. After a long silence, Yasmine huffed, Are you itching for a spanking? Daring to tease me like this? Am I really a hopeless romantic in your eyes? Can’t I live without a man?” 

Chloe shrugged, seemingly unaffected. If that’s not the case, then I must be overthinking things. You don’t have any other reasons to refuse this responsibility, do you?” 

Yasmine remained silent for a while and then slowly stood up, But you do have a point. I should be glad that your Grandma trusts me. Making the most out of my life is indeed not a bad idea.” 

Chloe simply nodded, I’m glad you understand.” 

After another short break, Queen Julia entered the room. She approached Chloe, placed her hands on her shoulders, and said, Don’t feel too much pressure, and don’t get nervous. If you feel tired, just tell Grandma. Don’t push yourself.” 

I understand, Chloe replied

Queen Julia then turned to Yasmine, whose expression wasn’t exactly pleasant

Yasmine, what’s wrong? Are you tired?she asked

No, I’m fine,” Yasmine responded

Alright, it’s almost time. Let’s get ready. There are many important foreign dignitaries waiting outside. We need to be careful with the final part of the ceremony.” 

I understand.” 

Queen Julia left to greet the guests, leaving Yasmine and Chloe to rest for a few more minutes. When they were ready and stepped outside, Queen Julia was already leading a group of people towards the castle steps. Upon seeing them, she waved at them affectionately

As they approached, Queen Julia took their hands, one on each side. These are all important leaders from various countries. We’ll have dinner later and I’llintroduce each of them to you. For now, let’s head to the castle gate. Listen, can you hear the excitement outside?” 

Even through the thick castle walls, Chloe could hear the cheering and shouting from outside, filled with anticipation and excitement. She pursed her lips and followed Queen Julia up the castle steps in silence

Behind them, the foreign dignitaries were courteously led up the steps by the country’s highranking officials

Ever since she stepped out, Yasmine had the unsettling feeling that something was off. She could sense a dangerous undercurrent. But in such a highly guarded place and event, she couldn’t figure out where the danger was coming from

When Queen Julia, Yasmine, and Chloe slowly appeared above the castle gate, a cheer erupted from the crowd outside. Flags were waved and cheers echoed, full of excitement. From the distance, all Chloe could see was a sea of people in the castle square

Thank you all for your acceptance and support over the years. I’m truly honored. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able 

progress of our country. It’s all of you who have made me, and our country, what it is today. I, Julia, am forever grateful. Today is a significant day, probably the most important day in my life, and I want to share my excitement and joy with all of you.” 

There was a pause, and cheers filled the air. Queen Julia continued, Thank you all again for your continued support. Now, let’s proceed with the final part of the ceremony.” 

Julia smiled, then continued: I’m sure everyone knows that my daughter, who has been away from me for many years, has safely returned and brought me a smart and kind granddaughter. I believe there’s nothing in this world that can make me happier than this moment. I thank God for bringing them 

back to me.” 

Today, we are gathered here for the coronation of my granddaughter. She’s had her fair share of struggles and hardships in the past. From this moment forward, I will protect her from any harm that this world might throw her way. To all those who have belittled, slandered, insulted, or looked down upon her in the past, let this be a testament of how foolish you have been. From now on, everything that is mine will be hers, and whatever I don’t have, I’ll do my utmost to provide for her. She will rise above all

She is my most precious and only granddaughter. Today, I bestow upon her the title of Princess of Y Country.” 

The crowd below burst into excited cheers, demonstrating their understanding and support for Queen Julia’s heartfelt words

As Julia’s words fell, Lea, who had been waiting respectfully at a distance, slowly approached: In her hands, she held a red velvet tray, upon which sat a dazzling diamond tiara/The tiara, made entirely of diamonds, was fashioned in the shape of a star

Julia gently pulled Chloe to her side. Chloe slightly bent her head, and Julia carefully removed the meticulously crafted tiara on her head

The spectators fell into silence, all eyes fixated on the scene unfolding before them

A true coronation. This was undeniably a moment for the history books

After placing her own tiara on the tray, Julia held the starshaped tiara in her hands, carefully and reverently placing it on Chloe’s head. Once it was secured, Julia gazed at the tiara adorning Chloe’s radiant face and nodded in satisfaction

Chloe responded with a soft smile, calm and composed. Her tranquil demeanor endeared her even more to Julia

May you be the best version of yourself in the years to come. May you be the happiest. May your life be devoid of sorrow, tears, hardships, and calamities. May you always be God’s favorite.” 

Chloe gave a small smile, aware that such a blessing was a tad too perfect. Life could hardly be a smooth sail, but at this moment, she felt incredibly fortunate. She also knew, this was probably the most sincere and perhaps the greediest wish from her grandmother

Thank you, grandma.” 

Julia lovingly opened her arms to embrace her, planting a kiss on Chloe’s cheek. You deserve it.” 

Chloe could only accept it gladly

The two women separated, and Julia, holding Chloe’s hand, took a few steps forward. Today, I introduce to you the one and only Princess of Y Country

Princess Chloe.” 

At her words, the gathered dignitaries who were present to witness the coronation applauded in celebration. The quiet spectators erupted into cheers once again

Princess Chloe!” 

Your Highness!” 

The cheers went on for a while, as Julia gave them ample time to celebrate the coronation. After a while, she raised her hand to signal for silence. I have another crucial announcement to make on this day of the coronation.” 

The crowd grew quiet. People exchanged glances, clueless about the next announcement

Amidst the murmurs from the crowd, Chloe cast a glance at Yasmine. Yasmine expressionlessly stood there. Her face cold, her lips tightly pressed together

Julia turned towards Yasmine, giving her a smile. I’m sure you are all aware of this news as well. I am old and handling state affairs has become quite a challenge for me. There’s no room for error in running a country, and I no longer possess the keen sense I once had. So, as much as I hate to say this, I must face reality.” 

Queen Julia.” People in the crowd began to murmur, calling out to Julia. They could guess what she was about to say

Despite being a woman, Julia had proven her capabilities beyond doubt. Y Country had done a great job in achieving gender equality. While polygamy was practiced, it never demeaned the status of women. No man looked down upon a woman’s abilities, and no woman was forced to share her husband With other women against her will. Everything revolved around capability and consent

No one was surprised when Julia ascended the throne, but the suddenness of her abdication was indeed shocking

Yes, it’s time for me to abdicate.” 

The crowd erupted into murmurs

But don’t worry, I wouldn’t have mentioned abdication if I hadn’t found a suitable successor who can manage the affairs of the state.” 

The crowd fell silent, curious to know who the next ruler would be. Julia walked over to Yasmine and held her hand. Actually, she has been gradually taking over the state affairs. My daughter has always been competent, and I’ve been impressed with her recent handling of matters. I believe she will be an even better ruler than I was. I trust her to lead us all into a brighter future.” 

Yasmine was slowly pulled towards Julia, closer to the microphone. She felt no surprise at the sudden announcement. She had long prepared herself for the commitment it entailed. In her mind, this was the only path that held any meaning for the rest of her life


Wasting a life in mediocrity was truly not her wish

But even though she was ready, the reality of it all didn’t bring her joy. Instead, she found herself hesitant to accept this trust and the expectations it bore. She didn’t lack the confidence, but a decision that would entirely shape the rest of her life left her feeling a bit bewildered. If she agreed, she would no longer be Yasmine. She would be the Queen of Y Country, nothing more. Yet, if she declined, her life would be devoid of any significant purpose. After a moment of silence, she took a deep breath, lowered her gaze to the sea of faces below her, and began to speak

Hello everyone. I am deeply honored by the Queen’s faith in me and grateful for her trust. From now on, I will do everything in my power to fulfill her wishes and meet your expectations. I will carry this burden and lead us forward. I am also hoping you could give me this opportunity. You may have doubts about me, and that is understandable. But I promise you that I will earn your trust, your support, and your recognition.” 

Her hand clenched into a fist as she paused, forcing a smile onto her face. Here, I make a vow. I will dedicate the rest of my life to the Y Country, and to you all.” 

Her sentence was abruptly cut off as her arm was gripped tightly by another man. A third person reached out, taking her microphone

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

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