The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Chapter 1747

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Chapter 1747

Chapter 1747 

Simultaneously, a deep, yet sizzling voice echoed behind her. Through the microphone, it resonated across the entire square. She will not be the Queen of Y Country, and she will not dedicate her life to you.” 

Yasmine turned, her usually serene face now filled with shock

Boyd stood there, holding the microphone, gripping Yasmine’s hand tightly. His eyes, as tranquil as a faroff mountain, did not flinch under her gaze. His sudden appearance not only caught Yasmine off guard but surprised everyone present. On such an important day when the whole country was celebrating together and the world was watching, it was utterly and completely unexpected for this person who came out of nowhere to interrupt the 


Who is he? Security must be tight. How did he manage to appear up there so silently?” 

I’m not sure. If it’s not a failure in security, then he must have been part of the coronation ceremony team.”c2 

Is he out of his mind? Disrupting the ceremony at such a critical moment? What has he done before?” 

But he doesn’t look like a staff.” 

The people below the stage were chattering, tilting their heads wondering what would happen next to the man who had suddenly appeared to cause trouble. Even the foreign diplomats invited to the coronation ceremony were stunned by this sudden turn of events

Eventually, someone exclaimed in surprise

Mr. Boyd, what on earth are you doing?” 

Mr. Boyd?!Wasn’t he the President of B Country

Queen Julia looked at the man who had suddenly appeared, her face darkened. Her most important day had been disrupted. No matter who it was, she would not be pleased

Mr. Boyd, what are you doing here?Queen Julia’s voice was deep and authoritative, her expression remaining serious

Boyd coolly responded, Yasmine will not take your place, and she will not be the next Queen.” 

Queen Julia laughed in anger, Mr. Boyd, do you have any idea what you are talking about?” 

Yes, I am sorry. But I won’t allow her to waste her life here. She can only spend her life with me.” 

His voice, firm and implacable, echoed through the microphone and spread throughout the entire square, reaching everyone’s ears

Queen Julia was shocked. Foreign diplomats and the crowd all fell silent. Everyone was once again shocked by his bold words

The crowd below became even more excited. Such a domineering declaration was unheard of. Daring to make such a bold statement about a woman in front of the world, was incredibly attractive

The allencompassing cameras projected his entire figure onto the massive screens in the square, and some people recognized his identity, becoming extremely excited

That’s the President of B Country!” 

No wonder he suddenly appeared there. He’s here to attend the coronation ceremony personally.” 

But didn’t the Queen’s biological daughter just return? Has she already crossed path with the President of B Country?” 

I don’t think so. It must have been before she came back. They must have known each other before.” 

My God, who exactly is she? It’s not just any princess who could get involved with the President of B Country! He’s so cool!” 

More importantly, she’s managed to make the president disregard the occasion and make such a domineering statement. She must have some serious skills.” 

The crowd below was buzzing with speculation about this unexpected interlude

Yasmine, having recovered from her initial shock, tried to pull her hand away from Boyd’s grip. However, the tighter she struggled, the firmer his grip became. Yasmine glared at him angrily

Boyd looked down at her, his voice low, Don’t struggle. You know I won’t let you go. The more you resist, the more you’ll suffer.” 

Yasmine, trying to keep her cool, stared at the microphone beside him. She wanted to silently plead with him, but his stubbornness was in the way. Her chest was taken over by anger, and she coldly frowned as she stared at him, her icy voice carrying a deep anger, Boyd, have you gone mad?!Boyd calmly looked at her, not shying away from the woman he had deliberately avoided in recent days. “Yes, so you need to refuse your mother’s proposal. Don’t accept this position.” 

Yasmine, growing impatient, struggled again. The pain in her wrist was becoming more prominent. She raised her other hand, tightly pinching his hand. She used all the strength she could muster, fueled by her anger

Blood seeped from Boyd’s hand

A vein throbbed on Yasmine’s forehead. Do you want to keep going like this?” 

Boyd’s eyes remained calm, unmoved, his voice low, Come back with me.” 

Sensing his determination, Yasmine’s tense body gradually relaxed. She looked at him coldly, deciding to make things clear with him

Why should I go back with you?” 

She raised her hand, which was still in his grip, and looked at him sarcastically Go back with you and then what? Like this, I’m in pain, you’re hurting, and we spend our lives like this, torturing each other?” 

Boyd looked at her raised hand, and instinctively loosened his grip. Yasmine noticed and tried to pull away, but Boyd caught her attempt and tighte his grip again

I won’t hurt you again.” 

But you already have. Why should I erase the scars you’ve left on me? Can they be erased? Boyd, I’ve made it clear before. I’ve never given you any hope. Did I give you any false impressions?” 

No. It was all me.” 

That’s your problem. Everything is based on mutual consent. I don’t want to be entangled with 

you anymore. Do you understand? Let me go.” 

Yasmine’s directness stung Boyd’s heart. His eyes momentarily flickered, and Yasmine happened to catch that

Pain? How familiar and distant was that


Boyd’s gaze dimmed as he looked at her, a shallow sadness resonated within his low voice. I won’t let go. I’ve always been a selfish man, so even if you consider every day spent with me as a torment, you have to stay by my side. Even if we torture each other, it doesn’t matter. All I need is you.” 

The last sentence, profound and clear, caused Yasmine’s heart to tremble. She opened her mouth to say more, but she knew, at this point, Boyd wouldn’t 

back down

From the beginning, no matter how many cruel, heartless things she said to hurt him, he never gave up. He was like a stoic warrior, immune to any attacks, oblivious to pain

She didn’t know how to deal with him anymore. The silence between them created a tense atmosphere

Their conversation made Queen Julia realize something. Boyd and Yasmine once had a relationship. Boyd had deeply hurt Yasmine, a wound carved deeply into her heart

Her daughter, despite having just returned, had a personality similar to hers, which made it easy for her to understand. Yasmine was a reasonable and generous person. If it were just a small misunderstanding, she wouldn’t have let things escalate to this point. To make a man beg in such a humbling way, it was clear how deeply she had been hurt. Therefore, she was determined to hurt the one she loved back


While hurting him, how much pain was reflected back onto her

He was in pain. She was in even more pain. They were truly torturing each other 

They couldn’t completely let go of each other, and their hatred tinged with love. One person’s pain, shared by two

Queen Julia sighed helplessly, but she had no pity for Boyd. He had hurt Yasmine, which was unforgivable

Mr. Winston, do you realize what you’re doing? I hope you understand that you’re interfering with the matters of our country.” 

But this is also a personal matter, Queen Julia. I’m sorry for intruding, but I hope you understand one thing, Yasmine is not going to take your place. Please find someone else.” 

Queen Julia frowned, You” 

Yasmine glared at him, Are you finished? Is this how a president acts?” 

I don’t care about all that.He stared intently at Yasmine, his firm grip on her wrist pulling her closer

The distance between the two people was close in the first place, Yasmine’s legs were inconvenient, and she fell into his arms. Before she could react, she felt herself getting lighter as she was lifted off the ground. Boyd’s microphone still in his hand, he turned and strode towards the city gate with her in 

his arms

People were initially stunned by his actions, and now even more so by his current actions, their minds in a complete blank. Instinctively they all made way 

for him

It wasn’t until Boyd walked down the steps with Yasmine in his arms that Yasmine finally came back to her senses, and grabbed onto Boyd’s neatly tailored suit

What are you doing?” 

We’re going home.” 

Put me down!” 

Not gonna happen.” 


I’m here.” 

Regardless of how Yasmine tried to express her anger, Boyd kept responding with a calm and indifferent voice, unfazed. His undisturbed demeanor left Yasmine feeling like she was punching a brick wall

You’re utterly despicable.” 

I know.” 

Boyd still held the microphone. Yasmine’s angry voice and his calm, indifferent responses echoed throughout the square

Everyone heard that. They felt very conflicted deep inside

Such a man was a president of a country. As the Queen’s daughter, their princess sure knew how to control her man

Suddenly, a noise came from above. Everyone looked up to see a helicopter flying overhead, eventually landing inside the at 


Her heart sank, Boyd, put me down


Without any hesitation, he carried her onto the helicopter

Queen Julia hadn’t expected this man to be so prepared. It seemed he had planned this from the start. Quickly, stop them!” 

Boyd was forcibly taking Yasmine away. He clearly didn’t respect the Queen. The guards were all mobilized, but the two had already boarded the helicopter. They couldn’t casually shoot at the president of B country, especially when the princesslife was at stake. The situation was complicated

As the helicopter began to ascend, all they could do was aim their guns and follow its movement

Queen Julia’s face darkened like a stormy sky, but when she saw Chloe standing aside, seemingly indifferent with a sly smile, her eyebrows furrowed

Her mother was being forcibly taken away, and yet she remained calm and unbothered

Or was it… 

Queen Julia was pondering when Boyd’s voice echoed across the square again. Apologies, Queen Julia, but I’ve taken Yasmine for now. After all, it was your grandsoninlaw who first took Yasmine from me in this way. I’m just bringing her back. But still, I should thank your grandsoninlaw for teaching me such a simple and effective way to kidnap someone. I regret having to resort to such measures, and I will come to apologize in person. Lastly, congratulations to Princess Chloe on her successful coronation. I hope you can find the time to visit your mother.” 

Everyone was shocked at his words

Nate grimaced, feeling the icy chill that radiated from Damon. He bit his lip, wanting to laugh but daring not to. This Mr. Boyd was indeed something else, even managing to throw a lastminute jab at Damon

Indeed, revenge is a dish best served cold. When men bore grudges, they can be even pettier and scarier than women

Chloe was thinking the same thing as Nate. Maybe she had been deeply mistaken about certain men, all along. Looks can be deceiving after all. Damon sat in front of the television, watching as the helicopter flew further and further away in the camera lens, then he ominously said, Prepare the missiles. Bring him down.” 

Nate’s eyelid twitched, Calm down, sir. Remember your beloved motherinlaw is still on that plane.” 

Of course they had missiles, Damon was the world’s top arms dealer behind closed doors after all

The fact that he didn’t mention nuclear bombs was a relief indeed

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

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