The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Chapter 1748

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Chapter 1748

Chapter 1748 

Yasmine was forcefully taken onto the plane, her face a frightening shade of grim. Boyd, are you satisfied now? Keeping me captive in your company this way?” 

Boyd pursed his lips, Yes, as long as you’re with me.” 

Yasmine scoffed, Alright, I see. We’re tormenting each other now, huh? If you’re not afraid, then I won’t be. I’ve endured much worse than this. What’s this to me now?” 

Boyd bit his lip, his gaze towards Yasmine was as dark as a moonless night. Yasmine” 

Don’t call me in that tone,” Yasmine coldly retorted, turning her head to look out the window, I don’t consider us close enough for you to address me so affectionately.”c2 

Boyd forcefully turned Yasmine’s shoulders to face him, No, we are. You can’t deny that we once” 

Once what?Yasmine sharply cut him off, her gaze icy and mocking. Instead of bringing up the past, why don’t you just throw me off this plane now? That would be more merciful.” 

Boyd’s eyes, as dark as spilled ink, seemed to shatter into a mottled fracture. Every day, he reminded himself that despite Yasmine’s harsh words or her attempts to hurt him, he wouldn’t get mad

Because he owed her that. He was willing to spend a lifetime letting her get her revenge bit by bit

Yet, having experienced it, every word, every action, even a mere glance from her was like an invisible, yet sharp dagger, slowly torturing him

You know I wouldn’t do that.” 

Yasmine laughed coldly, Even if you did, I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve tried to take my life,” 

Her words were like a sharp sword, piercing his chest. A sharp pain made it hard for him to breathe

Yasmine had already broken free of his grasp, turning her head to look out the window, giving him only her cold profile. He didn’t speak again. If he did, he was sure she would have an even more indifferent expression and say things that left him speechless

Yasmine’s eyes were cold as she looked at the scenery outside the plane window. Below, patches of white were scattered. It was snow that had accumulated at some point, and there were winding rivers frozen into glaciers. Maybe in a few months, when spring came, the snow would melt, and the ice would thaw

But how could the snow mountains and glaciers in one’s heart melt? They couldn’t, not after a decade. That was the snow and ice formed on bloody wounds. Once the ice and snow melted, the wounds would fester again

Her face unconsciously tightened, and the aura around her gradually became colder. No one should ever mention the past to her. Especially this man. He didn’t deserve to

Sensing the change in Yasmine’s aura, Boyd glanced at her. His thin lips moved, but he dared not speak. Given her state now, if he spoke, the result would only be more embarrassing

Yasmine’s sudden departure had thrown the princesscoronation into chaos. The crowd under the castle wall was in an uproar, their emotions varied, Everyone was taken aback by the unexpected turn of events at the princesscoronation

The President of B Country had forcibly taken away the mother of the princess at the coronation. This was sure to become one of the most talkedabout topics worldwide

Queen Julia was initially furious, but after seeing Chloe’s reaction, she suddenly felt a sense of relief. She was not oblivious. She had observed the distracted thoughts inadvertently expressed in Yasmine’s eyes ever since she revealed her intention to abdicate and pass the throne to Yasmine

At first, she thought it was because Yasmine felt overwhelmed by the sudden and heavy responsibility. But later, she realized it wasn’t just that. Now, she understood it. Yasmine held a deep resentment towards the man named Boyd. And resentment was often built on the foundation of love

The deeper the love was, the heavier the resentment. Resentful, yet there was an expectation she wouldn’t admit to. Only someone who knew her very well could notice this

Now everyone was waiting for Queen Julia’s handling of the situation. This was a matter of royal dignity. But Queen Julia didn’t have much to say. The most important part of the coronation was over. She gave a brief speech, stating there would be a nationwide celebration in the evening and asked everyone to look forward to it

Although curious, people didn’t dare question royal affairs too much. Upon hearing about the celebration, the crowd below cheered

Chloe stood there waiting for the procedure to end, only following Queen Julia down the castle wall afterwards

The foreign diplomats watched Queen Julia in confusion, noticing she had no intention of resolving the situation

The matter of Yasmine had come to an end. There was no news for a while

As Chloe, who has just been crowned as a princess, greeted each foreign envoy under the introduction of Queen Julia, they were then arranged to have some rest. Upon returning to the palace, Chloe breathed a sigh of relief

Some of the highranking dukes followed Julia into the office. Their country’s crown princess being forcibly taken away by another country, to them, it was not only a matter of royal dignity, but also a serious violation of national sanctity. Moreover, the sudden announcement of the Queen’s abdication and the appointment of the crown princess on the spot was very sudden to them. All of these needed to be discussed carefully with the Queen

In the Y Country, while things were a bit chaotic. Back home, the unexpected twist seen on the live broadcast had already caused quite a stir. The media and the internet were filled with all sorts of opinions on the matter

When did she get involved with the President of B Country?” 


Chapter 1748 

Was it before she married Nick Summers or after? Either way, it seems that Nick got cheated pretty well.” 

Well, we can’t be sure about that. Bidn’t Yasmine disappear for a few years? It’s not certain that she may have been involved with the President of B Country during that time. By then, Nick was already with Viviana.” 

“Oh my goodness, I almost forgot about that homewrecker Viviana, where was she when she started messing around with Nick? They must have started their affair shortly after he got married, or else how could he believe that Keira’s child was his? Isn’t Keira the same age as Chloe?” 

Oh right, it seems like it.” 

Nevertheless, it’s no surprise that Yasmine has a history even with the President of B Country. And judging from the President’s demeanor, he seems quite smitten with her.” 

But it seems like there’s some misunderstanding between them.” 


It’s quite interesting to think about it now. The once disgraced Ms. Summers, who was ridiculed by all, is now the respected princess of Y Country. Back in the day, Keira used to constantly set traps for her, stole Chloe’s home, and even her fiancé. Now, she has become a respected princess, and the position as the heiress of the Summers was never of importance to her.” 

It’s really pathetic. Chloe doesn’t care about favor of the Summers, because she could singlehandedly toppled them. She is very rich herself, and the favor of the Summers means nothing to her. And Lance, what a fool! He gave up a perfect princess for Viviana’s bastard daughter, what a joke.” 

I heard that Keira is now living lavishly in a hospital, being supported by the Olson family, haha. It’s karma.” 

Meanwhile, the Olson and Summers were engulfed in deep regret. They treated the real rising star like insignificant dust. They pampered the real dust like a rising star, even going to great lengths to hurt Chloe for her. They didn’t even dare to ask for Chloe’s forgiveness, or even saw her. Chloe was no longer part of their world

They let go of her themselves. This incident was enough for them to regret for a lifetime

After having lunch with Queen Julia and the foreign ambassadors, they started to wait for the grand citywide celebration at night

Upon returning to her room, Chloe found Damon wearing a black pinstriped suit. His slender figure exuded a strong aura. Chloe rarely saw Damon wear anything other than black or grey suits, and white ones even less. She remembered only one occasion when he wore a pinstriped suit

Today, he emitted a strong, cool aura. She was taken aback. However, the moment he saw her, he smiled, put his hand on his chest and slightly bent towards her. Welcome back, dear princess.” 

Chloe looked at him, eventually bursting into laughter. What are you doing” 

Damon straightened up, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, looking down at her. Congratulations on your successful coronation.Chloe smiled, It’s just a process. This title won’t change anything. Don’t worry about it too much.” 

Of course it won’t change anything, but I am very happy.” 


Now, I don’t have to worry about people bullying you. The title of a princess should spare you a lot of trouble.” 

Chloe raised her eyebrows, So you didn’t feel anything about my coronation, just because of this?” 

What else could there be?” 

Aren’t you worried that my princess title might put some pressure on you, like, what if they ask you to be a stayathome husband?” 

Damon paused, I think Queen Julia will not make this request.” 

Chloe looked at him. Indeed. From the beginning, she could see that her grandmother’s attitude towards Damon contained a lot of respect. It might have changed recently, perhaps due to her, but she always felt that he was not just as simple as it seemed

The identity of an arms dealer must be an anonymous one. Once the identity was exposed, it would bring unnecessary trouble. It was too easy to make enemies, even to endanger life

There must be something else he hadn’t fully told her. Otherwise, Barbara and Becky wouldn’t respect and admire him so much. Moreover, with the huge profits from selling arms, if he didn’t develop some regular industries, it would be a loss

Damon, is there something you haven’t told me?” 

Her sudden doubt made Damon raise his eyebrow and smile. Why would you think that?” 

Chloe nodded. Just a hunch.” 

Damon raised his eyebrow, and touched her forehead, Scary woman.” 

Chloe’s eyes twinkled, So I’m right? You’re hiding something from me, aren’t you? You’ve sold so many arms, where is the money? At least you should establish a listed company, right? Otherwise, it would be a waste. Money should make money. That’s the wise thing to do.” 

Damon pursed his lips, I can afford to keep you.” 

Chloe pouted, and sat down on the bed, But I’m afraid you can’t afford my insatiable heart!” 

Damon took off her shoes and put her white, round feet on his knee. So tell me how much money would it take to satisfy your insatiable heart?I’m not sure, at least, it should be more than what the Harper family has.” 

Damon smirked; his welldefined hand held her foot, gently massaging it. Okay, you don’t have to worry about that. You underestimate the profit of selling arms 

Chloe opened her mouth wide, her eyes full of surprise. So how much is it?” 

Damon looked at her, it should prevent you from having any opportunities to stray.” 

Chloe paused, happily swinging her legs. Her slender ankles were caught, Stop moving.” 

Chloe immediately stopped moving. So you’re saying you’re the richest man in the world?” 

Damon glanced at her, Who told you that?” 

No? Then what did you just mean? If you are not the wealthiest of the wealthy, of course there’s a chance of me straying.” 

My point is that the people in front of me are either old or potbellied, with receding hairlines, or unremarkable in appearance. Ask yourself, would you really cheat?” 

Chloe immediately shook her head, Absolutely not. I prefer a man who has the whole package. Good looks and physique make up ninety percent of my consideration.” 

She was aware that she had misspoken about cheating. She couldn’t confess the possibility of cheating, for she had no idea what this man might do in response. Firmly saying no, while also trying to appease him. A flawless damage control strategy

Damon moved his hand to her other leg, giving it a gentle squeeze, his dark eyes, for some reason, seemed a bit icy. So, you’re saying you were also attracted to Lance’s face?” 

Chloe was speechless. This man’s train of thought was really hard to follow

Damon watched her, her eyes uncomfortably drifting away. If we’re talking just about appearances, Lance is not exactly ugly!” 

The atmosphere shifted, and she could distinctly feel the grip on her foot tighten. Her scalp tingled, and she hurriedly added, I’m just being honest. But you are definitely several times more handsome than Lance.” 

Damon’s eyes narrowed, still dangerous

Chloe’s voice became quieter, Muchmuch more handsome.” 

Damon’s expression softened slightly, his grip on her foot loosened. Don’t compare me to scum.” 

Chloe found this statement oddly familiar. Ok.” 

What’s your plan now?After a moment of silence, Damon asked

Chloe paused, I’m going home.” 


The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 11, 2023 Native Language: English
How To Read Nove  The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode Chloe Summers thought she had it all with her fiancé until he abandoned her in a life-threatening situation to save another woman. Heartbroken, Chloe called off the engagement, but fate had other plans for her. Just as she was getting used to being single again, she caught the eye of Damon, the enigmatic president of the Harper Group. Despite his reputation for being chaste and uninterested in women, rumors spread that Damon would do anything to fulfill Chloe’s every desire, showering her with love and affection beyond her wildest dreams. With a mix of frustration and curiosity, Chloe asked him, “What do you want from me?” In response, Damon leaned in, his lips dangerously close to hers, and whispered seductively, “My dear, all I want is a marriage certificate…”

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

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