The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Chapter 1893

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Chapter 1893

The car pulled to a curb and Yasmine spoke with a detached indifference before
swinging the door open and stepping out.
She glanced at the nearby diner, a sardonic smile creeping over her lips. The
place was one of P City’s top-tier spots, not the kind of joint a college kid with no
family to speak of could afford – hell, even folks from a decent background
wouldn’t waltz in there without a second thought.
Talking about splashing the cash.
Boyd followed, stepping out of the car’s other side.
Yasmine was on the edge of the pavement, the rush of traffic buzzing by. Boyd,
with a furrowed brow, strode over to her and guided her across to the safety of
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the sidewalk.
Yasmine brushed off his hand, “I’ll say it again – I’m not feeling great, I’m not
going to the hospital, and I certainly don’t need you hovering over me every
second. You go meet whoever you’re meeting. I’m heading home.”d2
She pulled out her phone to order a ride.
Boyd, with pursed lips, snatched the phone from her grasp. Yasmine looked at
her empty hand, her usually impassive face darkening with irritation. “Boyd,
there’s a limit, you know. My temper’s been good lately, but don’t mistake that
for weakness.”
Instead of responding, Boyd opened the car door and nudged her back in.
“Can’t bear the thought of leaving you here to fend for yourself. Does that make
me heartless and cold? I don’t think so.”
Her smile was syrupy sweet, “Heartless and cold? Those words don’t even
begin to do you justice.”
Boyd slid back into the car and shut the door behind him. “Drive.”
Rubbing at her temples, Yasmine continued, “So you’re playing the soothing
boyfriend now, only to deal with Serana later? Doesn’t that wear you out?”
“You and she are never on the same scale for me,” Boyd said. “Making you feel
better doesn’t mean I have to deal with her. And like I said, she’s not your
Yasmine gave a half-hearted smile, watching the road ahead, “If you don’t listen
to me and end up taking me to the hospital anyway, you might as well fire your
driver and sell the car.”
She noticed the driver stiffen – clearly, he wasn’t deaf.
Boyd turned to look at her, his hand briefly checking her forehead for fever
before letting it drop. “You sure you don’t need the hospital?”
She gave him a withering glance and remained silent. The look in her eyes said
it all – she was looking at him like he was an idiot.
Boyd pressed his lips together, then took her hand gently, “Home.”
“My place,” Yasmine corrected.
He didn’t speak, just gave a meaningful look to the driver, who understood
On the ride back, Yasmine, leaning against the seat with her eyes closed,
seemed genuinely uncomfortable.
As expected, Serana’s call came through. Boyd answered honestly, saying that
Yasmine wasn’t feeling well – and Yasmine didn’t even bat an eyelash.
Was Boyd honest? Painfully so. Not just with her, but with everyone. It seemed
‘lies’ were not in his vocabulary. But then again, she couldn’t fault someone for
being too sincere.
Half-asleep, she felt the car stop and was just straightening up when Boyd
scooped her out of the seat.
Seeing they were at Boyd’s apartment, she frowned, “So my words are just
bullshit to you now?”
He gave her a disapproving glance.
Yasmine knew he disapproved of her choice of words, but at the moment, she
couldn’t be bothered to come up with something more elegant that carried the
punch she intended.
“I have everything you need here. Aren’t you feeling unwell?”
She didn’t bother to respond.
Back in the apartment, Boyd set her on the couch. “Rest up. I’ll whip something
up for you.”
Yasmine wasn’t hungry, but she didn’t protest. Just like she said, her words were
as good as nothing to Boyd.
During his cooking stint, she took a quick shower. Emerging, she caught the
comforting scent of chicken soup.
In the dining room, Boyd motioned for her to sit while he ladled the soup into a
bowl for her. The table was set with light appetizers – nothing fried, all looking
refreshingly appetizing.
Yasmine didn’t play coy, digging in as soon as she sat down. Boyd took a seat
opposite her, also with a bowl of soup. After a few sips, she noticed he was just
having soup as well, and her eyes flickered. “That lazy, huh? You can’t even
make yourself a proper meal when you’re in the kitchen?”
A smile touched his lips, “This is fine by me.”
She went back to eating in silence.
Later, after they had finished, Boyd asked if she was feeling any better. Yasmine
gave a noncommittal hum.
The next day, Yasmine called in sick to school. Boyd, deciding to play the
devoted caretaker, stayed home with her.
The living room was his makeshift office, papers strewn across the coffee table,
while Yasmine half-watched some TV show.
Before noon, Serana called to check in on them and offered to come over with
lunch, which Boyd promptly turned down.
Yasmine rested her forehead in her hand, listlessly watching a TV show she had
stumbled upon halfway through.
Boyd made no effort to hide, so she couldn’t help but overhear. At times like
these, she felt as though women discussing their love lives were truly akin to
lunatics. She didn’t want Boyd to have any secret dealings with Serana behind
her back, but neither did she want to watch them openly interact under her very
nose, acting as though they were guiltless. It was even more annoying.
After hanging up the phone, Boyd gave her a glance, “What do you want to eat
for lunch?”
“I don’t know.”
There was still some time, so Boyd didn’t press her further.
However, not long after, the doorbell to the apartment rang. Yasmine, groggy
with sleep, was jolted awake by the sound. The TV in front of her had already
switched to commercials.
Boyd got up to answer it.
It was Serana.
“Why are you here?” he asked.
Serana flashed a smile, “I heard Yasmine wasn’t feeling well. Thought I’d come
by to check on her.”
Yasmine’s brow twitched. Nobody knew better than Serana herself that her
presence was the last thing Yasmine needed. It was almost like she’d come to
rub salt in the wound.
Serana entered with a bag of groceries, clearly planning to stay for lunch. She
smiled at Yasmine, asking where she felt unwell.
“Feeling sick,” Yasmine replied, her voice light as air.
Serana’s expression shifted ever so slightly, but she maintained a smile, “Then
I’ll whip up something light for lunch.”
Boyd said, “I can handle it. You don’t need to trouble yourself.”
Serana shook her head, “Let me do it. You guys did stand me up last night, so
making up for it with a lunch isn’t too much to ask, right?”
Yasmine let out a sarcastic laugh from her perch on the couch.
Without waiting for their consent, Serana headed straight for the kitchen. “By the
way, guys, I bought quite a lot of groceries today. Mind if I invite someone else
Boyd frowned, “Who?”
“A friend of mine.”
Without looking back, Serana opened the kitchen door, effectively cutting herself
off from them.
Boyd’s expression darkened. Yasmine wasn’t sure if it was because Serana had
shown up unannounced, the fact that she insisted on cooking, or the sudden,
inexplicable desire to invite a stranger into his home.
Yasmine, watching his mood sour, smirked and tossed the remote aside before
standing up and heading for the bedroom.
She wasn’t on the same level as Serana? Well, it was about time to put that
theory to the test.
Boyd stood in the empty living room, looking even more upset.
Before lunch, the doorbell rang again. Serana dashed out from the kitchen to
answer it.
Boyd sat on the sofa, his efficiency with paperwork drastically lower than when
Yasmine had been watching her shows beside him earlier.
Serana returned with her guest, “Boyd.”
Boyd put down his papers and stood up, giving Serana’s companion a cursory
The man was dressed simply, with a polite, shy smile that seemed a bit out of
place. Seeing Boyd stand, he quickly said, “Hi, I’m Patrick, Serana’s classmate.”
Boyd gave Serana a cold look and nodded slightly.
“Just in time. Lunch is ready. Boyd, could you call Yasmine to the table?”
Yasmine had no intention of making things easy for Serana, but Boyd wouldn’t
allow her to skip lunch. Since he couldn’t win with words, he had to use force.
He carried her straight to the dining room.
She wasn’t wearing shoes, so he threw a cushion from his chair onto the floor
for her to step on.
Despite her reluctance to afford Serana any respect, Yasmine still cared about
Boyd’s feelings. She couldn’t bring herself to cause a scene in front of their
Their intimate interaction left Patrick feeling awkward.
Serana served them soup with a smile, “It’s a light broth. I added just a bit of
vinegar to stimulate the appetite. Yasmine, you go first.”
Yasmine pursed her lips, stepped on Boyd’s foot, and ground her heel in a bit.
She was frustrated but still had to be mindful of his image.
Boyd’s smiled slightly, understanding her sudden aggression, and let her vent.
Yasmine nonchalantly picked up the spoon and took a sip of the soup, arching
her eyebrows ever so slightly as if nothing had happened.
Serana asked, “How is it, Yasmine?”
Yasmine took another spoonful, her gaze detached, “Your cooking is always
“That’s good to hear.”
Yasmine finished her soup without another word, and Serana promptly refilled
her bowl.
With her uncharacteristic compliance, Boyd offered Yasmine a bite of food, “Eat
something solid. Don’t fill up on soup.”
Yasmine, seemingly just to contradict him, took another sip, “Am I a child that
needs to be told how to eat?”
“Perhaps a child wouldn’t need so much attention.”
Yasmine frowned.
“You’re the Queen here,” Boyd added, almost sarcastically.
Serana, having watched the couple’s every move, put down her fork and looked
at Boyd and Yasmine, then said, “Boyd, Yasmine, I came over today because I
have something to tell you.”
Boyd’s gaze narrowed as he glanced at Patrick sitting there.
Yasmine didn’t react.
“I know it was sudden to bring Patrick today. I meant to tell you last night, but
then Yasmine felt unwell. It’s okay to say it today. Patrick is my boyfriend.”
She finished, and Patrick smiled awkwardly.
Yasmine finally looked up at him, giving him a thorough once-over. He was a
clean-cut, boy-next-door type, his smile tinged with shyness, clearly nervous.
She turned to Serana, her lips curling slightly, “I never noticed any signs of you
dating before. Why so sudden?”
Serana replied, “I’ve been in college for three years. It’s not unusual to date,
right? And it wasn’t sudden, he’s been pursuing me for a year and he’s a great
Yasmine rested her chin on her hand, her gaze flitting over to Patrick then back
to Serana, and after a moment’s scrutiny, she smiled, “Is that so?”
Serana nodded, trying to maintain her composure as she shifted her gaze to
Boyd, “You two are my closest friends, so I wanted to share this with you first.”
Boyd didn’t look pleased.
After drinking two bowls of soup and picking at her food, Yasmine stopped
eating altogether.
Boyd remained sullen, not following through on his earlier comment about
treating her like a Queen.
She barely touched her meal. And Boyd stayed silent throughout.
What can you say? She wasn’t so helpless that she needed someone to coax
her into eating. Nor was she unable to tell when she was hungry or full. She
didn’t need his pampering actually. But helping her put on one shoe and
forgetting the other—while he might not notice, she was the one left
uncomfortable with one bare foot. Sometimes it was the little things that
revealed the most, wasn’t it?
Her delicate fingers brushed her temples as she placed her fork down and stood
up. “I’m full. You guys continue.”
Boyd glanced at her and set his fork down too, standing to lift her up, but she
stepped away before he could, smiling at him warmly. “I got this.”
Yasmine walked barefoot back to the bedroom.
A few steps without shoes were better than walking unevenly with just one, as
long as there weren’t glasses on the ground.
Yasmine slipped into her bedroom, pulling on a pair of faded jeans and a comfy
sweater. The door had barely creaked open when Boyd’s chilling voice, heavy
with authority, slammed into the silence. “I won’t agree to it!”
Yasmine’s hand froze on the doorknob, not turning it.
Serana’s voice rose in response, “This is my decision to make.”
“He’s been after you for over a year, and you’ve dodged him for just as long. You
claim to know him well, but do you really?”
“Of course, I do. Why else would I choose to be with him?”
Boyd shot up from the couch, his expression turning icy, “Of course you don’t
know him. That’s exactly what you need to be asking yourself—why you’re
choosing him. I’m warning you, you’d better keep your distance from that guy.”

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride Novel Full Episode

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