The Forsaken Luna’s Redemption by Misscesania Chapter 62

The Forsaken Luna’s Redemption by Misscesania Chapter 62

Chapter 62
It was Aiden who pulled me out of my reverie the moment he arrived. The vampires in the catacomb were still groaning and grunting. The effects of whatever it was in their body were not waning at all.
“Did you get it?” I asked and he nodded, raising a vial full of blood. I took the bottle from his hand and the smell of Henrietta infiltrated my nose almost immediately.
“I managed to get it while she was asleep. Perhaps even after feeding from the rabbit’s blood, her body continued to desiccate so she was not able to notice I took her blood.”
“She lost her control, then?”
Aiden nodded gravely. “Her aunt opened the barrier and she took the blood. Finished the whole bag, but regretted it afterwards.”
I sighed, feeling like I had violated her by taking her blood without her knowledge. However, I could not wait any longer. As much as I wanted to ask for her consent, I couldn’t let these vampires die.
Just in time, Dreyfus and Aran walked in, bringing with them three other unconscious vampires. Without a word, they tossed them to the prison and looked at me.
“We found them near the palace, lurking. They attacked a werewolf but we got there in time before everything went bad,” Dreyfus said.
“There were reports of missing wolves the past few days,” Aran added.
I sighed, rubbing the bridge of my nose. I was made aware of the missing werewolves and I already have an idea who could be responsible for it. However, I am not quite certain as to why they would take the werewolves as
There is only one way for me to find out and that is to talk to Lord Theon.
“What are you planning to do?” asked Dreyfus and I paused to look at him. “I now know who you are. You keep all these vampires here and I am asking you what are you planning to do?”
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Chapter 62
Aran shifted on his feet and I got the sense that he, too, already knew who I was.
“I plan to keep them here until it is safe to let them out. Besides, in their state, letting them out would only do more damage–”
“I am not asking when you’ll let them out. I of his tone
Am asking what you’re planning to do” The chan prompted Aiden to step forward but I stopped him.
“What do you wish to say, Dreyfus?”
“You’re the Vampire Prince.”
“I am Andreas Marfori Havilliard. Bas ta rd son of the Alpha King.”
“And the only son of the Vampire Princess. The only heir to the throne of our fallen Kingdom,” he added. “And you ought to take revenge for everything the wolves did to our kind.”
“Taking revenge is not something I can afford right now, especially since these vampires are being victimized for some sick experiment.”
“You’re a hybrid. You’re stronger than everyone else.
“Being stronger than everyone else doesn’t mean I have to do things without planning them. Dreyfus, I know how you feel about what the wolves had done to our kind many years ago. I felt the same way. But we can’t do everything at once. There are not many of us and if we do something stu pid, it would mean risking everything! have worked so far, everything you’ve worked so far.”
Silence enveloped us and he sighed, a sign of surrender. “The wolves need to pay for what they did. But I do
understand that now is not the time for it.”
“Not every wolf, Dreyfus. Not every one of them. When the time is right, everyone shall answer for the sins they buried a long time ago. They will pay for it but let us not lose our rationality because of our thirst for vengeance. Our Kingdom will strive soon.”
His face lightened at the mention of our Kingdom. And in an unexpected gesture, he stepped forward his palm into his chest before he knelt on one knee, bowing his head. Aran smiled and did the same.
“Until then, we will support you, Your Highness,” Dreyfus mumbled.
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Chapter 62
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At that moment, there was some sort of clarity in me. The objective that seemed to blur with time suddenly became as clear as the first time I had it. My sense of duty to the people whose lives rested on my shoulders suddenly became too heavy and the need to protect them at all cost became stronger.
I stared at Aran and Dreyfus and the vampires who looked mindless. Their lives are my duty now.
“Arise,” I said and they both stood, looking at me with hope and determination.
As they rose, I could see the weight of responsibility mirrored in their eyes, a shared burden we all carried. With a nod, I gestured for them to follow towards where the prisoners were being held. I kept the vial of blood in my hand and I could have sworn it felt warmer than it was before.
“I still am not certain of Henrietta’s blood being the ones to cure them but this is worth a try,” I said and took it out. The smell of her blood filled the whole catacombs the moment I opened the lid and the vampires went frenzy at the smell of it.
“Your wife’s blood?” Aran said and I nodded.
“Her blood cured you. I hope this would work on them as well.”
I stepped closer to the vampires and raised the vial, letting them follow the scent. I let one drop fall into the mouth of one and watched as the vampire’s frenzied movements began to slow. At first, there was a moment of confusion, as if the vampire was trying to comprehend what was happening. Then, gradually, the frenzy subsided, replaced by a look of clarity in his eyes.
Without hesitation, Aiden and I set to work, carefully distributing the drops of Henrietta’s blood to each of the afflicted vampires. With each drop, we witnessed the same miraculous transformation, as the frenzied creatures regained control over themselves.
Aiden stepped forward, his expression a mixture of disbelief and wonder. “It worked,” he murmured, his voice.
filled with awe.
I nodded, unable to tear my gaze away from the vampires who were now beginning to stir, their movements no longer frantic but rather composed. It was a sight to behold, a testament to the discovery we made about Henrietta’s blood. Although I’ve still yet to find out why my blood couldn’t do the same when we were both hybrids.
As the last vampire was cured, a sense of triumph filled the air. We had done it. We had found the cure to the uncontrollable frenzy that had plagued the vampires in Veridia.
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Chapter 62
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But even as we celebrated this victory, I couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that lingered in the back of my mind. The group responsible for all of this were still out there, and they posed a threat not just to us, but to the fragile peace that we had fought so hard to maintain after the war.
I knew that our struggles were far from over, but in that moment, as I looked upon the faces of the cured vampires, I couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of hope. Perhaps, with perseverance and determination, we could overcome any obstacle that stood in our way.
“Who…Who are you?” asked one of the vampires, looking at us with confusion. Like Aran, they probably don’t remember what happened to them before they were cured and how they even became monsters they did not want to be. But it was a chance. A chance for me to introduce a newfound hope. Hope for the vampires who have been divided for so long and have not seen peace for a long time.
So I stepped forward and looked at all of them. Anticipation filled their gazes as they waited. Some of them were scared but most were desperate.
“You probably know me as Andreas Marfori, the fearless warrior at the border,” I began and they all recoiled at the sound of my name. “But I am standing here in front of you not as a warrior but someone who can offer you freedom. If you swear your loyalty to the Kingdom you fought for and to the vampire race, I will give it to you– the freedom and peace you sought for so long.”
They all went silent, trying to weigh my words. Until one of them said, “Why would a wolf want the same thing as
Silence hovered and I took a deep breath before I said, “Because I was the last descendant of the last King and Queen of Eldoria. I was the only son of Princess Cressida Valois or the wolves know as Lady Cressida Havilliard.”
They all gasped and murmurs echoed inside. “You’re…a Valois? You’re from the royal family of Valois?”
I nodded.
“Then that makes you… our Prince?”
I nodded again.
They all stared at me. I did not know how they would react to my revelation but I didn’t expect them to believe me immediately. The family of Valois have long been declared dead and seeing another one… it would come us something too hard for them to accept.
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Chapter 62
However, I was left speechless when one of them started to place their hand on their chest and knelt. Eventually, the others did the same, bowing their heads– just like how vampires often give their respect to the Royal Family.
“If that makes you our Prince, then we will serve you with our life, Your Highness.”
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The Forsaken Luna’s Redemption by Misscesania

The Forsaken Luna’s Redemption by Misscesania

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: March 27, 2024 Native Language: English
The Forsaken Luna's Redemption by Misscesania is an amazing novel story about Henrietta Silvana and Crown Prince. Henrietta Silvana's life took a dark turn when tragedy struck her once-charmed existence. Destined to be the bride of the Crown Prince, her dreams were shattered when her father's demise thrust her into the clutches of a sinister stepmother and her conniving stepsister.Betrayed by those she once trusted.

Summary The Forsaken Luna's Redemption by Misscesania

Henrietta's fate was sealed as they plotted to replace her with her stepsister as the chosen bride of the Crown Prince. Even the prince himself, whom she believed loved her, succumbed to the treacherous web of deceit.Forced to marry a warrior against her wishes, Henrietta's life seemed to spiral into despair. Little did her scheming family know, they had unknowingly unleashed a formidable force. Rising from the ashes of her shattered dreams, Henrietta returns as a woman of power and wealth. Now, her stepmother and stepsister clamor for her favor, while the Crown Prince, having recognized the error of his choices, desperately pursues her affection. Yet, standing in their way is her husband- Andreas Marfori, the rumored ruthless warrior of the Kingdom.As alliances crumble and desires collide, Henrietta navigates the treacherous waters of revenge, love, and power.* **** I met his gaze and it took a lot of effort to keep staring into his eyes."Don't cancel the engagement. Marry me, Sir Andreas," I blurted out.He stared at me, silent for a moment. Then he finally said, "Are you certain?"I nodded. "I want to marry you because I want to use you. Let me use you. I am going to make them pay."A hint of a smile curved his lips.

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The Forsaken Luna's Redemption by Misscesania


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