The Forsaken Luna’s Redemption by Misscesania Chapter 64

The Forsaken Luna’s Redemption by Misscesania Chapter 64

Chapter 64
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Moonlight filtered through the curtains, casting ethereal patterns across my chamber. The air was heavy with the scent of damp earth and decay, a stark contrast to the tranquility outside.
The tree branches danced in harmony with the soft caress of the breeze outside my chamber. Golden leaves fluttered gracefully to the earth below, surrendering to the inevitable cycle of decay and renewal. No longer bound to their branches, they awaited their transformation, their vibrant hues fading into earthy tones as they mingled with the soil-below, a poignant reminder of the passage of time and how it can never turn back.
I gazed into the mirror positioned opposite my bed, confronting the haunting reflection that stared back at me. Sunken eyes mirrored the emptiness within, while hollow cheeks bore witness to the relentless grip of hunger. Despite the passing days, my refusal to nourish myself only fueled the insatiable appetite gnawing at my core, leaving me trapped in a cycle of deprivation and longing. Longing for that coppery smell, longing for that sweet,
sweet taste–
I shook my head, removing the thoughts of bloof out of my head.
Since indulging in rabbit blood yesterday, its metallic tang has haunted my thoughts relentlessly. Each sip momentarily sated the primal hunger that gnaws at my insides, yet its fleeting satisfaction only intensified the longing for something more substantial. As my mind drifts back to the memory of that blood, I find myself consumed by an insatiable craving, my thoughts fixated on how delicious a person’s blood would taste in my
Footsteps echoed but I did not bother looking at the door who it was. From the smell, I could tell it was Guinevere. She did not dare step into the room as she knows what I would do the moment she crosses the line. I did make myself clear that I would kill whoever dares enter.
“How are you feeling?” she asked. I remained gazing outside my window, trying to ignore her presence and how fragrant she was becoming and how I could clearly hear her pulse beating. If this woman is not a witch, I would have mauled her and drained her of her blood.
“You know it’s no use suppressing your true nature,” she said and it was enough for me to snarl at her. However, it only served as her satisfaction as she smiled. “I don’t know when you’ll be able to hold it back. But after tasting the rabbit’s blood, I’m guessing you’re yearning for more, don’t you?”
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Chapter 64
“You did that on purpose, didn’t you? You let me out and let me drink that blood–”
“It was all you, Henrietta. You were the one who slammed your hand continuously on the barrier. You’re the one who took the bloud bag from me and you’re the one who drank the blood.”
She angled her head. Gone was the amusement on her face. “I did it so you would not kill yourself, you foolish.
“You do not call me foolish–”
“Why? Because you’re so powerful now? Because you’re the esteemed Lady Henrietta Silvana? Let me tell you this one thing, girl. You are a vampire. You have always been a vampire. I don’t know what they told you about vampires but whether you like it or not, you’re a vampire. Being partly human was just temporary. I’m sorry you were not made aware of this but this has always been for the Silvanas. Even to the ones who came before us. You’re a vampire and nothing in this world can change that.”
A few days ago, I was just a wolf. A half-human and half-wolf.
I went silent and tears brimmed at the corner of my eyes.
“You can’t deny your true nature,” she asserted gently, drawing my gaze towards her. In the depths of her eyes, I found no judgment, only a profound understanding that seemed to penetrate the depths of my soul. Whether it was the hunger clouding my perception or a genuine connection, the sight of her stirred a long-forgotten sense of familial longing within me. After a long time of solitude after both my parents are gone, the presence of another kin sparked an unexpected wave of nostalgia, filling the void that I didn’t know haunted me.
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I “I am here to help you with your transition, Henrietta. Because once upon a time, I was in your shoes. And I was scared, and alone, and I was lost. Unlike you, I already know I am a vampire before I killed someone and already hard for me. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you with everything that has been going on. I don’t want you to feel the same way as I did. I want to let you know that you are not alone in this and that I am here,” she spoke with sincerity, her words striking a chord deep within me. In that moment, her empathy broke through the walls I’d erected around my emotions, unleashing a flood of pent-up feelings that I’d long suppressed.
I felt so lost. I felt so frightened. I felt like apart from turning into a vampire, something in me changed drastically as well and there is no going back.
Guinevere’s words were measured and calm, her tone soothing yet authoritative. “I am here, Henrietta, just like your husband and your circle. I am here to help.”
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Chapter 64
I swallowed hard wiping the tears that had stained my cheeks.
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“Of course, I would not force you to drink. You can drink if you want. Let’s take it slow one step at a time.”
I sniffed, weighing my options. “Would it be possible for me to keep drinking animal blood isntead?”
She nodded, albeit grim. “Definitely. The only disadvantage would be you’d be much weaker,”
However, I made my decision. I wiped the tears staining my cheeks. “I’ll think more about it.”
She smiled at me and I was thankful for her not pushing through it. Raised among werewolves, I had been conditioned to view vampires as savage beings, driven by their primal instincts to prey on the innocent. Yet, as I contemplated the possibility of sustaining myself on animal blood alone, a glimmer of hope flickered within me. Perhaps there was a way to coexist with my newfound nature without succumbing to the darkness that haunted my nightmares. I couldn’t afford to starve myself to death, not when I had made a vow to persevere, not when ! had a duty to fight for my father’s legacy.
“Your father would likely be frightened by the current circumstances, but I have no doubt he would also be immensely proud of your strength and resilience,” Guinevere said.
I let out a small smile. “Were you two close?” I asked and she nodded.
“At one time, yes, we were close. There were disagreements, but nothing insurmountable. He left because he was terrified of his own nature, afraid that remaining with us would lead him down a path of darkness, culminating in the loss of his humanity. He also harbored concerns for you, Henrietta, as the firstborn of your generation,” Guinevere explained, her voice tinged with sadness.
I nodded. She already told me about it before. “I don’t know what my father would think about me being at vampire.”
“He’d be heartbroken if you did not do what you did. You protected yourself from that vampire. I think he’d rather have his daughter be a vampire than dead.”
For a split second, I let out a short smile but it was gone as soon as it came. Smiling seemed tedious but I admit, I appreciate Guinevere for being there and talking to me.
I was about to ask her about something when suddenly, the distant sound of approaching footsteps and mu ffled voices disrupted the silence of the hall. I instantly knew it was Aiden and the vampire man named Dreyfus.
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Chapter 64
With my heightened vampire and werewolf senses, I listened to their hushed conversation. Guinevere observed
At first, I did not know what they were talking about until I heard Andreas’ name. I listened further and that’s when my brows furrowed.
“What’s the matter?” Guinevere asked as she noted my expression. Before I could answer, I saw Aiden and Dreyfus stop in front of my door behind Guinevere. Surprise was plastered across their face as they saw me seeming to be in the middle of a conversation with Guinevere. I know they are keeping a close watch of my improvements since I turned. And I know they could see from the look on my face that I heard what they were talking about,
“Where’s Andreas?” I asked.
Both of them looked at each other, as if not knowing what to tell me.
I got off from my bed and walked towards the door where Guinever was standing too. I walked too close to the barrier until I could feel it buzzing against my skin.
“I demand to know the whereabouts of my husband,” I repeated. My voice was filled with urgency yet met with reluctance from both Aiden and Dreyfus.
Aiden sighed heavily, meeting my gaze with a solemn resolve. “Andreas ventured to meet with Lord Theon,” he began, his words hanging in the air with a weighty silence. My heart clenched in apprehension as I awaited his next revelation. “He’s been captured.”
My breath caught in my throat as the words sank in. “Captured?” I whispered, my voice trembling. “But… how?””
Andreas is the most feared man in Veridia. I could not understand how it all happened- how he was captured. They both seemed to know the question and confusion on my face that Dreyfus said, “We don’t know exactly how it happened but we will get him as soon as possible.”
I was about to say something when Aiden said, “We’re going to get him back, Lady Henrietta.”
And then both of them walked away.
Even as I wanted to know more about it, I couldn’t ask anyone. What can I do, anyway? I have just turned into a vampire and I can’t even control my hunger. I can’t do anything to save him.
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Chapter 64
I stepped back, letting the news sink into me. To think that the strongest warrior of Veridia got captured by some unknown enemy….
“I need some time alone, please,” I said, cutting off Guinevere. She did not say another word as I turned my back against the door.
The next thing I heard was Guinevere’s footsteps as she’s walking away, leaving me with my thoughts once

The Forsaken Luna’s Redemption by Misscesania

The Forsaken Luna’s Redemption by Misscesania

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: March 27, 2024 Native Language: English
The Forsaken Luna's Redemption by Misscesania is an amazing novel story about Henrietta Silvana and Crown Prince. Henrietta Silvana's life took a dark turn when tragedy struck her once-charmed existence. Destined to be the bride of the Crown Prince, her dreams were shattered when her father's demise thrust her into the clutches of a sinister stepmother and her conniving stepsister.Betrayed by those she once trusted.

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Henrietta's fate was sealed as they plotted to replace her with her stepsister as the chosen bride of the Crown Prince. Even the prince himself, whom she believed loved her, succumbed to the treacherous web of deceit.Forced to marry a warrior against her wishes, Henrietta's life seemed to spiral into despair. Little did her scheming family know, they had unknowingly unleashed a formidable force. Rising from the ashes of her shattered dreams, Henrietta returns as a woman of power and wealth. Now, her stepmother and stepsister clamor for her favor, while the Crown Prince, having recognized the error of his choices, desperately pursues her affection. Yet, standing in their way is her husband- Andreas Marfori, the rumored ruthless warrior of the Kingdom.As alliances crumble and desires collide, Henrietta navigates the treacherous waters of revenge, love, and power.* **** I met his gaze and it took a lot of effort to keep staring into his eyes."Don't cancel the engagement. Marry me, Sir Andreas," I blurted out.He stared at me, silent for a moment. Then he finally said, "Are you certain?"I nodded. "I want to marry you because I want to use you. Let me use you. I am going to make them pay."A hint of a smile curved his lips.

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The Forsaken Luna's Redemption by Misscesania


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