The Imposter Bride Chapter 329

The Imposter Bride Chapter 329

Chapter 329 

His deep, dark eyes were glistening with unshed tears. She was still alive

Is that really you, Natalia? I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I thought you were gone foreverHector grasped her hand tightly. All these years, I’ve been consumed by a profound regret and guilt whenever I thought of you. I despised myself, wishing I could just throw myself into the ocean. If I hadn’t been so cowardly back then, if I had had the courage to whisk you away from that monster, you would never have fallen from 

that cliff!” 

All that is in the past now, Hector.Natalia’s tears fell as she smiled at him, opening her palm. Look at me, I’m fine, aren’t I? I’ve been doing well these past few years How about you?” 

Looking at the woman who had been twining around his heart, Hector could no longer suppress his longing, he stepped forward and embraced Natalia tightly. I’m not fine. I’m not fine at all! Every time I thought of you plunging into the icy, dark water, I was so depressed. The regret and guilt were tearing me apart! But thank god you’re back, Natalia. Thank you for coming back. Thank god for letting us meet again, I feel so blessed” 

Natalia was held tightly in Hector’s arms. His tears dropping onto her shoulder moved her to tears. Some emotions could transcend life and death, surpassing time

The bystanders confirmed their guess and started cheering. See, I told you they’re a couple who just reunited after a long separation.” 

Indeed, a great match!” 

Kiss! Kiss!” 

The crowd’s cheering got louder and louder, causing both Hector and Natalia to blush. Hector let go of Natalia and quickly packed up his canvas, turning to the crowd. Yes, this is the woman I’ve been longing for, and now she’s finally here with me. Thank you all for your compliment!” 

Natalia, afraid of any misunderstanding, quickly explained, No, it’s not what you think” 

But before she could finish, the crowd interrupted, Don’t be shy, girl. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, just admit it!” 

Yes, you two are both excellent. I wish you a loving and lasting relationship!” 

Right, have lots of kids, stay in love!” 

Live happily and blissfully!” 

In a moment, the buzzing square turned into a sea of blessings. Hector felt like he was still in a dream; he held onto Natalia’s hand tightly, grinning widely, pulling the slightly embarrassed Natalia away from the blessing crowd

This time, he would never let go of her hand again. The girl he had cherished since childhood was finally back by his side. Oh god, could there be anything more exciting

Hector and Natalia quickly left the square. They walked along the winding stream in silence, their hearts filled with the joy of their reunion



They both spoke at the same time then shared a knowing smile

You first” 

You first” 

Their continued understanding made them burst into laughter. The sun was gently spilling golden rays onto the scene, illuminating this warm 


Both of them studied each other’s longunseen yet familiar faces, having so much to say but not knowing where to begin

Fate was a curious thing. They were just teenagers in love yet forced apart because Natalia had to marry someone else. After all these years, they met again in this vast foreign land

Natalia softly asked, Hector, what have you been doing these past few years? Why were you painting in the square?” 

Me?Hector laughed heartily, showing his dazzling teeth His melancholy and sadness from the past were swept away, and he was suddenly cheerful again. His sunny smile took Natalia back to six years ago Of course, I’ve been doing great! Eating, drinking, sleeping, traveling and living life to the fullest. I’ve visited so many countries and really enjoyed myself How about you?” 

Natalia knew Hector wasn’t telling her the truth. When he asked about her, she also told a little white lie Im doing well too I heard Rome is beautiful, so I moved here” 

Is that so?Hector looked at Natalia gently. Natalia, you’ve never been good at lying Your eyes are telling me that you’ve not been doing well Really? You’re overthinkingNatalia was a bit flustered and quickly changed the subject Hector, where do you live? Are you planning to settle in Rome for a long time?” 

Hector pointed to a house not far from the river I rented a small room there, and I only stay there when it rains. Usually, I’m at the square because there are a lot of people. Only a bustling place can keep me from thinking” 

Why don’t you want to think?Natalia was confused

Hector chuckled helplessly. Because I always thought you drowned in the sea. Every time I close my eyes, I see your accusing eyes, blaming me for not rescuing you in time. Natalia, I can’t bear your gaze, even in my dreams.” 

Hearing Hector’s words, Natalia felt a twinge in her heart. She knew how Hector felt about her, but she hadn’t expected that her presumed death would haunt him for so long. In a moment, Natalia’s eyes welled up, and her voice choked. Hector, II’m sorry. I never blamed you” 

Hector gave her a charming smile. What’s wrong? Haha, I was just kidding. Actually, I’m broke, so I have to sleep in the square. Isn’t it pathetic? You must take me in!” 

Natalia was speechless. Hector wasn’t as wealthy as Magnus, but he was still rich. How could he possibly be broke

She thought he had been punishing himself for so long because of her. Natalia felt a lump in her throat. Some emotions were destined to be unrequited 

Hector, I know how you feel about me, but I’m sorry, my heart has been lost to Magnus, I’m sorry. In her heart, Natalia apologized to Hector She knew how stubborn Hector could be and feared that saying it aloud would risk losing their friendship altogether. After being apart for so long, she didn’t want their reunion to end on a sour note

So, she continued along Hector’s stream of thought, Sure, the place I’m renting has some extra space. You’re welcome to be my roommate.” 

Hector’s jaw dropped in surprise, Really? Natalia, do you actually mean to let me live with you?” 

Don’t flatter yourself. It’s just a roommate situation. You’ll need to pay rent,Natalia said with a grin. Overjoyed, Hector scooped her up in a hug. This is amazing! I can’t believe I’ll get to live with you. I’m so lucky

Hey, put me down, I’m getting dizzy. You’re acting like a little kid againJust moments ago, he had been so melancholic, and now he was brimming with happiness.

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 30, 2023 Native Language: English

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The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia) is an amazing romance novel story about Magnus and Natalia. For twenty-eight years, Percival Ellington lived a solitary life, untouched by love. But when his engagement abruptly ended, the surprising reason was a simple country girl. “Mr. Ellington, Madam offers five million to break off the engagement,” the messenger conveyed. Percival’s determined gaze met the messenger’s. “Absolutely not!” “Mr. Ellington, Madam raises the offer to twenty million. Please reconsider.” the messenger insisted. A mischievous smile graced Percival’s lips. “Tell her that even fifty million won’t make me end the engagement!” The messenger’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Madam is now offering one billion. Please, think it over!” Percival sighed, feeling the weight of the situation. His fiancée tried to drown him in wealth, but his resolve held firm. No amount of money could sway him. This marriage wasn’t over, even if he had to bear the burden of fortune itself!

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

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