The Imposter Bride Chapter 330

The Imposter Bride Chapter 330


Chapter 330 

And so, Hector hurriedly packed his few belongings and moved in with Natalia, embarking on their cohabiting journey. They would jog together every morning, then return home to paint, exchanging insights. After that, they would cook and eat together 

Hector, being the mindful one, took care of Natalia meticulously Every day, he felt as if he was living in a dream. This was the kind of life he had always yearned for, practically perfect. The only imperfection was that Natalia saw him merely as a good friend, with no hint of romantic affection in her eyes

As time flew by. Hector started to crave more. He was no longer satisfied with being just good pals with Natalia. He wanted more. He wanted Natalia to be his lovet to continue the captivating romance they had during their adolescence 

One evening. Hector secretly prepared a lavish dinner behind Natalia’s back When night fell, he called her out of her room 

Natalia, pushed along by Hector, found herself in their small garden filled with flowers and plants. To her surprise, a small table had been set up there. Not only was the table laden with a feast, but it also held a beautiful candlestick

Upon seeing this, Natalia turned to Hector with a smile. Hector, are you inviting me to a candlelit dinner?” 

Hector, ever the gentleman, pulled out a chair for Natalia. Sit, my beautiful queen.” 

Natalia blushed at the compliment and gave a shy chuckle before taking a seat

Hector poured a glass of red wine for Natalia and raised his glass in a toast. To our reunion, cheers!” 

Natalia reciprocated the gesture, her red lips lightly touching the glass. Cheers!” 

As Hector and Natalia had a few drinks, the night sky deepened, with stars twinkling like winking eyes. Natalia’s cheeks were flushed, a hint of tipsiness showing 

Suddenly, Hector rose from his seat and produced a dazzling red rose seemingly out of nowhere. He knelt on one knee before Natalia. Natalia, I love you. Will you marry me?” 

Natalia was taken aback by Hector’s proposal. She thought they were just having a casual drink. She never expected Hector to propose. The proposal was so sudden that Natalia didn’t know how to react. She was rooted to the spot

However, Hector remained kneeling, passionately saying, Natalia, you know, I’ve loved you for a very long time. I know you love me, too, but fate separated us. You left me for someone else. I was too timid back then, not knowing how to fight for my happiness, and I let you go! When I heard you had fallen into the sea, there were countless times I felt like jumping in after you. I regret letting you go for the rest of my life Now, you’re like an angel who’s descended from heaven. I know you’ve suffered over these years, but let’s not talk about the past. This is my chance to start anew! Natalia, will you marry me?” 

Natalia looked at Hector kneeling on the ground, her heart filled with unease. She had thought Hector would cherish their time together and not bring up their buried feelings, but it seemed she couldn’t escape it

Taking a deep breath, Natalia slowly shook her head Hector, I’m sorry I thought our relationship was pure platonic affection. But now I realize i was wrong Maybe I was too presumptuous, and I never asked about your feelings. II’m really sorry.” 

The light in Hector’s eyes dimmed instantly. He remained kneeling, his silhouette elongated by the moonlight

Natalia couldn’t bear to see Hector in such a state. Hector, I’m sorry. I can’t give you marriage or love. My heart is lost, incomplete. You deserve a better woman. If you don’t mind, I can offer you friendship, the purest friendly affection That’s all I can offer Hector, you can forget about the past, and stop blaming yourself. I’m sorry” 

Hector stared intently at Natalia as if trying to imprint her image in his mind. After a long pause, he slowly retracted his numb arm and stood up His voice was steady Natalia, I won’t give up. I’ll wait. I’ll wait until you change your mind or until you come back to me 

Natalia bit her lip. feeling awkward She didn’t know how to comfort Hector, so she just lowered her head in silence 

Hector forced a laugh, intending to leave quietly but not wanting Natalia to overthink. He put on a brave face Natalia, don’t worry about me! have thick skin No matter how many times I’m knocked down, I’ll be fine Really I can wait, maybe one day you’ll change your mand 

Natalia felt her eyes welling up She looked at Hector, who was feigning cheerfulness Hector,

EnoughHector cut her off Who am 12 Hector, the indestructible roach. If not this time, then next time 11 be the ever resilient qum.He mad exaggerated faces, full of seif mockery 

Natalia couldn’t help but laugh at his antics. Although she still felt a bit awkward it was much better than before. She looked at Hector seriously Hector, I really wish to remain as your closest kin forever Really 

Alright, I accept your kinship. But you can’t stop me from pining for you my kin. Hey, you better be careful. One day, if itun into the big bad wat you’ll be in trouble! Hector made a face pretending to be a big bad wolf 

Natalia’s mood lifted She hugged her shoulders and pretended to be scared. Oh my, what a terrifying big bad wolf ” 

Just like that, the initially tense atmosphere gradually became lively again, thanks to Hector’s exaggerated body language. After a bit of teasing they each retreated to their separate rooms for the night 

Shutting the door, separating themselves from the outside world, they were finally able to drop their pretenses. There was no longer a need to put on a brave face or pretend to be happy for the sake of the other’s feelings 

Hector flung himself onto the bed, a sense of defeat gnawing at his insides. Although he had anticipated today’s failed proposal, the reality of it 

Chapter 330 

still required a heart of steel to face. He’d found her and had no intention of ever letting her go. He was willing even if it meant being just a family 

member to her

Natalia, I won’t give up,he vowed silently. I will wait till you truly accept me. No matter how long it takes, I can wait.” 

Whispering the pledge that had long been imprinted in his heart, Hector felt a surge of renewed strength. With a sense of satisfaction, he finally closed his eyes 

In a room nearby, Natalia stared blankly at the night view outside her window. Her heart was consumed by thoughts of Magnus, who was far away in a different land

Chapter 331

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

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The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia) is an amazing romance novel story about Magnus and Natalia. For twenty-eight years, Percival Ellington lived a solitary life, untouched by love. But when his engagement abruptly ended, the surprising reason was a simple country girl. “Mr. Ellington, Madam offers five million to break off the engagement,” the messenger conveyed. Percival’s determined gaze met the messenger’s. “Absolutely not!” “Mr. Ellington, Madam raises the offer to twenty million. Please reconsider.” the messenger insisted. A mischievous smile graced Percival’s lips. “Tell her that even fifty million won’t make me end the engagement!” The messenger’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Madam is now offering one billion. Please, think it over!” Percival sighed, feeling the weight of the situation. His fiancée tried to drown him in wealth, but his resolve held firm. No amount of money could sway him. This marriage wasn’t over, even if he had to bear the burden of fortune itself!

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

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