The Imposter Bride Chapter 331

The Imposter Bride Chapter 331


Chapter 331 

It had been nearly a year since she left Melfort, and aside from occasional news of Magnus in the local papers or TV, Natalia had no idea how he and their son, Jonas, were faring 

On nights like these, she wondered if he missed her as much as the missed him 

The evening had been a little awkward for Natalia with Hector proposing out of the blue. Thankfully, Hector was quick to lighten the mood with a joke, saving her from the embarrassment. She knew she needed to be more careful with her actions to avoid leading him on. After all. Hector was an important part of her life and she didn’t want to hurt him 

With these thoughts in her mind, the eventually drifted off to sleep 

Meanwhile, back in Melfort, Magnus was neck deep in work. He kept himself busy to distract him from the pain of Natalia’s sheanna 

A year had passed, and there was still no sign of Natalia. He and Jonas spent the seasons longing for her He rarely went home preferring the solitude of his office. Every corner of their house was filled with her memories, and the sight of them was too painful to bear 

Magnus, take a break. With all these files, aren’t you tired?James had come to Boston to visit Magnus and report on his search for Natalia de 

always, there was no news 

James was concerned seeing Magnus buried in paperwork all the time. He really wanted Magnus to relax a bit 

Magnus didn’t even look up from his files. Doesn’t matter I’m used to it. Any news?” 

James shook his head Nothing We’ve searched all over France and England. There’s no sign of Natalia anywhere” 

Keep looking Expand the search areaMagnus voice was steady as if he’d grown numb to the reality of not finding Natalia 

James sighed quietly, worried about Magnus. A year had passed, and there was still no sign of Natalia How could she have disappeared entirely

Why are you still standing there?Magnus glanced up from his files to see James still standing in the same spot. He urged him to continue 

search for Natalia 

James hesitated, then plucked up the courage to voice his fears, Magnus, we’ve been looking for a year now. We’ve covered over a dozen countries, but there’s still no sign of Natalia. Do you think?” 

Think what?Magnus sharp gaze met Jameseyes What are you trying to say?” 

James took a deep breath Magnus, do you think something bad might’ve happened to Natalia?” 

No way!Magnus eyes filled with pain. She survived a fall from a bridge into the sea six years ago. She can handle anything!” 

Magnus looked out the window at the snowy sunset. He knew Natalia was somewhere out there, watching over him and Jonas. He put i over his chest, waiting for the familiar pain to pass Every time he thought of Natalia, his heart throbbed

James noticed the paleness of Magnusface Magnus, are you okay? Should I get a doctor?” 

Magnus took a deep breath as the pain in his chest eased, shaking his head. No need I know Natalia’s okay. We just haven’t found her 

James sighed. Alright. I understand how desperate you are to find Natalia. But you need to take care of yourself too You’re overworking yourself your body won’t hold up under the strain You haven’t fully recovered from the poisoning ” 

Tim fine. I’m used to it. This isn’t going to break me Magnus turned back to his files

After a while. Magnus suddenly stood up, staring at a design sketch in his files James was puzzled Magnus, what’s wrong?” 

Magnus waved him over Come here, look at this design sketch” 

James walked over peering at the fashion sketch. There was nothing unusual about it Magnus it’s just a fashion design what’s about 

Magnus was excited, pointing to a magnolia flower on the collar of the dress Here James, do you see the magic owe

James nodded. Yeah I see it. What about it?” 

Itu Natalia! This sketch must be Natala’s work. I’ve se 

the designs from this company Theed to see if of the deargna 


she loves while magnolas and votades one i etost altes works, der al 

a magnoša un them khagnum waved ho hand directing James to beach, the 

James felt a surge of hope and rushed put to gather all of the company a seagra

A diligent secretary quickly pulled together at the fies and placed them on Magnus dem Magnategar ( hopefur as he searched for agns of Natalie a louch 

Magnus busty flipped through the documents. À cumpany 

at though the designs

suriway 1) Baby was koking to make a wash a the tabuan powie, and 

they had the sights set on Andersen Corporation the industry than They brought forth the treat drange proposes to myða har ptica, hapkg to secure an investment from the Andersen Corporation 

Magnus meticulously reviewed each of the design sketches, his heart pounding 

&ན་ངོའརི་དང་རྟ་ལིང ཁྲོ་མའི་ཀོཏནྟཾ ས་པར་དཔྱོད་ཁང་མིག་དུནང་པའི་ 

enthusiasm James take a bok here, here and here. Do you nee it? The magroda motif on at of these sketches, in her siphoture. Theora ne 

mistake These must be her work 


Chapter 331 

James followed Magnus pointing finger, and sure enough, there they were. Whether it was a trendy overcoat or a pair of sleek trousers, a flowing gown, or a crop top, every single design incorporated the white magnolia motif. You’re right, Magnus. It seems your hunch is right on the money These designs might indeed be the handiwork of Natalia.” 

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 30, 2023 Native Language: English

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The Imposter Bride (Magnus and Natalia) is an amazing romance novel story about Magnus and Natalia. For twenty-eight years, Percival Ellington lived a solitary life, untouched by love. But when his engagement abruptly ended, the surprising reason was a simple country girl. “Mr. Ellington, Madam offers five million to break off the engagement,” the messenger conveyed. Percival’s determined gaze met the messenger’s. “Absolutely not!” “Mr. Ellington, Madam raises the offer to twenty million. Please reconsider.” the messenger insisted. A mischievous smile graced Percival’s lips. “Tell her that even fifty million won’t make me end the engagement!” The messenger’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Madam is now offering one billion. Please, think it over!” Percival sighed, feeling the weight of the situation. His fiancée tried to drown him in wealth, but his resolve held firm. No amount of money could sway him. This marriage wasn’t over, even if he had to bear the burden of fortune itself!

The Imposter Bride Novel Full Episode (Magnus and Natalia)

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