The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn Chapter 107

The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn Chapter 107


Chapter 107 

Diana’s pov 

After lunch, April and I casually strolled through a few malls. During this time, I received a call from the manager of Ocean Heart.Besides informing me that they had sent the Crystal Golden Crown to my villa, he also reported a significant new deal todaya collector from the Crimson Claw Pack spent 8.3 billion on a set of jewelry

Opening my bank account, I found a substantial sum had indeed been added. Glancing at April, I noticed her standing at the counter, eyes fixed on a sleek yacht model behind the glass, marveling

Like it?I asked

Pretty cool,April nodded, eyes unblinking. It would look amazing in a room.” 

I’ll gift it to you.” 


Half an hour later, April asked, astonished, When you said you’d gift me a yacht, is it this kind?A nearly 330foot super yacht stretched before us, silverwhite and incredibly stylish

Yeah,I winked, What did you think it was?” 

I thought you meant the model in the display! Who knew it was a real yacht?April clasped her chest, taking deep breaths. Diana, tell me, how much does this yacht cost?” 

13 billion,I answered truthfully

April gasped for air

After a moment, she shook her head repeatedly. No, no, this is too extravagant. I can’t accept such a valuable gift.” 

ButI pulled out the purchase contract, waving it in front of April. I’ve already bought it.” 

What? You spent 13 billion just like that?” 

It’s just a small amount, easily earned back. Besides, I’ve already bought it” 

I forcefully handed the purchase contract to April

Helplessly, she looked at me for a while, eventually accepting it with a smile. Okay, let me think about what to do with this yacht. It’s impossible to use it as decoration in the room, so… 

Tuesday, early morning

Knock, knock, knock! Urgent knocking woke me up. Yawning, I got up and opened the door, only to be tightly hugged

Diana! I’m back! Ahhh! I missed you so much!” 

Excited female voices entered my ears, fully waking me up

Nora finally let go, cheerfully taking off her black sunglasses, revealing beautiful green eyes

In the bedroom, Nora eagerly shared the fun of her trip with me. After chatting for a while, she suggested wanting to meet Lionel 

Lionel was already awake, being fed by the nanny. As soon as the little guy saw me and Nora, he stopped drinking milk, giggling with his tiny fists clenched

Ah! Nora excitedly exclaimed again. The baby is too cute! Dlana” 

Nora clasped her hands together in front of her chest, eyes shining. Can I hold him?” 

Of course.I smiled

Nora excitedly hopped, but when she actually took Lionel, her movements were exceptionally cautious

So soft,she exclaimed, soft little arms, little legs, so adorable!” 

Lionel made babbling sounds in Nora’s arms

He’s too handsome! I’ve never seen such a cute baby! Those ambercolored eyes, like beautiful gemstones!Nora marveled repeatedly

My thoughts had already wandered elsewhere with Nora’s words. Ambercolored…. Nathan’s irises were also amber. These eyes, when focused on someone, always gave a deep and affectionate illusion. I think the first time I saw Nathan, I was captivated by his eyes. In the sunlight, clear and transparent, looking down at me, it made me mistakenly believe he was also infatuated with me at first sight

Diana? Diana?” Nora’s voice pulled me back. What are you thinking? I’ve called you several times, and you ignored me.” 

II lowered my gaze, hastily concealing the turmoil in my eyes. Nothing, just lost in thought.” 

I must be crazy. At this point, why would I still think of Nathan? Tomorrow is his engagement banquet with Avia; by now, they’ve likely boarded the car back to Dark Moon Pack. I should learn to completely forget the past with Nathan

Miss, breakfast is ready. Alpha and Luna are waiting for you downstairs in the dining room.The maid’s voice came from the doorway

Okay,I replied and turned back to Nora. Have you had breakfast?” 

Not yet.Nora handed Lionel back to the nanny

Then let me have the maid prepare another breakfast. Let’s go downstairs.” 

At the dining table, Marc asked me, Have you chosen your escort for the dance?” 

I paused, suddenly remembering there would be a dance at the engagement banquet. Marc had reminded me to pick a dance partner, but I completely forgot due to being busy with Gummy Skull and William’s matters recently

Seeing my silence, Marc sighed heavily. You indeed forgot.” 

But we’re leaving for Dark Moon Pack this afternoon. Who can I choose now?April looked worried. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. I know! I’ve collected a lot of information 

on highquality eligible bachelors recently. I’ll go pick-” 

Wwait a minute!I grabbed April, who was about to get up, widened my eyes, and asked, Why are you picking such a highquality eligible bachelors?” 

IApril’s eyes flashed with a hint of guilt as she exchanged a glance with Marc. Without saying, I also knew she and Marc hadn’t given up on the idea of matchmaking for me

Never mind.I rubbed my forehead. I’ve already chosen someone for the dance. I’ll contact them after breakfast. As for your highquality single men” 

My gaze fell on Nora, who was enjoying her meal. I said, Pick one for her.” 

Nora, puzzled, raised her head. Huh? Me? Pick one for what?” 

After breakfast, I picked up my phone and dialed a familiar number

I’m busy right now. Speak quickly.” 

Moss’s chilly voice sounded on the other end of the phone, and besides that, I seemed to hear the sound of liquid pouring into a glass

Umthere’s something I’d like to ask for your help with,I touched my nose, it’sat Nathan’s engagement banquet, I’m missing a male escort, and I was thinking of having you as my partner.” 

As my words fell, there was a sudden sound of glass shattering on the phone. Moss? What happened on your end?” 

Moss seemed to mutter something under his breath, but it was too low for me to hear

Nothing.After a few seconds, his voice came back, You just said you want me to be your male escort?” 


Why?Moss asked, his tone surprisingly serious. There should be plenty of men who are interested in you. You just wave your hand, and they would come flocking. Why me?” 


For a moment, I was speechless

I couldn’t tell Moss that if he didn’t come, the one who would be coming would be the blind date selected by April for me, and I’d be busy dealing with those people

Because I thought of you first.” 

This wasn’t a lie. Moss and I were close friends in the lab, so it was natural for me to ask him for a favor

mother’s designs.” 

You’re right” 

Probably recalling Avia’s words and actions just now, April made a disdainful sound. After a while, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she looked at me meaningfully

This wasn’t a lie. Moss and I were close triends in the lab, so it was natural for me to ask him for a favor

mother’s designs.” 

You’re right” 

Probably recalling Avia’s words and actions just now, April made a disdainful sound

After a while, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she looked at me meaningfully

Diana, I have a suggestion.” 


Imagine this if Avia desperately wants to get her hands on the flagship treasure of Ocean Heartshe mentionedthe Crystal Golden Crown how do you think she’ll react when she sees it on you? I bet her expression will be very amusing.” 

April licked her lips, looking like a mischievous little devil

I sighed, reluctantly saying, Forget it, I don’t want to bother with Avia” 

How can you forget? Just the thought of Avia’s arrogance earlier makes me so angry! I don’t care; even if it’s for me, you must settle this score.” 


Oh, my stomach hurts…” April started clutching her stomach and groaning, occasionally stealing glances at me to observe my reaction

I could only pick up my phone and called the manager temporarily handling Ocean Heart,instructing him to deliver the flagship treasure to my villa

As soon as the call ended, April sat up straight, eating from her plate as if nothing had happened, showing no signs of discomfort

Avia’s POV 

Bitch! Damn bitch!I was so angry that my lungs felt like they were about to explode; I had to release the overwhelming rage by shouting. 

DianaHow dare she conspire with that hateful designer to play tricks on me

Why hasn’t Diana died yet

Why did all the people I sent to assassinate her fail

The racetrack, the garagewhy did she manage to escape every time? Why

Ah ah ah!I couldn’t control my roar

LunaMy maid followed behind me, cautiously calling me

I turned around, and she flinched her neck suddenly

Her reaction made me even more furious

Am I such a terrifying monster? Will I kill you? Who are you showing this timid appearance to?I sternly scolded, gripping the maid’s ear tightly

She screamed in pain, begging for mercy continuously

I was wrongI was wrong, Luna, please spare meplease, I beg you” 

The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn

The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn

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"Diana, didn't you see Alpha Isaac toasting you? Hurry up and take it." I looked at my alpha mate Nathan, begging with my eyes. I can't drink more. His eyes seemed to be so cold, that he didn't care about what I felt at all. I had no choice and drank it with my eyes closed. The stomach pain became severe. But that's not the end. Isaac made me have 2 more glasses until I turned pale.

The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn

Isaac was satisfied with me being a docile woman, "If Zoe is too precious to you, alpha Nathan, what do you say about this Diana lady spending a beautiful night with me?" I was stunned and stared at Nathan, but he kept silent not rejecting Isaac. And Nathan smirked at Isaac, "She is no fun, if you like a boring and dull puppet in bed, go ahead." I felt dizzy and vaguely heard people gossiping around me saying Nathan seriously didn't care about his Luna at all as rumor said. He was okay sending his own Luna to another man's bed to save a maid. But Nathan didn't seem to notice that I can't barely stand, and he was hugging Zoe out.


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