The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn Chapter 108

The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn Chapter 108

Chapter 108 

In the evening, our convoy arrived at the Dark Moon Pack. Stepping onto this land again, my feelings were quite complex. Nora seemed to sense my unease, so after we settled our luggage at the hotel hosting the visiting dignitaries, she took me to a nearby bar

Diana, let’s have some drinks. Get drunk, and you can forget all your troubles!” 

Nora tilted her head back, downing a whole cocktail, then grabbed my hand, pulling me onto the dance floor. Amidst the shifting colorful lights, we swayed our bodies to the energetic beat and music

Gradually, it felt like I had indeed left all my unhappiness behind, with only the pulsating world and exhilarating music before me. Nora gave me a tug and shouted in my ear, Diana, I need to use the restroom! Wait for me here!” 

I waved my hand, taking a big sip of my drink. Although we claimed not to return until we were drunk, I had only ordered a lowalcohol fruit wine, considering the formal occasion tomorrow. I never thought this light wine would get me intoxicated

As my body temperature rose unusually, my consciousness began to blur. I staggered towards a booth, wanting to take a break

Someone grabbed my arm

Don’t go.A strange voice echoed near my ear, with a hint of arrogance. You’re really beautiful. Honestly, I haven’t seen anyone like you around here. Tonight, spend some quality time with me

Get lost!” 

I shook my head, trying to free myself from the man’s grasp

Don’t bother wasting your energy. I’ve drugged your drink, and soon you’ll lose all your strength. Behave and listen to me, don’t make me angry.” 

The man let out a sly, sinister laugh, tightened his grip around my waist, and led me out of the crowd towards the upstairs rooms

Upon learning about the spiked drink, I surprisingly became calmer. Pretending to struggle a bit, I followed the man upstairs. Little did he know that, when he wasn’t paying attention, I had already taken a counteracting sobering agent

Now all I had to do was wait quietly for the sobering agent to take effect. Ten minutes. At most ten minutes, the arm draped over my waist would be gruesomely severed

He would regret it 

Let her go!” 

A familiar yet icy voice suddenly resounded

I forced myself to lift my head. In my blurry vision, I saw a tall and slender figure! I closed and opened my eyes with effort, and that figure gradually became clear, presenting a handsome face before me


I was greatly surprised

How could he be here

Who the hell are you? Don’t disturb my good time, get lost!the man holding me growled menacingly

Nathan’s face turned cold

I’ll say it again, let her go.” 

You tell me to let go, and I won’t? I won’t!The man, probably quite drunk, spoke with a thick tongue. Not only won’t I let go, but I’ll also have my way with this woman right in front of you! What’s the matter? If your buddy fancies her, I don’t mind sharing a laugh with you” 

The man laughed brazenly, reaching to tear at my dress. Nathan’s eyes erupted with a chilling intensity, and he swiftly walked towards me- 

At that moment, someone reached from behind and grabbed the man’s hand on my waist. Immediately, there was a crisp sound, and the man let out a painful scream. Before I could react, he was kicked in the chest, flying into the wall. The impact was so strong that cracks appeared in the wall

Simultaneously, a dry, warm hand grasped me, pulling me behind

From my perspective, I could only see broad shoulders and the slightly protruding cervical vertebrae at the back of the neck

Bang! The man slid down the wall, crashing onto the floor, spitting out a mouthful of blood

Youyou played dirty! You resorted to a sneak attack!” The man shouted indignantly

Dealing with scum like you doesn’t require fairness,a cold voice rang out. Taking your life doesn’t need it either.” 

Ryley! That’s enough! Don’t cause a fatality.” 

Just before Ryley could snap the man’s neck, I intervened in time, grabbing Ryley

Ryley turned around, lowered his head, scrutinized me for a moment, and asked, Are you injured?” 

I shook my head, No.” 

The sobering agent had been taking effect since a while ago. My consciousness had mostly recovered, but my body still felt a bit weak; I couldn’t stand very steadily. Ryley supported me with one hand and whispered, I’ll take you back.” 

Considering the current situation, staying in the bar wasn’t suitable for me

I nodded, leaning on the wall, and heading towards the staircase


Nathan’s voice came from behind me

Ryley and I halted, turning around to face Nathan

How did you end up here?Nathan asked me

I hesitated for a moment

It seemed everyone had similar questions. But when these words came from Nathan

it was genuinely amusing

Here? Are you referring to Dark Moon Pack or the bar? If you’re asking why I’m at Dark Moon Pack” 

I smirked, Of course, I was invited to attend Alpha Nathan’s engagement banquet. But if you’re asking why I’m at the bar, it’s simply because I wanted to have a drink.‘ 

The corridor wasn’t welllit, and half of Nathan’s face was concealed in the shadows. I couldn’t discern his expression and naturally had no idea what he was thinking

Seeing him remain silent, I lost interest in waiting

AnywayI took a deep breath, thanks for helping me just now. Nothing else, I’ll be on my way.” 


To my surprise, Nathan called me again

This time, he even walked up to me

He lowered his head, getting closer, and his warm breath brushed against my ear

The next moment, I heard him asking in a voice only the two of us could hear- 

Are you still investigating the Gummy Skull case?” 

Gummy Skull

Why did Nathan bring up Gummy Skull

Could this bar be related to Gummy Skull as well

I glanced sharply at Nathan, and in that split second, my lips accidentally brushed against his ear

Both Nathan and I were taken aback

Instinctively, I took a step back, and it happened to be right into Ryley’s arms

Ryley might have mistaken me for being unsteady; his long arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me snugly against his chest

At that moment, it felt like I saw a storm raging in Nathan’s eyes

The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn

The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn

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"Diana, didn't you see Alpha Isaac toasting you? Hurry up and take it." I looked at my alpha mate Nathan, begging with my eyes. I can't drink more. His eyes seemed to be so cold, that he didn't care about what I felt at all. I had no choice and drank it with my eyes closed. The stomach pain became severe. But that's not the end. Isaac made me have 2 more glasses until I turned pale.

The Luna Is Gone (Diana and Nathan) by Angelique Quinn

Isaac was satisfied with me being a docile woman, "If Zoe is too precious to you, alpha Nathan, what do you say about this Diana lady spending a beautiful night with me?" I was stunned and stared at Nathan, but he kept silent not rejecting Isaac. And Nathan smirked at Isaac, "She is no fun, if you like a boring and dull puppet in bed, go ahead." I felt dizzy and vaguely heard people gossiping around me saying Nathan seriously didn't care about his Luna at all as rumor said. He was okay sending his own Luna to another man's bed to save a maid. But Nathan didn't seem to notice that I can't barely stand, and he was hugging Zoe out.


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