The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 326

The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 326


Chapter 326 

Sun Park was a park in name, but it had been abandoned for many years

Tucked away in a remote location and overrun with weeds, it was rarely visited during the day, let alone at the witching hour of eleven at night

Vivienne drove the van into the park, parking it next to a statue and killing the engine

The kidnappers had chosen this location for the dropoff it was a place so quiet that you could hear a pin drop it didn’t look like a place anyone would be 

Vivienne looked around and casually said. If you ve called me here, there’s no need to keep hiding ” 

Hardly had her words faded when about a dozen masked men emerged from the bushes immediately surrounding her 

Each one held a sharp dagger with a blade that gleamed menacingly under the moonlight and the tips were tinged with a sinister hun 


Vivienne couldn’t help but smirk. It seemed like these guys were determined to end her life 

Where’s my brother? She had no time to play cat and mouse with them, so she cut straight to the chase 

The leader of the masked men was momentarily stunned, then began heartily laughing You’re still worried about your brother? Do you really think you’re going to walk out 

of hele alive‘ 

They had been given a kill order. No matter what, they had to kill Vivienne 

Whoever could deliver Vivienne’s head would not only get the ransom but an additional 20 million dollars 

Which assassin wouldn’t be tempted by the prospect of receiving 30 million dollars for the head of a seemingly defenseless young woman

It’s just you guysVivienne responded with a sarcastic smile 

Had been so long since she had flexed her muscles that they thought she was incapable of defending herself

Do you have any idea how much your head is worth? The leader drawled Coming here today was a mistake!” 


With a sudden command he brandished his dagger and the others followed suit. They all lunged at Vivienne with murderous intent 

But they barely managed to take one step toward her. With a mere flick of her finger, they suddenly collapsed to the ground, limp as marionettes 

Whats happening? Why can’t I move?” 

The masked men were shocked to find their limbs devoid of strength. Their mouths were the only part of them still able to move 

Forget about killing Vivienne they couldn’t even save themselves now 

What did you do to us? The leader growled 

As Vivienne listened to their frustrated yells, she casually walked up to them and said, ‘I told you, you can’t touch me 

in the instant they had lunged for her she had sprinkled a powder she had developed herself that left them incapacitated 

Where is my brother? She asked as she looked down at them coldly 

Your bluffing! We will never tell you where your brother is Stop dreaming!” 

The masked men remained defiant, seemingly not believing Vivienne held any significant power 

ry well Vivienne nodded and pulled out a silver needle from her pocket 

Without even bending down she threw it towards the leader of the masked men 

Three silver needles accurately hit his pressure points. The next moment, he broke into a wailing cacophony of laughter and tears it hurts/ it’s so itchy) What’s 

He felt as if a thousand ants were crawling on his back and a scorpion had stung him at the same time 

His back was soon soaked in cold sweat it was as if he had just been pulled out of the water 

Help! | apologizer | wont do it again! Please let me go

The leader was begging mindlessly. He was relentlessly pleading with Vivienne to spare hum 

Vivienne nesily removed the needies from his body, and he finally calmed down while gasping for breath on the ground

Vienna looked the masked men sprawled on the ground and asked. Who else wants to try

Try their ass 

The masked men internally swore that they would never let themselves go through that 

Who would want to experience that kind of pain and torment

They had underestimated the beautiful girl standing before them 

Without drawing a weapon or shedding blood she had managed to inflict unbearable pain on their steadfast 

It wasnt physical torture but it looked more untwaratre 

We were wrong, Vienne Please stow us mercy we won’t øvel 

The masked men looked at each 

offend you again 

Answer two questions Vivienne pulled out an antidote from her pocket and waved it 

Ask away! We’ll tell you everything we know!” 

Where is my brother night now

The masked men’s leader immediately answered Thaddeus ia in 

ndoned factory

Good Vivienne nodded She was sailed with the answer Second question, who ordered 

Thaddeus being kidnapped was just a smokescreen 

On the surface, the kidnappers wanted a ransom, but they were actually after her life

As soon as she appeared as agreed, the masked men would swarm her and end her life 


The masked man hesitated, realizing that if he confessed, his fate would be dire 

But if he didn’t. Vivienne wouldn’t spare him either 

Seems like the pain wasn’t enough? Noticing his hesitation, Vivienne brought out the silver needles again. How about we add two more and see how that feels

No, no, no!The masked man was so scared that he almost bit his tongue Ta 

He did not want to experience that inhuman torture again

It was Paul, the eldest grandson of the Ellington family 


He was the expected culprit, but Vivienne didn’t expect him to have the guts to plan this 

Vivienne raised her hand again, scattering another type of powder 

The next second, the masked men were surprised to find that they could move their hands and feet again

This miraculous powder was the first of its kind they had encountered How was it capable of instantly paralyzing a person’s nerves and then restoring them in 

Thank you for keeping your promise. Vivienne We are eternally grateful!” 

After their brief encounter, the masked men realized Vivienne was not someone to be trifled with 

She could easily take down a dozen men or more. Her hidden strength was akin to that of an iceberg submerged in water 

Competing with her was like throwing an egg at a rock

Where’s your vehicle

The van was too cumbersome She needed something lighter for her operations

The masked figure quickly brought out one of the smaller cars and handed it over to Vivienne 

This vehicle is yours now Vivienne gestured to the van nearby You can do whatever you want with the money in the van, but as for Paul 

She paused for a brief moment, and the masked figure understood what she meant. We get it, we get it. We’ll teach him a lesson for you” 

Not only did Vivienne spare their lives but she also kept her promise, giving them a ransom of 10 million dollars 

Where else could they find such a good deal? The masked men naturally wanted to show their gratitude 

Vivienne got into the car and drove towards the abandoned factory in the west district, following the directions they gave her 

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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