The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 331

The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 331

Chapter 331 

Quincy was their guide, with Percival at the wheel as they made their way south 

After a solid two hour drive they finally pulled up to a residential ama 

They were in the wealthwest part of Riverwood where only the rich and influ 

Money was one thing but these folks had connections that were anything but ordinary 

Quincy led them into one of the villas and down into the basement 

The place was heavih guarded with plents if organizatiçe members 

tre in this area was blessed with substanti 

But Vivienne and Percival who were disguised as Cointelia and Dorian, as well as Ourry wem familiar faces fance, they mat » 

Once in the basement the quick, found Design and i nedela Ruddled in a comer 

They seemed unharmed, but their faces were pale and brown Thạy, locisk mot like they hadeit matan in dayt 

We ne mcing these han immediataty (let ready 


Algemon event Dental and Visienne behind Quincy Why the sudden move? Werent they doing fine here” 

Things have changed its al for the portion. Quincy didn’t have time to explain and kept it brief in any hate we take responsibility he men 

Rest assured Vosenne suddenh spoke from behind. They will be safe 

Both Algernon and Quincy were taken aback. This wasnt Cordelia’s voice, hor was it tamene si 

She wasnt phe of GTO% people 

Call for backup: Quincy’s first instinct was to call for help but the next moment, she realized that she was frozen in place. You gyer 

Algernon Rushed them, but Percival parts subdued him 

Once Algernon was restrained Vivenne and Percival went to untie Dorian and Cordelia 

All the noise made a weakened Dorian open his eyes

He saw. Cordelia in from of him and then suddeni) realized that there was somebody else beside them. He was taken aback

He was startled when he looked back at Percival 

Wasnt that him” 

M: Hawthom! Vivenne called out to him breaking his daze. I’m here to rescue you 

Donan snapped back to reality and urgently whispered. How are you here? Run there’s too many of them 

Visserine’s heart softened and she gently assured him that things were fine. It’s okay, I’ll get you home safe and sound 

5he nepec Doran and Cordelia up 

Just the 

homas walked in 

Thomas ha 

yone’s been subdued 

recovered a few days phor and had rejoined Percival’s team the night before 

Partna kaakao expressióniessly at Quincy and Aigemon on the ground and coldly gave out his orders. Take them back (1) 

Tenge that thomas nudded and ordered the team members who came with him to take everyone body 


deia awalchand the fully atmed men make their moves then looked at Percival 

Then saat tamne wovenskes students were kidnapped it was Percival who stormed in with a fully armed team

think much of

But after witiwssung at this. They realized that Percival was far from being the rutored useless seventh grandson 

Pie huet beer hedding his true abilities 

vad taken GTD1 propre away Vivienne and Perciver hoped Dun 

in the car Exotiar abortigued to Vien 

Wantine (th) sotti for causing you trouda 

Dadamalany, Luntached fan mince she ref Havenwood not walking 10 Gave 

but she ma 

pie kat beer watia (prala karvig that they 


Bungkan tamdy 

OkayDorian and Cordelia agreed without any objections 

The sky had gradually darkened by the time they reached the residential complex. As soon as they got out of the car, they immediately brought Dorian and Cordelia into the apartment 

Percival poured them some hot coffee and had previously arranged for food to be delivered 

Only after Dorian and Cordelia had sipped the warm brew and ribbled on some food did they finally regain their composure

Upon seeing the worry etched on Vivienne’s face. Dorian reassured her. They didn’t hurt us. They just kept us hungry for a few days. You two don’t need to blame yourselves” 

Vivienne’s face remained clouded with concem it was my oversight (should have arranged for post protection sooner 

in fact, before she left Havenwood she had specifically allocated people to ensure Doiran and Cordelia’s safety

in order to not disrupt their lives the bad instructed the quarcs to maintain a discreet doctance 

But it was this distance coupled with Rowan’s talent for dinguses that had allowed the impostors to ship into franquil f states unentical 

It’s not your fault Donan was quick to Comfort her They were after that potion 

During their captivity their captors probed Dorian with veiled questions about Karen 

He sansed something amiss, and realized that they were after the potion he had once hidden away 

Thankfulh the potion is in your hands Dorian let out a sigh of relief if he hadnt handed the potion over to Vivienne earlier who knew what an 

Just as Karen had said when Vivienne was powerful enough, it was time to entrust her with the mission 

Vivienne wat The on one who could shoulder the burden he couldn’t bear 

You don’t need to worry about the potion. Vivienne eased his womes. Til handle it 

After a pause she looked at them and asked What are your plans now?” 

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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