The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 337

The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 337

Chapter 337 

With Judith’s consent, under the guise of tutoring Thaddeus, Calista began to frequently visit the Brooks Mansion 

The Brooks family was somewhat surprised by her frequent visits, but out of respect for their matriarch, no one raised any objections Thaddeus could you try solving this problem

Calista, bored out of her mind, flipped through his textbook and tossed a workbook in front of Thaddeus 

Thaddeus was still just a kid He was hardly capable of basic arithmetic 

After looking at the exercises in the textbook the felt like a joke 

Here she was a medical prodigy admired by all teaching a child to add and subtract 

One plus one equals two two apples plus three apples make five 

If it weren’t for her ultenor motives, she would never put up with this 

Calista Thaddeus. holding his thirdgrade workbook, said uncomfortably can’t 

You’re so stupid Calista scolded him. She closed the textbook and said, “If it werent for your sister, Vivienne, do you think you could stay in the 

no connection with the Brooks family You’re a mere branch member trying to climb up to the main Brooks family it’s wishful thinking

Thaddeus bit his hip as tears welled up in his eyes 

You dam cry?Calista sneered You’re just like your sister! You’re pretending to be pitiful to gain sympathy. Who do you think you’re fooling? Do you thi the Brooks family

As she spoke she gave Thaddeus a pinch out of frustration Its all because of your sister! She stole everything that was mine! You two siblings are the same. You both deserve deathr 

Thaddeus tried to dodge, but he still defended Vivienne. My sister is not like that! You can’t speak ill of my sister! She’s good to me! She’s good at everything 

The more Thaddeus defended Vivienne, the angrier Calista got 

Why did everyone think Vivienne was so good? Baron and Richard were also fond of Vivienne, and Percival treated her like a treasure 

Shut up!Calista snapped and lost her temper 

Thaddeus stubbornly looked at her with tears streaming down his face 

Thaddeus, come have some fruit! Just then, Judith and a maid walked in and saw this What’s wrong? Why is he crying?” 

The maid placed a bowl of fruit on the table, and Judith quickly strode over to wipe Thaddeustears. Thaddeus, tell Grandma why you are crying” 


Thaddeus was about to answer honestly when Calista glared at him sharply 

He closed his mouth in fear and turned his head away 

The problems were two difficult Calista quickly pretended to be considerate and answered, Thaddeus couldn’t solve them and got upset

Judith believed her and comforted Thaddeus if you can’t solve them, just learn slowly Calista is very good if you learn from her, you will succeed in your studies

Of course, Thaddeus is very smart and can catch up quickly I believe he will catch up soonCalista’s gaze was threatening as she stared at 

That’s right Thaddeus is Vivienne’s brother so of course he’s smart” 

Judith patted Thaddeus head Then study hard Grandma will have someone prepare your favorite snacks. You can eat them after class 

Thaddeus nodded timidly not daring to look into Judiths eyes 

Judith soon left with the maid leaving Calista and Thaddeus alone in the room 

Good Just like that if you dare tell the truth, Fl make you regret it Calista satisfyingly said 

Thaddeus lowered his head in fear, not daring to speak 

A few days 

Vienne had been busy these past few days. The investigation she and Percival had launched regarding the missing infants had paided results

A total of twenty infants were missing from there villages 

These three areas were restate and impower t and several infants missing from each. The law enforcement DRCİ MENE Unawain of the the cases at kidnappinge 

GTO was very secretive, themfore their superiots were unaware of their activities 

Vivienne and Percival visited these three areas to get a better understanding of the sharbon 

They wanted to save the chideen but they didn’t know the exact location of UTI a base, nor did they kne 

know how many infants GTO wanted to use for their vifus experiments. Hase were all 

Currently the only way to get authe answers was to find Mc.

But despite their best afforts they had not been abi to locate Ma 

Rowan and lamene also thed to contact Mi di but he did not apprai 

Therefore the task of canng the chaidien wat handed over to miched who was tu mport du the na 

After handing its matter Vivienne returned to the Brocka 

When she arrived it was lunchtime 

As soon as she entered she saw Calista stung at the dining table 

She frowned, walked over and sat next to Thaddeus with a displeased expression

Judith laughed. Vivienne we haven’t seen you for a few days Did something happen?” 

Vivienne glanced at Thaddeus and replied to Judiths question Yes, I had some things to take care of” 

As she finished speaking, she reached up to pat Thaddeus head, but he deftly sidestepped her 

Vivienne’s fingers hovered, and her voice was a soft murmur as she asked. “Thaddeus, how have you been these past few days?” 

I’m I’m doing fineThaddeus voice was so soft that Vivienne who was sitting next to him could barely hear him

Vivienne glanced at him with an indecipherable gaze She then swept her eyes over the crowit gathered at the dinner table as a cold chill emanated from her 

She looked up at Judith, her voice as cold as a winter frost Who has been bullying Thaddeus while I was away?” 

Judith looked startled, then she quickly replied. What are you talking about? Thaddeus is well respected in the Brooks household I’ve made that clear to everyone. No one would dare bully him” 

Is that so 

Vivienne’s fork clattered onto the table Do you think I am blind to the changes in my brother 

The Brooks family members exchanged surprised glances 

Vivienne have you misunderstood something? I can assure you that no one in the Brooks household would dare bully Thaddeus Judith said quickly 

Assure Vivienne coldly looked at her 1s your assurance worth anything?” 

Judith was taken aback

Her assurance was indeed worthless 

Despite Paula’s repeated disruptions the Brooks family, although they promised strict punishment, always ended up protecting her because she was their kin 

Just a few days ago, the Miller family unexpectedly showed up, claiming Paula had gone missing. Even though Judith had claimed to sever ties with Paula, she still pert people to search for her 

Judith’s game fell or Thaddeus She hadn’t noticed any changes in him 

From the moment Thaddeus arved at the Brooks household he rarely spoke and seemed afraid to interact with people

So she didn’t understand why Vivienne was so upset 

On second thought Vivienne and Thaddeus had a close relationship. Perhaps Vivienne had noticed something that others hadn’t After a moment’s consideration, Judith proposed an idea. Is it the tutoring? Has it been too tiring and made Thaddeus unhappy?” 

Tutoring Vivienne asked as she furrowed her brow 

Yes. Vivienne, I am currently Thaddeus home tutor Calista responded calmly, Were you not aware?

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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