The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 340

The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 340

Chapter 340 

Judith froze, not understanding what Vivienne meant

Although it was her mistake to employ Calista as Thaddeustutor and her failure to notice that Calista was physically punishing Thaddeus, she was now clearly taking 


Vivienne ignored Judith. Instead, she walked up to Calista with an expressionless look on her face

Calista was visibly rattled under Vivienne’s gaze Vivienne! I…….“ 


Calista barely got out two words before Vivienne sent her flying with a kick

Vivienne’s kick was full of power 

Calista, having no fighting training and no regular physical exercise, was sent crashing into the opposite wall by Vivienne’s kick and then fell heavily to the floor 

At the moment of the fall, Calista felt as if all her bones were falling apart 

Then she spat out a mouthful of blood Puh” 

Mila was so shocked by the scene that she was completely stunned and didn’t react for a long time 

When she finally came to her senses, she let out a loud yell, Ah Calista” 

She rushed over to help Calista, but Calista was in so much pain that she couldn’t speak. She could only look at Vivienne with wide eyes, unable to make a sound 

Judith, along with the Brooks family members, were all taken aback by Vivienne’s quick action

After Mila had just picked up Calista and while the Brooks family members were still stunned, Vivienne quickly moved forward, grabbed Calista by the collar, and flung her 


Calista felt as though her bones were about to break from the fall 

Now she felt as though her internal organs were about to explode, causing her to gasp for air 

She looked up to see Vivienne approaching her like a demon from hell

With each step Vivienne took towards her, Calista felt like she was being crushed by an invisible giant mountain, causing her breath to quicken

She struggled to back away and finally managed to let out a sound. Whatwhat are you doing? Murder murder is illegal!” 

Vivienne continued to walk towards her with an expressionless face and a voice as cold as ice Twon’t kill you! I’ll make you wish you were dead?” 

In that moment. Calista felt fear 

A fear that she had never experienced before 

She panicked and quickly began begging for mercy. I was wrong! I will never do it again! Please spare mel 

Vivienne stood in front of her, looking down at her like she was an insignificant ant. I said whoever dares to hurt my family will suffer a fate worse than de 

Upon hearing this. Judith’s eyes narrowed 

Vivienne was do protective of her adoptive parentsfamily yet she was distant with them 

Clearly they had hurt Vivienne’s heart 


what do you want? Calista saw the coldness in Vivienne’s eyes, and inexplicably, she felt as though the end of the world was near 

Vivienne didn’t answer She just picked her up and punched her in the stomach 

Calista spat out a mouthful of fresh blood on the spot 

Mila screamed in fright: VivienneLet go of Calista! I will fight your 

As she said this, she rushed forward to hit Vivienne, but was instantly kicked away

Mila was positioned against the door so Viviennes kick sent her crashing into it

Everyone heard a crack. It was the sound of her bones breaking 

Vivienne turned her head, then landed another punch on Calistas stomach 

This time her fingert were wrapped around several silver needles, which pierced into Calistas stomach when she punched her 

Instantly an unknown liquid flowed out of Calista & body 

Upon seeing this, Kala, Carl, and Ashley all covered their hoses and took a step back

How embarrassing 

The daughter of the prestigious Pendleton family actually wet herself in public

After receiving that punch, Calista completely

Vivienne stood in place, took out a card, and handed it to Carl Get me two hundred thousand dollars. “ 

Carl looked at the card she handed him and has pupili dilated 7 black card” 

This was a globally limited ttack card 

Cinly people with a maturan asset of one hundred betion differs com 

Although the Becca’s family was wealthy orly Scat from the entire Mežska Fartely had a black co 

Carl’s body jerked and he quickly said. Hit go get it right away

There was a bank (war the Brooka Markapını 

Instally Can thought that without an appointment

laka sume tine to withdran two hundred thousand kula 

hana manager personally came out and got hen the money in just a leva trenutes

While holding the two hundred thousand dollars in his hand. Dart fait ked 

How was his cousin this incredibly wealthy?! 

He had to hold onto her tightly 

Perhaps if his cousin was in a good mood, she might give 12 million to compensate for the money he lost in the auction 

With this thought, Carl happily returned to the Brooks Mansion 

When he got back, Calista was still lying unconscious on the ground 

Mila was also writhing in agony on the ground from Vivienne’s kick

The others in the Brooks family were silent, watching Vivienne, who stood in the middle of the living mom, as she exuded a powerful aura

Cart handed the money to Vivienne Cousin, I’ve got the money” 

Vivienne took the money Thanks” 

Then, she walked up to Calista, took out a silver needle, and pricked her 

Soon, Calista woke up 

Vivienne threw the two hundred thousand dollars in front of Calista. This is for your medical bills.She coldly said 

Calista gritted her teeth as she looked at Vivienne. I won’t let you get away with this!” 

She felt pain all over her body, even breathing was difficult 

She hated Vivienne 

She would definitely not let Vivienne off easy 

The icy glint in Vivienne’s eyes sharpened. You think a beating will make up for the hurt my brother has endured? Calista, you’ll pay for your folly 

Before Calista could respond, Vivienne whipped out her phone and dialed a number 

William Pendleton! Your daughter and I have a score to settle Be at the Brooksresidence in ten minutes!” 

Without waiting for a response, she ended the call 

Ten minutes later a flustered William dashed

Upon seeing Vivienne he hurried over and with respectful urgency, said, What’s wrong teacher?” 

The room fell silent Mila and Calista were stunned. They were unable to recover from their shock 

Calista was the first to regain her senses and exclaimed, “Dad What are you doing? Why are you calling her teacher? She’s just a hick from the sticks who’s done this to me Dad, you need to avenge me!” 

Quiet William barked. The clearly spoiled you rotten!” 

Without asking for specifics, William turned to Vivienne and apologized. I’m sorry for not disciplining my daughter” 

He didn’t beg Vivienne to forgive Calista 

He knew Vivienne well enough to know that she wouldn’t have called him unless she was extremely angry 

I didn’t call you here to hear an apology Vivienne said coldly 

William bowed his head Yes, it’s too late to apologize. I’ll discipline my daughter better in the future, so she won’t offend you again.” 

Vivienne pulled out a chair and sat down, crossing her legs as she leaned back with a casual air. Her cool gaze fixed on William, and after a long pause, she stated. Wikan, you’ve been a cuckold for over twenty years. Surely, you’ve had enough” 

William stiffened and felt perplexed. What do you mean?” 

Mila however had a sudden sinking feeling in her heart


It couldn’t bel 

Vienne couldn’t be talking about that 

Only a few people knew about that 

Calista in your daughter She’s Scott’s Didn’t you know? Vivienne said in a languid draw 


The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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