The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 349

The Million-Dollar Heart Chapter 349


Chapter 349 

Jeffrey could feel the whispers of the crowd beginning to swirl around him. His face visibly paled

He turned to Vivienne with a hint of desperation in his voice, You’re accusing me of plagiarism just based on a paint? That’s a pretty wild assumption, don’t you think?” 

His words were hollow and fraught with quilt

Because he had plagiarized another painting indeed 

He first saw it during his trip to the Mirelia Continent, displayed in a renowned local art gallery. He had wanted to purchase it but was informed t wasn’t for sale and would only be on display for three days 

So, he took a photo of it and, upon his return, recreated it for his own gallery exhibition 

He never imagined Vivienne would discover his deceit 

Wasn’t she raised within the mountain and seldom venturing out? And she had only recently returned to the Brooks family How could she possibly know” 

Vivienne raised her eyes, her expression was impassive. The painting is called Recollections It was the artist’s tribute to her mother. The bracelet worn by the woman in the painting, even her attire, were all personally chosen by the artist for her mother And this painting was only ever displayed overseas. It’s not for sale!” 

Her eyes narrowed and a sharp arrow of accusation shot out, When you decided to copy it, did you ever consider whether or not you could handle the consequences if the original artist found out?” 

Her aura changed suddenly and exuded a palpable sense of danger 

The painting was her tribute to her mother 

It was the memory of her mother’s silhouette that had left the deepest impression on her 

Her mother had taken her shopping for the first time since they had gone into hiding She had bought Vivienne numerous items but had bought nothing for herself 

Vivienne had admired the bracelet and thought it sulted her mother’s elegant bearing. She had lied, saying that she loved seeing her 

it Only then had her mother agreed to buy it 

The outfit her mother was wearing was also bought at Vivienne’s insistence

That day, watching her mother’s retreating figure as she went to pay the bill, Vivienne felt it was the happiest day of her life 

But that evening, her mother committed suicide by poisoning herself 

She was wearing the outfit and the bracelet that Vivienne had chosen for her 

During her years at the Emerald Mountain monastery. Vivienne would often recall that moment and sketch it. The painting was carefuly preserved by her 

When she had to leave Emerald Mountain, she left the painting behind 

Dawson the man who was cleaning the monastery that day, had seen the painting Captivated by its beauty, he sent 

Soor people started looking for her wanting to display the painting in their galleries 

She had declined several times but finally agreed when an offer she couldn’t refuse was presented. However, the painting was not for sale 

As a result, it was only displayed for three days before 

taken down 

Jeffrey was taken aback by her intensity. He took a step back and thed to defend himself. You’ve got al your facts straight, but who a the (anginal artist then? Apart from this painting are there any other works? An artal capable of such an exquate piece mamy ha work right

Vivienne looked at him, her eyes cold. Her name is Eulalia “ 

Eulaliasomeone in the crowd exclaimed 

Eulalia is a mysterious artist Many countries have invited her to paint but she has abraço decret 

It’s not just that Eulalia’s paintings have a wout her works start at a svadinas at even the aegi who 

collect her art 

Jeffrey was taken aback. He hadn’t expected Virenne to know no touch

Even the artists name 

Suppressing his parus, he spoke up agam. So you say it’s Balaka, and we shimolitpur tang sou malo kayane kinders ter paintings, are auctioned off by the National Art Gitary if it’s really her work, han de this painting 

He stubbornly refused to adine his crithe 

After all, Fulaka’s partings were at the National Aut Glory or price re 


They would never just appear in the open

Vivienne was just a recent addition to the Brooks family, a mere debutante. She couldn’t ever bring Eulalia to the scene 

Vivienne’s icy gaze fell on him as a slow smile spread across her face. During my time in the mountain, I dabbled in painting and took the name Eulalia What a coincidence, don’t you think?she asked 

Everyone in the room was stunned on hearing that 

Eulalia was Vivienne

How could that be possible” 

She wasn’t even twenty yet. How could she create such breathtaking art

Huh! What a coincidence indeed Jeffrey scoffed But I would advise you to choose a different name I understand your desire for fame, but Eulalia’s name isn’t one to be trifled with 

Is that soVivienne replied, her voice indifferent. She picked up her phone and dialed a number 

The call was quickly answered, and a respectful voice on the other end greeted her. Miss Eulalia, what a pleasant surprise. Do you hav piece for us

Vivienne switched the call to speakerphone. The moment the voice was heard, a hush fell over the crowd 

Even Jeffrey was stunned 

That voice belonged to the secretary to the director of the National Art Gallery 

Every artist dreamed of having their work displayed in the National Art Gallery, having a painting there would instantly skyrocket their fame 

Vivienne actually knew the director’s secretary, and he had just referred to her as Miss Eulalia

How was that possible” 

Before he could recover, Vivienne spoke again with an icy voice. “The Ellington family’s second grandson, Jeffrey, plaganized my painting Recollections What should be done about this?” 

The person on the other end of the line paused, then replied seriously, We will investigate this matter thoroughly! And we will immediately sue the other party on your behalf and close up the gallery!” 

Very well You handle it Vivienne said and hung up 

Jeffrey was stunned 

A lawsuit

Closing up the gallery

This couldn’t be happening 

His gallery had just opened recently, and this exhibition was supposed to boost his reputation if the gallery was closed, what 

He would never be able to make a living as an artist again

As he was about to speak a staff member rushed in Boss were in trouble The National Art Gallery has sent us a legal notice and remove all the paintings from the gallery immediately 

No sooner than the man finished speaking another staff member sprinted over. Bad news? Some guys clam Galery just showed up. They re saying they re going to shut us down!” 

Jeffrey was completely flabbergasted by this turn of eventa 

How could this happen? he couldn’t believe it. Hi meticulously planned art exhibition was shyit – 

be from the Nai 

Jeffrey jerked his head to look at Vivienne his teeth gritted in age. It’s your You are behend of these hothong good has happened veÌNH, ĐẢNG got engaged to Peroivat You firat threw Paulinto jail and now you re cuming my art 


gry roar Jeffrey lunged at Vienne Tau akut 17 kill you?” 

Percival stepped in front of Vin 

rith a segir hạnd his stem face was devosi vi 

dare you 

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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The Million-Dollar Heart Novel Full Episode

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