The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 1241-1260

The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 1241-1260

Chapter 1241
“Such a coincidence, the same last name as Mr. Collins?”
Naturally, there were many people in the world with the surname Collins. It was
nothing unusual. But the way Mr. Collins emphasizes “the first time” seemed to
suggest a long-standing dissatisfaction with Arabella.
“Looks like everyone didn’t have enough for lunch.”
Upon hearing Hans’ remark, the room burst into applause. Yet nobody seemed
to realize the underlying meaning, thinking that Mr. Collins was about to give
Arabella a piece of his mind, a stern warning.
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“Arabella’s absence from the meeting is with my approval.”
Hans’ next statement left everyone dumbfounded, staring at him in disbelief.
“She didn’t clock in at the office. That was my decision”
This statement sent shockwaves through the crowd again. They couldn’t believe
what they were hearing.
“Delegating minor tasks to an assistant was my suggestion to her.”
Once again, people in the room were stunned. All faces turned to stone.
So, Mr. Collins knew all along.
“Let me introduce you to my sister, Arabella. She’ll be taking over more than half
of the company’s operations in the future. Please, be gentle with her. After all,
she’s still in school and can’t spare much time.”
Upon hearing this, everyone was speechless.
This seemingly arrogant young lady was Mr. Collins’ sister.
Nobody had ever heard about another girl in the Collins family.
When did she come into the picture?
Was she kept hidden by the Collins family, being secretly groomed as a
And she was still in school! No wonder she looked so young!
Mr. Collins even stated that she would be responsible for over half of the
company’s operations in the future.
What kind of abilities must she have, and how much trust must Mr. Collins have
in her to make such a statement?
So she might become the company’s second-in-comman4d, or even the head.
God, they’d just completely offended her!
They were screwed.
Meanwhile, Arabella was left with several questions. When did she agree to take
over more than half of the company’s operations? Was Hans making decisions
without consulting her? Not leaving her an out?
And why did he reveal her identity so soon? She hadn’t fully dealt with thase
hidden powers.
“Until we, the Collins family, decide to publicly announce her identity, I don’t
want to hear any rumors or gossip outside. I hope everyone can respect this.”
Hans’ words left everyone stunned for a moment before they collectively
responded, “Yes!”
“Bella, say hello to everyone.” When Hans looked at his sister, his eyes were
filled with warmth, a stark contrast to his earlier demeanor.
Everyone realized then that Mr. Collins’ previous tenderness wasn’t the calm
before the storm, but the affection and concern of a brother for his sister!
The reason Arabella was seated next to Mr. Collins was not some hidden
agenda, but simply because she was his sister!
“Hello everyone, I’m Arabella. Looking forward to working with you all in the
future.” Arabella’s eyes sparkled with a hint of nonchalance and curiosity.
Mr. Armand, seeing her expression and hearing her words, could barely stay on
his feet, “Ms. Bennett, I apologize for my earlier rudeness. Please forgive me.”
“I failed to recognize your importance earlier, Ms. Bennett. Please, let bygones
be bygones and consider it a joke.” Mr. Carter also stood up awkwardly to
apologize, fearing Arabella might hold a grudge against him.
“Ms. Bennett, I’m truly sorry for offending you earlier. I hope you can forgive
me!” Mr. Baldwin also looked mortified, wishing he could disappear into thin air.
He blamed himself for his thoughtless remarks.Chapter 1242
“Never mind, that’s all water under the bridge.” Arabella didn’t want to waste her
time with them, so she turned her gaze towards Hans.
Getting the hint from his sister, Hans finally declared the meeting open.
Perhaps it was due to Arabella’s new position, the meeting seemed more tense
than usual. Few dared to speak, each of them quietly contemplating if Arabella
would use her power to settle personal scores.
Everyone was on pins and needles, even those reporting on their work were
unusually subdued, not daring to steal Arabella’s thunder.
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When it was Arabella’s turn to report on the progress of her work, she was
composed, speaking about the recent accomplishments of the company one by
one, instantly earning a round of hearty applause.
The achievements of this young lady were truly more dazzling than any of
theirs. There was no need for them to deliberately give way.
Who would have thought that such a young lady could take the company to a
new level?
After the applause, Hans added, “All these great achievements of the company
are due to Ms. Bennett who regularly conducts remote meetings and instructs
the staff. The biggest credit qoes to Ms. Bennett. Let’s give another round of
applause to her.”
The crowd erupted into another round of applause, this time even more
enthusiastic than before.
“Ms. Bennett really knows how to juggle her studies and work.”
“Such a young age, and her ability is so outstanding, she is definitely a talent for
the future.”
“The Collins family really produces talents, the corporation has achieved
unprecedented glory under the leadership of Mr. Collins, and with the help of
Ms. Bennett in the future, it will be even more powerful.”
“Looking forward to Collins Corporation stepping onto a bigger, higher stage.”
The flattering comments made Arabella feel bored. Before they knew about her
identity, they were baring their fangs at her, now they were praising her as a
“Any other questions?” Hans looked at everyone present. Seeing them shake
their heads, having nothing else to say, he declared, “Meeting adjourned”
Everyone got up, before leaving the room, they each came to Arabella.
“Ms. Bennett, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself earlier, I’m Dorothy, in
charge of the Collins Mineral Water Co., Ltd. in Summerfield.”
“Hi, Ms. Dorothy.’ Arabella shook her hand.
“I’m Erica, in charge of the Collins Corporation’s furniture company in
“Hello, Ms. Erica.” Arabella nodded, shaking her hand as well.
“My name is Patricia, in charge of the Collins Corporation’s cosmetic company
in Summerfield. I’m delighted to meet you today.”
“Nice to meet you, Ms. Patricia.” Arabella shook her hand in a polite manner.
After a flurry of people tried to get closer to Arabella, she said, “Thank you all for
your enthusiasm. I have other matters to attend to, so we’ll chat another time.”
Only then did they stop crowding around her and bid her goodbye.
When everyone had left, Hans invited his sister to rest in his office.
Walking towards the office, Arabella looked up and asked, “Hans, when did I
agree to take over more than half of the corporation’s business? Is this a spurof-the-moment decision, or have you been planning this for a while?”Chapter 1243
The corners of Hans’ mouth curled into a gentle smile.
“You’ve been doing such a fabulous job running the company. I figured I might
as well hand over a chunk of the conglomerate to you. I’ve seen you handle
several businesses efficiently, so I thought, what’s one more? I trust you, Bella.”
So, Hans didn’t mind her juggling multiple businesses and even believed she
could handle more. Should she feel flattered or overwhelmed?
“Also, we’re planning to announce your identity to the world.” Hans shared this
in the elevator, looking at his sister affectionately.
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“Oh.” Arabella’s reaction was nonchalant, as if she had been expecting this
news for a long time. Her expression remained calm.
Hans seemed a bit surprised. Did Arabella not want her identity to be known to
the world? Or had she been anticipating this for so long that the initial
excitement had worn off?
“We messed up,’ Hans confessed. “We were initially worried about how our
grandparents would take it, and we didn’t want a massive influx of relatives and
friends disturbing you, so we kept it under wraps.”
Arabella’s concerns were elsewhere. The power forces behind the scenes
hadn’t been completely eradicated.
With less than a month until the announcement.
“What are you thinking, Bella?” Hans asked, noticing her deep in thought.
“Nothing.’ Arabella shifted her gaze. She would have to deal with whatever
came her way. She knew Clark was probably speeding up his own plans.
As the elevator doors slid open, Arabella followed Hans through the well-lit,
spacious corridor that showcased the grandeur of the Collins Group. Every
corner, every piece of decor, spoke volumes about their lofty status and refined
Hans pushed open the door to his office and gestured for Bella to enter. Julian
was at the door.
“Miss Bella, I’ll make you a cup of coffee. Mr. Collins has stocked up on so many
coffee beans, they’re almost teaching their expiry date! And Mr. Collins was
planning on picking you up before the meeting, but when he reached the
garage, your car was already there, and you’d already headed out.”
Hans hadn’t expected such a chatty Julian. He gave him a side glance and
Julian stifled his laughter.
“Hans, you were going to pick me up?” Arabella asked, her eyes gleaming. “I
know my way around. There was no need.”
“Just thought I’d help out since it’s your first day here.” Hans quided her over to
the seating area. “Come sit here.”
Arabella settled into the couch, taking in the ambiance of Hans’ office. The
stately, yet understated decor Mirrored Hans’ personality.
The office was even more spacious and tastefully decorated than her office at
Queen Abby.
“We’ve got your favorite snacks here” Hans suddenly stood up to fetch them.
“Take a look and see which one you want. I’ll help you open it.”
“can do it myself” Arabella was surprised to find that Hans had stocked up on so
many of her favorite snacks.
It reminded her of her visit to Romeo’s office, where he had a whole cabinet full
of snacks waiting for her.
It was clear that Hans had been looking forward to her visit.
With that thought, her eyes softened. She opened a snack, tasted one and then
offered it to Hans. “Try one”
Hans usually didn’t indulge in snacks, but seeing the invitation in Bella’s eyes,
he accepted and took a bite, his gaze filled with affection.
“How’s everything with the Temple family?” Hans asked casually. “Did Crystal’s
parents seem to be feeling any better when you visited?”
“Losing their only daughter has been hard on them. They’re still grieving.
Celeste has fainted a few times from crying, and Alger almost collapsed’ Bella
shared honestly.Chapter 1244
Arabella figured that Hans must’ve known she was involved, but he was
blissfully ignorant of the depth and breadth of those people’s influence.
She didn’t want to drag anyone else into this mess, so she simply said, “You’d
better ask Clark, Hans. He knows more than I do.”
Seeing his sister’s innocent and adorable demeanor, Hans didn’t push, “Alright.
If you see Clark causing trouble, just let me know. Don’t get yourself involved.”
Little did Hans know just how wild she could be.
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Serena, lying in bed, was in so much pain that tears were streaming down her
face, “It hurts. It hurts so much.”
When Dr. Lee was disinfecting her wounds, Serena felt as if her bones were on
fire, her face twisted in unbearable pain.
“Dr. Lee, please be gentle!” Martha was so worried, “If it’s too painful for her,
can we wait a bit and apply the medicine later?”
Martha wanted to keep the wound as it was, to show Serena’s mother and
When they saw Serena in such pain, their hearts would surely soften.
“Serena’s wound is severe. We can’t wait any longer,’ Dr. Lee said as he
disinfected the wound on her forehead, “Every minute we delay increases the
risk of infection.”
Martha sighed inwardly. What a missed opportunity! But then she remembered
she could record a video of this and show it to Madam and Hans later.
“Dr. Lee, it really hurts.” Serena’s speech was slurred due to the pain in her
“I know. If you fall like this, it’s bound to hurt. Your chin and forehead are injured,
how come your nose is fine?”
Dr. Lee asked casually.
“When Serena fell, she instinctively used her hands to protect her face, but she
only managed to shield her nose and mouth. Her palms got scraped and started
Dr. Lee nodded, understanding the situation.
Just then, Betty came in with news, “Hans just called”
Martha assumed Hans was calling to check on Serena, but it turned out he was
inquiring about Arabella’s arrival at his place!
Hearing this, Serena was flustered and furious. She hadn’t expected that sneaky
Arabella to run to Hans and spill the beans!
After Dr. Lee finished applying the medicine, Serena clenched her fists, “I’m
going to see Hans too!”
Martha widened her eyes, “Are you going now?”
Yeah, why didn’t she think of that? Despite her injuries, Serena could bring
some comfort food to Hans and ‘accidentally’ bump into Arabella. She could
apologize to Arabella in front of Hans, and if Arabella reacted poorly, she would
come across as petty and vindictive in Hans’s eyes.
Serena’s plan was brilliant!
“Serena, I’ll help you to the cloakroom.”
Serena changed into a long black dress, paired with a loose, long coat, and a
pretty hat, effortlessly creating an image of a gentle and sophisticated heiress.
She took the family car to the company’s entrance, and the security guards let
her in immediately, out of respect.
Several receptionists saw the bandages on her forehead and chin and rushed to
ask what had happened.Chapter 1245
“No worries, just had a little tumble” Serena maintained her poised, heiress
demeanor, even in pain.
Everyone had to admire her. Even when injured, she managed to maintain an
air of elegance, without a trace of disarray.
“Has Hans been busy? It’s been a while since I last saw him. I made him some
The receptionist, unaware of the incidents in the conference room, replied
gently, “Mr. Collins just finished a meeting. He should be in his office now. I can
call him for you.”
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“No need. I’ll surprise him.
With Serena insisting, the receptionists didn’t dare to stop her and agreed with
Just then, Dorothy, Erica, and Patricia, who were just leaving the corporation
after the meeting, overheard Serena’s conversation with the receptionist, and
their expressions were taken aback.
Did Serena not know that her sister was also here?
“Have you guys noticed, the assertive Ms. Bennett we saw in the meeting
earlier, compared to the gentle and innocent Serena, their characters and
attitudes are worlds apart. Could it be that they were raised separately since
childhood? One being the public face of the family and the other secretly
groomed to take over the family” Erica speculated.
“That’s possible!” Dorothy nodded vigorously, “It really could be, otherwise, their
personalities wouldn’t be so different. They appear to be about the same age,
but Serena never involved herself in the corporation, only appearing in high
society. On the other hand, Ms. Bennett, whose name we had never heard
before, suddenly surfaced in the corporation. We never heard of her in high
society circles before.”
“This must be the deep plot of the Collins family.” Patricia finally caught on.
Serena felt a few people whispering, probably about the wounds on her
forehead and chin. She had fallen quite hard today, and even walking was
But for the sake of her image, she walked with elegance and grace. It was only
when the elevator doors closed that she hastily checked her appearance in the
mirror, afraid of showing any signs of disarray.
Julian just brewed a cup of coffee and was about to take it to the office when he
heard the elevator doors open.
Serena was here!
His expression froze, “Serena, what brings you here today? What happened to
your forehead and chin?”
“I took a fall.” Serena saw the coffee in his hands and smelled the familiar
aroma in the air. Her smile froze. It was Arabella. Arabella was still in Hans’s
office. She didn’t expect Hans to keep Arabella’s favorite coffee at the office.
She recognized the scent; it was from those coffee beans. She couldn’t have
mistaken it!
“Serena, you’re here to see Mr. Collins, right? He’s in his office now.” Julian,
unaware of what had transpired between Serena and Arabella, kindly reminded
her, “Your sister is here too.”
“How long has my sister been here?” Serena feigned ignorance, flashing a
gentle smile.
“About an hour, I suppose.”
An hour, who knew how many bad things Arabella had said about her to Hans!
Serena forced a smile, “Perfect, I made too much afternoon tea. My sister can
have some too. Julian, this is yours.”
“Do I get one too?” Julian was about to receive it.
“You’re holding coffee. It will be inconvenient. I’ll put it on your desk.”
“Thank you, Serena, you’re so thoughtful.”
“No problem.”
Julian knocked on the office door, coffee in hand, “Ms. Bella, your coffee is here.
Mr. Collins, Serena is here too.”
Hans didn’t expect Serena to come. Wasn’t she injured? Why did she come
here? Chapter 1246
Arabella had not expected to run into her everywhere, just as she was
discussing the future development of the company with Hans. Therefore, she
got up and said, “I need to pay a visit to the company.”
“Bella, you’re here. I made afternoon tea for Hans. How about you have some
too?” Serena greeted with a sweet smile as soon as she walked through the
Despite her injured chin making her smile less radiant than usual, her eyes
shone with exceptional sincerity.
“No need.”
Enter title…

Arabella was just about to leave when Serena hurriedly blocked her path,
looking quite pitiful, “Bella, please don’t be angry with me anymore, have some
food to cool off.”
Seeing Serena prepared to stage another performance, Arabella was
momentarily speechless.
“I apologize for what happened last time. It was my fault. I’m sorry.’ Serena
bowed deeply in front of Hans, “I beg your forgiveness.”
Julian was totally confused. What was going on between Ms. Bella and Serena?
It seemed like there was some discord between them.
Serena, still bowing, seemed determined not to straighten up until she received
Arabella’s forgiveness.
She was sure this would soften Arabella.
“I have other things to attend to, so I won’t be able to stay.” Arabella lifted her
eyes and said lazily, “Oh, by the way, I just remembered something. Do you still
have that video of Martha? Do you want me to send you a copy?”
Serena’s face suddenly turned pale!
That was a long time ago. Martha had sneakily unscrewed the cap of the oil
bottle, poured the oil on the floor in an attempt to make Arabella slip, but ended
up hurting herself instead.
Back then, Arabella had kept this evidence!
How could she forget about that?
Thinking that Hans was still next to her, Serena hastily put on a smile, “Since
you’re busy, I won’t interrupt. We’ll talk later when you’re done.”
Arabella raised her victorious gaze, “Hans, I’ll be leaving now.”
Seeing the tension between them, Hans stood up and said, “I’ll see you out.”
“Hans, I made you afternoon tea.” Serena was a bit reluctant, watching Hans’s
retreating figure with some resentment. Just for such a short distance, he had to
escort her! How delicate could Arabella be?
Hans followed Arabella out of the office, whispering, “What’s the meaning of
Martha’s video? Did something else happen between you and Serena?”
“Nothing.” Arabella pressed the elevator button, “Hans, I’ll send you the future
development plan tonight.”
“Bella.’ Hans had a vague feeling that his sister was hiding something from him,
and that in this matter, Martha was the one at fault.
Otherwise, Serena wouldn’t have had that expression just now.
“Let’s go.”
Seeing the elevator door open, Arabella stepped inside. Hans quickly asked,
“Bella, has Martha bullied you before?”
Seeing that Hans wouldn’t give up until he got to the bottom of things, Arabella
lifted her gaze and said, “It’s not exactly bullying. She was just trying to be
smart, but ended up outsmarting herself. It’s not a big deal.”
As the elevator doors closed, Hans had a rough idea of what had happened. It
seemed that Martha had tried to pull something, but it backfired on her.
It seemed her intentions were not pure, and she couldn’t be kept around any
longer.Chapter 1247
When Hans returned to the office, he found Serena clumsily opening a lunch
box with her bandaged hands, revealing the delicate pastries inside.
“Hans, you’re back? Come, try the pastries I made!” Serena greeted with a
smile, “I made them before I got injured. I left some at home for mom and dad,
and for Clark too.”
“You made these?” Hans asked, looking at the two dozen delicate pastries
before him.
“Yes, the chef taught me!” Serena looked at him expectantly, “Try them.”
Enter title…

“You’ve not fully recovered from your cold. You need rest more.” Hans picked up
a piece of honey cake and took a bite, “Not bad.”
While it was not on par with a professional chef, for a first attempt, it was quite
“Really?” Serena was even happier. She also picked up a piece of honey cake,
about to take a bite, but her jerk of mouth opening caused the pain on her chin.
“You haven’t told me what happened to you?” Hans suddenly asked.
Serena froze for a moment, thinking that Hans must have heard from the
servants that she was chasing after Arabella to apologize and accidentally got
hurt. Now he was asking this deliberately, surely he wanted to see if she’d take
the opportunity to bad-mouth Arabella.
But Serena wouldn’t fall for that!
So she put on a mature and understanding look, and calmly said, “I fell by
She didn’t mention Arabella at all.
“That’s it?” Hans asked again.
“Yes, I was walking too fast.” Serena quickly changed the subject, picked up a
fancy four-section lunch box, and handed it to Hans, “Hans, try these. These are
green bean cakes. Did I do a good job?”
“They look good,” Hans gave a positive answer, and picked up another piece to
try, “taste good too”
“With your praise, Hans, I’ll strive to do even better!” Serena grinned, a pure and
beautiful smile, “Next time I’ll make more delicious treats for you. Hans, there’s
juice here.”
Seeing Hans eating, Serena suddenly sighed, “Hans, it feels so good to sit with
you and have afternoon tea. We haven’t chatted and laughed like this in a long
time. Thank you for caring me for so many years.”
Hans looked up and said, “Then tell me, what’s the deal with Martha’s video?”
Serena was stunned by his words, and a bit guilty, “What do you mean, Hans? I
don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I can see it, Martha has something on Bella. Tell me the truth, if it’s not serious,
I can consider letting it go.”
Serena didn’t believe it. She had just said a few bad words about Arabella to her
friends, and Hans had punished her so severely, even including Martha, who
had been deducted her salary and year-end bonus.
If Hans found out that Martha had spilled oil in an attempt to make Arabella slip,
Martha would surely end up far from good!
“Hans, it’s a misunderstanding. It was a short video, nothing important. She just
asked if I had kept it~ Hans clearly didn’t believe her, “You’re trying to fool me
with such an excuse?”
“It’s really nothing. If you don’t believe me, ask her.” Serena was sure that with
Arabella’s character, she wouldn’t gossip behind her back.
Hans was silent for a moment, then looked at the girl in front of him, “Serena,
did Martha teach you all this kind of things?”Chapter 1248
“Hans, how could you possibly think that? Martha has been taking care of me
diligently for eighteen years. She has done a lot of hard work.”
Serena explained sincerely, “I know it’s wrong of me to bad-mouth Arabella to
friends, but this really has nothing to do with Martha. Hans, no matter what
happens in the future, if you’re upset, vent it on me. Don’t involve Martha.”
“You seem to have a deep bond with her” Hans looked into the girl’s eyes, his
expression somewhat complex.
“When dad was busy with the company, mom was often accompanying him. It
was Martha who stayed by my side. No matter if I had a fever, fell ill or
Enter title…

whatever, during every bleak and peak moment of my life in the past eighteen
years, it was Martha who was with me.”
“So, is she better than family?”
“She’s as good as family. Hans, don’t think so poorly of her. She has been
genuinely good to me.” Serena said, sounding a bit distressful, “You’ve
deducted her pay and year-end bonus after a month of her hard work. Hans,
please, don’t do this again.”
At this moment, Julian knocked on the door, “Mr. Collins, the person in charge of
the jewelry company, Mr.
Ferber is here.”
“Let him in.”
Julian ushered Bruno Ferber in. Seeing Serena’s poor state, he couldn’t help but
jest, “What brings you here, Serena? What happened to you?”
“I fell accidentally. Did you come to laugh at me, Mr. Ferber?” Serena retorted
“Hahaha. My future boss, I wouldn’t dare laugh at you. I’d be afraid you’d fire
me.” Mr. Ferber laughed heartily.
Serena was a bit confused and immediately turned to Hans. What did he mean?
His future boss? She didn’t understand.
Seeing her reaction, Mr. Ferber chuckled and turned to Hans, “Mr. Collins,
haven’t you told Serena yet that she’s going to be managing the jewelry
Upon Serena heard this, her eyes widened in surprise. Managing the jewelry
company? Hans wanted her to manage it? Really??
She used to be envious that Arabella could inherit her family’s clothing company,
but she didn’t expect that she would also have a share, and the value of the
jewelry company was much more than that of the clothing company.
Hans still cared about her.
“Seems like Serena genuinely didn’t know.” Mr. Ferber guffawed, “Mr. Collins
has already paved the way for you, cleared the obstacles, and is just waiting for
you to graduate so that I and…”
Before he could finish his sentence, Hans interrupted calmly, “That was the
previous plan.”
The moment Mr. Ferber heard this, he froze. What did he mean by that??
Serena was also puzzled. Had Hans decided not to let her manage it?
“The future is unpredictable. The plan is now canceled.” Hans’s expression was
calm as he looked at Bruno, “I asked you here today to tell you this. You and the
others can stop any activities for it.”
Hans had initially asked him and several other senior executives, planning to
support Serena to taking over the position. The plan was all set; obstacles were
cleared one by one.
But Serena had disappointed him this time.
Mr. Ferber was confused. Looking at Hans, it didn’t seem like he was joking.
Then he looked at Serena; her expression seemed very disappointed.
Mr. Ferber couldn’t help saying, “Mr. Collins, this plan is already halfway
Wouldn’t it be a bit inappropriate to cancel it now??
“Serena is still young. Let’s talk about it later in the future.”
Seeing that Hans had made a decision, Mr. Ferber didn’t dare to utter anything
“Serena, Mr. Ferber and I have other things to discuss. Why don’t you go home
and rest?”
“Okay.” Serena didn’t know how she managed to stand up and leave Hans’s
office.Chapter 1249
She would have never guessed that when she joked about running the company
like her sister to Hans, he was actually orchestrating it all behind the scenes.
But what she also didn’t anticipate was that the punishment for talking behind
Arabella’s back would be so severe. Not only was her allowance gone, her
brand suppliers were cut off, and now even the opportunity to inherit the
company was lost.
How could Hans do this?!
A few bad words wouldn’t kill anyone!
Enter title…

Why was Hans being so biased!!
On her way home, Serena was increasingly saddened and angered by these
thoughts, even believing that Arabella should never have come back to this
Upon her return, Serena shut herself in her room and refused to open the door
no matter how much Martha knocked, leaving Martha at a loss.
Did Arabella badmouth her to Hans?
With this thought, Martha sent a video of Serena changing her bandages today
to Hans, feigning to get anxious, “Mr. Collins, Serena locked herself in her room
as soon as she got home and wouldn’t let me in to change her bandages. Did
something happen over there? Serena was crying from the pain while I was
changing the bandages today. It really broke my heart to see her like this,
hoping she’ll get better soon”
Seeing no response from Hans, Martha choked up, “Mr. Collins, what time are
you coming home tonight? Can you check up on Serena when you get back?
She’ll definitely listen to you.”
After Hans finished his meeting with Mr. Ferber and the latter left, he finally
checked his phone and watched the video Martha sent.
In the video, Serena was in so much pain that her voice was muffled from
Seeing Martha’s message, Hans immediately called her, “Bella showed me a
video. Do you have anything to say about it?”
Upon hearing this, Martha was taken aback. She couldn’t believe that Bella
showed that video to Hans?!
“Mr. Collins, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Martha instinctively gripped
her phone, her heart racing.
“Do you need me to send the video to you so you can see what you’ve done?”
Hans asked, his voice icy.
Martha was so scared that her legs gave out. She never would have thought
that the wench actually showed the video to Hans!
Oh no, oh no!!
What now?
Wait, this didn’t seem like something Arabella would do. What if Hans was just
trying to trick her?
So Martha defended herself, “Mr. Collins, I really don’t understand what you’re
talking about, what video? What did I do to give you the wrong impression? I
can explain it to you.”
Hans didn’t expect her to be so cunning, he coldly retorted, “So you’re saying
you’re not admitting it?”
Martha was even more unsure. Did Hans really see the video? Otherwise, he
wouldn’t be talking to her in such a certain and cold tone.
But what if, he hasn’t seen it, and he was just bluffing.
What to do??
Admit it or not?
In a split second, Martha knew her answer. No, she couldn’t admit it, not unless
Hans sent the video to her.
It wouldn’t be too late to feign remorse then.
What if Hans didn’t have the video???
Right, she couldn’t panic. She wouldn’t be fooled by Hans.Chapter 1250
“Mr. Collins, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about,’ Martha
stubbornly insisted, “I’m getting on in years and my memory isn’t what it used to
be. If you’re accusing me of something, at least remind me of what I did or said.
Otherwise, I honestly don’t know what you’re referring to.”
Seeing her refusal to admit any wrongdoing, Hans replied coldly, “It seems like
you’ve been bullying Bella behind my back in addition to what happened in that
video. Pack your things, Martha. Serena is all grown up now. She doesn’t need
you anymore.”
Enter title…
Martha was taken aback by Hans’s words. Before she could react, he had
already hung up the phone.
Hans was firing her?
He was kicking her out of the house?!
Martha couldn’t believe what she had heard. It took her a while to recover from
the shock before she could call Hans back.
Hans didn’t pick up her calls.
After a few failed attempts, Martha, trembling, sent Hans a voice message.
“Mr. Collins, I’ve been loyal and diligent in this house for eighteen years. Now
you want to fire me just like that?
What exactly happened that led to such a severe misunderstanding? I can
Five minutes passed.
Half an hour passed.
Hans didn’t respond. Not even a single punctuation mark.
Martha clutched her phone, her heart pounding.
Hans must have seen that video. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have decided to fire
her so abruptly!
She remembered the incident which still made her restless.
It was a long time ago.
Holly, one of the maids, had just finished washing the garden’s pavement. She
maliciously spilled two buckets of cooking oil on the wet ground, hoping to send
Arabella sprawling when she returned home from work.
Under the sunlight, the large area of oil looked just like water, blending perfectly
with the other puddles on the ground. Unless someone looked closely, it was
hard to tell which was oil and which was water.
She thought she had executed her plan flawlessly. But half an hour later,
Arabella returned home from work and walked through the garden’s main path
into the main house, unscathed.
Martha and Serena were watching from behind the curtains. Both of them
couldn’t believe that Arabella had managed to avoid slipping and had safely
reached them.
Arabella told Serena that Mr. McMillian was waiting outside the house, wanting
to have a word with her.
Serena was overjoyed because back then, she dreamed of even exchanging a
few words with Mr. McMillian.
Afraid that Serena might slip, Martha followed her footsteps. Even though they
treaded carefully, they inevitably fell.
Serena was the first to slip, and when Martha tried to catch her, she failed and
fell as well.
In the end, they were carried into the living room, where they laid on the couch,
wailing in pain.
This incident alarmed Mr. and Mrs. Collins.
At first, Mrs. Collins felt distressed towards Serena’s injury, but when Holly and
Lily implied that the person behind Serena’s fall should be found and pointed the
finger at Bella, Mrs. Collins lost her temper.
Martha never expected that Arabella would be able to recover the deleted
surveillance footage!
Who knew what kind of tricks she had learned outside!
The surveillance footage later proved Arabella’s innocence. It was Martha who
had accidentally tripped over the doorstep and spilled the oil, causing both her
and Serena to fall.
Because of this, Mrs. Collins docked a month’s worth of Martha’s salary. Lily and
Holly were also firedChapter 1251
She thought this would be the end of it, but to her surprise, Arabella slipped her
another surveillance footage.
That’s when she first learned about this thing called “Overwatch”!
According to Serena, Overwatch was no ordinary surveillance system. Each
camera was no bigger than a grain of rice, but they could capture the detailed
street view of the entire Summerfield, down to every license plate, every
person’s movement.
It was rumored that only a handful of top-level executives had the privilege to
access Overwatch. Some said it was to enhance the overall quality of life and
Enter title…

safety in major cities, while others believed it was first being implemented in
Summerfield, with plans for nationwide expansion in the future, using this hightech gadget to catch criminals.
Regardless of the reason behind the development of Overwatch, that cunning
girl got hold of the surveillance footage, which clearly showed she was standing
at the back of a truck, twisting open a bottle of cooking oil, and then pretending
to trip as she entered the room.
At that time, Arabella even asked if the person in the surveillance was her,
saying that if she couldn’t recognize it due to her poor eyesight, they could bring
it out and ask others to help identify.
Caught in the circumstances, she had no choice but to kneel down and
apologize to that wretch. The latter had explicitly said that as long as she didn’t
use dirty pool behind her back, she wouldn’t show this footage to the family. But
in the end, this lying wretch showed it to Hans!
What should she do now?!
Her plans were not even half completed.
She absolutely couldn’t leave the Collins family!!
With these thoughts in mind, she called Hans again.
Hans returned home at six in the evening after a busy day at the corporation. As
soon as he walked in, Martha fell to her knees before him.
“Mr. Collins, It’s all my fault. Please don’t fire me!”
Even though Martha had just found an excuse to clear out all the servants from
the living room, Edith, who had sensed that something was wrong, had called
several servants to secretly hide on the second floor to watch Martha’s
Seeing Martha kneeling in front of Hans, crying her heart out, they suddenly felt
that they were in for some juicy gossip, and their interest was piqued.
Hans looked down at the woman kneeling on the ground with a cold gaze, “You
remember it now?”
“I know what you are talking about.” Martha pleaded through her tears, “Mr.
Collins, give me another chance?
Hans’ cold eyes held no warmth, his voice equally cold, “What kind of chance?”
Martha looked up with tear-streaked face, “A chance to make amends.”
“Make amends for what? What mistake have you realized?”
Martha was taken aback. Could it be that Hans had no idea what she did wrong
and was just trying to trick her??
But then she thought about it. Hans’ expression was colder and even more
serious than usual. He must know something; otherwise, he would not be this
So, Martha lowered her head again and said, “I should not have opened the cap
of the cooking oil and spilled it on the floor, almost causing Arabella to fall. I’m
really sorry, Mr. Collins. I realize I was wrong. I also fell flat on my face that time,
even causing Serena to fall with me. I have apologized to Arabella, and she has
already forgiven me!!”
Martha looked up, hoping to get Hans’ forgiveness.
She spilled oil on the floor? She wanted to make Bella fall??
So Martha had done such a thing!!
The light in Hans’ eyes turned even colder, “What else?”
“There’s nothing else, nothing else.” Martha shook her head as she cried, “I
didn’t do anything else!”
“Why did you want to hurt her?” Chapter 1252
Martha sobbed, “Ever since she returned home, Serena has been neglected. I
just couldn’t stand it.”
Hans’ voice grew colder, “Was Serena involved?”
“No, no, she wasn’t. This was all my idea. It had nothing to do with Serena!
Serena is such an innocent and kind girl. She would definitely have stopped me
if she knew!” Martha cried, “Mr. Collins, you have to believe me. It’s all my fault!”
“Who else knows about this?” Hans asked coldly.
Enter title…

“No one else, just Arabella.’ Martha sobbed, “Arabella had promised me she
wouldn’t tell anyone.”
“She didn’t.”
Upon hearing this, Martha quickly lifted her gaze.
“I just asked in passing.” Hans said indifferently, “I didn’t expect you to confess
so quickly.”
Martha froze in place. It took her a while to realize that Hans had tricked her!
How despicable!
“If that time, Bella had accidentally gotten hurt, you would not only have to face
a huge compensation, but the Collins’ family lawyers also wouldn’t let you off.
They would sue you till you’re penniless and make sure you rot in jail.”
Upon hearing this, Martha trembled in fear. She fully believed in the power of
the Collins family!
“Pack your things and leave tonight. Starting from tomorrow, I don’t want to see
“No, Mr. Collins.”
Seeing Hans about to leave, Martha hurriedly knelt down and grabbed his leg,
begging desperately, “Mr. Collins, please give me another chance. All these
years, I’ve taken the Collins family as my own family. I really don’t want to leave.
I want to serve you all till I grow old.”
“I want to see Serena get married, to see Serena carry a baby, and to see her
become a mother for the first time.
Please, Mr. Collins, give me another chance.”
“To give you another chance to hurt Bella?”
Edith, who was sneaking a peek from the second floor, couldn’t swallow her
anger when she saw this. She stormed downstairs.
“Edith? What are you doing here?” Martha was surprised to see her. She hadn’t
let go of Hans’ leg yet, and looked somewhat embarrassed.
“You sent everyone away so they wouldn’t see you make a fool of yourself, but
luckily Mr. Collins saw through your plot. Since Mr. Collins is here today, I’ll tell
him everything I know!”
Hans was surprised to hear this, what else did he not know??
“Mr. Collins, Martha has been targeting Arabella since the day she returned. On
the surface, she calls her as if they are close, but behind your back, she doesn’t
even address Bella as ‘miss’. She never shows respect when she sees Arabella,
as if she’s the master of this house!”
Upon hearing this, Hans’ eyes turned colder when he looked at Martha.
“If Serena and Arabella have a meal together, she only serves Serena and not
only ignores Arabella, but also makes snide remarks to upset her. I treat Ms.
Bella well, and she always finds ways to give me a hard time!”
“When did I ever give you a hard time?” Martha was furious, “Mr. Collins, don’t
believe her. She’s just making up stories in front of you!”
“Who intentionally pushed me when I was going downstairs, trying to make me
fall? Who intentionally dirtied the floor after I cleaned it? Who dumped garbage
on my bed? Who used my toothbrush to clean other things?
Who added all sorts of things to my shampoo and shower gel? You have those
kinds of tricks up your sleeve!
And you even asked Serena for support to make my life miserable!”
“Do you have any proof? Without proof, it’s slander! I can sue you!” Chapter 1253
Hans cut through the fight, his voice icy, “Enough.”
Martha and Edith fell silent immediately, their eyes locked in a fiery stare-off.
Hans shot Martha a stern glance, “If you hadn’t done it, Edith wouldn’t be able to
concoct so many accusations.”
“Mr. Collins, I swear I’m innocent.”
Martha attempted to defend herself, but Hans cut her off.
“I can have someone look into this. If anything turns up, you’ll be facing more
than just being booted out of the Collins family. Make your choice.”
Enter title…
Either let him investigate or quietly leave the Collins family.
Martha hung her head low, realizing she was at fault, “Fine, Mr. Collins. I’m
“Bella is my sister. Before you leave this family, if you don’t have her
forgiveness, you won’t have a place in not just the Collins family, but in
Summerfield too.”
The words hit Martha like a thunderbolt. She hadn’t expected Hans to ban her
from even staying in Summerfield.
Edith felt a surge of satisfaction. Thankfully, Hans had seen through Martha’s
“Remember, apologize sincerely.” Hans dropped this piece of advice before
leaving the room.
“Yes, understood.” Martha watched him leave, throwing a fierce glare at Edith.
Edith raised an eyebrow, as if saying: didn’t expect that, did you? Arabella is the
apple of the family’s eye, and you dared to cross her path. How could Hans
possibly tolerate you?
Half an hour later.
As Arabella arrived home, Serena rushed over, grabbing her hands and
pleading through tears, “Sis, please forgive Martha. You can dock her pay or
make her work overtime. Just don’t kick her out of the family!!”
Martha, standing nearby, was crying rivers. She managed to croak out a single
“Ms. Collins”, before her throat tightened painfully.
After packing her bags to bid Serena goodbye, Serena had learned about Hans’
decision to fire her and immediately rushed to plead for mercy.
But Hans was immovable. Hearing that Arabella had returned, Serena had now
come begging to her.
Arabella had a rough idea of what had transpired. Hans must have suspected
something and decided to punish Martha.
“Martha, come here and apologize to Arabella!” Serena sobbed.
Martha fell to her knees in front of Arabella, “Ms. Collins, I was foolish that time.
I won’t make excuses. I was in the wrong! I’ve done something terrible, and I
don’t dare ask for your forgiveness now. I only hope to atone for my sins in the
coming days. I can kneel here till dawn, and as many days as you wish, as long
as you don’t drive me away”
“Sis, please forgive Martha!” Serena also fell to her knees before Arabella,
pleading through tears.
The servants surrounding them were stunned. They hadn’t expected Serena to
kneel before Bella, all for Martha.
Arabella was left speechless by their dramatic display. They were targeted for
dismissal by Hans, not her. Why weren’t they pleading with him instead?
Because he didn’t agree?
If Hans didn’t agree, why should she?
“From now on, I’ll keep Martha far away from you, okay? If you two cross paths,
I’ll make sure Martha backs off!”Chapter 1254
“Martha’s been with me for eighteen years. She’s like family to me. I can’t live
without Martha, please sis, I won’t let Martha get in your way. I won’t let her
wander around the main house”
“Ms. Collins, I can clean the next house. I can water and fertilize the flowers, I
can do other chores, and I won’t show myself around you.”
“Sis, I will do whatever you ask me to do from now on, please.”
Arabella could see that Serena was sincerely begging to keep Martha this time.
She could agree and let Serena be more obedient and listen to her in the future.
Enter title…

But as long as Martha was around, she would keep instigating Serena.
Even the most innocent and kind person would turn bad after being
brainwashed for a long time.
So, there was no need for Martha to stay.
And there was no need for her to be merciful either.
“You’re eighteen now; you don’t need her anymore.”
Just as Arabella was about to leave, Serena suddenly hugged her legs and
cried, “It’s not about age. It’s about how Martha and I have been with each other
day and night. We’re like family: “Why don’t you move out and live with her?”
Serena lifted her teary eyes in disbelief, unable to believe that Arabella was
trying to kick her out!
“You can stay, but she can’t.” Arabella flicked a glance at Martha and finally said.
Serena despairingly let go of her, stunned for a moment, until Martha cried and
hugged her, “It’s okay Serena.
Just because I’m not in this house doesn’t mean I’m leaving you.”
“No, there has to be a way.” Serena shook her head, tears streaming down her
face, “When mom and dad come back, I’ll beg them.”
After Arabella went in her room and packed up, she opened the door to find
Martha kneeling at the doorway.
“Arabella, I’m not here to bother you. Just that I’ve never reflected on myself all
this time, and never properly apologized to you. I was arrogant and dismissive,
and I didn’t respect you. I know it’s too late to say anything now. I’m leaving, can
you forgive me?”
Arabella leaned against the door, lazily looking at her, “Did Hans tell you, you
need my forgiveness to leave?”
Martha looked up, somewhat surprised; she didn’t expect this girl to know
“Fine, I forgive you.” Arabella walked past her, leaving without a second glance.
Martha watched her retreating figure. Sometimes she couldn’t understand what
this girl was thinking.
Arabella was in a hurry to go abroad, so she didn’t waste time on trivia like this.
She knocked on the study door, and after getting Hans’ permission, she entered.
“Hans, mom and dad are still with Alger; they won’t be back soon. They gave me
uncle’s address. I’m going there now.”
Hans signaled the meeting to stop, then closed his laptop and stood up, “Bella,
you’ve suffered so much before.
Why didn’t you tell me?”
Upon hearing this, Arabella wondered if Martha had confessed everything?
Impossible, this wasn’t her style.
Who else could have told Hans??
Could it be Edith??
“These are just trivial matters, not worth mentioning. I merely didn’t want to deal
with them.”
If she really wanted to confront them, could they withstand a single round??
Seeing her obedient demeanor, Hans felt guilty but also found her mature and
“Martha has been in this house for eighteen years. She truly has worked hard,
and that’s why mom and dad didn’t notice her disrespect towards you. Did she
apologize to you just now?” Chapter 1255
“Guess so.”
Just now, Martha genuinely desired to stay, hence the heartfelt tears and
However, with her temperament, it was true what they said. She couldn’t change
a leopard’s spots.
“Hans, I’ve got to go,’ Arabella checked the time. She should leave.
Enter title…

“I’ll have someone drive you there.
“No need. Mom and dad have arranged for our family’s pilot to take me directly
to Uncle’s private airstrip.”
“Good. That’ll put my mind at ease”
The Collins family not only employed drivers, but also pilots, all with years of
experience and loyal service to the family.
Arabella took out a small gift from her backpack, “Molly is away at a competition
and hasn’t returned yet. If all goes well, she should be the champion. I’m not
sure if I’ll be able to make it back in time to celebrate with her.
This is a little gift I’ve prepared for her. If I can’t come back that day, could you
give it to her for me?”
“Sure,’ Hans hadn’t expected his sister to think so far ahead, even preparing a
Speaking of which, he hadn’t started preparing.
“Molly would probably look forward more to a gift from you, so you should think
about what to give her.” After reminding him, Arabella waved casually and
closed the study door behind her.
Thanks to his sister’s reminder, Hans sat in front of the computer, pondering. He
opened the search bar and typed: What’s a good gift for a girlfriend?
On the other side.
By the time Kenneth and Louisa returned, it was already 11 at night.
Serena, with her eyes swollen from crying, explained what had happened.
Louisa was shocked.
That was a long time ago.
She was admiring her newly purchased flowers when a servant told her that
Serena and Martha had a fall.
When she rushed to the living room, Serena had a bruise on her back, and
Martha was covered in bruises.
At that time, Lina was still in the house. She insisted that Bella had walked over
the spot and hadn’t slipped, but Serena did, suspecting Bella knew about the oil
spill and avoided it. She accused Bella of trying to harm Serena!
At the time, there was a servant named Holly who also added fuel to the fire.
Later, Bella restored the surveillance footage, proving her innocence, and she
expelled Lina and Holly from the house.
But she never expected that Martha was also involved!
If she hadn’t deliberately unscrewed the cap and spilled the oil on the floor, she
wouldn’t have implicated herself and Serena.
“So it was you.” Louisa was even more furious, “You’ve tried to make my
precious daughter fall, and now you have the audacity to beg to stay in this
Kenneth, after hearing the entire story, was also furious, “Martha, what were you
thinking! It’s not easy for Bella to return to this family. We as her parents, should
love her more, give her what she needs. What’s there for you to be jealous of?”
This was their home!!
This was the Collins family!
Martha, on the side, continued to cry and apologize, while Serena remained
kneeling in front of their parents, “Mom, Dad, Martha was not thinking straight
that time. She has apologized to Bella and received her forgiveness. Please let
Martha stay, she has taken care of me for eighteen years, if not for merits, at
least for her hard work!”
“Serena, there’s no need to say anything” Louisa seemed to have made up her
mind, no longer wavering.Chapter 1256
“Dad; Serena pleaded while gazing at her father, her eyes filled with tears.
Since she was a little girl, her father had always been easy to negotiate with,
always ready to fulfill her wishes.
Kenneth sighed, “Serena, I can’t agree to your request this time. Martha didn’t
trip over the doorstep by accident.
She did it deliberately to hurt Bella. That’s a crime.”
“Dad, it’s not as serious as you make it out to be. Martha was only trying to
stand up for me because she saw I was being treated unfairly. She just went
Enter title…

about it the wrong way.” Serena knelt in front of her father, imploring
desperately, “Dad, I’m begging you. I haven’t asked for you about anything since
Martha meant the world to Serena.
“Serena, we take you as our own. But if you can’t see the seriousness of this
situation and you think Martha is better than us, then make your choice!” Louisa
averted her face, still obviously angry.
Serena widened her eyes in astonishment. She couldn’t believe that her mother
who had been gentle and kind to her would utter such remarks!!
“Mom, are you going to abandon me?” Serena’s tears instantly spilled over,
making her look exceptionally pitiful, “You want Martha to take me?”
“Serena, Kenneth felt distressed, “What we mean is, Martha can’t stay in this
house anymore.”
“Mr. and Mrs. Collins, I know I’ve done wrong and I have no reason to stay.
Serena, don’t push them. What they did is right. You must listen to your parents
from now on. They’re always right.”
Tears streaming down, Martha gazed at Serena, reluctant to leave, “I’ve already
felt satisfied for keeping you company since you were a kid, really”
Serena shook her head in tears, frustrated at how incompetent she was not to
be able to keep even a servant around her!
Then what was it good to be the daughter of this family!
“Mr. and Mrs. Collins, you haven’t let me hold the responsibility for it and just ask
me to leave. I’ve already felt grateful. Thank you for your care and tolerance. I’m
really happy to live here for eighteen years.”
After that, Martha bowed down to them respectfully, stood up and was about to
“Martha.” Tears welling up, Serena tried to stop her. However, she didn’t do
anything and only gazed at Martha as recalling her mother’s warning.
“Serena, your smile is so beautiful. You need to do that a lot.” Martha said
farewell, then slowly walked out of Serena’s sight.
Serena sobbed uncontrollably. She still remembered Hans dropped the plan of
letting her manage the jewelry company, and now this came as a terrible blow to
Louisa suddenly remembered that incident. That time she questioned why the
cap wasn’t firmly closed, and why no one was cleaning the ground since the oil
had been spilled. Before watching the surveillance footage, Martha never stood
up for Bella when she was being wrongly accused by Holly and Lina. Nor did
she confess that it was she who spilled it.
It was only when they checked the surveillance footage that Martha confessed,
saying that the fall caused too much pain and blaming her forgetfulness on old
There were full of flaws and yet she couldn’t detect them, leaving her daughter
suffer from grievance.
At that time, Martha feigned to accuse Lina, shifting all the blame to her.
Turned out this servant who had diligently worked for them for eighteen years
was this vile.
She just audaciously used dirty pools in this family, but Louisa couldn’t notice
Edith suddenly understood Bella’s intentions from last time.
She asked Bella why she showed the video of Martha opening the oil bottle to
Mr. and Mrs. Collins. Bella replied that it was just an evidence of Martha’s doing,
However, as long as Martha insisted she acted alone, that it had nothing to do
with Serena. If Serena took advantage of the family affection, or cry in front of
the elders and the brothers, Martha would probably not be driven away.
Serena wouldn’t be asked to leave the house either.
It seemed Bella’s prediction was right on pointChapter 1257
Because Overwatch only captured Martha undoing the cap and pretending to
spill oil on the ground.
So, Martha took all the blame upon herself, leaving Serena completely in the
Edith pondered, if she stepped forward now and claimed that Serena was also
involved, but could not provide the evidence. Would she be accused of stirring
up trouble?
Moreover, after the incident, Serena would definitely find ways to give her hard
Enter title…
Only now did Edith understand, Bella’s far-sightedness was right. It wasn’t about
letting Martha off the hook out of pretentious nobility; it was because picking on
Martha’s mistakes was pointless, the real target should be Serena’s.
Seeing Serena still sobbing, Louisa rose and went upstairs, somewhat
Kenneth quickly followed her, “Honey, calm down.”
Betty, standing nearby, reached out to help Serena up.
“Serena, don’t cry. Even though Martha can’t stay, you can still stay in touch.”
Serena looked up with teary eyes at the maid in front of her, suddenly realizing
that this was the woman who had stood up for her last time – Betty.
“Betty.” Serena just hugged her and started crying loudly.
In this house, she was already isolated and helpless. Having a maid by her side
wasn’t too bad.
Betty didn’t know how to console her, so she just patted her back, “Serena, I’m
here. I will take good care of you from now on.”
On the other side.
Arabella was sitting on a plane. A maid served her a glass of lemonade and
some snacks.
“Ms. Collins, have something.”
Arabella looked up from her laptop, and said blandly, “You don’t need to be
here. Go rest.”
Unexpectedly, her mother had arranged a maid, Marcia, to take care of her all
the way.
“Ms. Collins, I’m not tired. I want to be by your side.’ Marcia remained standing,
looking respectful, “You do your thing. Call me when you need anything.”
“Take a seat. Don’t just stand there.”
“Well.” Marcia hesitated for a while, but still dared not, she whispered, “This is
against the rules.”
“In my presence, you can do as what I said, sit down.”
Marcia didnt expect Bella to be so domineering. After sitting down, she secretly
appraised Bella, who was really cool, with a cold demeanor that was countless
times better than Serena.
“Ms. Collins, can I…”
Before Marcia could finish her sentence, the pilot’s voice came from the system,
full of pain and agony.
“Ms. Collins.”
Her voice was weak and feeble.
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m not feeling well.” The pilot could no longer control the plane.Chapter 1258
The plane was jostling in the clouds, resembling a tiny boat swaying in a storm.
Marcia was thrown around with the turbulence, items scattered all over the
Arabella immediately rushed to the cockpit, finding the pilot unconscious and the
plane plummeting due to the lack of control.
“Ah.’ A terrified scream came from Marcia in the cabin.
Arabella quickly moved the pilot to the co-pilot’s seat and grabbed the control
Enter title…

She had flown planes before. Her Grandpa Alberto alone had collected a
number of private jets, and she had even flown his private jet to take him to the
destinations of the business trips.
However, this latest model was different from those she had flown.
This was her first time handling it.
With the current situation, she needed to get the plane back to its original
altitude quickly, maintain balance, and land safely on her uncle’s airstrip
following the trajectory.
Due to the rapid descent of the plane just now, they were now at a very low
altitude. Arabella could see clusters of houses outside the cockpit. To avoid
hitting these houses and injuring innocent people, Arabella operated the control
stick again to ascend.
The town’s inhabitants watched in horror as a massive plane plummeted from
the sky, then quickly ascended.
They were petrified, unable to believe the scene they just witnessed was real.
If the plane had crashed, their little town would have been wiped out!
Marcia was screaming in terror, covering her ears and hiding in a corner until
the plane stopped shaking violently and white clouds appeared outside the
She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, staring blankly for a while, then
looking at the things on the floor, which remained relatively stable.
She realized then that she was safe!!
Was it Ms. Collins??
Ms. Collins can fly a plane?!
God, Ms. Collins could do anything!
Arabella’s voice came through the intercom, as calm as usual.
Hearing Arabella’s voice, Marcia who was still suffering from the panic,
immediately burst into tears, her legs giving out from fear. She crawled to the
door, close to the intercom, and said, “Ms. Collins, I’m here. I’m okay.”
“The pilot needs you, come over here.”
Marcia heard that Susan was in trouble and hurriedly leaned on the couch,
struggling to stand up, but her legs gave out and she fell to her knees.
“Ms. Collins, I’m useless. I can’t stand up.” Marcia’s voice was tearful and she
said somewhat shamefully, “My legs are weak.”
“There’s a way that can help, listen carefully.’ Arabella sat in the pilot’s seat,
pressing a few buttons, instructing her where to massage while keeping an eye
on the flight path on the screen to ensure the plane was on the correct
Marcia followed Arabella’s instructions and was quickly able to stand up. Once
again, she marveled at Arabella’s capabilities.
“Bring my backpack.”
“Yes.” Marcia took Arabella’s backpack and in no time she appeared in the
cockpit. Seeing Bella sitting in the pilot’s seat, calmly operating the buttons, she
was so frightened that her legs gave out and she instinctively held onto the
Seeing Ms. Collins fly the plane with her own eyes was too shocking.
“Ms. Collins, I brought the stuff.” she said, her voice trembling.
“Give me her hand.”
Marcia reacted and only then noticed Susan in the co-pilot’s seat. She quickly
extended Susan’s hand to Arabella.
Arabella’s delicate fingers touched Susan’s wrist, her gaze fixed ahead,
“Sudden had a heart attack. Open my backpack, there’s a small white bottle
inside, take out one pill, crush it, mix it with water, and feed it to her.”
“Oh, okay.” Marcia quickly complied.
She couldn’t believe it, Ms. Bella was flying a plane and saving a life at the
same time. Chapter 1259
Who on earth was this extraordinary person?
She’s truly an extraordinary girl!
After Marcia administered the medicine, Arabella gently reminded her, ‘The
plane is about to land, you might want to find a seat.”
“What about Susan?”
“Help her with her seat belt.”
“Okay: Marcia immediately obeyed, and after securing herself in a seat, the
plane began to descend, preparing to touch down at a flashy private mansion.
Enter title…

Below was an endless expanse of green grass, with a long runway on the side.
An elderly butler looked up to the sky, and after a while, he finally spotted a
plane heading this way. He quickly instructed the others on his walkie-talkie, “It
must be Ms. Collins’ plane. Is the runway clear? All other planes must move
aside; make sure there’s enough space for Ms. Collins’ plane!”
The plane roared past, descending in a beautiful arc and finally sliding onto the
Marcia’s heart was pounding in fear. She hadn’t expected Ms. Collins to handle
the plane landing so smoothly, so effortlessly.
Ms. Collins was truly amazing!
The butler carefully observed the plane. It was indeed the Collins family’s private
He was overjoyed and immediately called Bard, “Mr. Griffith, Ms. Bella’s plane
has arrived.”
“Lsaw it”
Bard, seated in his car, watched as the plane made a graceful landing on his
family’s tarmac.
The driver respectfully opened the car door, and Bard stepped out, his tall figure
causing those around him to bow.
“Good day, sir.”
Bard gave a slight nod, his gaze never leaving the plane. He had heard that this
niece, who had been found only half a year ago, was an outstanding doctor.
Even his mother’s complex illness was able to be cured.
She certainly was an impressive young lady.
However, after the plane came to a stop on the runway, the cabin door opened,
and the stairs extended to the ground, but no one deplaned.
The butler had originally brought a group of people to greet them, but after
waiting by the stairs for a while, there was no movement.
No one came out, and no one came down to explain the situation.
He looked at Bard, puzzled, “Mr. Griffith.”
“I’ll go take a look.”
Bard slowly ascended the stairs, his coat billowing in the wind. His every move
exuded a sense of authority and Nobility, a unique blend of poise and charisma.
As soon as he stepped into the cabin, Bard spotted a young woman kneeling on
the floor, providing medical aid.
Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders, and her beautiful face radiated with
confidence and brilliance.
She was providing treatment to a woman on the couch.
The woman lay still, seemingly ill.
Marcia squatted nearby, anxiously asking, “Ms. Collins, is Susan going to be
“She’ll be fine.’ Arabella heard the noise from the cabin door. She raised her
eyes, her gaze meeting that of the man at the door.
Who was he??
Uncle Bard??Chapter 1260
“Are you Bella?”
Bard hadn’t expected the girl standing in front of him to be even more charming
than the picture. Her eyes were clear and vibrant, and her features bore a slight
resemblance to his sister, Louisa, but she had a more refined air about her. Her
refreshing aura was like a breath of fresh air.
“Uncle Bard?”
Bard smiled gently, “Yes, I’m your Uncle.”
Arabella smiled, “Hello, Uncle Bard.”
Enter title…
“Hello, Bard’s voice was soft, as if he was talking to a young child, “I noticed no
one was getting off the plane, so I came to check.”
As he said this, he looked at the woman on the couch, “What happened to her?”
“Sudden heart attack, but she’s okay now.”
“Sir” Marcia, who had been standing nearby, rose to her feet and greeted him
respectfully, “I work for the Collins family. Thank God Ms. Collins was here; we
would have had a crash otherwise!”
She briefly explained what had happened, and just by her description, one could
imagine the dreadful scene.
Bard looked again at his niece, who seemed calm as if nothing had happened.
Such mental toughness, such courage, and decisiveness.
She was indeed his niece.
“Private pilots are required to have an EKG every two years. She didn’t do it?”
Bard asked his niece.
“She had her medical records on the plane, which showed no cardiac risk
factors. She’s in good health, she gets a check-up every year, and the results
are always normal.”
“What caused it this time?”
“It could be pulmonary embolism, acute coronary syndrome and pericarditis, etc.
Once we land, we’ll do a detailed check-up to see if her blood cells, metabolic
indicators, and cTnl levels are normal. We’ll also do a chest CT scan to see if it’s
a pulmonary embolism and an EKG is needed too.”
Bard, hearing all the medical jargon, was once again amazed by his niece.
He hadn’t expected such medical expertise from her at this young age, let alone
that their first meeting would be under such circumstances.
“I’ll ask someone to send her to the hospital’ Bard said gently.
“Okay.” Seeing that it was almost time, Arabella started to pack up her medical
As Susan was being taken away, Arabella asked Marcia to accompany her, in
case Susan woke up with no familiar faces around.
Seeing his niece’s thoughtfulness, Bard felt warmth in his eyes again.
By the plane stairs, there were dozens of servants. The elderly butler at the
front, seeing Arabella deplane, promptly raised his voice and bowed, “Ms.
Collins, welcome home! I’m Mr. Elliot, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”
“Ms. Collins, welcome home!”
Following Mr. Elliot, all the servants bowed in unison, creating quite a spectacle.
“Hello.” Arabella greeted them warmly.
“Bella, this is a gift for you.” Bard took a beautifully crafted rectangular box from
Mr. Elliot and handed it to Arabella.
The box was only slightly larger and thicker than an average smartphone, but it
looked exquisite and luxurious.
At the sight of the box, it was clear that whatever was inside was valuable.
Arabella also took out a gift box from her bag, “This is for Uncle Bard.”
Bard hadn’t expected a gift from his niece on their first meeting. When he
opened it, he found a piece of paper the size of a smartphone???
He looked at his niece, puzzled.
“This is a paper for bearing wishes. Uncle, you can write whatever you want on
it, and I’ll make it come true as long as it’s within my reach.”

The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 16, 2023 Native Language: English

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The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

But what shocked Arabella the most was finding out she had an ex-fiancé. She couldn’t understand why he kept clinging to her, holding her hand, and trying to kiss her. “Who are you, sir?” Arabella asked, annoyed. “Sweetheart, I’m your husband,” the ex-fiancé responded. “I don’t have a husband, only a former fiancé who wants to c…

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  • Title: The Princess and the Paupers
  • Author: –
  • Publisher: Noveljk
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

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