The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 1261-1280

The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 1261-1280

Chapter 1261
Bard was grinning from ear to ear, “My wish is for you to grow up happy and
healthy, and for your grandfather’s illness to be cured.”
“What about yourself?”
This was the first time Bard had thought about it.
He was successful in his career, in this country, he could get anything he
wanted with the snap of his fingers.
“Uncle Bard, look under the paper.
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Bard lifted the paper to reveal a small, transparent vial containing a single pill.
“This is an emergency pill. If you’re suddenly poisoned or fall ill, this pill can
save your life until I can get to you.”
For someone as esteemed as Bard, there must be plenty who want him dead.
Emergencies were inevitable, and while he could easily buy commonplace
items, life wasn’t something money could buy.
“You’re quite the thoughtful girl, aren’t you?” Bard chuckled, “This is quite the
unique gift, I feel like I’m taking advantage of you. A wish paper and a priceless
life-saving pill”
“Uncle Bard, your gift is even more valuable.”
“Oh, haw so?”
“A box like this weighs around half an ounce, but with the gift inside, it’s still
under an ounce. This means what’s inside must be something light, like paper.”
Bard looked at her admiringly, “Go on.”
“Given your status, it could be a blank check, a high-value bank card, or a
house key”
“But a blank check might make me hesitant about how much to write, and a
house key is unlikely, so I’m guessing it’s a bank card”
Only a bank card would require such a small box.
Mr. Elliot, standing nearby, couldn’t help but admire Arabella’s intelligence. Not
long ago, Bard had discussed these three options with him, and in the end, he
suggested giving Bella a generous allowance card, so she could buy whatever
she wanted.
Bard was amused by her, “You got it right. Is my gift too predictable?”
“No, from this gift I can see how much you value me”
“Uncle Bard, you could have casually given me a dress or a necklace, but you
were worried I wouldn’t like it, so you simply gave me a card. Thank you, Uncle
Bard laughed again, finding the girl incredibly charming.
On the other side.
After calming down, Serena thought of her mother’s cold demeanor the night
before and decided to appease her.
No matter what, she had to keep her status as the Collins family’s daughter.
It was already 7:30 in the morning in Solterra. Louisa was sitting at the breakfast
table, about to have her meal, when her phone rang.
“What did you say? Nora had a sudden heart attack last night? Bella flew the
Kenneth, sitting next to her, jerked in surprise, spilling his coffee.
“Is Bella okay?” Louisa was visibly frightened, gripping her phone tightly.
Kenneth also leaned in to listen to the conversation.
After hearing the entire story, Louisa finally breathed a sigh of relief, “You scared
me! As long as she’s okay, that’s all that matters.”
Who knew the little girl could fly a plane?
Tears welled up in her eyes.
Thank God she could, or the outcome could have been disastrous.Chapter 1262
With urgency, Kenneth snatched the phone, questioning the person on the other
line, “How did Nora end up with a heart attack? I’ve never heard of her having
heart problems before. Has she been taken for a medical check-up? And when
can we expect the results? Okay, okay, as long as she’s fine”
Louisa grabbed the phone back, “What is Bella doing now? Good, good, I won’t
disturb her then.”
After the call ended, Louisa felt weak in her knees, “I didn’t expect Bella to have
such a dangerous encounter last night, and she didn’t even mention it.”
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“Bella has always been the reserved type. She’s too considerate.” Kenneth
couldn’t help but say, “Not long ago, a helicopter took off and the pilot suffered a
heart attack and passed out. Luckily, a female passenger saved the day,
managing to control the helicopter. When I first heard this news, I thought, how
could someone with heart problems be allowed to fly a plane?”
“Nora has always been in good health, there shouldn’t be any underlying
Louisa remembered reading about similar cases in the news. An airline pilot
also suffered a heart attack during flight, but he managed to make an
emergency landing before he passed away.
And there was the incident with a Bangladeshi airline, where the captain of a
flight from Muscat to Dhaka, carrying 124 passengers, suffered a fatal heart
attack mid-flight.
And a pilot from Skywatch Airlines who had the same issue.
Louisa was still shaken, “Thank goodness Bella managed to land safely and
even saved Nora.”
“That girl is truly brilliant.”
Serena, who was eavesdropping from the side, was fuming. How did Arabella
even learn to fly a plane?
What couldn’t she do?
Did Arabella come from another era or something?
At that moment, a servant brought breakfast for Kenneth. Seeing Serena at the
door, it looked like she was eavesdropping on the master and mistress’s
Upon hearing, Kenneth and Louisa turned to look. Serena quickly regained her
composure, “Good morning Mom, Dad.”
“Good morning Serena; Kenneth greeted as usual.
But Louisa seemed to be still upset, she just lightly replied with a “morning” and
didn’t show much concern.
Serena’s heart sank, her mother wasn’t usually like this!
It definitely had to do with Martha.
With Bella away from home for a few days, it was the perfect opportunity for her
to bridge the gap between her and her parents!
Remembering how Bella used to massage Louisa’s shoulders, an idea struck
Serena, “Mor, I’m sorry about last night. I’m sure you didn’t sleep well. Let me
give you a massage.”
“No need, Louisa hadn’t gotten over the shock of Bella flying a plane when soft
little hands landed on her shoulders and began to massage.
“Mom, is the pressure okay?”
“You should go have your breakfast.”
“Do you think I’m not doing it well? I know I can’t compare to Bella, but I can
Louisa didn’t expect her to interpret her words like that, “I just want you to eat
first, I’m afraid you’re hungry after crying so much last night.”
“Mom, you still care about me, right? I was wrong last night, I only remembered
the good things Martha did for me since I was kid and forgot about the harm she
caused Bella.” Serena said while massaging, “I’m sorry for acting rashly and
putting you and Dad in a difficult position last night”
“It’s good that you understand.”
In her excitement, Serena pressed harder.Chapter 1263
“Ouch.” Louisa suddenly winced in pain.
Kenneth immediately dropped his fork and asked, “What’s wrong?”
“I think I’ve hit some nerve.” Louisa was in such pain that she gestured for
Serena to stop.
“Is it here? Or here” Kenneth’s touch was enough to make Louisa cry out in
“What happened? Serena, where did you learn this massage technique?”
Kenneth asked worriedly.
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“I didn’t learn, I just improvised” Serena was flustered, ‘Mom, did I do something
wrong? Should I calla doctor?”
“No need, when you finish your breakfast, Kenneth, call Dr. Lee, Louisa hadn’t
expected to experience such sudden pain. As she stood up, tears welled from
the pain.
It felt worse than a crick in the neck.
As Kenneth helped her walk out, he dialed Dr. Lee’s number.
Serena hadn’t expected her good intentions to cause such trouble, so she
followed, “Mom, let me help you. Why don’t you sit on the couch and wait? Dr.
Lee will be here soon.”
Seeing her daughter’s concern, Louisa didn’t reprimand her. Instead, she
comforted, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
“You didn’t finish your breakfast.” Serena looked guilty, “I’ll get you a glass of
As she rushed to get the water, she stumbled over a stool, and water spilled
towards Louisa.
Kenneth quickly stepped in front of Louisa, getting soaked himself and splashing
some water on Louisa’s face.
Once again, Serena’s good intentions had gone awry. “I’m sorry, Mom, Dad, I
didn’t mean to.” she hurriedly grabbed some tissue to wipe Louisa’s face, but
her hasty movements made Louisa wince in pain. “Serena, Serena, you go and
have your breakfast. I’ll manage.”
“Honey, are you okay? Let me help you change your clothes.’ Kenneth gently
dabbed the water off her face, then helped her upstairs.
Seeing their retreating figures, Serena felt a pang of guilt.
Why did it seem like every time she tried to impress them, something went
Why did Arabella always receive praise no matter what she did?
She clenched her fists, wanting to follow them upstairs, but fearing they would
resent her.
It was only when Dr. Lee arrived that she found an excuse to accompany him
upstairs and show her mother some concern.
During his examination of Louisa, Dr. Lee learned that Serena’s massage had
caused her pain.
He was left speechless.
“Serena, Ms. Bella has medical knowledge. She knows the proper techniques
for massage and she is aware of pressure points and their effects.”
It wasn’t something she could improvise.
If there was a mistake, it could be more than just a few days of pain.
Listening to Dr. Lee, Serena felt even worse!
Kenneth, however, offered her some consolation, “Serena meant well. She
wanted to help us like Arabella does, she just didn’t know the right way. Dr. Lee,
my wife will be okay, right?”
“No serious harm done, but she’ll be in pain for three or four days. I’ll prescribe a
topical cream for you, apply it three times a day on the painful area, and the
symptoms should lessen significantly after three days.”
“Thank you, Dr. Lee.”
Upon hearing that she would have to endure the pain for a few more days,
Louisa suddenly felt like crying.Chapter 1264
At that moment, Kenneth had a sudden thought, “Didn’t Bella give us a tube of
pain relief cream a while ago?
Maybe we should show it to Dr. Lee and see if it could work faster and better”
“Right, right, the pain relief crearn.” Louisa remembered it suddenly. It was a gift
from Bella not long ago.
Kenneth hurriedly fetched it.
Dr. Lee, after examining the ingredients on the tube, expressed his surprise and
admiration, “How didn’t I think of that? Mixing these herbs together? Brilliant,
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absolutely brilliant.”
Kenneth and Louisa were puzzled, with Kenneth asking first, “Dr. Lee, are you
saying that Bella’s cream is better?”
“It’s much better than my cream.” Dr. Lee chuckled and approved, “These herbs
are gentle and powerful. You can apply it five to six times a day. By bedtime,
you’ll feel a significant reduction in pain.”
“Really?” Louisa couldn’t believe it. She never expected that her daughter’s
homemade remedy would work so quickly and effectively. No wonder Bella had
earned her title as Dr. Bell. Her skills were clearly evident.
“Well, what are we waiting for, honey? Let me apply it for you.” Kenneth hastily
opened the tube of cream.
“Be gentle, it hurts.”
“When we have time, we should call our girl and tell her that her cream has
come in handy, and that even Dr. Lee was full of praise!” Kenneth said as he
was applying the cream on Louisa, “Our girl is really talented. She’s amazing.”
Louisa smiled proudly, ‘Of course, she’s my daughter after all.”
“Yes, yes, my wife is the best and our daughter is even better.”
Standing at the doorway, Serena bit her lower lip, her nails digging deep into her
palm. She didn’t expect her parents to praise Arabella so highly behind her
On the other hand.
Bard led Arabella from the helipad into the main building, which was opulently
decorated and exuded an air of elegance.
“Your room is on the second floor. I have had it cleaned and all the furniture, the
bed, sofa, and chairs, has been replaced. Let me take you there.”
“I’m sorry for making you go through all the trouble.”
“Don’t be silly, I’m delighted to have you here. I originally wanted to renovate the
entire second floor in your liking, but was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough
time and it would inconvenience you.”
Bard took her to the second floor for a tour. Every piece of decoration and
design reflected the high taste of its owner.
“This is your bedroom.”
Bard opened the door, revealing a spacious, bright, and inviting room.
“Let me know if you need anything else, I will get it for you.”
“Everything’s great.” Arabella scanned the room, “Which floor is Grandpa on? I
want to see him.”
“He’s in the hospital. His condition is stable for now. Rest a bit and I’ll take you
to see him tomorrow.”
Just as Bard finished speaking, his phone rang. It was a call from the hospital.
His expression darkened a bit.
“Alright, I understand. We’ll decide what to do when I get there. I’ll be there in
ten minutes.”
After hanging up, he turned to Arabella and said, “Your grandfather’s condition
has suddenly worsened. We’ll discuss it on the way.”
“Okay: Arabella had reviewed her grandfather’s medical records before she
came. Initially, he just felt a little chest tightness and found walking to be
strenuous. After a medical examination revealed high blood pressure and
cholesterol, he didn’t take it too seriously and was just taking some medication
to alleviate the chest discomfort and maintaining regular exercise.
Later, he started to experience shortness of breath, chest tightness, and
excessive sweating, often falling asleep immediately afterwards. Chapter 1265
“The doctor in charge at that time had prescribed medications for shortness of
breath, but there was little improvement. Your grandpa was always complaining
about discomfort. So, I consulted another doctor who felt that something was off
about your grandpa’s condition. Can you quess what it was?” Bard asked,
turning to the young girl sitting next to him.
Arabella nodded slightly. “People with chest discomfort can’t just fall asleep
“Exactly! The second doctor said the same. He also mentioned that your
grandpa usually had high blood pressure. But when they checked, his blood
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pressure was sometimes extremely low, even immeasurable. They suspected a
heart attack and recommended hospitalization.”
During the hospital stay, a CT scan revealed a strip shadow in the old man’s
pericardium. However, the medical team was clueless about how to handle it.
They had no choice but to seek treatment abroad.
“Your grandmother was seriously ill at the time, and your uncle couldn’t manage
it all by himself. So, I took your grandpa to Dawnstar and admitted him to the
hospital here. After detailed examinations, they found a lot of fluid in his
pericardium. They conducted a series of tests, ruling out viral pericarditis and
tumor pericarditis. But despite all the tests, they couldn’t diagnose the disease
or identify the cause”
Bard’s voice faltered, his heart aching for the old man’s sufferings. Every test
meant either a blood draw or an injection, and the myriad of medications made
Darren sick to his stomach. A few times, Darren grabbed Bard’s hand, pleading
to let go.
He was really tired, didn’t want to struggle anymore.
“Your grandpa stayed in the hospital for a long time. They couldn’t find the
cause of his illness. Last week, he was struggling to breathe, his heart rate was
high, and he was sweating profusely. The medical team resuscitated him once.
But just a few days later, he’s uncomfortable again, with symptoms even worse
than before.”
Arabella ventured, “Could they have missed something?”
“Missed something?”
“Some conditions can’t be diagnosed with routine tests”
“Will you take a look at your grandpa later?”
Upon reaching the hospital, Arabella followed Bard to the VIP floor on the
sixteenth floor. The nurses here were exceptionally polite to him, and even the
medical team was waiting.
“Mr. Sampson”
“Mr. Sampson, you’re here.”
“We’re waiting for your decision.”
“Let me introduce you to Arabella Collins. She’s a wonder in medicine. Tell her
the details, and take her to see the patient.”
The doctors all looked at Arabella, their faces expressing their doubts.
Was Mr. Sampson desperate to try anything, even bringing such a young girl to
She looked barely into her teens.
Did she understand medicine at all?
And they, respected doctors, were expected to guide her, explaining the
patient’s condition to her.
Was this a joke?
“Are you not going?”
Upon hearing Bard’s words, the doctors suppressed their displeasure and led
Arabella to the patient, explaining his condition over the past few days.
Arabella entered the ward. It was the first time she was meeting her grandfather.
He was lying in bed with his eyes closed, frail but it was not hard to imagine how
dashing and charismatic he must have been in his youth.
Arabella glanced at the readings on the monitor next to the bed and gently
placed her slender fingers on her grandpa’s wrist.
The doctors exchanged confused looks.
What was she doing? Chapter 1266
Checking the pulse? Really?
How came she know that?
“How about we give his heart an ultrasound?” Arabella suddenly suggested.
A few doctors were not pleased with this.
“Miss, are you commanding us? If I’m not mistaken, we are the primary
physicians of the patient.”
“Could you speak with a little respect? This is our turf.
Enter title…

“How long have you been in this field?”
How dare she order them around at such a young age?
“I’m not familiar with this place, so could you please give him an ultrasound? Is
there a problem with that?”
Arabella looked at them straight in the eyes, neither humble nor arrogant. “It’s
clearly a heart abnormality. Have you guys not even done an ultrasound
“If an ultrasound could reveal anything, we would have found out already,’ one
of the female doctors, Lisa, stood with her arms crossed, looking at Arabella
disdainfully. “bo we need to wait for you to direct us?”
“Doctor Lisa, don’t you Know what a disease progression is? Could the results
of the ultrasound from last month be the same as this month? Could you please
Lisa was suddenly infuriated. “What if I don’t cooperate?”
At this moment, Bard arrived at the door. “Not cooperate with what?”
“Mr. Sampson?” Lisa’s arrogance deflated a bit upon seeing him. “This girl
wants to give the patient another ultrasound. We’ve done that before, and doing
it again now would just be a waste of time.”
“Listen to her. Redo it.”
The doctors were confused. Why should they listen to a young girl?
“Didn’t you say that time is of the essence? Why aren’t you moving?”
With Bard’s words, two of the doctors had to swallow their pride and took the
patient to the ultrasound room for another examination.
The other doctors followed to see if there was any difference in the ultrasound
results this time!
“Bella, is there a problem?” Bard asked softly.
“I just noticed an abnormality in the heart, but I didn’t find any issues in the
previous ultrasound results, so I want to redo it and check the results again.”
“You’re always so meticulous.” Bard noticed the empty patient room. “Let’s go
and take a look too.”
The ultrasound results were out quickly.
Adeline specifically brought over the previous results and coldly presented them
to Arabella. “Could the doctor here please take a look? There’s no difference
between these two results. Doing it again is just wasting the patient’s golden
rescue time.”
If there was a problem, they would have found it already. Did they need a little
girl to point it out?
Bard’s gaze seemed to exert pressure from across the room. They all lowered
their heads, stopped their sarcasm, and dared not say anything offensive again.
Arabella looked at the ultrasound report in her hands. “You might as well donate
your eyes if you’re not going to use them. The problem is so obvious in these
two ultrasounds. Can’t anyone see it?”
The doctors were stunned and walked over disbelievingly to take a look.
“This black spot here could very likely be a bload clot.
Upon hearing this, everyone was even more incredulous.
“How could there be a blood clot in this area?”
“That’s preposterous.”
“Do you know what this area is? It’s near the heart! If there’s a blood clot here,
how could the patient have survived this long?”
“We need to operate immediately.” Arabella looked at the doctors, among wham
only a younger female doctor wasn’t being aggressive. “You, come help me. The
rest can stay here.”Chapter 1267
“What did you just say?”
The other doctors immediately voiced their objections!
Why should they be left out of this?
Bard’s gaze fell heavily on them, his voice icy, “She’s my niece. Blood related.”
When they heard this, their indignation faded, replaced by shock and
This young girl was Mr. Sampson’s own niece?
Enter title…

“She’s known to the public as Dr. Bell.”
Upon hearing this, they were even more astounded. Dr. Bell was this young girl.
In this industry, everyone knew of this miracle doctor.
Was she really this young?
And Dr. Bell was a woman.
Wasn’t Dr. Bell supposed to be a man?
They had always assumed it was an elderly gentleman.
“Of course, you can observe from the sidelines, see how this young lady
performs surgery.”
Upon hearing this, they admitted it was indeed a privilege to watch Dr. Bell
perform surgery.
Soon, Darren was wheeled into the cardiac surgery room.
A surgery that normally took four hours, Arabella completed in three. From
behind a pane of glass, Bard and the other doctors were thoroughly impressed
by her surgical skills.
When she emerged, Bard said sympathetically, “You must be tired, having to
perform such a long surgery right after landing.”
Arabella’s eyes were calm, to her, this was a relatively short operation.
“How’s your grandfather now?”
“He’s fine, he should wake up in a day or two”
“What surgery did you perform on him?” Bard knew that she had performed the
entire surgery fluidly and calmly, but didn’t know what she was specifically
“In simple terms, it was a cardiac rupture repair surgery. I removed about 1.1
pounds of blood clots from his heart, and it was these clots that saved his life.”
Upon hearing this, Bard was shocked and asked incredulously, “Where did
these blood clots come from?”
“There was a hole about 0.12 square inches in size in his heart, causing blood
to leak out and accumulate in the pericardium, nearly causing the heart to be
Upon hearing this, Bard could tell how dire the situation was.
“Fortunately, the hole did not expand all at once, it gradually enlarged. Due to
the slow rate of blood lass, it coagulated into clots, which blocked the hole,
preventing a catastrophic rupture of the heart.”
Remembering the cardiac rupture, Arabella was reminded of a kind face.
“How could this happen?” Bard had imagined countless scenarios, but never
this one!
“This condition is very rare. It’s called cardiac tamponade in medical terms.
Simply put, a malformation occurs in the cardiac wall, creating a thin bubble.
The blood from the heart ruptures this bubble, causing a large amount of
pericardial effusion.”
“In the past two hundred years, less than 400 people have been diagnosed with
this condition, and only 15 have had a rupture. Of these 15, only 3 children
survived. Grandfather has truly made a miraculous recovery.”
Upon hearing this, Bard was both relieved and puzzled, “But he doesn’t have
heart disease. Why would he have this cardiac tamponade as you described?”
“There could be many causes, such as a sharp object or bullet piercing the
chest wall and damaging the heart, or it could also be caused by violent impact
to the chest. In any case, he has now passed the critical stage.”Chapter 1268
Upon hearing that Darren had passed the critical stage, Bard was finally
reassured, “I’ll call your parents to give them the good news. It’ll surely cheer
them up.”
“Sure.” Arabella removed her sterile gown and had just stepped out when she
was stopped by several doctors.
“We’re sorry for our ignorance and any offense we may have caused. Please
accept our apologies.”
The doctors all bowed their heads in sincere apology.
Enter title…

The leading lady doctor said, “My name is Adeline. I’m sorry for my previous
rash remarks. They were uncalled for”
“I owe you an apology for my arrogance and ignorance, Lisa joined in, her tone
deeply remorseful. “I overlooked a tiny spot on the ultrasound scan, unaware
that it could potentially be a blood clot, and I kept administering medication for
breathing difficulty and accelerated heart rate, nearly missing the patient’s
optimal treatment time.
Another male doctor, Colvin, also felt outmatched. If he hadn’t seen Arabella
perform the surgery with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed that a young
girl in her teens could be so proficient and adept at her craft.
Only Beatrice was secretly thrilled in her heart, thinking that she had the chance
to assist Dr. Bell.
She could flaunt this experience and countless renowned hospitals would vie for
“It’s okay, It’s all in the past now,’ Arabella didn’t hold a grudge against them, and
instead passed by them, planning to visit her grandfather in the ward.
“Dr. Bell.”
Just as male doctor Brade caught up with her, he was met with a warning glare
from Arabella. His mind went blank from the fright and it took him a while to
recover, “Oh, Dr. Bella.”
She probably didn’t want people to know she’s “Dr. Bell”, preferring to keep her
identity a secret.
True enough, when he addressed her as Dr. Bella, she withdrew her stare, her
reaction not as intense as before.
Brade heaved a sigh of relief, “I was wondering if you could stay for a few more
days, so that we could learn from you.”
“Yes, if we could learn even a trick or two from you, it could save more patients,’
Adeline followed suit.
“Your suturing technique is simply incredible, unmatched by anyone.” Lisa
expressed her admiration sincerely.
“Dr. Bella, I want to learn from you as well; Beatrice put forth her request,
looking at Arabella expectantly.
“I don’t take apprentices, Arabella responded indifferently, “I don’t share my
“We understand that we’re not qualified to be your apprentices, and we know
you won’t easily share your skills.
We just need some verbal guidance.”
“Just a few questions to ask.”
“Oh, Dr. Bella, there’s a tricky case that we could use your help with?”
“Lalso have a patient.”
Arabella, hearing their mounting requests, simply pushed open the door to her
grandfather’s ward, stepping in, “I’m quite occupied, sorry. Chapter 1269
Everyone watched as the hospital room door closed, leaving them with their
mouths half-open, sighing in disbelief.
If only they had known earlier that she was Dr. Bell, they would have been more
courteous. Now, she didn’t want to waste her time with them.
Serena had prepared a fruit salad by herself, ready to serve it to her parents,
when she heard Louisa’s excited voice.
Enter title…

“You’re kidding? The surgery was successful? Bell was the lead surgeon? That’s
fantastic!” Louisa was so overjoyed that tears streamed down her face. “I knew
it, Bella is the best. How’s Dad doing now? Really? Bella said so herself? He’ll
be awake in a day or two?”
Serena was so frustrated that the salad plate was shaking in her hands. Damn
it, that woman had stolen the limelight again.
“If it weren’t for the Temple family crisis, I’d really like to go and see.” Louisa was
weighing up her options, torn.
“In a few days, Kenneth and I will make a trip. It’s been a long time since we last
saw Dad. He would be so happy to know how talented his granddaughter is. Let
Bella stay in Dawnstar for a few more days. Good, good, let her have lunch and
take a nap first. We’ve already had our dinner here.”
Solterra was six hours ahead of Dawnstar. It was seven o’clock in the evening
here, but only one o’clock in the afternoon there.
After his wife hung up the phone, Kenneth asked with delight, “So, Dad’s okay
“Bella examined him, found a small hole in his heart that was leaking blood,
which formed a clot and plugged the hole. The others couldn’t figure out what
was wrong with Dad, but Bella insisted on doing an ultrasound, found the
problem, and performed the surgery in time.”
“Thank God for Bella.” Kenneth sighed with gratitude. “She’s so capable, all
thanks to those old men. During the years when we hadn’t found our daughter,
they treated Bella as their own granddaughter, passing on all their skills to her.
As soon as we’re free, we should visit them one by one”
“Dad, Mum, who are we visiting?” Serena asked sweetly as she brought in the
dessert fruits.
“Serena’s here?” Kenneth grinned, “These fruits look different from usual. Did
you make them yourself?”
“Can you tell they’re ugly just because I made them?” Serena carved the flesh
of the cantaloupe into a bouquet pattern, topped it with mangoes shaped like
roses, and added grapes and watermelon balls.
“Very creative. I’ll try one.” Kenneth said, but the fruit he picked up was first fed
to his wife. He then tasted a peeled grape, “Sweet, delicious.”
“Dad, Mom, who were you talking about visiting just now? I’m on vacation now. I
have time to go with you.”
“We’re referring to the old men who taught your sister.”
“Then, can I learn from them too?” Serena showed keen interest. “If I could be
half as capable as my sister, I could make you proud, and help more people, so
Bella wouldn’t have to work so hard alone.”
Kenneth thought it was a good idea and was about to agree when Louisa
interjected, ‘Those old men have never taken on any disciples, only your sister.
We can guess their intention. Serena, you should focus on your studies. Having
Bella is enough to handle any emergencies. The more people involved, the
more worries.”
Indeed, those men were Bella’s “master”. Asking Serena to become their
disciple would mean sharing not only Bella’s family but also her “master”.
It wasn’t that Bella was stingy and unwilling to share. The fear was that they
chose their disciples based on fate, talent and gifts, not on relationships or
Upon hearing this, Serena felt uncomfortable. Was the implication that it was
enough for Arabella to be the center of attention? That she, the adopted
daughter, wasn’t needed to handle family matters?
“If you want to learn, I can hire other famous teachers for you. They don’t have
to be the same as your sister.”
Kenneth said with a chuckle. Chapter 1270
Serena’s heart sank further. Why was this incredibly insightful gentleman not
willing to teach her personally, instead insisting on having her study under a
Was it because he was afraid she might outshine Arabella?
It reeked of favoritism.
Afraid his own daughter would be surpassed.
“Serena, you’ve grown up pampered and sheltered. Everything your sister
knows, she learned through grit and determination. You could start with some
Enter title…

simple theory from a well-known tutor. Oh, what are you interested in? What do
you want to learn?”
Serena flashed a sweet smile, “I’ll let you know when I decide what I want to
learn. Dad, has Arabella visited Grandpa in Dawnstar? How’s his health?”
“Let me tell you, your sister is impressive. She spotted the problem as soon as
she got there.”
In his excitement, Kenneth got a swift kick from Louisa, reminding him to watch
his words.
Sure enough, Serena’s eyes dimmed for a moment before she quickly resumed
her cheerful derneanor, “Arabella is indeed incredible. She noticed a problem
that so many doctors overlooked.”
“All of that comes with experience, from saving so many people,” Louisa
interjected, “Now, Serena, your father and I are going for a walk. Enjoy the
Seeing the carefully arranged fruit platter barely touched by her parents, Serena
felt a pang of disappointment.
“Dad, Mom, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Grandpa. When can we all visit?”
Serena asked, a hopeful glint in her eyes.
Louisa hesitated, “Perhaps next time when your grandma is also feeling better,
we can all gather for a lively reunion.”
Serena didnt expect her mother’s change of heart. Was it to give Arabella some
peace and quiet, an opportunity to bond with their grandparents without her, the
adopted daughter bothering them?
Her mother was indeed cunning, harboring such a scheme!
In the hospital room.
Upon her arrival, Arabella received a call from her grandmother.
“Bella, I heard that you saved your grandpa.” Belinda voice was a mix of
excitement and incoherence, “You’re such a good girl, a skilled doctor, and so
modest. I don’t know what your grandpa and I would have done if you hadn’t
returned to this family. We might have already met our maker.”
“Grandma, it’s not as serious as you make it out to be,” Arabella said with a light
laugh, “How have you been feeling these past few days? Are you getting used
to the new medication?”
“It’s much better than before. The previous medicine was,’ Belinda didn’t dare to
elaborate, she simply said, “a bit bitter.”
Arabella chuckled, “I know you don’t like bitter things, Grandma. So, I added a
few ingredients to make the medicine less bitter”
Belinda sounded delighted, “It’s much better. I used to. well, you know the
saying ‘Bitter medicine cures sickness’, so I drank it all in one go.”
Belinda’s voice was filled with affection and indulgence for her granddaughter.
Arabella’s smile widened, “In a few days, I’ll give you a new prescription that
should taste even better.”
“Really?” Belinda sounded thrilled, then she remembered something, “Oh, yes, I
heard from your uncle that your grandpa’s heart rupture was caused by an
external injury. That reminds me of something that happened a long time ago”
Arabella listened attentively to her grandmother’s story.Chapter 1271
“Long ago, your grandpa and I used to travel around, and during one of our
trips, we got involved in a bit of a situation. It was on a morning near a desert.
There was a woman who ran a food stall by the wayside. She was a gentle and
kind soul.”
“One day, her gambling-addicted husband came to the stall and demanded
money from her to throw away at his gambling den, completely disregarding
their sick child who was in the hospital and needed money for treatment. When
she refused, he started hitting her right in front of everyone and even threatened
to kill her in his fit of rage.”
Enter title…

Arabella was shocked to hear such a story.
“Everyone around was scared, no tourists dared to intervene. After all, who
wanted to risk their life while they were out enjoying themselves. But your
grandpa, seeing the man pull out a knife, fearing he might hurt someone, went
forward to stop him. But your grandpa was up there in age, and he got hit a few
“Then our bodyguard arrived, quickly restrained him, and handed him over to
the police. I felt sorry for the woman running the food stall, so I gave her a few
thousand dollars to use for her child’s treatment.”
Arabella understood, “So you think that Grandpa might have hurt his heart
“The woman’s husband was a tall and strong man, and he hit with such force.
But I can’t remember whether he hit the heart.”
“Did Grandpa say anything about feeling unwell when he came back?”
“He mentioned it, but the doctors checked him several times and could never
find anything wrong. We didn’t take it seriously, we thought he was just getting
old and had high blood pressure.”
They never expected it to be a ruptured heart!
If it wasn’t for Bella’s timely discovery and surgery, the consequences would
have been unthinkable.
“Bella, your grandmother wants to visit you and your grandpa in Dawnstar in a
couple of days. Can you talk to Sampson and get him to agree to let me go out.
You’re a doctor, and you’re his precious niece, he’ll definitely listen to you. I’m
old, no one listens to what I say anymore.”
Arabella couldn’t help but smile, “You should take care of your health and rest
more at home.”
“I just want to get some fresh air, I’m tired of staying home all day.” Belinda
cooed, “Good girl, my darling, please agree, let me get out and reunite with you
Arabella laughed, “I’ll check your medical report in a couple of days, if there’s no
problem, I’ll talk to Uncle Sampson: “That’s great! With your word, I don’t think
that boy dares to stop me.”
Belinda spoke happily for a while, until Arabella heard a knock on the door of the
room and ended the call, saying, “Come in.”
Unexpectedly, the person who entered wasn’t Bard, but a woman from
She knelt down in front of Arabella with a thud, begging Arabella to save her
Behind her was Dr. Brade. It was clear that Dr. Brade had shown her a ray of
hope, directing her to Arabella, in the hopes of saving her father.
Dr. Brade, seeing Arabella’s understanding gaze, was about to explain the
woman’s words when he heard Arabella ask the woman what disease her father
Not just the Dawnstar woman, but even Brade was taken aback. This little girl
could speak the local language so fluently and with such a pure accent. How
was she so talented?
The Dawnstar woman was relieved to find Arabella understood her and went on
to explain her father’s illness.
In simple terms, her father had a tumor in his body that was larger than
Arabella’s fist, with a diameter of over 9 centimeters. Chapter 1272
The tricky part was that the tumor was located in the caudate lobe of the liver,
and there’s been some bleeding these past few days.
Arabella asked her if he had done a regular check-up, and the woman instantly
pulled out the medical report, “Here it is.”
Sure enough, someone had directed her from behind.
Arabella once again met the gaze of Dr. Brade, only to see him shift his gaze
with a hint of guilt.
Enter title…

He had no choice. The condition was exceedingly complex, and he didn’t know
how to provide treatment.
Arabella, a heavyweight in the field of medicine, was the only one who could
save the patient.
So, he had to subtly point the patient’s family towards Arabella.
The woman told Arabella that the reports included not only regular check-ups
but also various other medical forms and diagnoses from different hospitals.
Arabella took a look, and briefed her on the situation.
In layrnan terms, all three hepatic veins and possibly the inferior vena cava in
the patient’s liver could be taken over by the tumor. If traditional in-vivo surgery
was performed, the patient could lose over 60% of his normal liver function, with
a great risk of heavy bleeding during the operation.
Dr. Brade nodded in agreement. This was precisely what made him anxious.
The patient wanted to retain his complete liver function, which was simply
Upon hearing this, the woman from Dawnstar couldn’t help but weep, pleading
with Arabella to find a solution.
She didn’t want her father to lose so much of his liver function.
“There is one way.”
At Arabella’s words, not only the woman but also Dr. Brade was taken aback.
“We could perform an ex-vivo liver tumor resection and autologous liver
The woman was confused and looked at Brade for clarification.
Brade was completely stunned.
Arabella’s suggestion was to remove the liver from the body, completely cut off
the tumor, and then re-implant it.
The objective was to ensure the complete removal of the tumor while
maintaining the integrity of the liver and vascular structures and functions. This
posed a severe challenge for the chief surgeon.
The slightest mistake could possibly leave them open to public criticism and
even be fired.
He wouldn’t even dare to think about such a solution.
The woman from Dawnstar instinctively held onto Arabella’s hand, asking her if
she was confident, and if she was, could she be the chief surgeon to save her
“Please, get up.” Arabella didn’t want her to keep kneeling.
But the woman refused to rise, pleading with Arabella to save her father. She
began talking about her life since childhood, dependent on her father, crying and
begging Arabella to help.
“If I’m the chief surgeon, the patient’s liver retention can reach over 95%,”
Arabella stated truthfully.
Dr. Brade was in disbelief.
He knew better than anyone about the complexity of the operation and the
severity of the situation. Even if the person standing in front of him was Dr. Bell,
he couldn’t believe that there was someone in this world capable of retaining
over 95% of the liver function.
That was not a feat for a medical saint, but for a god!!
Even the woman questioned Arabella incredulously, asking if she was joking.
She had taken her father to countless doctors before, most of whom said there
was no hope, while a few said the patient would lose a siqnificant portion of his
liver function after surgery. The only person who was confident enough to
promise a near-complete retention was Arabella.
But the catch was, she was just a teenager.
“Dr. Bella, are you serious?” Dr. Brade couldn’t help but ask. “The patient’s
request is to retain as much of the normal liver function as possible.”
“lL understand,” Arabella replied, her expression calm, her eyes undisturbed.
It was as if the entire matter was as simple as eating and drinking to her. Chapter 1273
The woman asked Arabella again if she could operate on her father now,
assuring her that money was no object as long as the surgery was successful…
“Her fees aren’t cheap, Dr. Brade warned, “She’s a highly skilled and renowned
Simply the name “Dr. Bell” was worth its weight in gold.
The woman immediately pulled out a blank check from her purse, tore it off, and
offered it with both hands.
Enter title…

“Name your price. My family is worth hundreds of millions, I’ll spend it all if I
have to, just to cure my father!”
What a devoted daughter.
“You won’t have to go bankrupt,’ Arabella took her check and said calmly, “I’ll go
see the patient. If everything’s fine, we’ll operate.”
She was no saint. She wouldn’t save lives for nothing.
She turned to Dr. Brade, “You’ll assist me.”
Upon hearing this, Dr. Brade was somewhat excited at the prospect of being
Arabella’s assistant.
“Find another doctor to coordinate with you.”
As soon as Arabella finished speaking, Brade said, “No problem!”
When Bard returned from his call, he found a group of doctors crowded in the
observation room, occasionally gasping in amazement.
“I wouldn’t believe it if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, such a young, beautiful
and skilled doctor.”
“The key is her decisiveness and precision. They are superior to ours.”
“Watching her perform the surgery, I was reminded of the old professor at our
hospital. If he were still here, he’d do everything he could to keep her.”
“What’s her background that even Brade is willing to assist her?”
“All I know is that she’s confident in performing a surgery that even Brade
couldn’t guarantee, and she rates her odds at 95%.”
“What did you say? Did she sound so sure?”
Bard gathered quite a bit of information from their conversations. Walking in, he
saw his niece indeed performing surgery in the next room.
He inquired about the situation from the people around him, then watched his
niece busily operating through the glass wall.
When Arabella completely removed the liver, Brade and another doctor quickly
connected the stomach and intestines to the artificial blood vessels of the liver,
ensuring a smooth bload flow.
Arabella skillfully excised the tumor from the liver under a temperature of 4°C.
The entire process was smooth.
“I can’t believe it.”
“I witnessed it myself, but if I were to perform this surgery, I wouldnt be able to
do it as smoothly and effectively as her.”
“Who is she, really? She managed to remove the tumor completely without
damaging the liver function”
“She must be someone significant!”
“She actually dared to perform such a surgery.”
Listening to the praises of the crowd, Bard naturally realized the difficulty of the
operation. He hadn’t expected his young niece, with her kindness and
dedication to medicine, to save her grandfather and then a stranger.
Time ticked by.
Arabella had entered the operating room without bringing anything. At this
moment, her phone was vibrating again and again in her backpack, sending a
humming sound from the locker.
Seeing that she wasn’t answering the call, Romeo couldn’t help but worry.Chapter 1274
What was keeping her busy?
Wasn’t she supposed to call him after her grandpa’s surgery and lunch?
What time was it now?
Did she go for a nap?
Remembering how Arabella had endured such a long flight to Dawnstar and
immediately plunged herself into saving lives, Romeo didn’t bother her further.
But his mind was filled with thoughts of her.
Enter title…

Arabella’s focus was unyielding. What was originally a 10-hour operation, she
completed in just six hours. The patient’s blood loss during the entire procedure
was only about 500 milliliters, and his liver was without blood supply for two
Everyone at the hospital was completely astounded!
In this operation, led by Arabella, three doctors successfully repaired the
arteries, hepatic veins, portal veins, inferior vena cava, and other blood vessels.
The liver retention reached 98%, and the liver function was normal.
Not only Dr. Brade and another surgeon were amazed and thrilled, but all the
doctors in the observation room also cheered!
They were all deeply impressed and benefited greatly from observing such a
lengthy operation.
When Arabella came out of the operating room, the woman rushed up to ask
about her father’s condition. Upon hearing that his liver function could be
completely preserved and the operation was successful, she broke down in
tears and knelt before Arabella.
Arabella tried to help her up, but she was crying her eyes out. She was insistent
on expressing her gratitude to Arabella.
The other doctors in the observation room surrounded Arabella, inquiring about
her background, praising her medical skills, and asking about her future plans.
Seeing his niece being surrounded by so many people, Bard couldn’t help but
say, “Would you all mind stepping aside? My niece needs to change her clothes.
She’s been operating for such a long time, and she’s tired.”
Everyone turned to look at the man standing on the other side of the crowd. He
was a formidable figure that no one in the country didn’t recognize.
“Mr. Bard”
“Mr. Bard, she’s your niece?”
“The genes of the Griffith family are really good. Everyone in your family is so
outstanding and excellent.”
Arabella nodded at her uncle, who had helped her out of the crowd, and went to
the changing room to remove her surgical gown and sterilize herself.
The woman from Dawnstar who had been kneeling on the ground, with the help
of others, stood up and looked at Bard in disbelief.
Bard noticed her gaze and looked back, also somewhat surprised.
One of the group directors. They often met, but their positions were different. At
yesterday’s board meeting, only she and a few other old directors voted against.
Janice asked Bard in disbelief if the woman earlier was his niece. His real
niece? She had never heard him mention it before.
Bard told her that she was indeed his niece who he had recently found. He
asked her not to spread the word.
Janice nodded repeatedly, tears streaming down her face again. She told Bard
that without Arabella, her father would have been long gone.
She couldn’t believe that this miracle-working doctor was Bard’s own niece.
What a coincidence.
Bard gave her a few comforting words. He was surprised to hear that she had
information about the inner workings of the company. She promised to email
him the details that night.
Bard didn’t expect this unexpected gain. It was all thanks to Arabella.
Seeing that his beloved niece had come out, Bard told Janice that his niece
hadn’t eaten anything since noon and had even performed two surgeries.
Upon hearing this, Janice felt guilty. She thanked Arabella again and promised
to meet Bard that evening.
Arabella was a bit confused. Did they know each other?
It wasn’t until her uncle introduced Janice that she understood their relationship.
Seeing that the sky outside was already dark, probably around seven or eight
o’clock, Bard suggested, “Let’s go out for dinner, and I’ll show you the night view
of Dawnstar.’Chapter 1275
Arabella was indeed hungry, but more than that, she was tired. She got into the
car and quickly drifted off to sleep.
Seeing her so exhausted, Bard remembered what Sampson had once said
about the tough times she had gone through. His heart ached for her.
After an indeterminate amount of time, Arabella was awakened by Bard’s soft
voice. She looked around to find that they had arrived at a beautiful hilltop
restaurant overlooking the night sky of Dawnstar.
Enter title…

The restaurant manager personally opened the car door for her. Arabella
responded briefly.
Bard looked at her with a hint of admiration in his eyes, ‘I didn’t expect your
French to be so good.”
It was even better than Serena’s.
When Serena had a whim to learn French, he had hired a top-notch language
tutor for her. But surprisingly, her pronunciation wasn’t as good as Bella’s.
Seemed like his niece had many virtues waiting to be discovered.
Arabella looked at the night view below and suddenly remembered her promise
to call Romeo after dinner.
Was he still waiting?
“Uncle Bard, you go in first. I need to make a call.”
“Alright- Without asking any more questions, Bard handed the car keys to the
parking attendant and went in.
Arabella took out her mobile phone from her backpack, only to find several
missed calls: from her parents, friends, subordinates, and also Romeo.
She called Romeo back first. He picked up almost immediately, “Are you
“How did you know I was sleeping?” Arabella thought he knew about her nap in
the car, but she soon realized he was referring to her afternoon nap.
When he found out she hadn’t eaten since noon and had performed two
surgeries, Romeo said sympathetically, “After you eat and get home to rest, I’ll
call you.”
Eating something was the most important thing now.
Arabella heard the automated voice in the cabin on his end and immediately
guessed what was happening, “Are you on a plane? Coming to Dawnstar?”
Private planes allow phone calls.
Romeo didn’t expect her to quess so quickly. Fearing she might get angry, he
quickly explained, “I just happen to have some business in Dawnstar.”
He was not shirking his responsibilities.
“Oh.” Arabella chuckled with interest. She knew this guy couldn’t resist following
her, “Alright, when you get here, take me around if you have the time.”
Romeo couldn’t believe what he was hearing, his eyes lighting up with
happiness, ‘Alright, I’ll take you around.
Go eat first”
After hanging up the call, Arabella noticed the restaurant manager still waiting
for her not far away, his face bearing a respectful and polite smile.
“Ms. Bella, this is the first time I’ve seen Mr. Bard bring a lady to dine here. Mr.
Bard is a rare gentleman, handsome, gentle, and loyal.”
Arabella cut him off before he could finish, “I’m his niece.”
The restaurant manager was taken aback for a few seconds before quickly
correcting himself, “He’s also a great uncle! I dare say, he’s the best uncle in the
world, bar none.”
“Oh, so isn’t Mr. Sampson good?”
Caught off guard, the manager quickly replied, “No, no, no, Mr. Sampson is also
very good.”
“Enough. Just show me the way.”
“Okay.”Chapter 1276
The mountain top restaurant was a single-storeyed structure, made
predominantly of glass, giving it a chic and elegant appearance. Every table
offered its customers a window seat, ensuring a mesmerizing view of the
enchanting night.
The restaurant didn’t have any private suites, so Bard had positioned himself by
the window. When Arabella walked in after finishing her phone call, he handed
her the menu, saying, “You choose the food”
Arabella skimmed through the menu, which was full of delicacies, and asked,
“Any dietary restrictions, Uncle Bard?”
Enter title…

“None whatsoever, I can eat anything.”
Arabella ordered a few dishes and after placing the order, she started replying to
other messages.
Ten minutes later.
The food started to arrive.
Bard watched as Arabella devoured the food with apparent delight, completely
devoid of any etiquette. His gaze softened once more.
She was indeed unique.
“Eat up,’ he said, smiling as he helped her with the food.
“Sir, ma’am, your order is complete. Enjoy your meal,’ the waiter said, bowing
before leaving.
Bard looked at Arabella surprisingly, “Is that all you ordered?”
That seemed like very little.
“It’s a waste if we can’t finish it.”
Bard started to laugh, reaching for the pad when Arabella stopped him, “Uncle
Bard, we really can’t finish it all.
We can come back another time for the other dishes. We don’t have to eat it all
“This is the first time I’m treating you.” Bard was cut off when the lights in the
restaurant suddenly went out.
“A power outage?”
“Why does this restaurant always have a power outage?”
“They charge so much. Can’t they invest in a better power supply?”
Several customers started complaining.
Suddenly, Arabella heard a whistling sound near her ear. She quickly dodged to
avoid a gleaming dagger.
“Bella, be careful!”
In the darkness, a few figures dressed in black, their faces covered with black
masks, rushed towards Arabella with daggers. Arabella grabbed a chair to block
them, threw it at them, and wrapped two of them in a tablecloth.
The clatter of falling items from the table startled the customers, “What’s
Arabella picked up a steak knife from the fallen items on the table, slashed it
across the tablecloth, revealing a red gash to the spectators.
“Bella!” Bard threw his chair at the man behind Arabella, but before he could
react, several figures approached him from behind, short swords in their hands.
The customers panicked, hiding in the corners, relying on the moonlight to
watch a man and a woman fight off a dozen men in black.
“Who are they? What is happening?”
A customer tremblingly took out his phone and turned on the flashlight. Seeing
the light, the men in black instantly turned murderous and flung a dagger at him!
The customer turned a ghastly white.
Before the dagger could reach him, Arabella threw a plate at the dagger,
knocking it off its course, saving the man’s life.
As the men in black launched another attack at Arabella, she deftly used the
steak knife in her hand to fend off three of them in a matter of seconds.
Bard was surprised at his niece’s agility and proficiency. It reminded him of Mr.
Bryant, whom he had met many years ago in another place.
It was not just her stance, but also her skills that seemed eerily familiarChapter 1277
At that moment, another shiny knife was thrust towards Bard. Swiftly, Bard
countered, pinning the knife against the man’s throat and demanded in a cold
voice, “Who sent you?”
More reinforcements lunged at Bard. Seeing their persistence, Bard had no
choice but to take them down.
Perhaps the men in black realized they were losing, they exchanged glances,
nodded, and suddenly, the chandeliers in the diner came crashing down.
“Ah, it hit someone”
Enter title…

“Someone got hit by a chandelier, call 911.”
Seven or eight men in black were beaten to a pulp by Arabella. They threw a
smoke bomb and escaped through a broken window.
Amidst the thick smoke, there were screams, cries, and pleas for help.
Arabella chose not to give chase, instead she followed the noises, only to find a
young woman whose head was hit by a chandelier, her face covered in blood.
Her boyfriend was terrified, “Aurelie, wake up. Don’t scare me.
“Dont move her.” Arabella picked up her purse from the debris, intending to take
out her first aid kit, but then realized she had left it at the hospital.
She asked several customers to shine their phone lights for her while she
crouched down, first treating Aurelie’s wounds.
Aurelie’s forehead was embedded with shards of the chandelier. It was a
horrifying sight.
“What are you doing? Can you save Aurelie? Are you a doctor? Can a doctor be
so young?” Aurelie’s boyfriend watched Arabella in disbelief, “Is Aurelie badly
injured? Is she going to die? I don’t want her to die. Can you save her? What
are you doing now?”
“Keep quiet.” Arabella cleaned Aurelie’s wounds.
Aurelie moaned in pain, seeming to be suffering greatly.
“Be gentle. She’s in pain. Please be gentle!” Aurelie’s boyfriend was almost in
The customers around them were also frightened, none dared to watch such a
bloody scene.
Blood continued to flow from Aurelie’s head. Aurelie’s boyfriend cried, “She’s still
bleeding. The bleeding hasn’t stopped. She’s still bleeding! Please save her. you
must save her!”
“If you keep crying, I’m going to throw you out.”
Arabella’s expression was cold, and her voice even colder. Aurelie’s boyfriend
was scared into silence, temporarily forgetting his tears.
Bard chased after the men to the outside of the diner, only to find that the staff
had already been injured and fallen. He made a call, and when he came back,
he found his niece treating someone.
The victim was covered in blood, and the customers around them were
shivering with fear, closing their eyes.
Only his niece seemed calm, methodically treating the girl’s wounds.
What kind of person was she?
The men in black who attacked earlier were skilled, yet she handled them with
Her moves even resembled those of the famous Mr. Bryant.
Whether it was her skills or her mental strength, she had completely surprised
him within a day.
Arabella took out a bottle of medicine from her bag, crushed a pill, and sprinkled
it on the girl’s wound.
“Wha-what are you.”
Hearing Aurelie’s pained cries, her boyfriend questioned again, “What are you
giving her?”
Arabella lifted her icy gaze, scaring the boy into swallowing his words.
After applying the medicine, Arabella quickly bandaged Aurelie’s wound and
said, “Take her to the hospital.”
“Will she be okay?” Aurelie’s boyfriend held his girlfriend tightly and asked
“If you get her there within half an hour, she’ll live.” Chapter 1278
The moment Aurelie’s boyfriend heard, he hastily scooped up his girlfriend and
Arabella grabbed her bag and walked out of the crowd, Bard softly asked, ‘Are
you hurt?”
“They’re no match for me.” Arabella looked up and asked, “Uncle Bard, do you
know who they are?”
“Not sure, could be some enemies of mine.”
“Well, we’ll have to look into that.”
Enter title…

Bard was surprised to see Arabella’s eyes remain calm and serene. Just how
strong must her mental fortitude be, how courageous, to maintain such a
nonchalant expression?
What had she been through, who had she learned from, to possess such aweinspiring power and ability?
“I was careless. I didn’t bring any backup today, thought we could enjoy a quiet
He didn’t expect such a thing to happen, and his niece didn’t get to finish her
Thinking about how she only had a few bites, he felt guilty.
“Let me take you to another restaurant.”
“No need, I’ll just have something at home.”
It was a pity about the dishes they didn’t get to try. The red wine-braised beef,
pan-fried foie gras, bouillabaisse, and so on.
She hadn’t had a single bite.
“I’ll have it made,” Bard called his home chef, ordering them to prepare the most
representative dishes in the shortest time possible, adamant that his beloved
niece should eat to her heart’s content.
On the way home.
Arabella suddenly remembered something.
“Uncle Bard, I left something at the hospital. Are we passing by? If we are, I’d
like to pick it up.”
“What did you forget, I’ll go get it.”
“I’ll go and check on Grandpa while I’m there.”
After all, that acupuncture kit was a gift from Romeo.
She felt uncomfortable without it.
When Bard heard about her forgotten acupuncture kit, he knew how important
these tools were to medical practitioners. They needed to have them at all
times, or they felt uneasy.
He could understand, so he drove to the hospital entrance, “Then let me
accompany you up.”
“No need, you can wait here.”
“Then you go quickly and come back.”
As Arabella got out of the car, she immediately messaged her subordinates to
investigate who had been at the restaurant before the power outage, the
chandelier was definitely tampered with in advance.
Meanwhile, Bard in the car was also making a call to his men.
“Check if any of those gangs have been acting out.”
The man on the phone immediately asked, “Mr. Bard, has anything happened?
Are you alright?”
“Have you ever seen me in trouble?”
“Well, that’s true.”
“Tonight Bella and I were at a restaurant. A group of people attacked us without
reason.” Bard briefly recounted the incident.
The man on the phone speculated, “Could they have targeted you? But when
they saw Ms. Bella’s agile moves, they retreated and quickly evacuated.”
“They’ve been stabbed multiple times. They won’t get far. Check along the way,
catch them, and interrogate them well.”
“Yes, Mr. Bard.”
After ending the call, Bard looked ahead, his eyes a bit more profound.
Arabella then ordered her men, “Those people are seriously injured. They won’t
get far. Catch them, and we must get some answers.”
“Yes, boss.”Chapter 1279
Arabella entered the hospital, making her way to the surgery level, and retrieved
her first aid kit from the locker room. She then took the elevator up to the VIP
floor to check on her grandfather.
As soon as the elevator doors opened, she sensed something was off.
The hallway was eerily quiet with no one in sight, and a faint scent of lavender
lingered in the air.
She immediately grabbed a piece of mint candy from her bag, unwrapped it, and
let it dissolve in her mouth before cautiously moving forward.
Enter title…

The nurses at the reception desk were all slumped over, seemingly asleep.
Arriving at her grandfather’s room, she peered through the room’s small window
and saw a person injecting an unknown substance into her grandfather’s arm.
Swiftly kicking the door open, Arabella lunged at the intruder.
The person was quick to respond, blocking her attack.
Under the faint moonlight, Arabella recognized the man. It was Mr. Elliot!
She had not expected to bump into Mr. Elliot, her uncle’s right-hand man, in
such a situation.
“Well, since you’ve asked for it, you can keep your grandfather company in the
afterlife!” Mr. Elliot quickly pulled out a small knife and lunged at Arabella.
Arabella easily sidestepped the attack, utterly shocked that Mr. Elliot, her uncle’s
trusted aide, had such a hidden side!
“Who are you, really? What did you inject into my grandfather?”
“You can ask him in the underworld!”
Mr. Elliot was incredibly skilled, and Arabella found it hard to believe that a man
in his sixties or seventies could move with such agility.
His strength was also superior to others his age. Just one of his blows carried
enough force for Arabella to feel the sharp wind it created.
Seeing that Mr. Elliot was not going to speak, Arabella decided to take action.
In the dimly lit room, the person on the bed slowly opened his eyes, watching
the agile girl who seemed to be fighting off the intruder.
Just as he was about to get a closer look, he suddenly coughed up a mouthful
of blood.
“Grandpa. Arabella turned around to see that Darren seemed to be poisoned.
Seeing that he couldn’t overcome Arabella, Mr. Elliot decided to aim his knife at
Arabella quickly pulled the bed towards herself, providing Mr. Elliot with an
opportunity to escape via the balcony.
Arabella had no intention of giving chase. Placing her slender fingers on
Darren’s wrist, she could tell he was severely poisoned.
Bard was quietly waiting in the car.
As time ticked by and Arabella did not return, he considered calling her.
Suddenly, he realized he did not have her number.
It was an oversight on his part. He should have saved her number right from the
Exiting the car, he headed towards the hospital’s ward. As soon as he reached
the VIP floor, a few nurses rushed towards him, crying and trying to explain what
had happened.
“Speak one at a time. No need to rush.” Bard could barely understand what they
were trying to say through their wailing.
“We have no idea what happened. All of a sudden, we felt very sleepy. When we
woke up, we realized something had happened to the patient.”
Hearing that his father was in trouble, Bard immediately rushed towards the
room. The door was wide open, and he saw Arabella administering an injection
to Darren, who soon coughed up a mouthful of blood.
The room was a mess, clearly indicating that a fight had taken place.
“Bella, what happened?” Bard hurriedly asked.
“Uncle Bard, Mr. Elliot who you left to take care of Grandpa is not who you think
he is.” Arabella explained the situation to her uncle.
Bard could hardly believe that Mr. Elliot, who had been a faithful servant to their
family for years, could do such a thing.
Why would he harm his father?
Who was behind this?Chapter 1280
“The medicine Mr. Elliot injected into Grandpa, combined with the one on the
infusion drip, could create a deadly poison.”
As Arabella said this, she lifted her gaze to look at Bard, “This implies that either
Mr. Elliot is medically knowledgeable, or he is guided by a highly skilled person.
Whoever conceived this plot possesses medical and pharmacological expertise
far beyond an average doctor.”
Upon hearing this, Bard became more solemn.
“Grandpa is even more fragile than before, and he’ll have to rely on medication
for gradual recovery, Arabella continued and looked at the man on the hospital
Enter title…

bed, “It might take several days for him to wake up.”
If it were not for her pushing the poison out of Darren’s body in time, they might
be staring at his lifeless body at this very moment.
That was why she chose to stay and save Darren instead of pursuing Mr. Elliot.
“I was careless to assume that leaving Mr. Elliot here would ensure absolute
safety” Bard admitted, his voice filled with regret.
Trust, it seemed, could be the sharpest blade.
“If it wasn’t for your timely appearance and your discovery of Mr. Elliot’s plot, as
well as your efforts to rid your Grandpa’s body of the poison, he might have.”
Bard’s voice trailed off, his gaze falling on Darren, a heavy weight seeming to
press on his heart.
At that moment, a young man accompanied by a team of bodyguards hurried in,
“Mr. Bard.”
Bard lifted his gaze, “Let me introduce you. This is Gordon, my most trusted
Arabella looked at the young man who had just entered. He appeared to be in
his early twenties, handsome with a determined and astute look in his eyes.
Being trusted by her uncle at such a young age indicated his exceptional
Arabella gave him a nod, and Gordon respectfully addressed her, “Ms. Bella”
“I’ll stay here tonight, you take Bella home,” Bard instructed Gordon.
“Yes, sir”
“Uncle Bard, I should stay here too, in case any emergency happens,’ Arabella
“You flew the plane to my airstrip after the pilot got into an accident, performed
two surgeries, dealt with the intruders, saved a stranger’s life, and now you’ve
saved your grandfather. ”
Gordon was amazed at Bella’s capabilities. She wasn’t like any spoiled lady
from rich families.
“Uncle Bard, don’t feel guilty. Whether I came or not, these things would have
happened. It was just a coincidence that I was there. What we can do now is to
find out who is behind all this and restore peace to our lives.”
Bard looked at Arabella with admiration, “You’re right. We must find the person
behind this. Gordon, after you take Bella home, investigate who Mr. Elliot has
been in contact with recently.”
“Yes, sir; Gordon nodded, then turned to Arabella, “Ms. Bella, please.”
“Hold on.”
Arabella walked over to the bedside table where a medical record and a pen
were placed. She took the pen and began to doodle on the blank page.
Bard and Gordon watched her, both at a loss for what she was doing.
Arabella drew a pattern on the blank page and handed it to Bard, “When I fought
with Mr. Elliot, I noticed this pattern below his collarbone, close to his heart.”
Bard took a look and saw a menacing, ferocious wolf’s head.
“Is he part of the Mafia Rock?”
Gordon was surprised. He didn’t expect Mr. Elliot to have such a significant
background. But they had always maintained a non-interference policy with the
Mafia Rock. Why would they send Mr. Elliot to harm Darren?
“Bella, I didn’t know you were such a good artist.” Bard was amazed at the
lifelike drawing of the wolf’s head.

The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

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The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

But what shocked Arabella the most was finding out she had an ex-fiancé. She couldn’t understand why he kept clinging to her, holding her hand, and trying to kiss her. “Who are you, sir?” Arabella asked, annoyed. “Sweetheart, I’m your husband,” the ex-fiancé responded. “I don’t have a husband, only a former fiancé who wants to c…

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