The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 1281-1300

The Princess and the Paupers Chapter 1281-1300

Chapter 1281
“Uncle Bard, you’re too kind. But I’m not sure if this Wolf-head is Mr. Elliot’s real
identity, or if he’s trying to mislead us by putting up a front,” Arabella pondered.
Upon hearing this, Gordon also found it to be a reasonable doubt.
Their dealings with the Mafia Rock had always been straightforward. Everyone
minding their own business. If Mr. Elliot was deliberately disguising himself to
frame them, it wasn’t entirely impossible.
Bard realized that his niece was quite astute. No wonder the family had nothing
but praise for her.
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“I’ll keep an eye out. You should go rest, Bard advised.
“Alright, call me if anything comes up.”
Arabella stepped out of the hospital room, Gordon gave Bard a nod before
hurrying to catch up with Arabella.
In the car.
Arabella texted her subordinates. (Check if there’s a food stand near the Tala
Desert, run by a middle-aged woman with a sick son in the hospital, and a goodfor-nothing husband]
Her henchman sent back a photo with dark circles under his eyes. [Boss, aren’t
you sleeping yet? Look at my dark circles.]
Arabella was speechless.
[Boss. does anyone really sell food near the desert? Wouldn’t customers get a
mouthful of sand with each gust of wind?]
Arabella suddenly looked thoughtful. Was everything, including her
grandfather’s injury, all part of a premeditated plan?
Who was trying to harm her grandfather?
who had he offended?
[I need results ASAP]
[Sure thing, boss. But about that eye cream for dark circles, could you send me
a couple more bottles. Some girls called me ‘uncle’ today, can you believe it? At
my age, she must be blind.]
Arabella didn’t know what to say.
On the other side.
Jack and his crew had caught several injured men in black. He cut the tendons
of one of them with a knife.
“You dare to harm our boss. I think you’re tired of living.”
The man in black screamed in pain, never expecting to be caught by Jack’s
At that point, another group of masked men came charging in under the
“We need these men.” The man in the silver mask commanded, his mask
gleaming coldly in the moonlight.
“You talking to me?” Jack looked at the man disdainfully. “We caught them. If
you have the guts, come and take them.”
The man in the silver mask said coldly, “You should find out that in all of
Dawnstar, there is no one we can’t get.”
“Well, today I’ll teach you a lesson, and you’ll learn that there’s always a bigger
fish,” Jack retorted, quickly making his move. The man in the silver mask
instantly blocked him.
The men in black were confused about what was happening.
The man in the silver mask was Bard’s man, but who were these brash people
and why were they trying to capture them.
They saw an opportunity to escape.
Just as the men in black were about to slip away, Jack put his knife to one of
their necks, “Did I say you could leave?”Chapter 1282
“Don’t lay a finger on them!” The silver-masked man, fearful of losing his leads,
warned with an intensified tone, “These people are needed by our boss. If you
don’t want to end up six feet under, hand them over peacefully”
Jack sneered, “No matter who he is, he’d have to make way for my boss. Your
boss is insignificant in comparison. If my boss is in a good mood, she may spare
your boss’s life. But if not, the only ones buried will be you.”
The silver-masked man didn’t expect such audacity in Dawnstar. He swallowed
his anger and asked, “Who exactly is your boss?”
“Your daddy.”
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Jack took another swing and ordered his henchmen, “Take them away. I can
handle these punks myself.
Seeing those men being led away, the silver-masked man seethed with rage,
“You’re asking for it!”
Gordon pulled up to the mansion, “Ms. Bella, it’s getting late. You should get
some rest.”
“Thank you for the ride.”
Arabella stepped out of the car, greeted by the security guard at the main
entrance, “Ms. Bella.”
“Still working at this hour?”
“It’s my shift tonight”
Arabella nodded, “Thank you for your hard work.”
Inside the mansion.
A few maids rushed forward as Arabella walked in, “Ms. Bella, dinner is ready.
Please come with us”
Arabella hadn’t expected them to stay up this late for her, let alone the
extravagant spread that her uncle had ordered.
“If there’s anything not to your liking, Ms. Bella, please let us know.’ The man in
the chef’s uniform smiled politely, “My name is Arthur”
“You can call me Bowen,’ a plump man grinned warmly.
Arabella smiled back, “Did you two prepare this meal?”
“Yes, we did.”
“Please, enjoy.”
“Thank you.” Arabella glanced at the clock- half past midnight, “You should go
rest now.”
“We’re not tired.”
Both chefs stood by, eager to hear Arabella’s feedback.
Arabella picked up a piece of fish but paused just before taking a bite.
Both chefs tensed up.
“Is it not to your liking, Ms. Bella?”
“We can make something else.”
Arabella’s eyes softened, “It smells wonderful. It just reminded me of my
The two chefs exhaled in relief, having feared Arabella didn’t like it.
They saw Arabella eat the meat, veggies, soup, and even finish the spaghetti.
“Everything is perfect. There’s nothing to improve.” Arabella wiped her lips with a
napkin, grabbed her bag and said, “I’ll leave the cleaning to you.”
“Not a problem, Ms. Bella. Get some rest.”
“Yes, goodnight.”
As Arabella ascended the stairs, she suddenly steadied herself on the railing,
pausing for a moment before she continued upstairs.
At 1:30 am, the light in Arabella’s room went out. Chapter 1283
In a while, a group of men stealthily intruded into her room. Bathed in the dim
moonlight, they saw the girl on the bed, sound asleep. Her long eyelashes cast
shadows on her cheeks, making her look as beautiful as a porcelain doll.
She was a real beauty. What a pity she won’t live to see the dawn.
They each reached into their pockets and unsheathed their knives. A murderous
glint flashed in their eyes as they all lunged at her.
In the blink of an eye, Arabella threw open her eyelids, swiftly wrapped their
knives in her blanket, and tossed them aside.
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The lights flicked on at Arabella’s touch, illuminating the entire room.
Arthur, Bowen, and the four maidservants never imagined they’d fall into a trap.
Ms. Bella remained unscathed and was even leisurely watching them.
How could this be? They had used tenfold the dose of the sleeping drug.
At this time, Arabella should be in a deep slumber, motionless.
“Did you find out when you were eating the fish?” Arthur asked incredulously.
Arabella curled her lips. The drug was child’s play to her. To even think of using
it against her was an insult.
“If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Elliot was the one who recruited you.”
That was why Arabella did not expose them at the dinner table. She chase to
play along.
If she had revealed the tampered fish then, the only suspects would have been
the two cooks.
But she played their game and now, even the four maidens revealed
“Mr. Elliot exposed his identity. You knew Uncle Bard would conduct a thorough
investigation, so you decided to eliminate me, the obstacle, before he could.”
She had anticipated this possibility even before she returned home.
“But how did you know Mr. Elliot had accomplices?” Arthur asked nervously.
“Uncle Bard isn’t naive. If one wanted to plant someone close to him, he
wouldn’t just place one person. There must be someone working with Mr. Elliot,
either within the house or outside. Now we know.”
“Missy, being too smart isn’t always a good thing.”
“Neither is being overconfident”
Arabella quickly attacked. Arthur could barely fend off a few blows before getting
hit in the chest.
He stared at Arabella in disbelief. How could a young girl pack such a punch?
She didn’t even use a weapon, yet her punch felt like a stab to his heart.
Seeing this, Bowen once again drew a small knife from his pocket. But before
he could strike Arabella, she disarmed him and wounded his shoulder.
The four maidservants were clearly no match for Arabella either.
“Who are you?” Bowen held his bleeding shoulder and glared at the young girl.
Her skills obviously came from special training.
This made him recall a famous figure from years ago. However, that person was
older and had long retired.
Her skills were half similar, half different.
Who was she?
She couldn’t possibly be just a simple rich girl.
Just then, Gordon arrived with two teams of bodyguards, splitting up to surround
the villa. The bedroom door was kicked open, revealing a team of bodyguards.
The other team entered from the balcony.
All possible escape routes were cut off.
Arthur and the others didn’t expect Gordon to arrive with reinforcements. Did
Arabella tip him off?
“Ms. Bella said someone poisoned her food. She asked me to bring men up as
soon as her room lights up. I didn’t expect it to be you traitors,” Gordon
commanded, “Take them away.”
Bowen scoffed. They had come prepared to kill!
He nodded at his accomplices. They each threw a handful of white powder into
the air.
The white powder cascaded down, blanketing the room like snowfall.Chapter 1284
“Since we’re after your life, it’s impossible for us to get caught in the crossfire,”
Arthur smirked confidently. “No matter how many of you there are, if you run into
us, you’re out of luck.”
“We’ll see who’s out of luck, Arabella retorted, her eyes dancing with excitement.
Ten seconds passed.
Twenty seconds passed.
Then half a minute.
Arthur couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw Arabella and Gordon untouched.
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How could this be?
Weren’t they supposed to be affected within five seconds?
Arabella smirked, “Didn’t the one who sold you these powders tell you who
made them?”
Of course, they did!
The vendor claimed they were personally made by Ms. Aria!
There was no way they could be faulty.
Could he have been sold a fake?
“Take them down!”
As soon as Gordon finished speaking, Bowen and his gang began to resist.
Arabella watched from the sidelines. Spotting someone attempting to sneak
attack Gordon, she kicked a fallen tissue box at him, hitting him square in the
The man yelped in pain, and Gordon finally realized that Ms. Bella had saved
At that moment, Arabella appeared ethereal, like a divine being descended from
For a moment, he was completely awestruck.
Another man tried to escape through the window, but Arabella swiftly picked up
a small knife from the floor and threw it like a dart.
The silver blade whizzed past the man’s face and embedded itself into the
curtain, causing him to nearly jump out of his skin.
Within less than ten minutes, all of them were apprehended. To prevent them
from committing suicide, Gordon ordered their mouths to be gagged.
“Take them to the boss for disposal.”
When Gordon finished speaking, Arabella interrupted, “It’s too late now. Let
Uncle Bard and Grandfather rest.
We’ll report to them tomorrow.”
“Understood.” Gordon respectfully accepted the command, “First, let’s lock them
Arthur and his gang were led away.
Bowing slightly, Gordon said, “Ms. Bella, I apologize for the disturbance.”
“Do I look disturbed?”
Gordon laughed. She indeed did not.
Such a major event would have left any ordinary lady scared witless.
Yet, Ms. Bella looked as calm as ever, as though she didn’t care about these
people at all.
“Ms. Bella, isn’t there something wrong with those white powders? My men and
I inhaled quite a bit of it, but nothing happened.”
It was truly miraculous.
“Before you guys arrived, I had lit some rose incense.”
Arabella’s statement made Gordon realize the faint scent of roses in the air.
So, it was the scent of the roses that saved them.
“How did you know they were going to sprinkle that powder? And how did you
know how to counter it?”
“I guessed.”
If they hadn’t sprinkled the powder, the rose scent wouldn’t have harmed them
anyway. Even if they inhaled a lot, it wouldn’t matter.
“You’ve had a long day too. Go back and rest.” Arabella glanced at the time. It
was already past two in the morning.
Half an hour later.
When Arabella came out after her bath, she found that Gordon had cleaned the
entire room. Chapter 1285
Gordon eyed Arabella as she emerged in her white pajamas, his gaze quickly
darting away.
“Miss Bella, I’ll stand guard outside tonight. You should get some rest.”
“There’s no need,’ she dismissed, “Even if ten more showed up, they wouldn’t
be a match for me. Go home”
“I’ll leave you to rest then, Miss Bella.” Gordon closed the door, with his heart
fluttering like a hummingbird.
The next morning, Arabella woke to find Gordon dozing by her bedroom door.
Enter title…

“Why didn’t you go home?”
“Miss Bella, you’re awake.” Gordon straightened up immediately, “I couldn’t rest
until I knew you were safe. I’ll go report to Mr. Bard now.
Arabella found the boy’s loyalty surprising and gave him a nod of approval.
In the absence of six men, the mansion was steeped in anxiety.
At breakfast, Arabella noticed the servants’ unease, their fear palpable.
It seemed her presence had disrupted the peace of the household.
Seeing their apprehension, Arabella spoke in a calming tone, “Don’t be scared.
Have a seat and join me.”
Her words, however, brought tears to the servants’ eyes. They weren’t hungry.
They were scared that Arabella would label them as traitors and have Gordon
arrest them.
“Miss Bella, I hope the breakfast I made is to your liking.”
After Arabella had eaten the dinner prepared by Arthur and Bowen last night,
they were arrested.
So, this morning, no one dared to make her breakfast.
In the end, it was Abbey who gathered the courage.
Terrified that if Miss Bella found it unsatisfactory, she might be next.
“Miss Bella, are Arthur and the others really traitors?” A servant asked.
“Last night, I saw Gordon surrounding the mansion and taking away Arthur and
five others. Someone said they were traitors.
“Miss Bella, are they spies planted by the enemy close to the master?”
Several pairs of eyes were fixed on Arabella. The servants were waiting her
Arabella replied with a simple ‘yes; and continued eating.
The servants were in disbelief.
They never would have thought that Arthur, Bowen, and the others, who
seemed so loyal, harbored ill intentions.
And Mr. Elliot.
They hadn’t seen Mr. Elliot since last night.
Could it be that Mr. Elliot was also a traitor?
“Miss Bella, will Mr. Elliot return?” A servant asked timicdly.
Mr. Elliot was their pillar.
What if he didn’t return?
“He’s not coming back,” Arabella said.
The servants were unaware of what had happened at the hospital last night.
But from Arabella’s words, they could guess something had happened, one of
them muttered, “I didn’t expect this from Mr. Elliot. he risked his life to protect
Mr. Bard, and Mr. Bard trusted him wholeheartedly.”
“Mr. Elliot saved my uncle?” Arabella asked, raising an eyebrow.
The servant nodded, “Back then, a gang tried to attack Mr. Bard. Mr. Elliot took
a knife for him. If the knife had gone just a millimeter deeper, Mr. Elliot wouldn’t
have survived. If it weren’t for Mr. Elliot buying them time, Mr.
Bard might not have escaped.”
At this point, Arabella’s phone vibrated. It was a call from one of her
“Boss, half a year ago, there was indeed a food stall near the Tala desert, run by
a woman. But she left after about a month. Locals say she was an outsider, and
no one knows where she went. Usually, locals don’t set up stalls there because
of the sandstorms. When the woman set up her stall, some kind-hearted people
warned her, but she seemed adamant about staying there.”
Arabella’s eyes darkened a bit. Just as she suspected, the story about the
woman, her incompetent husband, and their sick child, was all a lie, a ploy to
harm her grandfather. They probably retreated when her grandfather’s
reinforcements arrived.
“Keep investigating their whereabouts. Also, look into who knew about my
grandparents’ travel itinerary half a year ago.”Chapter 1286
This guy must have known exactly where Arabella’s grandparents were headed
next, and had someone set up a stall there in advance.
Perhaps all the dangers her grandparents encountered on the way were
artificially created.
After ending the call, several servants gazed at Arabella with anticipation. It took
them a while before they finally said, “Ms. Bella, only a select few knew the
travel route your grandparents were taking.”
“Who exactly?” Arabella was slightly surprised. She didn’t expect these servants
to be in the know.
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“Just family members, and friends of your grandparents.”
“Because of their extensive contacts, they had to deal with all sorts of
obligations every time they went to a new place, which would keep them from
fully enjoying their trip.”
“lL once heard your grandmother voicing such concerns to a few close friends,
saying she didn’t want to deal with too many social obligations.”
“Tell me their names.”
Arabella took out her phone, ready to jot down the names, when her phone
vibrated again. It was a call from Jack.
“Boss, you’re definitely awake at this hour. I’m here to report!”
“We caught those men in black, but they’re tight-lipped, refusing to say a single
word. Luckily we had the medicine you left or they would have been dead by
Jack gave them a good beating, and just as they were about to pass out, he
hurriedly sprinkled the medicine Arabella had given him onto their wounds.
Arabella could hear Jack panting slightly as he spoke, she casually said, “You
need to start working out.”
“Not now, boss.”
“I want results as soon as possible”
Before Jack could finish his sentence, he heard the busy tone.
He had fought single-handedly against those silver-masked men last night,
barely escaped, and then interrogated them till morning. He hadn’t slept or
eaten a bite. Wasn’t it normal for him to be panting a bit?
But hearing what the boss said, he asked one of his subordinates, “Do I need to
start working out?”
“What?” The subordinate looked at his abs, “Jack, I have no idea what you’re
talking about.”
At the hospital.
After hearing Gordon’s report, Bard couldn’t believe Arabella had gone through
such a thrilling experience last night. If it weren’t for her quick reflexes and
intelligence, any ordinary person would have lost their life.
“I will continue interrogating these men. They must know where Mr. Elliot is
hiding, and who is behind all this.”
Bard nodded in agreement.
“Also, our men reported that a group of people took those men in black away
last night. They were extremely arrogant, completely disregarding us. They even
said that whether my boss is spared or not, depends on their boss’s mood. If
he’s not in a good mood, we would be the ones with no place to bury our
Upon hearing this, Bard was taken aback. Arrogant much?
It had been a long time since someone in Dawnstar had dared to openly
challenge him.
“Sir, I will definitely find out who these arrogant men are, and get those men in
black back. You can rest assured.”
Seeing Gordon’s loyalty, Bard said, “You’ve been up all night quarding Bella. Go
back and rest. I’ll have the others handle the rest.”
“This is an order.”
Gordon knew that Bard was concerned about his health, but he wasn’t tired. He
wanted to continue serving Bard. Chapter 1287
“There’s a lot of work that needs your personal touch, so you can’t just collapse
Upon hearing Bard’s words, Gordon expressed his gratitude, “Sir, I can handle
it, but.”
“I’ll be fine, someone will come to relieve me soon.”
Only then did Gordon leave with a sense of ease.
Bard, looking at the figure lying on the hospital bed, pondered aver something,
with a shadow of suspicion lingering in his mind about someone.
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Upon seeing the photos and videos Erik sent her, tears welled up in Serena’s
eyes instantly.
These were glimpses of Martha’s new working environment.
Seeing the once spirited Martha, now a waitress in a restaurant, tears inevitably
streamed down Serena’s face.
“I’m off today and was out for lunch with a friend when I ran into Martha. I knew
you’d be worried about her, so I took these without her knowing.”
“None of the businesses under the Collins family’s umbrella would hire her now,
so she’s been forced to work at this small diner. I saw the job posting outside. It
said a waitress could make about $400 a month.”
Tears sprung to Serena’s eyes once again. Back in the day, Martha used to
bring home more than ten thousand dollars a month from the Collins family!
If it wasn’t for Arabella’s heartless actions, Martha could still be a part of the
Collins family, not having to endure such hardships.
Just then, Erik sent another video.
Upon opening it, Serena saw a cantankerous woman angrily hitting the table, “Is
this what I ordered? Are you blind or deaf? I clearly ordered meatloaf, and look
at what you’ve served!”
“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” Martha apologized profusely, “There were just too
many orders. I got confused. I’m new here. Please forgive me.”
“What does your being new have to do with me? I’m a paying customer here,
and I shouldn’t have to put up with this! Bring me a new dish, for free!”
“Ma’am, whether it’s free or not isn’t up to me.” Martha explained, clearly in a
“Who are you calling ‘ma’am’? Look at yourself! You think I’m old?” The woman,
infuriated, threw the water from her glass right at Martha’s face, “What are you
waiting for, get out! Or do you want me to file a complaint?”
Martha bowed and apologized profusely, finally leaving with the incorrect dish.
As soon as she disappeared into the kitchen, a man who looked like the owner
questioned her and berated her harshly.
Watching this, Serena was filled with anger. All of this over a wrong order?
She immediately called Erik, urging him to get Martha out of there and to stop
her working in such a place!
In the end, Serena couldn’t just sit there and rushed to the restaurant, only to
find out that Martha had already been let go. She was sitting in a small garden
not far from the diner, her belongings at her feet. Her wet clothes had yet to dry,
and she looked quite pitiful.
Upon seeing her, Erik said in a heavy tone, “Serena, you’re here. Martha worked
all day, had all her pay deducted because of this incident, and was thrown out”
“This is outrageous.” Serena clenched her fists, “This is outright bullying!”
Upon hearing a familiar voice, Martha looked up and tears streamed down her
Serena, too, began to cry. She draped her overcoat over Martha and held her
Martha’s body was stiff. It was only then that Serena realized something was
wrong. After inquiring, she found out that Martha had strained her back washing
dishes all day at her previous job, and was fired for being too slow. She had
finally found this job at the diner, only to be fired again for serving the wrong
“Martha, stop working. I’ll take care of you.”
“No, I can’t let you do that. Just hearing you call me Martha is enough for me.”
As the two women cried and held each other, a glint of satisfaction flashed in
Erik’s eyes. Chapter 1288
Inside the hospital.
Bard gazed at the email arrived from Janice, a hint of depth coloring his eyes.
Janice’s father had successfully undergone a tumor removal while retaining all
liver functions. In gratitude, Janice leaked some exclusive insider information to
The reason she had been constantly opposing him in the group was due to the
influence of another senior director. A man who was distantly related to Bard, his
uncle When Bard inherited the group from his father, a number of relatives had
Enter title…

already held various positions within the group. Many hoped to see him step
down, including his uncle Arlen.
Bard had known about Arlen’s discontent with his leadership, but he had
underestimated just how far Arlen was willing to go behind his back.
Janice had detailed several incidents in the email, showing that she was acting
under the instructions of Arlen.
She also provided evidence to back up her claims.
Meanwhile, Janice sat anxiously beside her father’s hospital bed.
Since sending Bard the email the previous night, she had received no reply from
him even by 9:30 in the morning.
Knowing Bard, he was likely planning his countermove quietly, waiting for the
perfect moment to strike. What she feared was being caught in the crossfire.
As for Arlen, if he found out about Janice’s betrayal, he would surely make her
life a living hell.
Janice was tired of being manipulated. She was prepared to die, but
remembering her father’s recent successful surgery, she didn’t want to drag him
into this mess.
Just then, Janice’s phone rang, startling her. Upon seeing that it was Bard
calling, she answered apprehensively.
“Mr. Bard?” Her voice trembled slightly.
“I’ve read your email, thank you for telling me all this,” Bard’s voice was calm, as
though he was capable of handling any disaster. “I’m well aware of my uncle’s
character. I’ll handle this, and you won’t be implicated. Just act as if nothing has
happened and continue following his orders.”
“But Mr. Bard.” Janice was worried that Arlen’s orders would become
increasingly unreasonable, putting Bard in a difficult position.
“[ can handle it.”
With the call ended, Janice felt a sense of relief. She had underestimated Bard’s
magnanimity. Despite learning of Arlen’s underhanded tactics, he had not only
covered for her but also offered his help.
With Bard’s reassurance, she knew she would be safe. Looking at her father,
her eyes held a sense of relief and joy.
At this moment, her phone buzzed with a bank notification. $12,500 had been
withdrawn from her account.
Could it be the surgical fee charged by Dr. Bell?
Such a complicated surgery and it cost only that much?
She wondered if Dr. Bell had given her a friendly discount because of her
connection with Mr. Bard.
With this thought, she felt a surge of gratitude.
Arabella transferred the money to her team for further research before calling
“Uncle Bard, I’m heading to the hospital now. You should go home and get some
Bard had stayed up all night by the patient’s bedside, it was time for him to rest.
“Bella, you rarely visit Dawnstar. Take some time to explore and enjoy the city.
I’ve arranged for people to look after things here,” Bard’s voice was gentle.
“Where would you like to go? I can have someone take you there.” Chapter 1289
“I don’t have a particular destination in mind, for now.”
Besides, Romeo would accompany her. He had just texted her that his private
jet had landed at the McMllian Corporation hotel’s helipad in Dawnstar,
promising to meet her as soon as he was done with work.
Just a while ago, Arabella had warned him to get some rest and come over later
in the evening. Otherwise, she wouldn’t meet him.
“You should rest at home and scout some tourist spots you’d like to visit. Once
you’ve made up your mind, I will arrange for someone to escort you.”
Enter title…

With the behind-the-scenes culprit yet to be unearthed, Bard couldn’t spare time
to be with his beloved niece.
“Uncle Bard, you don’t need to worry about me. I’m grown up now. I can
manage on my own.”
Arabella chatted with Bard for a bit before hanging up the phone.
She had planned to visit the hospital to check on her grandfather. But as she
just started walking, a loud crashing noise echoed from behind her.
Turning around, she saw a massive billboard had fallen, hitting a passerby.
Panic ensued among the onlookers, with screams piercing the air.
The woman hit by the billboard fell unconscious immediately.
Without wasting a second, Arabella rushed to lift the billboard, with a few
passersby who had regained their senses joining her.
Glancing at the spot where the billboard was hung, Arabella noticed there was
no space for a person to hide.
Could the falling billboard be an accident?
Nearby, some locals were chatting, theorizing that the billboard’s fall might be
related to the massive storm a few days ago. There had been a similar incident
at a nearby intersection earlier today, but luckily no one was hurt.
Once the billboard was moved aside, the injured woman lay there, bloodied.
Arabella immediately provided first aid right there in the street. A few good
Samaritans had already called for an ambulance. As soon as Arabella finished
administering first aid, the ambulance whisked the woman away.
A few passersby, still in shock, asked Arabella if she was a doctor, and whether
the woman would be okay, having lost so much blood.
Arabella, looking in the direction of the departing ambulance, informed them that
they might not be able to save her leg.
After all, a billboard of that size falling directly on her lower body could lead to
People expressed their regret, lamenting how the young woman was just
starting her life when she lost her legs.
Arabella looked at the billboard again. It seemed quite old. If it had been
hanging for a long time without proper maintenance, coupled with the storm’s
impact, it could indeed fall.
But what was strange was that the billboard fell just a few steps away from her.
If she hadn’t hastened her pace, she could have been hit.
But if someone had planned this, how would they know she would take this
route, passing this particular shop?
One of the passersby, a woman, caught Arabella’s hand, asking if she was a
practitioner. She had heard about its effectiveness in diagnosing diseases
through pulse reading and wanted Arabella to help her with her persistent skin
She had taken medicines, but the itching came and went.
Arabella, feeling slightly awkward, checked the woman’s pulse and advised her
to stop eating cold food, especially raw fish like salmon, and instead have it
The woman watched Arabella walk away, dumbfounded. She thought back and
realized that the itching did get worse whenever she ate raw fish.
She was impressed by Arabella’s quick diagnosis.
It seemed like she needed to adjust her diet from now on. Chapter 1290
Half an hour later.
Seeing his cherished niece at the hospital once again, Bard felt a pang of guilt.
“Kid, you should be out having fun or resting at home. Don’t hang around here.”
“lL came to Dawnstar specifically for Grandpa’s condition. Uncle Bard, you’ve
taken care of Grandpa all night. I’m a member of this family. It’s only natural that
I should help out.”
Bard looked at her with admiration. She was just a young girl but had such a
sense of responsibility and courage. She was truly impressive.
Enter title…

He was very satisfied.
“But don’t stay too long. There are bodyguards here to look after things. Do
whatever you want and pursue whatever interests you-”
“Thank you, Uncle Bard”
“I’ll go freshen up.”
Arabella watched her uncle leave. There were four bodyguards left in the room,
two on the terrace, and the others stationed at the door and in the hallway.
After the incident last night, and with the presence of Bard’s niece today, the
bodyguards were all a bit tense, barely daring to breathe.
“You don’t have to be formal. Just act like I’m not here.”
Arabella first checked on her grandfather’s condition. Seeing no anomalies, she
took out her phone and started dealing with work.
Seeing that she was easy to get along with, the bodyguards finally relaxed.
At noon, someone brought food. Arabella, like everyone else, ate a packed
The bodyguards had never seen such a down-to-earth heiress. They were all
quite impressed with Arabella.
In the evening, one of her subordinates called her.
“Boss, you asked me to investigate those people. It seems like they all have
some connection with your family.
You don’t think that the incident at the restaurant is related to then, do you?”
“No.” Arabella went out to the terrace, gesturing for the two bodyguards to go
inside, and then began to speak calmly. “I just want to know if my grandparents
had any unpleasant dealings with these people, or if they hold a grudge. The list
you have includes my grandparents’ siblings and friends.
“But the first two people I checked seem to have a good relationship with your
grandfather. It doesn’t make sense that they would harm him.”
“Not everything is as it seems. Haven’t you learned that yet?”
“Yes, boss, I’ll continue investigating it”
After hanging up, the subordinate continued the investigation.
The list had been given to Arabella by a servant at breakfast, saying that only
these people knew about her grandparents ‘ trip.
After ending the call, Arabella stood on the terrace, gazing at the beautiful
garden outside.
A while later, Jones called her.
“Boss, about the snack stall near the desert that you asked me to investigate,
we haven’t found the female owner yet, but her husband has been located. He’s
currently in Wach Town, not far from you, about a half-hour drive.”
“Do you know the detailed address?” Arabella asked calmly.Chapter 1291
“Sure, I’ll send it to your cellphone, but boss,’ Jones couldn’t help but warn,
“That town is pretty rough, quite the mix of folks. There’s a flea market there
where you can find all sorts of rare stuff, so it attracts all kinds.
Robberies aren’t uncommon. You could get robbed in the morning and again in
the evening. It’s not exactly a rare occurrence.”
Arabella raised her perfectly sculpted eyebrow at this. A place that chaotic,
“Boss, if you’re going to drive, don’t leave your purse in the passenger seat. It’s
an easy target for a smash and grab. If you’re on foot, dress as plain as you
Enter title…

can. Avoid anything with a designer logo. It’s just asking for trouble.”
Arabella seemed intrigued by this, a wry smile playing on her lips. “Is it really
that bad?”
“No joke, boss. And don’t carry anything in your hands, especially not your
phone. You’d be an easy target.”
Arabella just chuckled lightly, “That bad, huh?”
“Boss, remember a few years back when I told you about a situation I had. You
sent me to Dawnstar’s border for a job, and as I was driving through that town, a
group of ragtag folks stopped my car. They surrounded the vehicle, asking for
money. I didn’t have any change on me, and they threatened to damage the car,
even break the mirrors. It really got under my skin! If it wasn’t for the fact that the
job required me to keep a low profile, I would’ve given them a piece of my
“And then?’ Arabella asked with a smirk.
“Well, I showed them my piece and they backed off. But not before they broke
my side mirror and scratched up my car. It really ticked me off!”
Arabella seemed to vaguely remember Jones complaining about such an
incident a few years ago.
“Anyway, they’re just a bunch of thugs. Reporting them to the police doesn’t do
much good. The law enforcement there is lax at best, so they’re pretty fearless.”
Jones paused, taking a deep breath, “Boss, even if you don’t flaunt your wealth,
I’m still worried. Just by your looks, you’re bound to attract attention. I fear there
will be a lot of people following you. If they just take your money it’s one thing,
but if a group of brutes were to hold you down, frisk you, considering how
beautiful you are.”
“Do you think they’ll hold me down?” Arabella laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep a
low profile.”
“Why not ask Jack and the others to come along?”
Jack was also in Dawnstar, helping Arabella interrogate a few men in black, still
no results.
“If I can’t handle a small thing like this without calling him, then what’s the point
in being the boss? Don’t worry, I can handle it. Goodbye.”
Arabella put away her phone and walked into the hospital room, saying to the
bodyguards there, “I’m stepping out for a bit. Take care of my Grandpa.”
“Rest assured, Ms. Bella, we’ll protect Mr. Darren with our lives if we have to.”
Arabella nodded, gave her grandpa a glance, and seeing his peaceful face, she
finally left.
Gordon approached Bard, “Sir, our men have checked. Bowen, Arthur, and the
other four maids, none of them have a wolf tattoo below their collarbone”
Bard’s eyes deepened. So they were not from that group.
“I told you to get some rest. Why are you back here?”
“Sir, I’ve rested from the morning till the afternoon. Five hours of sleep is
enough. Thank you for your concern.”
Bard was surprised at his dedication, his impression of the young man
increased, “What else did you find out?”
“In the afternoon, I used some persuasive means. At first, they wouldn’t say
anything, but when I threatened their families, one of the maids broke. She said
they had all been taken care of by Mr. Elliot before, so they were willing to work
for him.”
“Did you manage to find out where Elliot is hiding?” Bard asked calmly. Chapter 1292
“No, it’s always been Mr. Elliot who took the initiative to contact them. They only
had Mr. Elliot’s mobile number.
When I used their phone to call him, it was switched off.”
Gordon paused before he continued, ‘I sent a message to Mr. Elliot from their
WhatsApp, tricked him into thinking we have Ms. Bella, but he didn’t respond”
“From what you’re saying, he probably guessed that Bowen and his team have
fallen into our hands. He won’t respond anymore.”
“Wait, what?” Gordon was taken aback, “You mean, I blew our cover?”
Enter title…
He had hoped to lure Elliot out, but it seemed he had been discovered sooner
than expected.
And here he was, thinking he had pulled it off without a hitch.
“The hospital called to inform that Bella left, follow her but don’t let her come to
harm,’ Bard instructed casually, “As for Elliot, I’ll have someone else look into
this matter.”
“Yes, sir!”
Gordon took his leave immediately after receiving his orders.
Arabella took a taxi to Wach Town. The driver kindly warned her to be careful as
it wasn’t a safe place for a young woman.
Arabella thanked him for his caution, paid the fare, and got out of the car. The
sky was dark. It looked like a storm was about to hit.
The town looked run-down and dilapidated, the narrow streets were messy and
chaotic. Straggling pedestrians, who looked poor and weather-beaten, walked
by. There were beggars too, unlike the typically pitiful ones, these beggars were
aggressive, snatching things from the weak and elderly.
Arabella didn’t want to stir up unnecessary trouble so she decided to mind her
own business.
After exiting the cab, she put on her hoodie to blend in with the crowd and
followed the signs into a dark narrow alley.
The alley was dim and decrepit, the dirty cobblestones were covered in green
moss. There was a drunken husband yelling at his wife, a group of young men
stealing from an elderly person, and a man beating a child.
As Arabella walked past each house, she could hear different sounds and see
different scenes.
Some elderly people, starved and frail, sat in front of their homes begging for
There were also children who had died from illness, wrapped in a blanket and
left on the doorstep, their family members crying around them.
The narrow alley ended with stone stairs that led upwards. After about a dozen
steps and a left turn followed by another seven or eight steps, she was in
another dimly lit alley.
The town’s alleys were intricate and labyrinthine, exuding a sense of antiquity
and nostalgia.
Arabella followed the worn and broken house numbers and continued forward.
A group of smoking young women noticed her clean clothes and shoes. Even
though they couldn’t identify the brand, the clothes looked nice. So, they
decided to follow Arabella.
Arabella pretended to take out a pack of tissues from her pocket and something
fell out. One of the women quickly picked it up, saw a note about late-stage
cancer and a debt of twenty thousand euros, and instantly signaled the others to
abandon their pursuit.
Arabella walked into another alley. A few young men saw her fresh and refined
face under the hat and started following her.
One of them whistled and asked, “Are you from Solterra? I’m from Solterra too.”
Arabella ignored them and didn’t look back. She was just seven or eight houses
away from the hiding place of Cornell, the husband of the female stall owner.
But the young men didn’t seem to want to give up.
Especially the scruffy blond at the front, he blocked Arabella’s way with a pose
he thought was charming and suave. He raised his chin and asked, “What’s
your name?”
Arabella resisted the urge to punch him and coldly said, “I don’t have any
money. Get out of my way.”Chapter 1293
The blond man chuckled, “I ain’t asking for your money. Now your face, that’s a
different story. Think you could keep us company for a bit?”
“Sure, I’ll join you later.”
Arabella planned to give them a beating they wouldn’t forget, but she had more
pressing matters at hand.
Just as she tried to walk away, the man moved to block her path again, “Hold
on, doll. Do you think you can just slip away without even giving us a good
Enter title…

He reached out to cup her chin, but Arabella quickly dodged his grasp.
The other local boys closed in, their laughter ringing out as they reached out to
touch her. Just as Arabella was about to take them on, a person dropped from
the eaves. With a swift kick, he sent one of them flying, then plunged a fist into
the others, placing himself protectively in front of Arabella.
Arabella looked up, a smile tugging at her lips, Gordon?
“Ms. Bella; Gordon said, standing firm, “I apologize for the fright.”
“You think you’re some kind of hero?” the blond man was fuming, “This is our
The boys instantly pulled out their knives and lunged at Gordon.
Gordon, with his professional training, clearly had the upper hand.
In no time, the boys were beaten down, beqging for mercy, pleading with
Gordon to let them go.
“Fuck off.”
At Gordon’s command, the boys scrambled away. Turning to Arabella, Gordon
asked, “Ms. Bella, are you alright?
Mr. Bard sent me. He was worried.”
“I know,’ she replied, “You’ve been following me ever since I got off the car”
Gordon was taken aback; he hadn’t realized that Arabella had detected his
presence so early.
“Ms. Bella, why are you here? What are you doing here.?”
Before Gordon could finish, the sound of shattering glass reached their ears.
Arabella reacted instantly, “Oh no.”
She ran towards the door labeled 6-498, which had been locked from the inside.
Unable to open it, she stepped back to kick it down, but Gordon rushed over,
“Ms. Bella, let me.”
Before he could finish, Arabella kicked the door open and strode in.
Gordon was shocked. He hadn’t expected Arabella to be so strong. The door
had been locked from the inside, even he, a grown man, might not have
managed to kick it down in one go.
How did Arabella do it?
Inside, Arabella found a dim and untidy living room. A bowl of porridge sat
untouched on the coffee table, indicating that the occupant had fled through the
window without finishing their meal.
The skylight was small and made of sealed glass. In order to escape through it,
one would have to smash the whole thing to provide enough space for an adult.
It was clear that Cornell had fled when he realized someone was coming.
Arabella was about to follow when Gordon suddenly grabbed her arm, “Ms.
Bella, wait”
He cleared away the shards of glass on the edge, and only when he was sure
there was no danger did he crouch down, “Ms. Bella, step on me to get up.”
“No need; Arabella pushed him away, took a few steps back, and with a swift
run-up and a jump off the wall, she easily reached the skylight and exited
through the window.Chapter 1294
Cornell was in such a rush that he tumbled down from the roof, landing onto
someone else’s rooftop and rolling onto a sun-drenched terrace.
The terrace was littered with clothes hanging on wooden pegs, and he landed in
a pile of these, taking a while to regain his footing.
Arabella was swift on his heels. Gordon was just about to warn her to be careful
when he saw her leap from one rooftop to the next, sliding down to the terrace,
hot on Cornell’s trail.
Gordon couldn’t believe it. The distance between the rooftops was substantial,
yet Arabella made the leap effortlessly. More unbelievably, she was incredibly
Enter title…

Seeing that someone was actually pursuing him, Cornell was enraged and
descended into the labyrinthine alleyway, desperately trying to evade capture.
Arabella kept pace, and it seerned like she was about to catch up.
Just then, a toddler, barely a year old, was toddling on the cobblestone path.
Cornell picked up the child and threw him behind him.
The toddler’s mother let out a scream.
In the blink of an eye, Arabella deftly leapt off a wall, catching the child in midair. The toddler, oblivious to the danger he was in, beamed at Arabella, seeming
to find the whole episode amusing.
The mother, on the other hand, was terrified, rushing over, tears streaming down
her face, as she took her child from Arabella, thanking her profusely.
Noting the inhumanity of the man she was pursuing, Arabella quickened her
pace. There was an elderly woman sitting on a porch, and Cornell, without a hint
of remorse, knocked her and her chair down. The woman fell to the ground,
crying out in pain.
Arabella rushed over to help her up. The woman was cursing, a gash on her
“Ms. Bella, let me handle this.” Gordon quickly helped the elderly woman, pulling
out his wallet and handing her some cash.
Seeing the generous amount of money, the woman’s first instinct was to pocket
it quickly, before locking her door, fearing that someone might see and try to rob
Gordon didn’t offer any further assistance, instead, he turned and caught up to
From a distance, he saw Arabella hurl an alleyway bamboo pole like a javelin,
hitting Cornell square in the back.
Cornell let out a cry of pain and fell face-forward. Arabella quickly caught up,
and a fight ensued.
Gordon rushed forward to lend a hand, but Cornell, outmatched and outskilled,
pulled a knife and scattered some powder, but to no avail.
Arabella grabbed his hair and slammed him against a wall, “Try moving again,
see what happens.”
“So can’t you guys from Mafia Rock keep your word? You said you’d spare me,
and now you’re trying to kill me.
What’s the meaning of this?” Cornell, unable to break free from Arabella’s grip,
gritted his teeth and questioned.
Arabella and Gordon exchanged glances. Mafia Rock?
Wasn’t Mr. Elliot also from Mafia Rock?
“Whoever made that promise to you, you should find him.” Arabella decided to
play along, refusing to let go.
Cornell let out a cold laugh, “Why bother pretending? Wasn’t it your boss who
made the promise to me?”
Arabella wondered, was he talking about Mr. Elliot? Or someone else?
“I can spare you, but I need to know the whereabouts of the woman who played
your wife.” Arabella stated coldly.
Cornell laughed mockingly, “Are you testing me? What, you suspect she’s not
dead? Didn’t she die at your hands? And you didn’t even spare the child. Wasn’t
that your style to kill all the related people? Even when they died in front of your
eyes, you still don’t believe. If she’s alive, she wouldn’t let this go so easily.”
Arabella hadn’t expected to get so much information from him. It seerned that
the woman, and the child who played their son, were indeed dead.
Cornell was indignant, “You promised, once we played out the act, each of us
would receive twenty dollars, and you guaranteed you’d let us go. But you broke
your promise, killing the two of them, and now hunting me down.”Chapter 1295
He had thought they would honor their promise.
But, seeing therm hell-bent on wiping him out, he took to his heels in a frenzy.
Finally, having nowhere else to run, he sought refuge in the unlikeliest place,
this intricate little town. But, not even a month in, they had found him again.
“I’m not with the Mafia Rock,” Arabella finally confessed. “I just want to know
why you deceived my grandpa. If you spill what you know, I can spare your life.”
At this, Cornell’s shock gave way to panic.
So, these two weren’t with the Mafia Rock. He was done for.
Enter title…

“Tell what I know? That’d be signing my death warrant. I know all too well how
ruthless they can be. You might as well kill me now than have me spill!”
Either way, if the other side found out, he was a goner.
Gordon was at a loss when this stubborn mule refused to talk. Then, Arabella
cut in with her icy tone.
“Speak up, and I can keep you alive. If you don’t, I’ll use you as bait to lure them
out. They’re after you, their bait, and will definitely show themselves. Then,
nabbing any one of them would give us the truth. It’s just a matter of time.”
This made sense to Cornell.
Gordon hadn’t expected Arabella’s sharp wit, threatening him into compliance.
“You know their methods. What would happen to you if they knew you’ve sung
like a canary, I needn’t say.
Whether you want to live or not, that’s up to you.”
Cornell hadn’t imagined this young lass could be so ruthless.
“What good does my death do you?” Cornell asked, unwilling to give in.
“I’m not known for my patience. I’ll count to three. If you refuse, then you really
won’t have any way out.” Arabella said, her face expressionless. “One, two.”
Caught off guard by her quick counting, Cornell blurted out at “three,” “I can tell
you, but how can you guarantee my safety?”
“If the ones after my grandpa are them, not you, I’ll settle the score with them.
And if they’re gone, who’s left to threaten you?”
“Your word means nothing. How do I know you’re capable?”
It wasn’t that Cornell didn’t believe her, but she was too young, as was the boy
by her side.
They were going to take down the other side, just the two of them?
“Your only choice is to believe.”
And if he didn’t, what then?
Biting the bullet, Cornell finally said, “Alright, I’ll take your word for it, just this
He spilled all he knew, not for any other reason, but because he was done
He wanted to live his life in the daylight, free and honest.
He would no longer be threatened by anyone or anything. Chapter 1296
Upon concluding her conversation with Cornell, Arabella casually instructed
Gordon, “Spread his current location as soon as possible”
“Roger that.” Gordon whipped out his phone and immediately disseminated the
Cornell, who was just pinned against the wall by Arabella by his hair, rubbed his
sore scalp and cautiously asked, “Are you guys working for Darren?”
“That’s not for you to ask, Arabella retorted coldly.
“What should I do next?”
Enter title…

“Go to the corner store, pick up some stuff, and then go home. Wait for the fish
to bite.”
With no other choice, Cornell complied.
“We’ll head to his place first.”
Arabella deliberately chose to part ways with Cornell. Gordon, feeling anxious,
quickened his pace to catch up with Arabella and whispered, “Ms. Bella, are you
sure you trust him? What if he uses the excuse of going to the store to bolt?”
“He’s more afraid of us bolting on him.”
Gordon glanced back and sure enough, Cornell was constantly looking back,
evidently worried they’d vanish.
Gordon decided to let it slide.
“If he wants to stay alive, he’ll cooperate.’ Arabella confidently declared.
Ten minutes later.
Cornell returned home with a pack of cigarettes. Not long after, there was a
knock at the door.
Cornell didn’t dare to answer it, looking to Arabella for guidance. Arabella
motioned for him to ignore it.
The person outside hammered on the door for a while, eventually losing
patience and kicked the door open.
About a dozen masked figures flooded into the room, their arrival as chilling as
the grim reaper’s descent.
Cornell, pretending to eat his porridge, was so scared that his spoon slipped
from his grasp. He stumbled back, pleading, “Elliot, Mr. Elliot, you promised to
spare me.”
The group’s leader, Mr. Elliot, stared at him coldly, “Finally gotcha.”
He lunged forward, clutching Cornell’s throat, “Didn’t think you’d have the guts to
hide right under our noses.
Since we’re acquainted, I might as well send you off myself.
Cornell desperately slapped at Mr. Elliot’s hand, but the latter’s grip was as tight
as a vice.
He was quickly running out of air.
Just then, a slender hand swiftly appeared. Mr. Elliot tried to block it, but
Arabella managed to shield Cornell in a flash. Mr. Elliot squinted, recognizing
her, “You again?”
Suddenly, the door was locked from the inside. Everyone turned around to see
Gordon blocking the exit.
It was then that they realized they’d walked into a trap.
“Well, well. Setting a trap to lure us in. You’re getting bolder. Mr. Elliot sneered.
Cornell gasped for breath, trying to soothe his aching throat. He’d almost been
strangled by Mr. Elliot, and initially thought Arabella wouldn’t save him. But the
young girl proved to be more reliable than he’d thought.
“Little girl, you’re quite capable, finding him before us and convincing him to
turn. You’ve certainly changed my perception of rich girls,” Mr. Elliot sneered at
Arabella, “Unfortunately for you, you’re not getting away today!”
“Less talk, more action.” Arabella lunged forward, prompting Mr. Elliot to quickly
draw a switchblade.
The others joined the fray, and seeing Arabella in danger, Gordon rushed over
to protect her.
Mr. Elliot was forced back a couple of steps by Gordon’s blow. He sneered,
“Forsaking the comfortable life of a rich heir to be Bard’s lackey, are you tired of
the easy life or just itching for a fight?”Chapter 1297
“Mr. Bard’s honor and integrity are an inspiration. You, on the other hand, have
betrayed the trust bestowed upon you and attempted to harm Mr. Darren. Today,
I’ll bring you before him for justice.”
“I’d like to see you try!”
A brawl broke out between the two sides. Suddenly, lightning flashed and
thunder roared, followed by a downpour. The skylight’s glass was broken,
allowing the rain to fall into the small living room, making the floor even more
Enter title…

One of the henchmen pulled out a knife, aiming for Cornell. Arabella kicked a
wooden stool at him, hitting him square in the face.
Another tried to take Cornell’s life by throwing a switchblade like a dart. Arabella
quickly pulled Cornell aside, and the knife embedded itself in the wall, exactly
where Cornell was crouching moments ago.
Cornell was drenched in cold sweat. Arabella shoved him into the corner and
found herself surrounded by henchmen. Cornell grew anxious as the fight
seemed to be in a deadlock.
The henchmen drew their switchblades, aiming for Arabella.
Gordon, who was intent on capturing Mr. Elliot, was slashed in the arm by him.
As Gordon clutched his wound, he noticed two men taking advantage of
Arabella’s distraction. They raised their knives, ready to strike.
In the blink of an eye, Gordon charged at them, kicking one away and using his
back to shield Arabella from the other.
The sound of the blade slicing through Gordon’s back reached Arabella’s ears.
At the same moment, the door was kicked open, and a flood of men dressed in
black swarmed in.
They swiftly split into two lines. A man stood at the entrance, exuding an aura of
icy superiority. An assistant held an umbrella for him. When he saw Gordon
injured while protecting Arabella, his gaze darkened.
Gordon didn’t recognize the man, but Mr. Elliot did. He panicked. How come
Romeo had shown up personally?
Since when did he meddle in such trifles?
Could it be that the Griffith family had Romeo’s backing?
They were in deep trouble now.
The men Romeo brought were clearly superior in combat skills. With their
superior numbers, they effortlessly apprehended Mr. Elliot and his men.
Arabella was about to step forward when Gordon grabbed her. “Ms. Bella, we’re
still not sure if they’re friend or foe. It’s better to be cautious.”
Arabella noticed Gordon’s lips were turning pale. His back was soaked in blood.
She took out a small vial of medicine from her pocket. “Stay still. I’ll stop the
Romeo stepped forward. “I’ll do it.”
Arabella handed him the medicine, sensing his intentions. “What are you doing
here? Who told you I was here?”
Upon hearing this, Gordon realized that they knew each other. And it seemed
that they were quite familiar.
“I found out.” Romeo poured the powdered medicine onto Gordon’s wound.
Gordon winced in pain. This man seemed to harbor some hostility towards him.
That was when Arabella made the connection. Could it be Jack who had
informed Romeo?
That guy had started to treat Romeo as one of their own, reporting everything to
He was bypassing her, the boss.
“It seems he needs to be taught a lesson.” Arabella was planning to deal with
Jack when she got back. She had been too nice to him lately, so nice that he
had lost his bearings.
“Aren’t you happy that I’m here?” Romeo asked.
“I could handle this small matter on my own.” Arabella didn’t want to involve
Romeo and his men. It was probably Jack who had leaked the information,
fearing she couldn’t handle it herself.
“Ms. Bella, Mr. Romeo has been missing you. He talked about you countless
times back home, and on the plane too. On our way here, he was worried about
your safety and even asked us to speed up.” Chapter 1298
Carl’s words were cut short by a glare from Romeo.
Suppressing a laugh, Carl quickly stepped back. “Ms. Bella.’ he said, “I have
something to tell you. Mr. Romeo can’t sleep. He’s been thinking about you
every second, constantly checking his phone to see if you’ve contacted him.
He’s worried about your safety and wonders what you’re up to.”
“Get out” Romeo warned. “Who asked for your opinion?”
Carl retreated to the door, still laughing, “If Mr. Romeo won’t say it, I have to say
it for him.”
Enter title…

His tone was a bit innocent.
Arabella smiled at Romeo, “So you didn’t listen to me. You haven’t rested
properly today.”
“I was worried about you,’ Romeo touched her face. “Let’s talk about it when we
get home.”
“Okay: Everyone around them was stunned.
Mr. Elliot had not expected Romeo to be here for this young woman. Were they
Romeo was actually obeying a girl’s words and looking at her with such
Gordon was also surprised to find out that Ms. Bella had a boyfriend, and he
was none other than the famous Romeo, the man in charge of the McMllian
His gaze darkened momentarily.
Mr. Elliot knew that falling into Romeo’s hands would be worse than death. As
he stepped out of the room, he saw rusty nails on the wall of the dilapidated
alley and suddenly rammed his head into them.
Arabella, noticing his intentions, quickly reached out to stop him.
The rusty nail scraped the back of Arabella’s hand. At the same time, Arabella
kicked Mr. Elliot to the ground.
“Bella.” Romeo’s heart jumped as he grabbed her hand. A small cut had been
made on the back of it.
His heart seemed to have been cut as well, suddenly aching.
He asked if the medicine in the bottle could stop the bleeding, and, receiving an
affirmative answer, quickly applied it to Arabella’s wound, his movements light
and quick.
Gordon looked at his concerned expression, and then thought about his rough
movements when he had poured the medicine on his own back.
He seemed like a completely different person.
“You want to die? It’s not that easy!” Carl had Mr. Elliot tied up and gave him a
few hard hits. “You’ve hurt Ms.
Bella. Now it’s your turn!”
“Try it!” Mr. Elliot shouted.
He knew that falling into their hands would be worse than suicide.
After bandaging Arabella’s wound, Romeo shot him a cold look, “I don’t know if
your family shares your disregard for life. It’s been a long time since you’ve had
a family reunion. Why don’t we gather everyone tonight? Before death, you can
enjoy being together, and it will be less lonely on the way to the underworld”
“What do you want to do?” Mr. Elliot hadn’t expected Romeo to threaten him
with his family’s lives. “They have no idea about my identity and work. My
actions shouldn’t affect them. If you dare hurt them, I will never forgive you,
even as a ghost!”
Carl punched him, “You dare to threaten our boss? You’re not even worthy of
being his opponent alive, let alone as a ghost.”
“What do you want to do? Come at me! Don’t hurt them!” Mr. Elliot was terrified
for his family.
“You don’t have the right to negotiate with me, especially after you hurt her’
Romeo extended his hand, and Carl immediately placed a small knife in it.
Whoever dared to hurt Ms. Bella was clearly tired of living.
As Romeo approached Mr. Elliot step-by-step, Gordon was worried that the man
Arabella wanted might be killed by Romeo in advance.
Arabella just stood aside as if this was a common occurrence, her expression
somewhat cold. Chapter 1299
In the pouring rain, Romeo’s henchmen held an umbrella over him, while others
formed a human barrier behind him, blocking Arabella’s line of sight.
Almost instantly, the bloodcurdling scream of Mr. Elliot reverberated through the
Romeo discarded the bloodstained switchblade to the side.
Carl handed him a disinfectant wipe, and after Romeo cleaned his hands, he
tossed that aside as well.
Enter title…
“You should consider yourself lucky that I only severed tendons in your hand. If
any harm comes to Ms. Bella, your whole family will pay the price.”
Mr. Elliot’s entire hand trembled with pain, his nerves screaming in agony that
almost led to him blacking out.
It was at this moment that he truly witnessed the ruthlessness of Romeo. His
gentle, devoted, and doting demeanor within the confines of the house was
solely reserved for Arabella.
Outside, he remained as cold-blooded and brutal as ever.
Romeo glanced at his men, who quickly seized Mr. Elliot and forced him to
move forward.
Taking the umbrella from his henchman, Romeo approached Arabella, drawing
her into his embrace, “Move closer. Don’t get wet.”
Upon seeing the man wrapping an arm around Arabella and slowly walking
away, Gordon paused for a moment before catching up with them.
In front, Mr. Elliot kept looking back, “Please, don’t harm my family. I will tell you
everything I know. Please spare therm.”
His family was his weak point.
But no one responded to him.
Romeo and Arabella continued forward, their silhouettes perfectly matched,
causing Gordon’s gaze to darken even further.
The rain was relentless, keeping people indoors. Seven or eight black sedans
were parked by the street, Carl respectfully opened the car door for Arabella.
“Carl, take him to my uncle’s place. Let him handle it, Arabella instructed.
“Yes, Ms. Bella.”
As Arabella got into the car, Romeo followed suit. After Carl closed the door
behind them, he looked at Gordon with a puzzled expression, asking, “Are you
with Ms. Bella?”
“Yes.” Gordon was planning to hail a cab back home.
But the man in the car spoke up, “Carl, let him in.”
Carl was surprised. Romeo was actually letting an outsider interrupt his time
with Ms. Bella.
Without a second thought, Carl opened the passenger door, gesturing
respectfully for Gordon to get in, “Please.”
Gordon obliged, getting into the car and looking towards the rearview mirror.
Romeo, holding Arabella, looked at her hand with concern, “Does it hurt?”
“This little scratch is nothing,” Arabella shrugged it off, laughing, “If you had
been any more forceful just now, I would have lost my lead.”
“I know he’s valuable to you, so I spared him. Don’t worry. He won’t die” Romeo
reassured, still looking at her hand, “Once he’s of no use, he won’t get off easy.”
Gordon felt like he was seeing Romeo for the first time, as ruthless as rumors
“I missed you,’ Romeo whispered in her ear, “Did you miss me?”
“I’ve been busy lately” Arabella responded, causing Romeo to feel a pang of
“I haven’t missed you as much as before”
Her next sentence, however, brought a smile back to Romeo’s face.Chapter 1300
“I haven’t asked who the hero who saved you is.” Romeo’s eyes twinkled as he
glanced at the passenger seat.
“My name is Gordon, I’m Mr. Bard’s servant, tasked with ensuring Ms. Bella’s
“Gordon.” Romeo repeated his name, “You risked your life today to protect my
fiancée, I appreciate that. You must come to our wedding feast.”
Gordon was speechless.
“I’ll have an invitation sent to you.”
Enter title…
At this, Arabella jabbed him with her elbow, her eyes flashing a warning. Would
he ever drop it?
“Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Romeo. I’ll be there on time. I wish you and
Ms. Bella a lifetime of happiness and unity in advance.”
“Thank you.” Romeo said, turning to the girl in his arms.
She seemed used to his childishness and jealousy, not bothering to entertain
him, and handed the pill bottle in her pocket to the man in the passenger seat.
“Take it twice a day. You can stop after three days.”
Gordon was taken aback, his eyes dimming again in gratitude, “Thank you, Ms.
The rain was heavy just now, Arabella’s hoodie was slightly wet, Romeo took out
a tissue to wipe it off for her and draped a blanket from the car over her.
This blanket was specially prepared for Arabella.
“Sleep on me for a while. We’re not there yet.” Romeo volunteered to be her
pillow, allowing the girl to adjust herself comfortably.
“I’ll stay in Dawnstar for a few more days this time. Call me if you need anything”
“Mm.” Arabella responded lazily.
“Let me know if there are places you want to visit, or food you want to try.”
“Mim “Did you have to fight a lot just now? Is your hand sore? Let me massage
it for you.” Romeo offered again.
Listening to their conversation, Gordon felt even more bitter.
His love seemed to have come and gone.
Half an hour later.
The car stopped at the entrance of the mansion, Romeo got out of the car,
holding an umbrella for Arabella, “You should rest early. I’ll come see you
tomorrow when I have time.”
Although Romeo was reluctant to leave, he handed the umbrella over to her.
Watching her and Gordon each holding an umbrella and walking into the
mansion, Romeo stood for a while before getting into the car to leave.
Inside the mansion.
Bard was sitting on the sofa, looking up with a gentle gaze as his niece
“Bella, Carl just brought Elliot and his men here. He told me you’re dating
Romeo from the McMillian family and he ran all the way from Solterra for you
and helped you catch these quys.”
“Yes.” Arabella was surprised that Carl had arrived before they did.
Bard motioned for his niece to sit down, asking gently, “When did you two get
together? Your mother never mentioned it.
Arabella answered honestly, “Not long after I returned to the Collins family.”
“So, the engagement is no longer with Serena?”
“It’s with me.

The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 16, 2023 Native Language: English

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The Princess and the Paupers Novel Full Episode

But what shocked Arabella the most was finding out she had an ex-fiancé. She couldn’t understand why he kept clinging to her, holding her hand, and trying to kiss her. “Who are you, sir?” Arabella asked, annoyed. “Sweetheart, I’m your husband,” the ex-fiancé responded. “I don’t have a husband, only a former fiancé who wants to c…

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  • Title: The Princess and the Paupers
  • Author: –
  • Publisher: Noveljk
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

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