The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul Chapter 23

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Class System

Valerie spent her weekends browsing eBay.

She couldn’t pay online, so she asked Jayvion to help her. She would pay him back in cash.

Buying all the stuff she wanted, Valerie cheered up.

She was fantasizing that her money amounted up.

On Monday morning, she happily picked up her backpack and walked to school.


Valerie just got off the bus when she was grabbed by the arm.

She frowned out of the pain.

She turned around unfriendly to see the boy pulling her arm.

The boy was probably her classmate. He was wearing cute round glasses with black frames.

Due to the glasses, Valerie couldn’t see his eyes clearly.

He had soft hair and a wolf–tail haircut.

So stylish?

Yet so cute?

“Let go of me!”

Chapter 23 Class System

140 Mouchers

“I have something to tell you.”

The boy grabbed her more tightly while speaking in a rush.

Valerie gasped.

“Let go of me, and we’ll have a chat. Otherwise, I’ll yell and say you’re bullying me.”

Noticing people looking at them, the boy instantly let go of Valerie.

“Can we talk now?”

“Go ahead.”

Valerie got rid of the boy’s hand and stroked her wrist.

The boy gritted his teeth and looked at Valerie.

“This way. We’ll talk there.”

The boy looked around and pointed to a nearby alley.

“Why bother? Can’t we talk here?”

The boy shook his head fiercely.

He walked to that alley.

Valerie sighed and followed him.

They stood beside each other.

The boy said, “Have you got any money? Give it to me!”

He had a trembling tone. His hands clenched the straps of the backpack tightly.

Chapter 23 Class System

40 Vouchers

Valerie looked at him up and down.

She realized something.

“No. You can search in my pocket and backpack.”

“Well, alright.”

The boy lowered his head in disappointment. He glanced at Valerie and ran away very fast.

Autumn was coming. Everyone was wearing a coat. Although the boy was wearing one, there were some bruises on his occasionally exposed


Valerie stood still and thought for a while. But then she shook her head.

Why would it matter to her? Why would she care?

She adjusted the backpack and slowly walked to the room.

The students in the classroom were not as hostile to Valerie as before.

Last time, she used a knife and began to scrape off the thumbtacks bit by bit. She didn’t care about their feelings.

Since then, no one dared to do anything to her anymore.

Everyone felt that Valerie would do dangerous things if threatened.

The boy was sitting in his seat. When he saw Valerie coming in, he immediately put his head under the book.

He was ashamed of what he did in the morning.

He feared that Valerie would laugh at him and threaten him with what happened in the morning.



apter 23 Class System

His heart was pounding. His legs under the table were shaking faster.

Valerie glanced at him and walked to her seat without saying a word.

The boy breathed a sigh of relief.

After calming down, he slowly tilted his head and observed Valerie secretly.

No one knew what he was thinking.

The class for primary school students lasted forty–five minutes. As soon as the bell rang, the teacher and the students quickly put away their textbooks and began to take a break.

As usual, Valerie did math exercises in her seat. She had to catch up with other students in the class.

The hallway outside the classroom was getting noisier.

The sound became louder.

It didn’t sound like a game.

Valerie immediately raised her head and looked outside.

As she expected, at the classroom door, some senior boys appeared one after another.

They stuffed their hands into pockets together, scanning the class full like hooligans.

“Hey, where is Mica?”

The leader was a short boy with squinting eyes and a hooked nose. His name was Grey Johnson.

His hair was cropped short.


Chapter 23 Class System

140 Vouchers

He looked like à tough guy.

Hearing someone calling Mica White, all the classmates looked at the boy with a wolf–tail haircut.

Valerie narrowed her eyes seriously.

Grey walked to Mica with his boys taller than him.

Valerie’s classmates were first–grade students.

They never saw such a scene.

They froze in their seats, not knowing what to do.

Some students hid in fear.

Grey saw their reaction and squinted his eyes in satisfaction.

That was the feeling he wanted.

He swaggered to Mica.

Grey raised his hand, signing for his boys behind to surround Mica.

“Hey, how did you dare? You let us wait so long this morning. Huh?”


It was school bullying.

Valerie felt amazed.

Equal treatment? Even if the teacher treated every student equally, would the students treat each other equally?

What a class system there was at school!

Chapter 23 Class System

Mica’s family ran a well–known pharmaceutical company in his previous life. For the support of medicines and all kinds of world–class advanced medical equipment, everyone wanted to establish a good relationship with Mica’s family.

Even the Horton family and the Fisher family had to build a good relationship with them.

But Mica was bullied like this at school now.

The bullies would regret it one day.

Derek was unable to sleep because of the noise. He raised his head instinctively and frowned at the group of boys.

Perhaps his dissatisfied look was too straightforward. The bullies gradually turned to look at Derek.

“What? What are you looking at? Do you have something to say?”

Grey narrowed his eyes and raised his chest. Since he was a third- grade student, he looked at Derek proudly.

“What? I can’t look at you? Do you run the school?”

Derek fought back.

His voice was kind of sweet.

But his words carried a sense of coercion.

The atmosphere suddenly became stiff.

Grey lost his temper in an instant. He pointed at Derek fiercely with his fingers.

“Your name!”

“Derek Fisher.”

It worked.

Grey and his boys lost their arrogance.

Grey slowly put down his hand.

“Grey… I think he is from the Fisher family we know.”

“Let’s leave. We can’t offend them.”

Grey felt a bit anxious, but he still looked fierce.

He stared at Derek without saying anything.

He warned Mica with his malicious look before leaving.

“Wait for me tomorrow.”

He gritted his teeth and said coldly.

Mica trembled.

But he felt a bit relieved.

At least, he was safe today


The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul

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The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role is an amazing novel about Valerie Horton’s and Kieran Horton. In Valerie Horton’s previous life, she was the eldest daughter of the Horton family, one of the wealthiest families in Capstead. Yet, one day, her little sister went missing, and Valerie was cast out for not watching after her. From then on, Valerie had to live on her own. On her 20th birthday, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. A few months later, she died of grief. Fortunately, Valerie got to wake up in her 7-year-old self. Inside the little girl’s body was a mature soul. Because of what she had gone through in her previous life, she decided to give up on gaining her family’s love this time. Instead, she was determined to leave and stay away from her three brothers. With the knowledge she learned in her previous life, Valerie managed to secure a good living despite her young age. On the day she told her family that she was leaving, however, her three brothers stopped her. Kieran Horton, her eldest brother, pleaded, “Don’t go, Valerie. I’ll give you whatever you want as long as you stay with us.” … The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role
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