The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul Chapter 34

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul Chapter 34

“What is going on?”

Chapter 34 Record the Show (1)

Valerie was sleepy. After she had lunch, she just wanted to go back to her room and take a nap.

This time. Bruce took her to have lunch in the dining room.

Zoe. Reyna, and Reese went out to have fun.

Zoe was disturbed by what had happened with Valerie last night.

Reese doted on Zoe, so he wanted to take her out to relax.

Now only Valerie and Bruce were at home.

“What do you want to talk to me about?”

Valerie’s tone was flat, but Bruce was eating and didn’t reply immediately.

He just said it could wait until after lunch.

How annoying.

Valerie hated it when she was intrigued but had to wait.

Perhaps Bruce often did the same thing to his artists.

Valerie held back her dissatisfaction and quickly finished lunch.

She wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Bruce noticed she was exhausted and paused before eating faster.

They spent more than 20 minutes eating lunch.

Chapter 34 Record the Show (1

40 Vouchers

“Let’s go into my room.”

Bruce used a stern tone, and Valerie sneered coldly inwardly.

She remembered that not long ago, Bruce came out of his room looking embarrassed, but when he saw her he regained his usual look.

It seemed he had thought this through.

He might have made the decision for her.

With that thought, Valerie’s face became grim.

But she still followed him into his room and wanted to hear what he would say.

She gently closed the door and stood by it, waiting for Bruce to speak.

“Come and sit.”

Bruce frowned and looked at Valerie who was standing still at the door.

Since she was in the room, he could make her say yes.

With that thought, his tone became harsh.

It was different from the one he used when he asked for her help.

Valerie looked at him coldly. He was supposed to be her family…

She said coldly.

“What is it? Quickly speak. I am really sleepy now.

She didn’t pretend to be close to him anymore and said indifferently.

Bruce expressed his discomfort and dissatisfaction.

18.40 Vouchers

“What’s with your tone? I am your brother.”

Valerie didn’t much care. She was about to fall asleep and held back her anger with difficulty, turning around.

“If you have nothing important to say, let me go. I am really tired.”

Bruce watched as she reached for the door handle, He panicked.

“It’s nothing. I just want to ask if you are willing to attend a reality show.”

Valerie understood what he wanted.

She remembered.

In her last lifetime, not long after she was kicked out of her own house, a reality show became popular.

It was called “Hi, Cutie Patooties“.

The show had popular and talented young people in showbiz.

They would be parents for a week and take care of the cute children in the show.

Zoe became famous through this show.

Everyone in the country adored her.

Besides, she was a Horton.

It would be easier for her to enter showbiz when she grew up.

In Valerie’s last lifetime, she saw Bruce was busy with this show and felt blue sometimes.

Maybe he was upset and worried because he didn’t want Zoe to suffer

Chapter 34 Record the Show (1)

11:40 Vous hop

at a young age.

In Valerie’s last lifetime, the show was recorded in villages and small


The environment was different now.

So. Bruce stalled until Zoe could get used to the show?

But what about now?

Zoe still couldn’t do it.

So. Valerie, who was covered in wounds, had to do it for her?

Bruce was so cruel.

He was so cruel to Valerie.

“You want me to be in the show?”


“What is in it for me?”

“Excuse me?”

Bruce didn’t know how to reply.

Valerie was still a child.

Why was she asking him that question?

How could she understand what was at stake?

Bruce was confused but didn’t show it much.

“What do you want?”

Chapter 93 Record the show (1

Valerie frowned.

“Money. And get me a bank card.”

Bruce was more confused.

“You don’t have a bank account?”


Valerie replied in a flat tone, but Bruce was shocked,

Even Zoe had a bank account, and her allowance was hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If Valerie didn’t have a bank account, how much money could she get a month?

Bruce remembered his brother had told his father about this.

But Bruce didn’t care then.

Suddenly, he felt guilty.

He stopped using a stern tone toward Valerie.

“Do you concur? If not, I won’t attend the show.”

Valerie was losing her patience.

Bruce realized she was really tired and quickly took out his file.

“This is your appearance money. You are a Horton, so you will also get money.”

Valerie took the file and saw the number.

She was instantly excited.

Chapter 34 Record the Show (1)

140 Vounters

She widened her eyes and put the file closer to her face. She counted

the zeroes.

1, 2, 3, 4…

What the heck?

So many zeroes?

She would get 3 million dollars attending the show?


Valerie’s eyes were the size of saucers.

Bruce could even see the red veins in her eyeballs.

She was so short of money?

It seemed she didn’t get much money every month…….

Bruce had a lot of money, and he just wanted his company to be more famous.

“I will give you the money and open a bank account for you. So, you agree to this?”

“Yes, as long as I will be paid, I am in. I am going to sleep.”

Bruce wanted to talk to her about the environment.

However, she slammed the door shut loudly.

She was really drowsy.

Bruce withdrew his hand.

“Forget it. I will talk to her about this again and have her prepared.

Chapter 34 Record the Show (1

“Well, does she know where the show will be recorded? And she doesn’t care?” Bruce thought.

He quickly negated that thought.

It couldn’t be. His team just found that location recently.

And he just mentioned the show to Valerie today.

“Well, I will talk to him about this again.”

Bruce cheered up knowing Valerie would attend the show.

40 Vouchers

He opened his computer and confirmed some details of the show with his team.

When Valerie returned to her room, she quickly got into bed and fell asleep without covering herself properly with the quilt.

Jayvion came to the door of her room as usual and saw she was not tucked in.

He tiptoed into the room and helped her cover her body.

Then he left with satisfaction and started to deal with his things.

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul

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The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role is an amazing novel about Valerie Horton’s and Kieran Horton. In Valerie Horton’s previous life, she was the eldest daughter of the Horton family, one of the wealthiest families in Capstead. Yet, one day, her little sister went missing, and Valerie was cast out for not watching after her. From then on, Valerie had to live on her own. On her 20th birthday, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. A few months later, she died of grief. Fortunately, Valerie got to wake up in her 7-year-old self. Inside the little girl’s body was a mature soul. Because of what she had gone through in her previous life, she decided to give up on gaining her family’s love this time. Instead, she was determined to leave and stay away from her three brothers. With the knowledge she learned in her previous life, Valerie managed to secure a good living despite her young age. On the day she told her family that she was leaving, however, her three brothers stopped her. Kieran Horton, her eldest brother, pleaded, “Don’t go, Valerie. I’ll give you whatever you want as long as you stay with us.” … The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role
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