The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul Chapter 41

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Is She Really a SevenYearOld?

In the end, Tucker placed the suitcase in a corner.

The photographer also stuffed a 30–dollar bill into his hand.

“This is your food allowance for this week.”

Tucker stared at the banknotes for a while, and eventually, he carefully tucked them into his own pocket.

“Let’s tidy up our stuff first.”

Speaking softly, Valerie nodded slightly.

The two of them, one big and one small, opened their suitcases and began to arrange the items they needed.

Halfway through, Tucker found a rag and clumsily wiped around the


He was using his index finger, clumsily wiping with a cloth. The sight of his awkwardness raised a hint of doubt in everyone’s hearts.

“Was it so dirty? So filthy that you didn’t even want to use your hand to wipe it, even with a cloth?”

“I bet he has never cleaned it.”

“Every kid in this kindergarten could do it.”

“Oh, it seems our big brother is a person of status.”

“Ah, there’s nothing we can do. My older brother just can’t handle heavy labor.”

4) Really a Seven Year (1)

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Valerie had arranged her little tooth cup, toothbrush, and towel.

Turning his head, he saw Tucker awkwardly wiping the table.

Her eyes rolled around for a while.

She got off the small stool and took out a disposable wipe from her backpack.

He walked over to Tucker with a steady pace.

“Tucker, 1…”

“Valerie, from now on, if it’s okay with you, you can call me Daddy.”

Tucker, who was wiping the table, turned his head and said to Valerie with a serious look on his face.

Somehow, Valerie felt a pang of guilt in her heart, and she quickly hid the disposable wipe she was holding behind her back.

Faced with Tucker’s proposal, her eyes widened instantly, and her cheeks turned a bit rosy.

She could clearly feel the warmth on her face.

It began to gradually ascend, even the ears were burning with intense


The fair face visibly reddened.

She was young in age, but her soul was far from it!

He glanced around and, apart from Tucker’s expectant gaze, the other staff members were just standing there, looking as if they were merely spectators.

Indeed, the production team had sought these people to act as their



Chapter 41 is She Really a Sveen Year Old?

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temporary parents for a week.

Valerie was shyly rubbing a disposable wipe.

Her little mouth opened and closed, but she just couldn’t utter a word.

Finally, when she felt she was about to die of embarrassment, she gently began to speak…!


Tucker nodded in satisfaction. His expressions were fewbut when Valerie called him Daddy, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

It really gave the surrounding staff members quite a scare.

Could Tucker laugh?

His smile on television was an act, but in reality, he seldom laughed.

“Mercury Retrograde, be gone this month!”

“Indeed, I was very lucky today, to have seen Tucker’s smile…”

“Valerie rocks!”

“It seemed that my brother really liked Valerie.”

“Don’t even mention Tucker, just seeing Valerie’s state just now, my heart softened.”

The viewers in Tucker’s live stream were almost moved to tears. They hardly posted anything in the public chat, just silently watching and feeling a sense of inner peace.

Tucker stepped forward and ruffled Valerie’s hair.

“What was Valerie just about to say?”

Chapter 41 is She Really a Seven Year Old?

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Having called him “Dad” once, Valerie didn’t mind doing it a second


She raised her hand once again, displaying her disposable wipe.

“I saw Daddy working, and I wanted to join you too.”

The little hand was raised high, the desire to help almost spilling out of the screen.

Tucker was taken aback for a moment. He looked at the table he had been wiping for a long time, which was still not clean, and after some thought, he nodded.

“Alright, let’s start by wiping the table together.”

Having the child work alongside him, Tucker’s back had straightened

  1. up.

I couldn’t lose face in front of the child!

Even when he was washing the cloth, his back remained perfectly straight.

Galen, who was watching the live stream at home, burst out laughing.

“This kid finally had his day.”

Just as he had been filled with jealousy before, now he was filled with mockery toward Tucker.

Upon receiving instructions, Valerie immediately went over to the water bucket. She crouched down, skillfully manipulating it, then ran over to Tucker. Matching his pace, she gradually wiped the table clean.

She sneakily glanced at Tucker, seeing him still diligently polishing a rod, she immediately rolled up her sleeves.

Chapter 41 is She Really a Seven Year Old?

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Having washed the cloth clean, she looked around the room for any dirty spots, and then began to scrub them diligently.

Compared to Tucker’s clumsy attempt at cleaning with a single finger, Valerie’s quick and proficient housekeeping skills were a real eye- opener for everyone.

“7 years old?”

“Isn’t that too skilled?”

“This was not flattery. Generally, children tend to be slow in their actions, and they might not even be able to wring out a cloth properly. However, not only did Valerie manage to wring out the cloth, but she also wiped smoothly, not missing a single spot. This indicated that she often did such chores.”

“I agree with the previous comment. The children in my household who are in kindergarten don’t move as smoothly as she does.”

The netizens were shocked, but that was not all.

After Valerie finished cleaning, she took a moment to look around the house before coming to Tucker.

“Daddy, we need to buy some plastic sheeting. There’s a small hole in the roof of the house, and it might leak if it rains.”

“Huh?? Alright…”

Tucker hadn’t yet recovered from his surprise, and Valerie continued to keep her mouth agape.

“Also, there were no screens on the windows over there, so mosquitoes would come in at night. We needed to buy some screens that could be stuck onto the windows.”

Chapter 41 to She Really a Seven Year Old

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The movement in Tucker’s hand froze…

“Well, um, Valerie, we only have 30 dollars, we need to use it wisely…”

Valerie nodded her head, indicating that she understood.

“Daddy, can you cook?”

“Ah… I, I can’t.”

Tucker now felt as if he had lost even the ability to speak…

For the first time, he felt utterly incompetent.

Valerie extended her finger and pointed at herself, causing everyone to pause in surprise.

What did she mean by this?

Even the staff and photographers standing by shuddered.

No way, no way…

An answer was on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

“I learned how to cook a few dishes at home. If you don’t mind, Daddy, I can make them for you.”


“Just as I thought! I knew she would say that!”

“Tsk, boasting at such a young age, this habit is not good at all!”

“I, a twenty–something, found a kitchen knife heavy when I was cutting things. Could a child possibly lift it?”

Chapter 41 Is She Really a Seven–Year–Old?

“Even though she had a child’s kitchen knife, what could she possibly do with it?”

“The problem was that the pots in this place were heated with firewood… Could she handle it?”

The netizens in the live broadcast room suddenly lost interest in


Regarding the matter of her being able to cook

Everyone maintained a state of skepticism and disbelief.

But they didn’t leave, they wanted to see what Valerie could create!

Chapter 42 How Could She Call Someone Else Daddy?


The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul

The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role by Dedaul

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The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role is an amazing novel about Valerie Horton’s and Kieran Horton. In Valerie Horton’s previous life, she was the eldest daughter of the Horton family, one of the wealthiest families in Capstead. Yet, one day, her little sister went missing, and Valerie was cast out for not watching after her. From then on, Valerie had to live on her own. On her 20th birthday, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. A few months later, she died of grief. Fortunately, Valerie got to wake up in her 7-year-old self. Inside the little girl’s body was a mature soul. Because of what she had gone through in her previous life, she decided to give up on gaining her family’s love this time. Instead, she was determined to leave and stay away from her three brothers. With the knowledge she learned in her previous life, Valerie managed to secure a good living despite her young age. On the day she told her family that she was leaving, however, her three brothers stopped her. Kieran Horton, her eldest brother, pleaded, “Don’t go, Valerie. I’ll give you whatever you want as long as you stay with us.” … The Revived Me Surrounded by Adoration as a Supporting Role
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