The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 1022

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 1022


Chapter 1022 

How did your strength increase so rapidly in such a short period and attract Norvin’s attention?” 

They all knew that Norvin would not act preemptively without reason. Today, he mobilized all his forces to capture Andrius, indicating that something was going on

Andrius stared at them and said slowly, Today is the day we’re paying respects to my master. If you’ve come here with sincere intentions to pay your respects, then I welcome you here. However, if you have other motives, then please leave now.” 

After saying that, the aura of a Martial God surged out from within him, feeling vast like an ocean and majestic like a mountain

The three family heads exchanged glances and smiled. You’re overthinking, Andrius. All three of our families received invitations and specifically came here to pay respects to Old Hagstorm.” 


Andrius frowned and looked back at Registus who also seemed confused and shook his head to indicate 

that he did not send the invitations

Andrius was puzzled

Who else could have sent the invitations besides him and Registus

There was something fishy going on.. 

Thus, he looked at Luna. She even gathered the forces of the Dragon Manor, which clearly meant that she knew something would happen today

Was she the one who extended the invitations

He had that question in mind but did not mention it

The ceremony continued

The three family heads took their turns to pay their respects

Then, under Maximusleadership, many elaborate procedures were followed, and Old Hagstorm’s grave was erected 

After everything was done, the top officials of Florence left one by one

When everyone left, Andrius turned to Luna and said, Luna, I have something to ask you.” 

Luna replied calmly, What is it?” 

Why did you arrange for the Dragon Manor’s experts to come in advance? Did you know that the Swallows would come? Was it you who invited the other three families?” Andrius stared at Luna, trying to find something from her expression 

You’re overthinking, hubby.Luna quickly denied it. “I summoned the experts from the Dragon Manor because I encountered a masked person when i went to the ladies He told me that a large number of the Swallows were on their way to Mount Dragon Tiger, so I urgently called the Dragon Manor’s experts for support 

As for the three families, I really didn’t know that they’d be here. Besides, we’ve been together for the past two days. You know this.” 

Andrius fell silent after hearing Luna’s explanation 

That was true

Luna had been with him in the Royal Gardens in Sumeria the entire time since they decided to erect a grave for Old Hagstorm. It would have been impossible for her to invite the three families by herself

In that case, the masked person was the suspicious one

With that thought, he asked, Luna, were there any special characteristics about the masked person? Can you recognize him?” 

HeLuna casually made up some details. He was dressed in a black robe, looked quite thin, and his eyes gave off a sinister feeling.” 

Andrius frowned slightly. He could not recall such a person in his memories

Could it beAndrius seemed to be asking Luna, but he was also thinking to himself, Is that person the one behind Old Hagstorm, the one Sect Master Klein mentioned before? Did he invite the three families?” 

Andrius was not sure

However, it was the only explanation that made sense

Luna let out a sigh of relief when she saw that Andrius was no longer suspicious of her

Wade, Kate, and the others remained silent the entire time

Let’s head back!Andrius could not come up with a conclusion and decided to go down the mountain first

The group descended

At the foot of the mountain, Kate suddenly said to Andrius, Andrius, come with me for a moment. I have something to discuss with you.” 

Then, she got into a car from the Medicine Sect

Andrius was puzzled but followed her

What is it, Kate?” 

Kate signaled to the driver to start the car, creating some white noise, and closed the car door

Then, she said to Andrius, I suspect that Luna is lying.

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Novel Full Chapters

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Novel Full Chapters

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  The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea is an amazing novel about Andrius and Luna Marriage Life.


The Wolf King had a million soldiers under his command, but he could not defy his master’s order to marry a woman that he barely knew.  When Andrius and Luna met, they agreed to call off the marriage arrangement, but when things took a surprising turn, the couple decided to fake their marriage and pretend to be husband and wife.  Can the Wolf King charm his ‘bride’ within the stipulated duration or will the bride lose her future before they can even get a divorce?


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