The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 1023

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 1023


Chapter 1023 

Andriusexpression shifted slightly. Why do you say that?” 

Do you remember when Ms. Crestfall mentioned going to the ladies?Kate asked, then said, She didn’t want to go immediately, but after that, a maid bumped into her and handed her a note. She only said she needed to use the ladies after reading the contents of the note.” 

Andrius frowned. He was walking ahead with Registus at that time and had not noticed

Kate continued, “After that, I found the maid and pressed her for the truth. She revealed that she was acting on someone’s instructions when she handed the note to Luna. That means Luna was lying when she talked about the masked person.” 

Andrius fell silent

Kate should not be lying. After all, he could easily go back and question the maid personally

In that case, that meant Luna was lying

ButAndrius was confused. Why would Luna do this?” 

Kate voiced a bold theory. I have a feeling that your master isn’t dead and that he was the one who asked the maid to send the message to Ms. Crestfall

He knew that the Swallow family was coming, so he told Ms. Crestfall to get the Dragon Manor experts ready while also inviting the three families, making the situation today more serious. Everything was part of his plan.” 

There it was again

Kate and Wade always thought that Old Hagstorm was orchestrating a grand scheme, calculating every 


Andrius said in exasperation, If my master really is alive as you said, why won’t he come to meet me? Did he pretend to fall off the cliff at Skyscraper Cliff to deceive me?” 

Andrius found it preposterous the more he spoke

However, Kate went along with his words. It’s not impossible. Think about it. It’s only been a few days. since your master fell off the cliff, but the emperor is already so anxious to erect a grave, and he even made it so grand… 

Don’t you think it’s because he’s trying to cover up something?” 

Andrius fell into thought

Noir also mentioned something similar outside the palace. This whole situation was filled with 


However, if Kate was right, what was Old Hagstorm’s motive in deceiving Andrius

If it was just about securing the position of Chief in the Ancient Martial Assembly, there was no need for such a farce

If Old Hagstorm was worried about raising suspicions, he could just remain hidden until the right time

Therefore, Kate’s theory did not completely add up

I don’t think so.After a moment, Andrius slowly raised his head and said, This may all just be a coincidence. My master sacrificed himself to save Luna. He’s definitely not the mastermind you imagine 

him to be.” 

Kate was speechless and rolled her eyes, then said, Everything will be revealed during the Ancient Martial Assembly. You’d best prepare yourself for a different reality by then.” 

Andrius neither confirmed nor denied her words

Kate added, “Follow me back to the Medicine Sect.” 

Andrius looked confused. Why?” 

Kate said, Now that you’ve reached the Martial God realm, Grandpa has decided to let you learn the Medicine Sect’s ultimate techniques to prepare for the upcoming Ancient Martial Assembly. This will give you a greater advantage during the assembly.” 

Andrius paused

The Medicine Sect’s ultimate technique… 

Earlier, when Wade was talking to Kate, Andrius heard that he relied on the Medicine Sect’s ultimate technique to fight on even footing against Norvin, who was a Martial God

Now that Andrius was a Martial God like Norvin, the difference lay in their individual techniques

It would undoubtedly be a great boost to his strength if he could learn the Medicine Sect’s ultimate technique

Andrius was confident he could defeat Norvin.

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Novel Full Chapters

The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Novel Full Chapters

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  The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea is an amazing novel about Andrius and Luna Marriage Life.


The Wolf King had a million soldiers under his command, but he could not defy his master’s order to marry a woman that he barely knew.  When Andrius and Luna met, they agreed to call off the marriage arrangement, but when things took a surprising turn, the couple decided to fake their marriage and pretend to be husband and wife.  Can the Wolf King charm his ‘bride’ within the stipulated duration or will the bride lose her future before they can even get a divorce?


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