The Wrong Woman Chapter 383

The Wrong Woman Chapter 383

Chapter 383 

So that was the truth

Fenna noticed Mila looking pale and in a daze. Her tone filled with concern as she asked, What’s wrong?” 

NNothing,Mila replied as she forced a smile, trying to conceal her sadness

Fenna stood up and frowned at her. She asked, Did you just find out about us being together? Did Nate not tell you?” 

Mila shook her head with a smile. Tears already welled up in her eyes, and she couldn’t hold back any longer

She pretended to remain calm and replied, It’s not his fault. I made it clear that we couldn’t stay as friends and to not keep in touch. It’s normal for him not to tell me.” 

Oh, I see,Fenna replied

Mila forced an awkward smile

When are you going back to Sunterland?Fenna asked

Mila hesitated for a moment. She touched the box in her pocket. Knowing that the hydronium was still there, she replied, This week.” 

What do you do in Sunterland? I noticed you always want to leave. Are you really willing to leave behind your grandfather and his huge conglomerate?” 

Mila lowered her head with a bitter smile. She sneaked another glance at Nathan. Her heart ached, tears pooling in her eyes as she said, I’m not.” 

Her unwillingness referred to Nathan, not the meaningless property

Fenna’s expression slightly darkened. She sounded slightly nervous as she said, Youaren’t leaving?” 

Mila secretly wiped away her tears. She smiled as she looked up. I am leaving. There are urgent matters that I need to handle.” 

Best of luck with your work.” 

Mila was sorrowful as she secretly glanced at Nathan again. Now, even if she wanted to look at him, she could do it in secret

After all, he was someone else’s boyfriend. And in the future, he would be someone else’s husband

Come to think of it, it wasn’t bad at all. The two were quite a good match

Mila endured her pain silently. Her voice was slightly hoarse as she said, I wish you both happiness,” 

Fenna smiled and said, We will, thank you

Mila immediately turned, unable to hold back her tears any longer, and they streamed down 

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her face. She felt a twinge of heartache, a discomfort that was hard to bear

Mila knew that no one in this world would wait forever. Why should a man as excellent as Nathan wait for her

He had previously said he would wait for her for five years. But she rejected him. It was understandable that he wouldn’t wait

Mila left the ward with tears in her eyes

At the door, she met Cole, who was still upset. She quickly wiped away her tears and tried to be 


Cole was confused when he saw her coming out. Is there anything wrong, Ms. Hoffis?he asked

Mila replied, It’s nothing. I’ll get going first.” 

Cole was puzzled. You’re leaving? Where are you going?” 

Mila looked at the sky and said, Back to Sunterland.” 

Cole was anxious. Aren’t you waiting for General Morrison to wake 


Mila exhaled slowly, feeling her heart panicking. She said softly, I’m not going to wait anymore. He has Fenna by his side.” 

Cole clenched his fists. He felt resentful and upset for Nathan. He also began to harbor a dislike toward Mila

He thought Nathan’s sincere feelings had been wasted on her. Why did he have to fall for such a heartless and cruel woman

He thought she went to the island alone to rescue Nathan because she loved him. But the truth was beyond his expectations

After a moment of contemplation, Mila sáid softly, Cole, if Nate wakes up without any issues, can you send me a message to let me know he’s safe?” 

Cole coldly snorted in his heart. He grumbled, I don’t think it’s necessary. Doesn’t General Morrison have Ms. Hudson by his side?” 

His words pierced Mila’s heart. It hurt so much that she couldn’t even speak a word. Her tear. ducts were so sensitive, so she was unable to bear such harsh words

Without saying a word, she strode away briskly. She wiped away her tears, biting her lip to endure the pain

She didn’t blame anyone but herself for not cherishing Nathan. When she wanted to cherish Nathan, he no longer wanted her

The Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman

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Nathan Morrison is a hero who emerged victorious from a bloodbath and a general loved by the whole country. Suzanne York is a terrible woman with a horrible reputation who's undeserving of him, yet she ends up as his wife.There's another problem—some other woman holds Nathan's heart. He doesn't love Suzanne.She doesn't want to struggle and be tormented in a loveless marriage, so she throws him a divorce agreement. "Let's get divorced."Nathan can't be bothered. "I'm too busy for that."Suzanne leaves without another look back. When she appears in public again, she's now a genius scientist, philanthropic artist, and the daughter of the wealthiest man alive.She stuns the world with her identities, but Nathan remains scornful … until one day when a considerable conspiracy is unveiled."General Morrison, the woman you've loved for years is your ex-wife. You've had the wrong person this whole time!"Nathan's eyes turn red with insanity. When he finally tracks her down, almost half out of his mind, he claims, "You're the one I've always loved, my dear. Let's remarry!"

The Wrong Woman


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