The Wrong Woman Chapter 384

The Wrong Woman Chapter 384

Chapter 384 

After Mila left the hospital, she looked for an ATM. She entered her bank card and password and withdrew some money. With the money, she bought a plane ticket to Norvania

On the plane, she couldn’t hold back her tears and cried all the way. When she reached Norvania, her eyes were swollen and red

Phoebe was shocked to see her in such a state. Her first question was, Mila, is Mr. Morrison dead?” 

Hearing Phoebe’s question made Mila’s already grieving heart feel even more distressed. She disregarded all the decorum and hugged Phoebe, crying her eyes out

Mila, the dead cannot be brought back to life. Please accept my condolences,Phoebe comforted her with tears in her eyes

On the way back, Mila cried herself to exhaustion and fell asleep in the car. After reaching Hoffis Manor, she showered and went straight to bed. 

She slept for a solid 15 hours

Zach and Loretta asked Phoebe what had happened. Phoebe said, Mr. Morrison passed away.” 

The couple was shocked and saddened. They decided to ask Cole to clarify the situation

Loretta called Cole and put the phone on speaker

Zach and Phoebe leaned in, listening attentively

Loretta’s tone was somber as she asked, Cole, did Nate pass away?” 

Cole was stunned. He replied, Madam Hoffis, who told you General Morrison passed away?The three of them exchanged glances

Loretta paused for a moment before asking, He didn’t?” 

Of course not,Cole was a bit annoyed as he replied, General Morrison just came back and is resting at Sudvilla. He’s injured, but it’s not fatal.” 

Then why is my granddaughter so heartbroken?Loretta asked worriedly. Her eyes are swollen from crying, and she’s been sleeping in her room for over ten hours. She also refused to eat or drink, and didn’t want to wake up

I have no idea. Maybe General Morrison delayed her plans to return to Sunterland.Phoebe nodded. That’s possible,she whispered


Loretta said, Well, I won’t bother you anymore. Please give Nate my regards and wish him a speedy recovery.” 

Okay. Thank you, Madam,Cole replied before hanging up

The three of them exchanged glances again

At Sudvilla, Cole pocketed his phone and turned to see Fenna. He politely greeted her, Hello, Ms. Hudson.” 

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Fenna nodded and asked, Where’s Nate?” 

Cole pointed upstairs and sa 

Cole pointed upstairs and said, General Morrison is awake, but he’s very weak. He’s resting. upstairs now

Curious, Fenna asked, Is his injury serious?” 

Cole shook his head. It’s not a serious wound. I heard he was seriously injured on the island. and was kept in a water dungeon for two days

He nearly died from excessive bleeding. After that, he was rescued. He was still recovering from his previous injury, but then he was shot again. That’s why he’s so weak.” 

Fenna turned and went upstairs. I’ll go check on him.” 

She knocked on the door

Come in,Nathan’s voice sounded somewhat excited

Fenna pushed open the door and walked in

Nathan was leaning against the headboard. He looked a bit weak and tired. His face was pale, and he seemed to be low in spirit

When Fenna entered the room, his gaze shifted from anticipation to disappointment. He dropped his head in despair as he stared blankly at the phone screen

Fenna walked over with a smile. She said, Do you think Wanda will come to see you?” 

Nathan remained composed and stayed silent. He just lightly touched the phone screen with his fingers

Fenna approached to have a look. It was a private chat with Mila, but there were no new messages at all

The last voice message was from a month ago. It was sent by Nathan, but she didn’t reply

Fenna pursed her lips. She shook her head and said, You’ve sent her so many voice messages and texts before, but she always ignored them. Why don’t you try sending a message and see if she’ll respond?” 

Nathan slowly turned off the screen and placed the phone on the bedside table. He wearily closed his eyes, then tilted his head back against the headboard

The Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman

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Nathan Morrison is a hero who emerged victorious from a bloodbath and a general loved by the whole country. Suzanne York is a terrible woman with a horrible reputation who's undeserving of him, yet she ends up as his wife.There's another problem—some other woman holds Nathan's heart. He doesn't love Suzanne.She doesn't want to struggle and be tormented in a loveless marriage, so she throws him a divorce agreement. "Let's get divorced."Nathan can't be bothered. "I'm too busy for that."Suzanne leaves without another look back. When she appears in public again, she's now a genius scientist, philanthropic artist, and the daughter of the wealthiest man alive.She stuns the world with her identities, but Nathan remains scornful … until one day when a considerable conspiracy is unveiled."General Morrison, the woman you've loved for years is your ex-wife. You've had the wrong person this whole time!"Nathan's eyes turn red with insanity. When he finally tracks her down, almost half out of his mind, he claims, "You're the one I've always loved, my dear. Let's remarry!"

The Wrong Woman


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