The Wrong Woman Chapter 396

The Wrong Woman Chapter 396

I’m just uncomfortable,Nathan clarified

Mila assumed he was talking about his injury. I’ll be gentle and try my best not to touch your wound,she assured him

Nathan furrowed his brow. Don’t you understand?” 

Ignoring his question, Mila’s hand dipped into the water, rubbing his abdomen

As Nathan opened his eyes, his intense gaze remained fixed on her face. Suddenly, he grabbed her wrist firinly and placed her hand below his stomach

Mila reacted as though she had touched a terrifying python. Her eyes widened in shock as she swiftly withdrew her hand. Her breath grew erratic, and her cheeks flushed crimson in an 


Nathan’s actions made it clear to Mila that he was feeling uncomfortable and wanted her to leave

Feeling embarrassed, Mila avoided Nathan’s intense gaze, loChapter 396 

Are you sure you don’t want to leave?Nathan asked

No, I’m staying. Just go ahead and undress,Mila replied, trying to appear composed while still facing away from him

Alright, I’ll go ahead and take off my clothes.” 

Mila’s face turned red with embarrassment, her heart racing and nerves on edge. Just get undressed already, why are you telling me? Hurry up,she urged

Remaining silent, Nathan quietly removed his pants

Mila felt a tingling sensation on her back. Beads of sweat formed on her skin, and her heart raced like she had just run a marathon

Her mind was filled with thoughts of Nathan’s strong and muscular chest, his defined abs, and his enticing broad shoulders and slim waist

As Mila heard the water running, she turned to look

Seeing Nathan already submerged in the water, a sigh of relief escaped her lips. She then half- squatted beside the bathtub, grabbing the body wash and a washcloth. 

Is it safe for your shoulder injury to come into contact with water?Mila asked

Nathan reclined in the warm water, gradually shutting his eyes. Not quite.” 

In that case, I’ll just clean around the wound.” 


After that, Mila lapsed into silence

With the body wash in her hands, Mila gently latheredwering her eyes

She slowly squirted some body wash onto her palm and reached out again, asking, Do you want me to wash here too? How should I do it? Can you show me?” 

As her words trailed off, her hand instinctively moved to his crotch

Nathan’s body reacted intensely, as if jolted by electricity. Desire surged through him like never before

Mila’s unexpected movement caught him off guard, causing his entire body to tense up. Quickly, he withdrew her hand, his breathing becoming slightly labored, his gaze intense as it met hers

His voice was hoarse as he accused, You did that on purpose.” 

With an innocent expression, Mila’s large eyes reflected purity as she gazed at him. What’s wrong?” 

Nathan took a shallow breath, feeling a flush of heat spread throughout his body. He found it difficult to express his emotions and thoughts at that moment

Glancing at him, Mila couldn’t help but notice his complexion turning red

Nate, is the water too hot?She gestured toward his blushing ears. It looks like your face is turning red because of the heat.” 

Nathan frowned, his voice gentle yet tinged with helplessness. Do you really believe it’s because of the temperature?” 

Then what is it?” 

It’s because of your touch,Nathan decided to be direct, feeling it necessary to convey his true feelings. Otherwise, it might be too challenging for her to understand

When you were bathing me just now, my body reacted strongly, and it made me uncomfortable,he confessed earnestly

Mila was taken aback, her cheeks flushing as she stared at him in astonishment

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The Wrong Woman


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