The Wrong Woman Chapter 404

The Wrong Woman Chapter 404

Chapter 404 

Shortly after, Mila returned carrying a bag and a small makeshift table

Sienna looked puzzled. 

Mila unfolded the table and retrieved white A4 papers, ink, and brushes from the bag. She wrote a message on the paper and attached it to the stall

Receive a complimentary ink painting with purchases exceeding 100 dollars.” 

Sienna was taken aback

Mila began preparing the ink as Sienna looked around anxiously, advising, Wanda, the people here are just regular folks. They usually don’t pay much attention to famous artists or paintings. Not many might recognize you.” 

Considering Sienna’s words, Mila couldn’t help but agree. She then took out her phone, logged into her official account as Inkwell, and posted an update

Selling items on behalf of a friend. Get a complimentary painting with purchases exceeding 100 dollars.” 

Mila placed her phone down and offered Sienna a warm smile. Just watch what happens.” 

Sienna felt grateful but also uneasy as she sat down next to Mila. Wanda, your paintings are valuable. Selling everything I have here wouldn’t even compare to the worth of one of your artworks. Please don’t diminish your value for my sake. I’d feel terribly guilty.” 


Mila held up the paper and waved it slightly. I already paint for charity, and helping you is just another form of charitable work. Besides, these smaller paintings I’m creating now aren’t particularly valuable.” 

While Sienna was partly convinced, she still harbored some doubts

Nonetheless, what Mila considered insignificant proved to be quite the opposite within half an hour, as a dozen luxury cars pulled up in front of their stall

The men forming a line at the stall were all impeccably dressed in suits, emanating an air of sophistication and elegance that contrasted sharply with the street’s ambiance

These visitors were either art collectors or aides to prominent figures

Each customer made the same demand, I’ll take everything from your booth. I hope you can sign your name on the artwork.” 

Mila politely refused, stating, No signatures, no photographs, and no framing.” 

She understood that adding her signature or taking photographs with the paintings would significantly increase their value, potentially selling for tens of thousands of dollars or more

However, doing so would contradict her intention of assisting Sienna

Despite her refusal, the demand for Mila’s paintings continued to skyrocket

Sienna’s stall was completely sold out, leaving those lucky enough to have purchased her items feeling as though they had won a prize, eagerly lining up for their complimentary 

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The crowd of spectators kept growing

Word spread rapidly that the renowned artist Inkwell was offering complimentary paintings, resulting in Sienna’s products selling out

This sparked a frenzy as people flocked to Sienna’s stall, eager to purchase anything just so they could get a free painting

100 dollars, 1000 dollars, 10000 dollars. I’ll buy anything, just let me get a free painting,they pleaded

Sienna had underestimated Inkwell’s fame. Even the tables and chairs from her stall were swiftly claimed by eager buyers

As the demand for free paintings surged and many were left emptyhanded, it caught the attention of numerous journalists and media outlets

Inkwell’s presence caused a surge of visitors to the entire street, boosting the businesses of all the vendors

Within just two hours, she became a trending topic online

Inkwell Offers Free Paintings at the Riverbank.” 

Inside the restaurant, Mila enjoyed every bite of the shepherd’s pie that Sienna had kindly treated her to

Sienna sat in a daze, constantly scrolling through her phone, still trying to process what had just happened

She had always known Mila was talented, but witnessing firsthand the impact of someone truly exceptional was beyond her wildest imagination

How much did you make today?Mila asked curiously

Sienna set down her phone, nervously swallowing. Well, I only had a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise, but I earned over 3000 dollars

The customers were like madmen, constantly shoving money at me. They even took the box where I kept my change and paid me a hundred just for that battered box,she exclaimed incredulously


The Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman

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The Wrong Woman


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