The Wrong Woman Chapter 408

The Wrong Woman Chapter 408

Chapter 408 

The more Mila thought about it, the worse she felt. Her gaze shifted toward Fenna, who was behind Nathan

She thought that Fenna must be gloating now. She must enjoy seeing them in such an unpleasant situation

Mila felt so wronged that her eyes welled up with tears. She knew her faults and where she went wrong

But she just wanted Nathan to unconditionally support her and stand by her side instead of supporting his friend. She wanted to be this man’s favorite, not just someone he simply liked. The more Mila thought about it, the worse she felt. Tears shimmered in her eyes

She pretended indifference as she said, Yes, I’m just that fickle. You got hurt because of me, and I took care of you for days. Now that you’ve recovered, I’ve fulfilled my responsibility.Responsibility?Nathan murmured, his voice trembling slightly

He smiled sorrowfully as he continued, ResponsibilityYou’re only responsible for the injuries I suffered?” 

Mila bit her lower lip stoically. She looked down as she didn’t dare to look at him

She knew how he felt and knew that hearing these words would hurt him, yet she couldn’t help but say them. She immediately regretted saying those words to hurt him

Nathan took a deep breath as his eyes reddened. He held onto her arm tightly because he was afraid that she might leave if he let go

Trying to compromise, he said in a gentle tone, Chubs, my injury hasn’t fully healed yet, so you haven’t fulfilled vo 


How long do you want to stay out? I’ll stay with you, but when you’ve had enough, I’ll take you home.” 

Upon hearing this, Mila’s heart completely softened. Despite the grievances she endured from Fenna, even if he didn’t defend her, she didn’t want to argue anymore

Watching Nathan trying to compromise, Fenna suddenly became furious. She rushed over to question him, Nate, why are you lowering yourself? Can’t you think more clearly?” 

Fenna’s interference caused Mila’s recently softened heart to harden once more, bringing her sudden clarity

She ignored Fenna, focusing her gaze on Nathan. Nate, do you think it’s appropriate for an outsider to interfere in our matters?she asked

Nathan was about to respond, but Fenna’s annoyance was evident as her voice rose several decibels. She angrily said, I’mNate’s best friend, and I can’t stand seeing you hurt him like this. What’s wrong? You toy with him and won’t let me say anything?” 

Mila was unable to restrain herself any longer. She threw aside her manners as she angrily retorted, How am I toying with him?” 

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Fenna was angry, hands on her hips. She angrily replied, He had doctors, nurses, friends, and maids to take care of him when he was injured. You don’t have to pretend to look after him for 

a few days

Besides, why did you kiss him if you don’t like him? If this isn’t toying with him, then what is it? Your behavior is truly disgraceful.” 

Fenna berated Mila until she cried. She clenched her fists tightly as she was unable to refute Fenna’s words

Her eyes were bloodshot, and she gazed at Nathan with teary eyes. She never expected to be insulted by Fenna so badly

There were only a few pedestrians on the street

As night fell, the soft glow of the lights intertwined with the dusk, and it draped a touch of sorrow over Mila

She bit her lip to hold back tears. Her chin trembled as she looked at Nathan with watery eyes. She just hoped that he would help her

There was a lump in her throat as she asked, Nate, do you also think the same?” 

Nathan gazed at her deeply, but he remained silent

Mila took a deep breath. She suppressed her sadness and asked again, Do you also think I’ve been toying with you?” 

Nathan reached out to her and gently took her hand. Then, give me a proper status,he said

Mila’s heart completely sank at his response. Not only did he not help her, but he also sided with Fenna and saw things from that woman’s perspective

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Chapter 409 

The Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman

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The Wrong Woman


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