The Wrong Woman Chapter 458

The Wrong Woman Chapter 458


Chapter 458 

Is Grandma okay? She’s fine, isn’t she?Mila’s anguished cry tore through the air. Her heart shattered into a’million pieces, drowning in a sea of grief as her legs buckled beneath her

Phoebe swiftly followed suit, enfolding her in a tight embrace as they knelt together on the ground, their bodies intertwined in sorrow

Mila’s cries reverberated, her entire being trembling with despair. She felt utterly powerless to witness Loretta’s demise before her eyes and unable to intervene

From her earliest memories to this very moment, Loretta had been the beacon of love and warmth in Mila’s life, and now she had vanished, leaving behind only emptiness. Not even a trace remained

Mila clutched at her shirt, twisting the fabric into knots over her chest, as if trying to contain the anguish threatening to consume her. But the pain pierced through her, each breath growing shallower, each heartbeat echoing her grief

With the regret of never having the chance to meet Loretta for the one last time, Mila succumbed to unconsciousness in Phoebe’s embrace

When Mila awoke, dawn had already broken

Phoebe sat by her bedside throughout the night. Sensing Mila stir, Phoebe gently caressed her forehead, her voice soft as she inquired, Mila, you’re awake. Are you feeling alright? Would you like some water?” 

Mila’s gaze remained fixed on the ceiling, her face etched with sorrow, though her tears had ceased

Phoebe continued, Mila, Mr. Morrison came to see you last night. He was here again this morning, but he just left.” 

Mila turned her head slowly, her eyes glistening with moisture, her voice hoarse as she asked, Did he say anything?” 

He said that Oliver has been declared an international fugitive,Phoebe replied

Mila closed her eyes in silent acknowledgment

Phoebe sighed softly, Mila, don’t blame Mr. Morrison for not staying with you. He has his troubles to deal with.” 

Mila shook her head, absolving him of any blame

Despite Nathan’s decision to distance himself, he had visited her twice since Loretta’s 

accident, a testament to his feelings and enduring concern for her

Observing Mila’s gesture, Phoebe continued, According to Cole, the prison van carrying 

Lucas was ambushed yesterday afternoon. There was a fierce gunfight and explosion on the highway. Lucas was rescued and two police officers lost their lives.” 

Mila took a deep breath, her fury palpable. They’re heartless beasts.” 

Phoebe’s expression darkened. Mila, there’s something else.” 


Mila turned to 

her, her 

aze intense. What is it?” 

Phoebe spoke solemnly

when you woke up.” 

After you fainted, Oliver called you. He asked you to call him back 

Mila’s countenance darkened, her eyes sharp as she sat up. She leaned against the headboard and extended her hand toward Phoebe

After retrieving her phone, Phoebe scrolled through the call history, dialed Oliver’s number, and placed the phone in Mila’s hand

Mila held the phone and activated the loudspeaker of the phone

After a short while, Oliver’s voice crackled through, Chubs, are you okay?” 

Even amidst the static, Mila’s desire to dismantle Oliver surged fiercely

Suppressing her tears, Mila clenched her teeth, her words sharp as daggers. Grandpa and Grandma raised you for decades, provided you with the finest life, and in return, you took their lives

Calling you an ingrate would be an affront. You’re not even worthy of being called a beast; you despicable mongrel!” 

Oliver chuckled, unfazed by her venom. First time venting your spleen, huh? Didn’t expect you’d enjoy it so much.” 

Mila contained her fury, her indignation simmering. Where are my family members?” 

They’re safe, for now,Oliver retorted with icy composure

Let them go, and I’ll grant your every wish, even my own life,Mila demanded

Oliver smirked sardonically, Ah, Mila, the brilliant chemist! Your life is too precious. But too bad, I can’t release your family

Your expertise lies in chemistry. If I were to bring you to headquarters for research and you accidentally kill us all, we wouldn’t even know our cause of death.” 

What exactly do you want?Mila pressed, her tone unwavering

I dispatched Loretta as a warning to you all,Oliver elucidated

Nathan intervened and stopped the asset transfer of the Hoffis family. With the funds now immobilized, I’m left emptyhanded.” 

The Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman

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Nathan Morrison is a hero who emerged victorious from a bloodbath and a general loved by the whole country. Suzanne York is a terrible woman with a horrible reputation who's undeserving of him, yet she ends up as his wife.There's another problem—some other woman holds Nathan's heart. He doesn't love Suzanne.She doesn't want to struggle and be tormented in a loveless marriage, so she throws him a divorce agreement. "Let's get divorced."Nathan can't be bothered. "I'm too busy for that."Suzanne leaves without another look back. When she appears in public again, she's now a genius scientist, philanthropic artist, and the daughter of the wealthiest man alive.She stuns the world with her identities, but Nathan remains scornful … until one day when a considerable conspiracy is unveiled."General Morrison, the woman you've loved for years is your ex-wife. You've had the wrong person this whole time!"Nathan's eyes turn red with insanity. When he finally tracks her down, almost half out of his mind, he claims, "You're the one I've always loved, my dear. Let's remarry!"

The Wrong Woman


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