The Wrong Woman Chapter 460

The Wrong Woman Chapter 460

Chapter 460 

The dial tone barely sounded before Mila abruptly ended the call, her actions leaving Phoebe puzzled. Why did you hang up, Mila?” 

Mila’s voice was heavy with sadness. He doesn’t want to see me or have any contact with me. You speak to him.” 

Phoebe’s disbelief was evident. How is that possible?” 

Mila remained silent and retreated under the covers to seek solace in the darkness. Her emotions were weighed down by sorrow as she closed her eyes to rest

Still bewildered, Phoebe answered the incoming call, discovering it was Nathan returning the call. Mr. Morrison, it’s Phoebe.” 

Nathan paused briefly before inquiring, Is Chubs awake?” 

Phoebe replied, Yes.” 

He then asked about her physical condition, to which Phoebe replied, She’s fine, just quite upset.” 

Nathan then asked, Was there something you needed to discuss?” 

Glancing at Mila, who remained hidden beneath the covers, Phoebe hesitated before -answering, Mila suspects there might be a spy in your research team.” 

Nathan responded calmly, I’m aware.” 

Phoebe was surprised. You knew?” 

He explained, We’ve been investigating since the imposer Sally was exposed.” 

Phoebe smiled, impressed by Nathan’s efficiency

Mr. Morrison, would you like to speak to Mila?Phoebe asked

Nathan fell silent, and Phoebe sensed a shift in the atmosphere. In a detached manner, Nathan replied, No need. Take care of her.” 

Phoebe was puzzled by Nathan’s sudden change in demeanor. He had shown such concern for Mila earlier

Phoebe ended the call and acknowledged Nathan’s instruction

Hiding beneath the covers, Mila couldn’t hold back her tears. Her grief over Loretta’s passing was compounded by Nathan’s deliberate distance

The next day at noon, Mila met Oliver’s alleged new wife, Avery. She was unassuming in appearance but exuded a sharp and astute aura

Accompanied by her team, she confidently assumed control of the company, announcing her identity and presenting the official documents confirming her inheritance

The headlines that day was dominated by the Hoffis family, with even Chubs, a citizen of 

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Sunterland, making headlines for not inheriting any assets

Speculation ran rampant online about the billionaire family’s struggles for wealth, yet the true motives remained veiled from the public eye

In the Hoffis Manor, Mila calmly observed as Avery and her assistants approached. One of her assistants handed over the inheritance documents to Mila

Avery cast her eyes over the lavish mansion, a glimmer of satisfaction in her gaze. As of today, this billiondollar estate will be inherited by my husband and me. Those not involved must vacate immediately.” 

Mila observed the signatures and handprints of Zach and Loretta on the documents, recognizing them as genuine but made under duress

Should Mila pursue legal action and prompt a police investigation, these documents would 

lose their validity. But she couldn’t risk it. Another disruption to Oliver’s financial affairs could put her loved ones in danger

Composed, Mila asked, How long have you known Oliver?” 

Avery replied, Not long, about half a month.” 

You’ve only known him for half a month. Do you truly know who he is?” 

Avery smirked, crossing her arms confidently. Our marriage is purely transactional. I don’t need to know his true identity.” 

You’ll regret this,Mila warned firmly

Avery scoffed in response

Without further engagement, Mila guided Phoebe upstairs to gather their belongings

Avery’s voice lingered behind them, Oliver’s demands must be met today.” 

Mila hesitated for a moment, then pressed on, suppressing her emotions. After packing their belongings and delivering the fake material to Avery, they left Hoffis Manor by car

Inside the car, Phoebe asked, Mila, are we heading to Sudvilla?” 

Mila leaned against the window with her emotions subdued. She stared at the landscape with a heavy heart, feeling as though the world had turned dreary

Let’s check into a hotel,she replied softly

The Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman

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Nathan Morrison is a hero who emerged victorious from a bloodbath and a general loved by the whole country. Suzanne York is a terrible woman with a horrible reputation who's undeserving of him, yet she ends up as his wife.There's another problem—some other woman holds Nathan's heart. He doesn't love Suzanne.She doesn't want to struggle and be tormented in a loveless marriage, so she throws him a divorce agreement. "Let's get divorced."Nathan can't be bothered. "I'm too busy for that."Suzanne leaves without another look back. When she appears in public again, she's now a genius scientist, philanthropic artist, and the daughter of the wealthiest man alive.She stuns the world with her identities, but Nathan remains scornful … until one day when a considerable conspiracy is unveiled."General Morrison, the woman you've loved for years is your ex-wife. You've had the wrong person this whole time!"Nathan's eyes turn red with insanity. When he finally tracks her down, almost half out of his mind, he claims, "You're the one I've always loved, my dear. Let's remarry!"

The Wrong Woman


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